A Wife’s Dilemma Pt. 05 – Book Store – Fetish

When I woke again, it was morning, and I was alone in bed. Damn, I must have slept in, I wondered, looking at the clock. It was 8:35 am which meant Ken was already gone.

I got out of bed and fixed some coffee for me to drink. After I was more awake, I showered and changed the sheets before getting dressed in the outfit Pop had picked. I was nervous but excited at the same time and still horning from the dream last night.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a cheap slut staring back at me. I wasn’t sure what I wondered about the changes and worried about how this would impact my relationship with Ken.

I will have to deal with it later. I wondered as I walked out the door.

The GPS said the address was 30 minutes from the house, so I started driving. I was nervous and slightly distracted, so the trip seemed to fly by. On my way off the highway, I noticed that the area I was driving through was very industrial, with most businesses closed due to the weekend.

I pulled into the parking lot and realized where I was. It was an adult video store and looked run down. I doubled checked the address and realized that Pop had sent me here. I had never been inside a store like this; good girls didn’t do those things. My parents would have a fit if they even wondered I had stopped in the parking lot, let alone went inside.

As that wondered ran through my mind, I reminded myself that this was only a game, and it was not the real me that was going inside, but the slut I was in the game. I got out of the car and adjusted the jacket and skirt to cover me as best that they would before walking into the store.

Inside, the store was packed with videos, magazines, toys, and erotic clothing. I approached the counter and looked up at the girl sitting there. She had to be around eighteen with long black hair and blue eyes. Her nose was pierced, and she had a tattoo on her right arm.

“Can I help you?” she asked with a smile.

“Hi. I am supposed to meet someone here,” I said, blushing and looking down.

“Well, there are a couple of men in the back watching movies,” she said, trying to see inside my jacket.

I pulled the jacket closed as far as efficient and looked into her eyes.

“It’s not a man; it is a woman,” I said, blushing.

“Are you Beth?” I asked nervously.

“I sure am, sugar. You must be Lisa?”

“Yes,” I answered, looking down.

“Pop said you would be here to see little old me,” Beth said with a southern drawl.

“I pulled some items he wanted you to have, but some will require that I check how they fit on you.

“Why don’t you come around to the side of the counter so I can get a good look at you, and we can get started,” she stood, walking to the end of the counter.

I followed her to the end of the counter and stood waiting for her to tell me what she wanted.

“Let’s begin removing the jacket and laying it on the counter,” Beth said.

Looking around the store, I was relieved I wasn’t seeing anyone, but I was still nervous. The counter was only waist height, and anyone who walked in or up to the front would see my breasts through the top without the jacket. Beth frowned as I stood there, trying to work up the courage to follow her directions.

“Listen, slut. I don’t have all day.

“Pop gave me instructions, and I must ensure I follow them, or he will be upset. If you don’t want to play his game, then you can leave and stop wasting my time,” Beth said, turning away from me and returning to her seat.

“Wait, I’m sorry, it’s just this is new to me,” I said and took off the jacket, folded it, and placed it on the counter.

Looking into the mirror behind the counter, I could see through the top and noticed that my nipples were very hard.

“New. I guess that explains why you are not following directions when they are given,” she said, walking back over to look at me.

She motioned me forward to stand directly in front of her.

“Nice nipples slut,” she said as she twisted and pulled my right nipple.

“Pull your top up.”

I looked at her and then around again before reaching down, pulling my top up until it was at my neck, exposing my breasts to Beth. She started running her hands over my breasts and tweaking my nipples, causing me to moan.

I was still uncomfortable letting another women touch me. The idea was still gross, but standing here, letting her feel me, was turning me on.

“Like me playing with your nipples slut?” she asked, leering at me.

“Yes, I mean, it’s weird letting a woman play with them,” I responded, blushing and looking at the floor.

She licked her lips before leaning forward and taking one, then the other nipple, into her mouth, sucking on them. As she sucked, she bit the nipple, sending chills directly to my clit. She alternated between my nipples for a few minutes before standing back up, looking at my engorged nipples.

They stood out from my breasts over an inch and glistened with her saliva. She reached behind her and pulled out a couple of odd-looking clips with a chain between them.

“Every used these before?” Beth asked me.

“No. What are they?”

“Nipple clamps,” Beth said, creasing my left breast before sliding her hand up to my nipple. Looking me in the eye, she placed the clip over my nipple and released it.

I felt a shooting pain through my nipple, causing me to cry out and begin to back away from her and reach for the clip to remove it.

“Stand still slut, and get your fucking hand down,” she said sternly.

I was shaking but dropped my hand and returned to where I had been. Beth tugged on the clip, drawing gasps from me before she was satisfied it fit. She grabbed my other breast and, looking me in the eye again, placed the second clip on my right nipple. Even though I now knew what to expect, the pain ripped through my nipple, causing me to cry again.

She watched me sobbing for a minute before tugging on the chain and moving me around the end of the counter.

“Can’t have them too loose, or they might come off,” she smiled as she moved back and forth, pulling me around by my sore nipples. We walked up and down some of the isles before stopping in front of the sales counter.

“You can pull down your top, turn around, and bend over. I want your hands on your knees and both of your legs spread out about the width of your shoulders,” Beth said

Gratefully, I pulled my top down and turned around as ordered. I bent over, spreading my legs, knowing I was giving Beth a good view of my ass and pussy. I was watching her over my shoulder in the mirror when she noticed.

“Face forward slut,” she ordered.

I turned and looked down the aisle towards the rear of the store, looking at the packages of fake cocks that lined the shelves. I felt Beth running her hands on my bare ass and pushing my skirt, exposing me to her view.

She ran her fingers down my ass and thighs for several minutes, getting closer to my pussy with every pass. Just when I wondered I was gonna go crazy, she slipped a finger between my pussy lips, slipping it around, before pushing a finger inside of me.

“My, you are soaked.”

“Are you enjoying being used like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” I whimpered, looking at the floor.

“I didn’t hear you slut.”

“Yes,” I said much louder.

“Better. I want you to call me Mistress for the rest of your time here, slut,” Beth answered.

“Yes, Mistress .”

She started finger fucking me getting me closer to an orgasm pushing two then three fingers inside my pussy. Just before I climaxed, she pulled her hand out and slapped my ass. I stood bent over, breathing hard while she rummaged behind the counter.

She walked between my legs and sank a finger back into my pussy, causing me to moan. She got the finger wet and pulled it out again. I felt something cold and wet on my asshole, causing me to stand up.

“I never told you to move slut.”

“I must tell Pop you didn’t follow directions very well. He may decide that you are not worth playing the game with.”

“I am sorry, Mistress. I just have never had anyone touch me there before.”

“Please don’t tell on me,” I begged. The wondered of the game ending after everything I had done scared me.

“If you can do what you are told for the rest of today, then I guess I will overlook your inability to follow directions,” Beth said.

I stood bent over while she slipped a finger into my ass, lubing it up. She slowly pushed her finger in and out until I got used to it before adding another finger. After she put in the third finger, she moved her other hand back to my pussy and started rubbing my clit.

I started building up again to the orgasm she stopped before, moaning as she finger fucked my ass. She took me right to the point where I would cum before stopping again. She walked around before me and put her fingers on my mouth.

Suck,” she demanded.

I opened my mouth and started licking her fingers, tasting my vaginal juices before she pushed the fingers from my ass into my mouth.

I felt disgusted at licking the fingers from my ass, but at the same time, the naughtiness of it turned me on more than I was already. After I cleaned Beth’s fingers, she walked behind me again, and I felt something more significant than her fingers pushing against my ass.

She moved it in and out before shoving it inside me. It was larger than her fingers, and it hurt when it finally slipped inside me, causing me to whimper.

“Look into the mirror slut,” she instructed me.

Looking behind myself, I could see a flat disk sticking out of my asshole.

“It’s an anal plug. Pop said you are to wear it at all times except to use the toilet or when your husband might see it.”

Beth twisted the plug around. I didn’t know if I liked it, but it felt weird.

“This is the smallest one of the pack you will be leaving with. You are to put in the next size plug on Sunday, following a week of getting used to the smaller size until you wear the largest one.”

Beth slapped the plug, pushing further into my ass, causing me to groan.

“Any questions slut?”

“No, Mistress,” I replied.

Beth inserted a couple of her fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me. I could feel her rubbing the plug as her finger pushed deeper inside.

I approached the orgasm she had denied me, panting as she fingered my pussy. Just before I came, she stopped again, smacking my ass hard.

“Stand up and pull your skirt down slut” she said as she walked back behind the counter.

“Crawl around the counter and come here, “she said as she sat down.

I dropped to my hands and knees, crawling on the dirty floor around the counter and up to the chair Beth sat in. When I was in front of her, I looked up and saw under her skirt that she had no panties.

Blushing, I looked away and waited for my next instruction. Beth pushed a button, and it sounded like the outer door locked.

She laughed at my discomfort and held a dildo out to me. “I want you to squat on the floor and put this under your pussy.”

“You are to sit down on the dildo until the head is inside your pussy.”

“After the tip is inside, I want you to look at my pussy.”

She leaned forward, stroking my hair.

“I want you to imagine how I taste.”

“How good I will feel when you run your tongue inside me.”

“You are to keep looking at my pussy and ride slowly up and down on the dildo getting as much possible inside of yourself on the down strokes.”

She sat back, hiking her skirt up to completely expose herself.

“You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission.”

I moved the dildo under my pussy and attached it to the floor by the suction cup on its base. After rubbing the head around my pussy a little to get it wet, I slowly pushed it inside myself until the head was in.

I then looked at Beth’s pussy a few inches away on the chair before me. I had never wondered about touching another woman, let alone licking one. But I vividly remember the dream from last night where I had licked two different women to orgasm.

As I rode the fake cock I could feel myself building toward the orgasm Beth had denied me. I knew that if I came before giving permission, I would be in trouble, and she would tell Pop, who would stop the game because I was not listening.

As I rode the fake cock I started leaning towards Beth’s pussy a little with each stroke before my lips touched her outer pussy lips.

Before I knew what I was doing, I ran my tongue over her clit, causing her to gasp. Not stopping there, I pushed my tongue inside her pussy to taste her.

I was surprised at Beth’s taste and licked deeper, trying to get more of her juices. I sucked harder on her clit, earning another moan from her. Feeling like I was doing well, I started licking her faster, digging my tongue into her pussy to capture her juices.

I felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy right as she groaned and squirted her cum into my mouth. I drank her juices and kept licking her as I rode the fake cock inside my pussy. I was getting close to a enormous orgasm, so I pulled back from her pussy.

“Can I please cum, Mistress?”

She looked at me with an evil grin. “Stop fucking that cock slut, and pull it out of your pussy. You had better not cum either.”

I moaned loudly but stopped moving and pulled the fake cock out of my pussy, waiting on my next instruction.

“Lick the cock clean bitch. From now on, when you get a cock in your pussy or ass, you are to suck it clean after it’s done with you. Understand slut?”

“Yes, Mistress”

Beth straightened her skirt before putting a collar around my neck. After attaching a leash to the collar, she pulled me toward the rear of the store.

I started to stand up as I followed her.

“I don’t remember telling you to get off your hands and knee, slut” she said, yanking the leash down towards the floor.

I got back on my hands and knees and followed her to the back of the store and into a video booth. She put some tokens into the machine, and a video started. It was a young woman fucking a guy while sucking one.

Moving me to the middle of the booth, she looked down at me, stroking my hair.

“Strip Slut, but leave the collar and your pumps on,” she said, extending her hand for my clothes.

I pulled off my top and skirt and draped them over her arm.

“You are to sit on the bench, lightly finger yourself, and watch the movie. It will last 1/2 hour, and you will crawl back to my chair at the end. You are not to cum for any reason, and if you do, I will punish you and tell Pop everything you failed to do today.”

She walked to the door and was leaving with my clothes when I stopped her. “Please don’t take my clothes,” I begged.

“The bench will just get them dirty slut, so I will keep them in the front. You can have them at the end of the movie. Since it’s early on a Sunday, we don’t normally see any real traffic for a few hours yet, so no one should see you.”

I glanced at the bench she said to sit on and realized it was covered with dried cum, and who knew what else. I walked over to the bench and tried squatting over it but realized that I would not be able to hold that position long enough, and with a sigh, I sat on its sticky surface and watched the movie on the screen.

The young woman had finished off her partners, and the scene changed to an older white woman sucking on a giant black cock. The man was groaning and grabbed the back of the woman’s head and started driving the cock deeper into her mouth until he had her sliding the entire dick into her throat.

He grabbed her hands, put them on his ass, and let go of her head. She got the idea and started pulling herself to his pelvis before backing off, roughly fucking her throat with his cock. He grunted a few times before he came.

Pulling out of her mouth, he covered her face and chest with a large load of cum. Just as he came on her, I saw movement to my right and found a hole in the wall about waist height. Someone was looking through the hole and watching me masturbate. I quickly covered myself as best as efficient and backed away from the wall towards the door. I checked my door and found it locked so no one could enter, making me feel slightly better.

The eye left the hole. I wondered maybe the pervert was done and glanced back at the monitor. A new woman was on the screen. She was being walked on a leash topless outside in a park. You could see from the looks she was getting that it was not staged.

The men were all leering at her, as were some of the women, although most were giving her looks of disgust. A short man was leading her around, and I could see that her nipples were hard. The man took her into a public toilet and had her kneel in front of the sink before pulling his cock out for her to suck.

Just as the man on the screen’s dick sprang from the front of his pants, a large black dick was pushed through the hole in the wall next to me. I sat there in shock as the woman on the screen sucked the man holding her leash, and the large black dick sticking through the wall bobbed up and down as the man moved around.

He could not be thinking that I wanted to touch his dick or suck it like the woman on the screen was doing. There was no way I was gonna do that, and after a few minutes of the dick sticking out the hole and nothing happening, he pulled his cock back to his side of the wall.

I wondered he had left when my top was pushed halfway through the hole, the same hole the black cock had been in. I attempted to grab the top when it was yanked back on the other side of the wall.

“Come on. Please give me my top,” I begged.

“Well, I would, but then you would leave, and I would be here with a very hard dick from watching the show you were putting on. I don’t know about you, but that seems highly unfair.”

“I am sorry, but I didn’t know you were watching, and to be honest, you shouldn’t have been in the first place. I don’t see how it could be my fault.”

“All you women are the same. Show off to get the men to look at you and then pretend you had nothing to do with getting them hard. Well, today, I am going to push back. If you want your top back, you take care of the problem you created.”

He waited for a second and then put his dick back through the hole. I looked at the cock for a minute, thinking about how he got me clothes. That answer seemed pretty straightforward. Beth had given it to him.

“Promise you will give me back my top if I get you off?” I asked.

“You take care of me, and I will give you what you want,” he assured me.

Sighing, wondering not for the first time what the hell was wrong with me, I moved closer to his dick. Reaching out, I gently ran my hand up and down his shaft. I had never touched a black dick before and had only seen three others besides Ken’s. He was about the same size as Ken, and as I jerked him off, I started getting excited again.

I had just gotten into a rhythm when he pulled his dick back on his side of the wall. I thought if I had done something wrong when I heard him say.

“Damn bitch. If I wanted someone to jack me off, I could have done that myself. Get your fucking mouth on my dick, or you can forget about getting your top back.”

Understanding what he wanted, I started licking his dick before sliding the tip into my mouth and sucking on him. With each stroke, I started moving my head back and forth until I could get all of him into my mouth.

I sucked him like that for almost ten minutes before he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started shooting his cum on my face and chest. I let him finish and waited for him to hand me my top. I saw him move his eye back to the hole and look at my cum covered face and chest. His cum dripped off my breasts and nipples onto my stomach, and the cum on my face ran down my chin and neck. I wondered I heard him call me a slut before he handed my top through the hole.

It didn’t matter. The movie had ended, so I looked around for something to wipe the cum off.

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