Aang and Katara’s Honeymoon – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

A prequel to Legend of Korra. Explaining how Aang’s descendants Tenzin, Bumi and Kya came to be.

On the day of his birthday Aang proposed to Katara in front of all their friends and family. Throughout the course of the party, held at the Earth King’s palace in Ba Sing Se, all of their friends and family one by one congratulated them on the engagement.

First, by Sokka.

“Eww, just eww. But I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks Sokka.”

“Yeah thanks Sokka! Or should I say, brother.” Aang said while winking and nudging Sokka in the chest.

Second, by Suki.

“Congratulations you guys!! Aww you’re so cute together, I always knew you’d end up with one another!”

“Thanks, me too!”

“I don’t know I kinda wasn’t sure for a long time.” Katara joked.

“What? Pshh, well I always knew I wanted to be with you since the first time I laid my eyes on you. That and- wow its freezing!”

“Awww!” Suki emoted.

Last, by Iroh.

“It is so good to see you two together. It fills me with great joy to hear that you will be joining yourselves in marital union.”

“Thanks! Aang and I couldn’t be more excited!”

“When two people are bonded together and become one, they are stronger together now that they can complement each other’s skill sets. But be warned, if their union should fall out of balance then disharmony will be created by their falls compounding on each other.”

“Ummm, thanks?”


The wedding was held outside Omashu near the entrance to the Cave of Two Lovers. Aang and Katara stood at the altar staring into each other’s eyes as the magistrate, Pakku from the Northern Water Tribe, started the ceremony.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the union between Avatar Aang and Katara of the Southern Water Tribe. Amongst friends and family, their love has bloomed into a a beautiful locus flower. Love is an eternal and mysterious force in life, and just as the Avatar creates balance and harmony in the world. Let balance be created within and harmony flow throughout this wondrous marriage! Do you, Aang of the Southern Air Temple, take Katara of the Southern Water Tribe to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and health.”

“I do.”

“And do you, Katara, take Aang to be your lawful husband? Even if his duties as Avatar make him unavailable at times.”

“I do.”

“You may now kiss.”

Aang and Katara kissed as the rest of the night went by in a blur. Drinking and dancing turned into dining and dashing. The newlyweds could not wait to be alone together. After the festivities they ran to their bedroom in the palace.

Once inside their guest room at the palace, the couple began to kiss. Aang placed his hands on Katara’s tight ass and squeezed. “I have something I want to show you.” Katara said as she parted the bottom of her blue wedding dress exposing her pussy to her new husband.

“Wow! It’s so, pink and weird. But cool!” Aang said poking Katara’s vagina.

“You’ve really never seen a vagina before?”

“And you’ve seen a dick?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen my brother undressed by acci- you know what not gonna finish that sentence. Aang I’ve literally rubbed your dick with my hand until you’ve come dozens of times.”

“Yeah but you never looked.”

“Ok yeah, but you’ve seen my boobs so that’s basically like the same thing.”

“Yeah they’re nice.” Aang said lovingly with hearts in his eyes.

“I know you like it when I flash em’.” Katara said dropping the top of her wedding gown exposing her cute brown C-cups to Aang.


“Well are you just gonna look or are you gonna start touching them?”

Aang started to grope Katara’s boobs as he played with the nipples by swirling his fingers around her dark pink areolae. Katara started to moan from the sensation of having her breasts played with and felt her pussy begin to drip.

“Here, let me get you ready.” Katara beckoned.

“Huh? Get me ready how?”

Katara got on her knees and pulled Aang’s ceremonial robe-pants down and his semi-hard dick flopped out. She licked the length of his cock and then put him inside her warm mouth. She began slowly sucking Aang’s dick, feeling it growing inside her mouth.

“Ahhhhh, this feels good.”

Katara picked up pace, bobbing her head up and down. After a couple minutes she let out a heavy gasp for air and rested her mouth.

“This is just to get you ready to enter inside me. You should be wet enough now.”

“Oh I feel ready!”

“Good! Then we can get started.”

Katara threw off the rest of her disheveled blue wedding dress and grabbed Aang’s hands as she helped him remove his shirt before dragging him by the hand to their bed. She then let go of his hand and laid on the bed. Laying on her back, Katara spread her gorgeous brown legs.

“This position is called missionary. Basically you lay on top of me and put yourself inside me. Then you start pumping your penis in and out of me until… well… until you’re done.”

“And what about you Katara? I wanna make you feel good too.”

“Oh trust me, you will. I’ll show you how to later. But first I want to show you the basics. Tonight is about our first time.”

Aang laid on top of Katara and moved her long dark hair out of her face. He looked down at her pussy and saw it glistening with water. She was so turned on anticipating their first time making love, that he could have slipped right in even without the blowjob. Aang then aligned his dick with Katara’s pussy and rammed it in.”

“Gentle- ahhhhh. Ok, that feels good. Now move it deeper inside and then back out again.”

At first the two lovers stared into each other’s eyes. Slowly, Aang began to be less and less gentle. He thrust his dick in and out of his new wife’s pussy with the hunger of a man who had not eaten in weeks. It was his first time feeling pussy, and he was in love.

“God Katara, I had no idea that your pussy felt this good.”

Katara moaned, “Damnnn… Aang, you feel so good inside me.”

Aang began to moan too as his thrusts increased in pace.

“Aang you’re about to cum. Pull it out and then cum on my breasts. That’s the only way to make sure I don’t get pregnant.”

At the last possible moment Aang pulled his dick out and shot cum all the way from Katara’s navel all the way to her medium sized tits. He soaked them with his white warm hot thick cum, and then collapsed onto the bed, panting.

“That was… that was good.”

Katara then bended the cum off of her tits and into a jar to clean herself off.

“Now that might have only been a couple minutes, but once you get more practice you’ll be able to last a lot longer. And then once you’re supper experienced, you could probably go a half an hour!”

“Wow Katara, you sure do know a lot about sex.”

“My brother gave me the sex talk.” Katara groaned rolling her eyes. But Aang just laughed.

The two laid in bed together, cuddling in a post-sex embrace.

“I love you Katara.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”


Over in the next room, Suki and Sokka lay together in bed. Suki was dressed in a green lingerie set that exposed her small boobs and petite pussy. While Sokka was shirtless except for his boxers.

“Damnit, why did our room have to be next to their’s?! Sorry Suki, I don’t think I’m in the mood tonight.”

“That’s okay Sokka, we can just cuddle.” Suki said, comforting her man and respecting his boundaries. Although four hours later in the middle of the night she’d be rubbing her ass against his junk.


The next day the group parted ways, with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Suki headed out for Kyoshi Island, while Iroh stayed in Ba Sing Se. The four sat on Appa’s back as they flew through the air, and started to talk.

“Kyoshi Island was a great idea for our honeymoon! I can not wait to go Elephant Koi riding!”

“And the beaches look so calm and nice.”

“You know Aang, if you like marine life so much, you should check out the new aquarium they’re building. It’s like a zoo but for fish.” Suki recommended.

“Oh I think Aang’s more focused on other fish right now.” Sokka interjected, chuckling.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Katara said before smacking Sokka with the back of her hand.


As soon as they arrived at Kyoshi Island, they checked into their hotel at a beachside resort. Sokka and Suki quickly went their own way as Aang and Katara giddily ran off to their room. Once inside, the couple stood aside their bed and began to kiss and feel each other’s bodies.

“Now this time when you feel like you’re gonna cum, keep going.”

“What?! But if I do that, won’t you get… won’t you get pregnant?”

“Yeah that’s kinda the point.”

“You’re right. I guess I just wondered I’d have more time.”

“It won’t happen right away. It’ll be a while before you put a baby in my tummy sweetie. Until then, we’re just going to have as much fun as feasible.” Katara said as she kissed Aang.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Aang.” Katara said as she took off her parka. “Now this time, before we have sex we’re gonna be doing a lot more foreplay.”


“You see Aang, when the woman cums too there’s a greater chance she’ll get pregnant. Besides, getting eaten out and having you play with my vagina feels really good for me too. I’ll show you.” Katara said gesturing towards her sex, grabbing Aang and kneeling him down to the floor.

Aang put his mouth down to Katara’s pussy and began licking her like a popsicle. As his tongue slid up and down her clit, Katara’s pussy began to self-lubricate. Getting itself ready to be penetrated. The feelings of pleasure overwhelming her, Katara began moaning out loud as her husband licked and fingered her pussy.

“Rub my boobs.”

Aang then took one hand and played with Katara’s small dark pink nipples rubbing them in circles. The sensation making her pussy sopping wet and ready.

“I love you, now fuck me.”

Aang then pushed his wife onto the bed and stuck his dick into her. She was so wet that there was no resistance, her tight pussy was so wet that as Aang thrust in and out of her, he was not overwhelmed by its tightness. He rhythmically fucked her for minutes before Katara came out with a suggestion.

“I want to try something new, get behind me and fuck me.”

They then shifted from Aang laying on top, to Aang kneeling on the bed behind Katara as she stuck her ass out in front of him. Aang then spread her cheeks, found her pussy and slipped himself into the wet hole.

It felt amazing. No words could describe the soft velvety hole that was Katara’s pussy in doggystyle. It was too much to handle but that doesn’t mean that Aang didn’t try.

No longer was Aang making love to Katara, he was fucking her. He needed to put a baby in her and bring back the Air Nation.

“Fuck me Aang, fuck me and put a baby inside me!”

“I love you sweetie!”

“If you really love me you’ll treat me like a water tribe whore for your big Airbender cock!”

“I love you my-“

“Fucking say it!”

“I love you my little water tribe slut.”

As he thrust into her their eyes met. Katara could feel Aang’s cock twitching and throbbing as he prepared to explode inside her warm coochie. Her own body responded, clenching around him. Her arms pulled his face to hers for a deep kiss. Her legs squeezed his torso tightly, forcing him deeper inside her as her pussy clenched around his cock, begging to be filled. Aang obliged and as they moaned a hot rush of semen filled Katara’s pussy. His cock ejaculated into her and filled her until the thick, white baby making fluid dripped down the edges of her cute brown pussy.

“Wow that was amazing, we’re definitely gone have to do that again tomorrow.”

“Uh yeah, we’re doing it again tonight actually.” Katara spoke as cum slowly poured out of her newly non-virgin pussy. “We have a job to do, you need to put as many Airbender babies in me as you can. That way we can bring your people back!”

“I’m excited too but sheesh, give me some time.”

“Don’t worry Aang, I don’t think you’re going to need much time. You can not withstand me.” She said as she laid on top of Aang and went over to his left ear to nibble on her earlobe. Then with her hand she rubbed Aang’s stomach and slowly crept it down to his spent cock. Surprisingly it began to grow again and it was not long before the newly weds were back at it again and Aang was raw dogging his wife. He was so addicted to her warm wet pussy that he never even once considered pulling out. He was right where she wanted him.


Aang was breaking in his new pussy and was coming in Katara as much as he could. Over and over again he would let loose rope after rope of cum into Katara’s young pussy which would then ooze out and onto the bed sheets. Eventually the couple got bored of fucking in bed and would start making loving in the bath, on the balcony, in the resort’s laundry room and on the beach. When they fucked on the beach occasionally passerby’s would see, but not wanting to disrupt the Avatar, they never said anything. Weeks passed and to celebrate their last night on honeymoon, Katara had a surprise for Aang. That night after the two bathed and were getting ready to go to bed they heard a knock on the door.

“Can you answer that sweetie?” Katara said.

When Aang opened the door he was greeted by none other than a woman dressed in Kyoshi warrior armor and her face painted.

“Suki?” Aang asked.

“Nope, not on your life monk boy.” Said the woman giggling in a high pitched voice.

It was Ty Lee! But what was she doing here?

“I asked Ty Lee to come here for the night, sort of as a special belated wedding gift from me to you.”

“I… I don’t find out.”

“I’ll simplify it for you, you’re going to fuck your wife as Katara and I make out.” Ty-Lee asserted.

“You’re going to fuck me doggy as Ty Lee and I put on a show for you. She’s going to be naked, but there’s only one rule: do not put your dick in her. That dick, and that cum is MINE.”

“Don’t worry Katara, I’ll make him behave.” Ty Lee said as she dropped her robe and turned around to smack her small tight ass.

That night Aang got behind Katara and fucked to his heart’s content as he watched his wife make out with the young cheery woman. He pumped his cock in and out of her as Ty Lee play with her titties and French kissed his wife. At one point, Ty Lee got behind Aang and pushed him by the ass as he thrust into Katara. But when he started to play with Aang’s nipples Katara got mad and asked him to stop. This rush of adrenaline was enough though for Aang to shoot another load of cum into his wife’s cute brown fertile pussy. Increasing their chances of making a baby even higher.


Early in the morning the next day, Katara was roused from bed and ran to the bathroom. Over the chamberpot she stood on her knees, violently ill.

“Is everything ok, honey? Aang asked, concerned.

“Yes sweetie, everything is great.”

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