Alice’s New Swimsuit – Fetish


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Here’s a little story I wrote for a “friend” okay crush, whatever, stop judging me. Anyways, it was written very quickly (in between doing loads of dishes) and I didn’t really proofread it so read at your own risk!

Alice smiled as she picked up the one-piece swim suit. Even though it was adult sized, it looked like something that a kid would wear. It was white with pink piping and a little pink bow at the waist. The straps had pink frills. It had a skirt, but it didn’t go down far enough to cover the butt. It was hilarious. She nudged Rowan and held it up.

“Oh, you have to try this on!” said Rowan.

Alice’s smile drained from her face. “No way! For one thing, I’m not wearing a gaff, so it’s going to be bulge city down there. For another thing, well, look at it!”

“Dare you,” said Rowan, a smile playing on their face.

“No,” said Alice, shaking her head slightly.

“Fine, let’s make it interesting. Try it on and if it doesn’t fit, I’ll buy three outfits for you. If it does, you have to buy it.”

Alice wondered for a second. It was so tempting.

“If it fits, you have to buy me at least one outfit.”

“Deal,” Rowan smiled and patted her on the butt. “Run along now.”

Blushing from the pat, she hopped over to the changing booth. She quickly disrobed, leaving her panties and bra on, the uniform associated with trying on swimwear. She pulled it on and, to her frustration, it kind of fit. It didn’t cover as much of her ass as she liked, but she was pretty sure it fit.

“Rowan,” she called out, “I think it fits?”

“Prove it, or no outfits for you,” was the reply.

“I am not coming out there!” She blushed at the wondered, looking at the bulge in the swimsuit and blushing further. She yelped as the curtain opened slightly and Rowan popped in. They immediately burst into laughter.

“You look like a baby!”

“No I don’t!” She sort of did but she didn’t like it being said.

“Yeah you do. Dare you to suck your thumb!”

“What? No!”

“One more outfit!”

She rolled her eyes and sucked on her thumb for a quick second. Right at that moment there was a camera flash.

“Oh my god, Rowan, did you take a picture? Delete it! Delete it right now!”

“I’m not going to do that,” they said with a chuckle, “At least not yet. Go pick out your other outfits.”


Alice was quiet on the car ride home. Rowan had a smirk on their face that was worth the three outifts they had ended up buying Alice to soothe her mood. And yet, they could tell she was still a little pissed. She was about to get worse.

“Okay, so if you want that picture deleted, you’ll have to wear that swimsuit into the house.”

“Fine,” she pouted, “Pull in somewhere I can change.”

“I’m not going to do that, Alice.” Rowan chuckled. “Best change now.”

“In a moving car?” she cried out, incredulously.

“You would prefer on the front porch? I’m good either way.”

She stuck out her tongue and started pulling off her clothes. The dress and panties were easy but the bra was giving her trouble. She eventually got it, and pulled the swimsuit most of the way on.

“Please pull into the garage when we get home?”

“When you’ve been such a brat today? Oh no, I’m parking on the street.”

“Rowan! Come on!”

“Parking across the street.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Parking down the street. Want to make it worse?”

“No, Sir,” she pouted, pulling the swim suit the rest of the way on.

“Good girl.” They pulled to the side of the road, grabbed the bags and started walking. They smirked as they saw Alice sitting in the car not moving. When they were half way to the door, Alice came running by, deciding to jog to the house. They enjoyed watching them go.

“Good girl,” they said again as they unlocked the door and opened it. “Now kneel.” They smiled as Alice kneeled by the door. They went in and put the outfits away.

“Now, what did we learn today, pet?”

“We learned not to sass Sir,” she said between gulps, “and that Sir always get what they want.”

They nodded, and patted her head. She turned a little more pink to match the swimsuit. They walked over to the couch.

“My feet need massaging.” She obediently crawled over and began to take off their socks.

“Excuse me, did I say you could take off my socks?”

“No, Sir!” she cowered back. They grinned. “Kiss my feet as an apology.”

She winced, leaning down to kiss their feet. Neither of them were into feet stuff but there was a bulge in Alice’s swimsuit that said she was into humiliation.

“Now massage.” She began to massage. Rowan leaned back, closing their eyes and enjoying. It felt good, after a long day, to have your feet massaged. After a few moments they began moaning gently. After a few more minutes they stopped the moans and just enjoyed it.

“Can you delete the picture now?” Alice asked, breaking the silence.

“I thought you learned your lesson. I thought you were going to be more respectful,” Rowan shook their head. “Not even a Sir.”

“Sir,” said Alice,” Can you, Sir, delete the picture, Sir? Sir?”

Rowan pushed her on the ground with her foot. “You really need to learn respect. So here’s what we’ll do. I’m going to hold a vibrator to your clit,” they started undoing their pants, “and I’m going to sit on your chest,” they knelt down, “and if you don’t cum for five minutes, I’m going to delete the photo.”

“And if I do ahhh…” she closed her eyes as the vibrator clicked on.

“If you cum, I’m going to piss on your face.”

“What? No! Mmm,” she struggled to get up but they just smiled and moved the vibe around.

“Please Sir, I’ll be good, don’t piss on me!” she squirmed and panted.

“Good girls don’t cum without permission. If you want to prove you’re good, last another four minutes.” She kept squirming and panting. She felt her hips begin to grind and made a sob.

“Please, Sir, I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Rowan asked, “Will you not cum for me? That’s anything. Will you get pissed on? That’s anything, too. Three more minutes,” they added but she was already starting to moan. A few more seconds later and they felt her begin to squirt, and felt the outside of the swimsuit get wet. They smiled and let loose.

“Stop!”, she sobbed, trying to turn her head away from the stream. Rowan kept moving to make sure she got it all, even when she started sobbing. They made sure to aim for her open mouth as much as efficient, ignoring the sputters and sobs.


After they were done, they slowly got off of her.

“I didn’t hear a safe word, everything good down there?” She didn’t answer, nodding her head slightly.

“Aww, have you gone non-vocal? Are you that deep in subspace?” Another nod.

“Okay, let’s get you up and in the shower.” They took off their shirt, no sense getting anything on it as well, and picked her up. They carried her to the shower and gently put her in the bathtub.

“Might be a little cold,” they said as they turned on the water, holding the pull shower to the drain to minimize the splash. As soon as it was warm enough, they started bathing her. They were nice and gentle and after a few seconds, she started cooing a bit.

“You were such a good girl,” they said. She giggled and reached up, trying to touch between their legs. They caught her wrist and put it back down.

“I know subspace makes you want to be of service, but right now I just want to get you all cleaned up and comfy. Take off that swimsuit when you’re ready for some soap.”

She immediately started wiggling out of the swimsuit. Rowan helped, pulling the straps down. She gasped as they accidentally brushed past a nipple.

“Did that feel good, little dolly?” She nodded and they gave her tit a squeeze. She loudly moaned and laid back down.

“Do you want a little more or are you done?” She nodded so they started gently petting their tits. They got some soap and soaped her up, pulling the swimsuit off and lathering her up, letting her writhe and moan. They stopped once she was nice and clean.

“How are you doing, baby? Got your words back yet?” She shook her head. “Want me to keep touching you?” She shook her head. “Want to cuddle?” She nodded vigorously. “Okay, lie their patiently for a moment.”

They quickly took off the rest of their clothes, not much there to be honest, and had a fast shower. Alice kept trying to do silly things, a sign she was still in subspace. They had to keep her from groping them twice and ordered her to stop trying to catch the rinse-water in her mouth.

After they were both clean, Rowan wrapped Alice in a fluffy pink towel and carried her to the bed. The only thing they loved more than the scenes, they wondered with a happy smile, was after care. They laid in bed together until they fell asleep.

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