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This is my first story submission please be helpful and dont be too harsh

This story is pure fantasy none of it is real Alessia Russo did not do any of the things stated in this story

Please do not copy my work or use it without permission thanks.

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon in mid September the WSL season had just got under way, Arsenal were playing their opening game against none other than Manchester United.

The game saw the return of star striker Alessia Russo to her former club.

Having made the move to Arsenal in the summer from Man Utd, Alessia made her Arsenal debut against her former club in what was to be an enthralling and highly anticipated match up. It was 25 minutes into the game and Alessia Russo dropped deep into midfield beat one player then another but then finally Katie Zelem stopped her in her tracks with a wonderful slide tackle Alessia ended up flat on her face with her ass sticking out.

Nice ass the ref said Alessia was ready to kick off but looked up and saw it was the ref who she found rather attractive then the ref winked at her. The ref a fresh faced 24 year old clean cut muscular dark brown hair a glorious smile and chiselled jaw tended to have an affect on women Alessia was no different she found him irresistible.

Alessia smiled soon picked the ball up and took a long range effort that sailed into the top corner. Alessia celebrated wildly taking her top off and revealing an adidas bra she was wearing underneath the crowd went wild the ref in particular liked what he saw. They won’t forget Alessia’s first goal for Arsenal in a hurry.

As Alessia raced back after she was done celebrating out came the yellow card. ” Come on ref it’s my debut goal” Alessia said, ” sorry rules are rules”, although I may over look any other indiscretions going forward if you go out with me later tonight the ref Michael responded. ” Sure thing how about 7 tonight? Alessia said, see you there then Michael replied.

The match ended with a 3-1 win for Arsenal Alessia scoring again and getting an assist although she wasn’t as exuberant in her celebrations for her second goal.

The pundits post game discussed her celebrations for the first goal and found it in poor taste saying it showed a lack of respect for Man Utd and set a poor example to young girls, however many argued this was the most interest the wsl had garnered in years.

Later that day Alessia had a nice shower post game her nipples perked up pussy wet she couldn’t withstand wanking herself, her performance and her upcoming date with the ref and all the possibilities that could occur from that made her horny. Soon Alessia got home did her make up put on her best dress and the ref Michael came to pick her up.

Now here they were at the restaurant making conversation having a laugh Alessia was constantly playing with her hair giggling making any excuse to touch him and initiate contact.

Do you do many squats I couldn’t help but notice how toned your ass was why thank you yes I do I’ve still been thinking about that wonderful ass of yours from earlier when you were fouled you should’ve given me the foul why didn’t you Alessia replied sorry I was just mesmerised by that ass.

The date went on the two got to know each other more and had a laugh then Alessia paid the bill and invited Michael around for a night cap back at her place. They got an Uber to Alessia’s place and as they got up to Alessia’s place they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

They soon started to devour each other frantically the pace intensified they were like two animals in heat then Michael pushed Alessia on to the bed. Michael took his belt off his pants off and shirt off he was naked quite quickly.

He grabbed hold of his cock a nice 9 incher but before he could make his next move Alessia looked up at him with her sparkling innocent eyes and said I want you to eat me out. Michael obliged he took her panties off Alessia now just in her panties and bra.

Alessia had on a black silky smooth bra and panty set from Victoria secrets. Michael delicately took them off opened up her pussy lips and went to work.

The moans and groans from Alessia almost made the room shake she was having the time of her life. Michael left nothing to chance it looked like he’d been doing this his whole life. Alessia grabbed Michael’s head and thrust him deeper into her.

That’s it Michael that’s it right there yelled Alessia right there tongue my big gorgeous cunt you gorgeous bastard. This went on for another few minutes then Alessia got on her knees and blew Michael.

Michael was surprised at how good Alessia was at blow jobs. Her technique was immaculate she bobbed her head back and forth sucked that dick with conviction. Gawk gawk gawk slurp slurp slurp Alessia kept sucking Michael’s eyes rolled back. He was in heaven.

Soon after With Michael’s gigantic 9 incher extra hard he was ready to fuck Alessia. Michael pointed his dick at Alessia’s opening and slowly inserted inch after inch Alessia was pretty tight.

She’d only been with two guys neither was as big as Michael. Michael was finally in and he started slow as to let Alessia adjust to his dick.

Then Michael picked up the pace and once again Alessia groans and moans were absurdly loud. After a while Michael got Alessia to ride him and boy did she ride for someone with limited sexual experience Alessia was putting on one hell of a show. She rode that dick like it owed her money.

Alessia sexual skills were right up there with her football skills. Alessia wanted another taste of Michael and Michael wanted a taste of Alessia so they got in the 69 position and ate each other.

Michael then looked at Alessia and said Alessia you know all day I’ve been able to think of nothing else but that ass of yours I would love nothing more than to fuck that gorgeous majestic ass of yours. Alessia was a little apprehensive she hadn’t done anal before but soon she was curious and wondered why not sure thing big boy said Alessia.

Alessia turned around and pointed her ass towards Michael who was behind her Michael pointed his dick at her anal passage.

Then put the tip at her ass crack and then slowly her inserted his 9 incher into her backside inch by inch. As the first inch went in Alessia squealed the pain was something else. But as more inches went in the pain subsided and after a bit she bang to even enjoy it.

Michael went at a steady pace and once again Alessia moans were something else faster harder faster come on Michael yelled Alessia and Michael obliged fuck my big gorgeous ass I know how much you love come on fuck it Michael fuck it fuck my ass Yelled Alessia Michael went even faster and harder.

Then Michael got Alessia into a full Nelson and obliterated her ass yes yes Michael i fucking love it yelled Alessia with a big wide smile on her face. Michael was ready to cum he wanted to come on Alessia face however a little bit of cum went up her ass before he could fully explode in her ass he pulled out.

Get on your knees I want to come on that big gorgeous fucking face of yours Michael said.

Alessia got on her knees her hand on her knees face looking up to Michael with a glorious smile on her face. Michael then wanked his dick and erupted like a fire hydrant ropes and ropes of cum went all over Alessia’s face.

The cum got on her nose her head her chin her lips her tits her hair Michael sprayed her all over some even got on her ear. There was Arsenal’s star striker ass obliterated drenched in cum with a big wide cum covered smile on her face.

Michael then got his clothes got changed as Alessia licked up and swallowed as much of his cum as she could she gobbled up the cum like she gobbles up chances.

Michael then said Well this was fun hope to see you soon Alessia good night.

The End

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