A Wife’s Dilemma Pt. 08 – The Hole Game – Fetish

I woke early, finding that Ken had already been up. Today was a bank holiday, and we were both looking forward to sleeping late and spending the day together. Looking around, I found a note from him telling me he was sorry, but one of the guys called and offered him overtime if he would cover his shift.

Since we had no actual plans and I was sleeping so well, he took the hours. We could use the extra money, so I fixed myself something to eat before pulling my phone out and sending Ken a text.

While waiting for Ken to respond, I sent Pop a text telling him I was up.

Ken responded first.

Hey baby, finally work up, I see.

Sorry, I realized we would just relax and hang out, but Tom called asking me to cover for him.

We could use the extra money, so I told him I would.

I hope you are not mad at me

It’s ok, Ken, I replied.

We didn’t have any plans, so I guess I will hang out around here or see if one of the girls wants to hang out.

I must have been out of it because I never heard the phone ring.

What time will you be home?

Somewhere around 10 pm.

Maybe a little earlier.

Ok, let me know if anything changes.

Love you.

Love you too, princess.

Well, another day, I didn’t have to work and would spend it all alone. I know we need the money, and things will be tight when I quit working, but I miss Ken. I remembered what I had done last night and felt like crying.

I was watching the local news on the couch when my phone dinged again.

The text was from Pop. I was scared and excited simultaneously, and with a bit of trepidation, I opened his message.

Good morning Slut. Sleep well?

Yes. I just got up, I replied.

What are you doing today?

I was supposed to be spending a nice relaxing day with Ken, but he found as called into work, so I have a whole day all to myself.


I have something for you to do today unless you have something more pressing.

Since Ken went to work, nothing has been planned.


You will make amends for the altitude you had yesterday.

Go back to the bookstore.

Since you disrespected Beth more than me, she will set your punishment.

Follow her directions, and all is forgiven.

We can keep playing the game.

Wear the clothes you had on yesterday.

That includes your new jewelry.

Thanks, Pop.

I will leave as quickly as I can.

Thankfully I had washed my blouse and skirt yesterday when I got home. A quick check found that they were dry, so I put them back on. Opening the bag, Beth had sent me home with, looking inside for any jewelry.

I only saw the nipple clamps, so I grabbed them. I winched as I put the nipple clamps back on, but I adjusted them to the same point Beth had and walked out to my car to drive back to the store.

When I got to the store, a crowd of 7 to 9 younger men stood around smoking and talking next to the door.

“You are one fine-looking bitch” a tall black man said as I approached the door. I decided to ignore him and keep walking towards the door.

“Johnny was talking to you slut” a muscular Latino said as he stepped in front of me, blocking my way.

I was already nervous being out in my outfit, and the group of men who quickly surrounded me made it worse.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something else,” I told him.

Looking at Johnny, “Thanks, I think,” I said nervously.

“It’s all right bitch. I get used to being invisible. Let me get a better look at you,” he said, moving closer.

I tried to back away but found the others were standing right behind me. Suddenly afraid, all I wanted was to run away, but there was nowhere I could go inside the crowd. I looked down at the ground, hoping they would lose interest in me.

Johnny reached over to me and grabbed my chin gently, and forced me to look up into his eyes.

“Why are you all scared bitch? We’re not going to hurt you. Well, Rocco might, but the rest of us just want to have a little fun,” he said with a leer on his face.

He held my chin, forcing me to look at him while his other hand unbuttoned the jacket. I grabbed his wrist with both hands, trying to keep him from opening it.

He looked at me, then down at his hand caught in mine, before looking back at me. His eyes seemed to bore into me, making me shake a little more. He looked down one more time and then, looking me in the eyes, raised his eyebrows.

I swallowed hard and let his hand go, and with a smirk, he let go of my chin and pulled my jacket open, exposing the sheer blouse to everyone.

“Here, I thought you were a bitch, but it looks more like you are just a whore. Who is your pimp slut?” he asked, looking up from my breasts into my eyes.

“I’m not a whore, and I don’t have a pimp,” I said quietly.

“What the fuck did you say bitch? I can’t hear you when you mumble.”

“I said I am not a fucking whore! Now leave me alone, asshole,” I told him, getting pissed at the way they were treating me and the assumption that I was a hooker because I was wearing this outfit.

“Well, well, I guess you do have a little fire in you after all bitch. Now I thought we were all friends here, isn’t that right?” he asked, looking at the other men around me.

Everyone was smiling and nodding at Johnny.

“Aren’t we friends bitch?” he asked, stepping closer and grabbing my nipples through my blouse.

“Please stop. Don’t do this, please just let me go,” I quietly begged, trying to back away but finding myself enclosed inside a tiny circle of men.

“Bitch I can’t hear you when you mumble,” he said as he slipped his hands up under the blouse to grab both my breasts.

I felt hands on my legs and ass and someone pulling my skirt’s bottom. I franticly grabbed the skirt with both hands and pulled it down.

“I said, please stop,” I said a little louder trying to get Johnny to leave me alone.

I managed to keep them from pulling my skirt up, but someone pulled my blouse up to my neck, exposing my breasts and giving Johnny easier access to squeeze them. I tried to push his hands away, but the second I let go of the skirt, someone pulled it up to my waist, exposing my ass and pussy to their hands.

“The bitch is not wearing any panties,” someone behind me said.

I could feel hands all over me now and fingers trying to discover entry into my pussy and asshole. I started crying and tried hitting Johnny. He laughed at my attempts, and the guys on either side grabbed and held my hands.

“Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone,” I was sobbing and shaking now.

I was just here to play a game, and these pieces of shit would rape me in front of an adult bookstore.

They crowded around me more, laughing. I got desperate when I felt my legs getting pulled aside.

“No! Let me go!” I shouted, trying to get free.

I felt someone push their fingers into my pussy and was surprised at how easy it went inside.

“Don’t listen to the slut Johnny. She wants this bad. You should feel how fucking wet the pussy is.” someone behind me said.

“What the fuck are you perverts doing?” I heard a woman shout behind Johnny.

He rolled his eyes and let my breasts go as he turned to face the person yelling at him.

As he stepped away, I saw a pissed-off Beth standing outside the store with her hands on her hips, glaring at Johnny before Rocco took Johnny’s spot in front of me.

“I’ll keep you company bitch while Johnny talks to that shrew,” he said as he grabbed my nipples and twisted them hard, causing me to cry out in pain.

“Johnny, tell your fucking crew to let her go,” Beth told him.

“We are just having a little fun, and the bitch wants to play. You should feel how soaked she is,” Johnny said.

“I don’t think she wants to play, and even if she did, Pop gave her instructions which you fuck heads are interfering with,” Beth told him.

At the mention of Pop, the men let me go and stepped back so quickly I started to fall.

Rocco caught me and helped me back to my feet. He looked worried and a little afraid as he helped pull my blouse and skirt down.

Johnny turned around and looked at me. I could see he was angry, and I stepped back as he moved towards me.

“Why didn’t you tell me Pop owned your ass?” he asked.

I could see he was trying to get control of himself as he clenched his fists.

I started to tell him that no one owned me when I saw Beth slightly shake her head at me, telling me to keep quiet.

“I’m sure you boys didn’t mean any disrespect to him,” Beth told Johnny.

Beth looked at me. “Get your ass in the store slut,” she said, pointing at the door.

Shaking, I walked to the door with my arms wrapped around myself. The men had all moved behind Johnny and looked like little kids their mom had caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

I opened the door, and Beth followed me inside with her hand on my shoulder.

“Sorry about that. The boys sometimes get a little excited when they see a hot bitch walking around here unescorted,” she said as she guided me to the counter.

What do you think of tea? ” she asked, leaving me standing there as she walked behind the counter.

“Yes, please,” I said, still shaking.

“It’s ok slut. You’re safe now; I promise Johnny and his boys will not bother you again unless you ask them to.

Beth turned toward me as she poured the hot water into the cup.

“Believe it or not, Johnny is like a big brother to me, and the boys keep some of the trash that comes in here for crossing any lines,” Beth said, handing me a glass of tea.

I drank the tea, leaning against the counter, while Beth put things away. By the time I had finished my tea, I had regained my composure, and when she sat back down behind the counter, she had a giant smile.

Seeing the smile, I found myself smiling back at her.

“Well, I guess I can welcome you back to the store. I didn’t expect to see you here so soon and was a little surprised when Pop called and said you were coming back to see me,” Beth said, leaning back in her chair.

“I am surprised, too,” I admitted.

“Before we get started, I want to ensure that what he said was what you heard. Sometimes people don’t hear what is said but what they want to hear.”

Making sure she had my full attention, she continued.

“He said that you would apologize to me for the other day and would do anything I told you to do. Is that why you are here slut?” she asked, watching me.

“I am sorry for the other day. Everything is happening so fast, and I didn’t know what to think,” I said, blushing.

“Well, I guess I can understand. Is there anything that you don’t want to do? I don’t want a repeat of the other day and would hate to have to tell Pop you were a bitch again,” she said.

At the mention of Pop, I remembered how the men outside had acted.

“Who is Pop, and why are they afraid of him?”

“Why do you think they are afraid of him?” Beth asked innocently.

“Come on, Beth. I may not know everything happening here, but you mentioned his name, and they were terrified. To the point where they backed away from me like I was on fire.”

“Let’s just say he is very protective of his property, and since they think you belong to him, they will leave you alone unless they get permission from him and maybe you.”

“He does not own me,” I said, annoyed by how this conversation was going.

I was not anyone’s property, certainly not of someone I had never met. Hell, Ken was my equal partner, and I was married to him.

“Easy there bitch.

“Remember what happened the last time you took that tone with me?”

I nodded.

“I told them you were his property, and as far as they are concerned, that is all that matters unless he or you tell them differently. Before you say anything where they can hear it make sure you remember where you were when I walked outside to help.”

“Why would they believe he owned me? Is he a pimp or something?” I asked, still unable to get my head around someone owning someone. Slavery was illegal and has been for hundreds of years.

“He is not a pimp, and the only women he owns are ones who gave themselves to him. He does not pressure them to do it; they can leave anytime. I don’t remember hearing of one who walked away after they started, although I have heard of a few that he turned out.

“Back to the limit question, is there anything you don’t want to do?”

Last night was still fresh on my mind. Remembering how it felt to be powerless, only able to do what I was told, caused my juices to flow again. Thoughts of Ken slightly tempered my excitement.

“Nothing illegal, or that might hurt the baby.”

“No permanent marks or changes. I wouldn’t know how to explain that to Ken,” I quickly added.

“Well, that’s different than the last when you freaked out because you had to give a blowjob,” Beth said, amused.

“So, if I wanted you to fuck one of the boys outside, no issues?”

I could tell Beth was enjoying my discomfort.

“No issues.”

“Even if they want to fuck that pretty ass?”

“Even if they want to fuck my ass,” I said, looking away, blushing, ashamed of myself.

“Ok then,” she said, looking smug.

“Now, if I have answered your questions, you have some work to do.”

I looked at the floor, feeling defeated, and upset with myself for letting things go this far.

Beth beckoned me behind the counter and pointed at her skirt-covered pussy.

“You know what to do Slut.”

I walked around the counter and knelt between her spread legs. Looking up at her nervously, I pulled her skirt up to reach her pussy. She scooted forward, giving me better access, putting her hand on my head and pulling me into her wet center.

I gently kissed her outer lips before burying my tongue into her folds to taste her. As I started licking her pussy I heard the door chime as more customers entered the store. I began to pull away, but she forced my head firmly into her pussy, holding me there.

“Hey, Beth, sorry about that misunderstanding outside. I thought I saw her here the other day, Jilling herself in her car but didn’t know she was one of Pop’s bitches,” Johnny said.

He must have looked around and, not seeing anyone else, asked, “Where did the slut go?”

Beth put her hand on my head, forcing my face deeper into pussy as she replied.

“It’s all good, Johnny. You had no way of knowing about her, but I will suggest that you and your crew be more careful of the people who come in here. We both know Pop would be pissed if he thought you interfered with his business.

“As to the slut. She was in here sucking dicks the other day. She will be around for a while, but I think she is busy right now.”

“Isn’t that right Slut?” she said, pulling my face out of her pussy.

“Yes, mistress,” I answered, unsure where the mistress part came from.

Beth smiled at me before forcing my face back into her pussy.

“Holy shit Beth, is she eating your pussy?” he asked.

“Yep, she plays for both teams, if you know what I mean. She might be in the back for a while when she finishes. You and the boys can get her to show you a good time.”

I could not believe what Beth had just told Johnny and started to stand up. She held me down with two handfuls of my hair.

“Don’t you dare stop slut. Just keep licking, and we will discuss what you will be doing afterward.”

“Since she will be busy for a little while. Why don’t you go outside and play with the boys until she’s finished” Beth told Johnny. He must have listened because I heard the door open a few seconds later, letting him out.

I kept eating her out, so she let the strain off my hair. Only a few minutes passed before Beth grabbed my head again and pulled me tight to her pussy. She squirted gallons of juice into my open mouth as she came.

After she calmed down and I had cleaned her up, she let go of my head and pulled me up to kiss me.

“Too bad you are married, Slut. The way you eat pussy, I would keep you as my little pet,” she said.

I got a big smile and basked in the praise she was giving me. She picked up a collar behind her and fastened it around my neck.

“On your knees Slut,” she said, fastening a leash to the collar and walking me out from behind the counter.

I felt a breeze on my ass and knew my skirt had ridden up. It was confirmed a few seconds later as some men entered the store.

“Holy shit, look at the ass on that bitch. I sure would like to get me a piece of that,” one of them said, Rocco, I think, as they walked up behind me.

Beth stopped me by pulling back on the leash and turned me around like a dog.

“You like my pet?” she asked the group of men.

“Shit yeah,” a man wearing white shorts said as he came up and started running his hands through my hair.

“Where did you get such a hot bitch from Beth?”

“She is on loan from her owner,” Beth said.

Owner? I am not a slave, and Pop was not my owner. I looked up at Beth and started to protest.

“Silence bitch,” she said, seeing my expression, and to emphasize her point, slapped me on my bare ass with a paddle picked up from the table next to where I was kneeling.

“Well, what sort of tricks does the bitch know,” one of the men in the back of the group asked.

“Well, she knows how to suck, and as you can see, she is pregnant so she can fuck as well,” Beth laughed as I turned red.

“Let me put her up, and we can see if she will play,” Beth told them, turning me around and walking me to the rear of the store.

Several of the men were making catcalls as I wiggled my ass.

Beth took me back to the booth I was in yesterday and hung my leash on a coat hook inside the room.

She closed the door and turned to me, kneeling on the nasty floor.

“We are gonna play the in-every-hole game slut.

“Take off your clothes and remove your butt plug, and after cleaning it off, put everything on the seat by the door.

“As you may have noticed, holes are cut into each side of the booth.”

Beth pointed out the holes in the walls.

“They are called glory holes. Men will put their cocks through them to get a blowjob or fuck the person in the other booth. You have three holes in your body that have to be fucked before you can leave this booth.

“The rules are simple, a dick comes through the glory hole, and you put it into one of your holes. You can use your mouth to get them lubed, but you can only use each hole once as a cum dump.”

“You are to let the man cum in the hole you put them into.”

Beth held my gaze until I couldn’t look at her any longer.

“After the three holes are fucked, jack off the rest onto your body. It can be your face, breasts, ass, or pussy.

“The choice is yours, but I expect to see you completely covered in cum when I return for you.

“Here are some tokens you are to keep the video running at all times. I also want pictures of you taken on your phone. Make sure I can see the dicks in your holes fucking you, and afterward, I want to see the progression of your cum shower.

“You are not allowed to cum without permission. So you can text either Pop or me, but you only get one orgasm while you are here.

“Any questions?”

I didn’t know what to say. The game seemed to get out of control, but I was so excited that I had problems thinking clearly. I wanted to cum so badly that I would agree to almost anything.

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