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(For clarification, this story takes place towards the front end of Season 4 of Supernatural)

“So, tell me about the case again,” Dean asks his younger, but bigger, brother Sam as they sit at a table in this bar. As Led Zeppelin blares from the jukebox, Dean takes a long sip from his beer. The air in this dive bar is very smokey, giving Dean a strange sense of comfort, even if the bar is filled with rather rough looking people drinking and playing pool.

“Sam,” Dean says when his brother doesn’t respond to his question. Sam’s head is turned and is looking towards the bar. He has a strange expression, not one of concern, but one of confusion. Dean doesn’t think too much about this as the people at the bar are the normal sort you would find in a place like this.

“Sam,” Dean repeats, this time a bit frustrated. Only Sam still doesn’t respond. He’s still wrapped in his own world and staring at the bar. This time Dean does get a bit concerned. He begins to wonder if this has something to do his Sam’s…well, not gifts, but the psychic crap.

For a brief moment Dean wonders if this is yet another psychic episode for Sam. Those moments always made Dean’s stomach churn because they had to do with Lilith, Yellow Eyes and well, the end of the world.

The only thing that prevents Dean from believing it might be a psychic episode is that they are normally very painful for Sam, and this doesn’t seem the case. Also the more Dean considers it, it’s been a good year sense the last one.

“Sam!” Dean says much louder. This finally knocks Sam out of his trance. Looking confused and annoyed Sam turns to look at his brother.

“Yes, what?” Sam asks, picking up his own beer for a longer than normal sip. Dean again looks at the bar, trying to spot anything out of the norm. Once again, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, and Dean would know as he’s trained to spot such things.

“The case, tell me about it,” Dean asks, trying to get Sam’s mind focused on the case. Ever since Dean returned from Hell, he’s been something of a machine in terms of working cases. Most times they take a small break between cases, but not any longer.

It’s been a whole 2 weeks since they even got a whiff of anything supernatural related which has been driving Dean crazy. The last case turned out to be a hoax, which really bummed Dean out. It had a lot of promise with it looking like a murderous ghost, but ended up being a bunch of teens trying to get famous with a fake show.

“3 people dead, their eyes burnt out,” Sam tells Dean, looking down at his laptop’s screen. He moves the mouse about to flick through the various web pages he has up to see more details. Sam is the one that caught this case, and when that’s the case, he does a lot of research into it, trying to find connections, reasons and suspects.

“Authorities can’t find a cause of death. The eyes are completely burned, but the rest of the body is perfectly. No clear relations between any of them,” Sam explains.

Sam doesn’t have to say what he thinks it might be because Dean Already knows. A few months ago they ran across a being that did this very thing; an angel. A true to life, all powerful angel. Not sure if it is an angel doing this, but if there is, they should find out why an angel is in a small town like this one.

Sam then turns his head again to look at the bar. When he does, he gets the same confused sort of look. His normally sympathetic eyes zero in on a spot where he begins to stare with a good amount of intensity.

“Dude, what’s so interesting about the bar?” Dean asks. Sam doesn’t respond at first, instead he stares for a moment before looking back at Dead.

“The girl,” Sam reveals. Dean looks at the bar again to see one of the few females in here standing there. Her back is to them but her head is turned as she’s talking to the Biker next to her. Dean looks her over in his way, which was normally to check out either the Ass or tits first, which ever is available. He muses that she has an okay Ass. Otherwise, she seems like any woman you might see in a place like this. White chick, late twenties in age, brunet and okay looking.

“Yes Sam. She is a woman. I know you’ve never had much contact with them, and they might be scary for you…” Dean starts to which Sam gives him a glaring look that says “that’s not funny.” Dean, still smiling, leans forward as he gets more serious.

“I think I know her. She doesn’t look familiar to you?” Sam asks, looking back to the girl again. Dean turns to look at her, this time looking closely. His first thought is that he doesn’t know her because he’s never had Sex with this Sex, which is the primary way he knows most females. He then tries to remember her from any hunt they’ve been on. But ultimately he doesn’t remember her at all.

“Don’t know her,” Dean says calmly, showing he isn’t concerned by her. He doesn’t get any strange vibes from her and she isn’t doing anything creepy. She hasn’t even looked back at them as if she knows them.

“Why don’t you go talk to her? We got some time. You can finally find out what boobs look like in reality and not on that laptop,” Dean says, leaning back and downing his beer. Sam doesn’t respond to this, but keeps looking at the girl.

As Dean finishes his beer, he considers something. He hadn’t really had any recent “fun” either. He’s been been back from Hell nearly half a year now, and still hadn’t got back in his groove. Normally when they visited a town he would spend the night with at least one woman, but of late, he hadn’t. He hasn’t because he hasn’t thought of it. Sure, when the opportunity presented itself, he took advantage, but otherwise, no. He then puts the empty beer glass down and figures it must be the lingering effects of so many years in Hell.

“Oh hey,” Dean says as their waitress steps up to them and puts two new beers on the table. This surprises both boys because neither ordered another round. Sure, they have been there close to an hour drinking, but this wasn’t the place where they would serve you without asking.

“From the lady at the bar, gents,” the middle-aged waitress grunts upon placing the beers down. She does an uncaring nod towards the same woman at the bar that Sam has been staring at. This makes Sam give Dean a very knowing look. A look screams, “I told you so.”

Dean and Sam both look to the bar expecting the girl to be looking at them, but no. Instead, she is still talking to the guy next to her. Even after the waitress returns she doesn’t look at them to acknowledge that she sent them a beer.

“Alright, this is…this is…” Dean begins to say but discovers he doesn’t know the word he wants to use. It’s not troubling because there doesn’t appear to be any trouble. But it is odd. Sam says he knows her, and then this, but she isn’t acknowledging them?

Then Dean gets an idea of what might be going on. She’s interested in one of them, but doesn’t want to make the first move. It sometimes happens with the shy ones. This makes more sense then that she is some monster trying to capture them.

“Go talk to her. Maybe you two hooked up at a party or D&D game, or whatever you nerds do in college. You can at least find out what’s going on,” Dean suggests with a knowing look. Sam doesn’t seem to hear him as he keeps looking at the girl.

“I didn’t hook up with anyone Dean. I just wish I knew where I know her from,” Sam comments in a serous manner. He then suddenly stands up to look at her. Dean shrugs at this.

Sam has been like that of late, very impulsive. And in many cases he’s downright explosive. He’s not the Sam Dean grew up with. Sure, he’s still compassionate, caring and all that jazz with those puppy dog eyes, but there is a darker side to him now.

But Dean tries to tell himself that’s probably because of all that’s happened. Afterall Sam died over a year ago when Yellow Eyes trapped all the “Special Children” in that old west town. Who knows what that does to a person. Add in all the crap he’s been though, like having to watch Dean get eaten by a damn hellhound or knowing the fact he went to Hell and there was nothing that could be done about it. All that changes a person.

Dean happily takes the new glass of beer and takes a sip from it. Being his paranoid self, he did give the contents a good look before taking his sip, checking to see if anything was “added” but nothing was. In a way Dean’s a bit deflated that there wasn’t something in the beer as it would have given credence to Sam’s suspicion. After all, he’s itching for a hunt.

“Go talk to her dude,” Dean tells his younger brother, attempting to give brotherly advice. Sam is still standing and looking at the girl, looking like he’s not sure to go to her or not.

“After all we’ve been through, with angels and witnesses, hell hounds and Lilith, you deserve a little fun,” Dean says, saluting his brother with the beer. Dean doesn’t share Sam’s concern over the girl at all. She hasn’t shown anything that could be considered strange to Dean. If there was a fraction of concern, he would be all over the situation. Otherwise, it’s just an average chick.

“It’s not like that Dean. What if she’s a demon, huh? What if she’s here to spy on us by Lilith, or worse, sent to kill us,” Sam protests, now leaning over the table to face Dean. Sam’s eyes look so serious. Almost like he needs her to be more than just some average chick.

Dean blankly looks at his brother, wondering why he wouldn’t want to at least try for a chance with this girl. That his first thought is that she’s evil. It again makes Dean wonder about how much Sam has changed of late.

“Accidently spill this on her,” Dean suggests, handing over the flask of holy water. Sam looks at it, seriously considering it. He then reaches out and snatches it, putting it in the pocket of his jacket.

Sam then starts to walk towards the bar with a determined look. He has a very terminator vibe about him which makes Dean chuckle as he goes to take another sip of his beer. If Sam is lucky, the girl will be smart enough for the both of them.

“Baby is parked behind the bar,” Dean calls out, giving the suggestion of where the pair of them can have some private time. Sam ignores this, but Dean chuckles again knowing his brother heard him. He isn’t exactly thrilled of something like that happening in his most favorite possession, but Sam can clean up afterward.

“Hey man, another beer?” Sam asks the bartender as he walks up to the bar, right next to the woman. He stands there trying to look cool and calm, expecting the woman to turn to him. Only she doesn’t. She keeps facing the other way, towards the person on her other side.

As casually as he can, Sam turns towards the woman. He wears a smile that is pretty fake, but he hopes looks casual. Even at this, she still doesn’t turn or acknowledge him.

“I have you to thank for the beer?” Sam asks as the woman faces the other way. She seems to still be talking to the other guy, but he doesn’t want to wait. If they are in danger, he wants to make sure he takes care of it now.

The woman slowly turns and looks up at Sam. When she does, Sam is struck again with the fact that he knows her. That her face looks so freaking familiar, but he can’t place it. It feels like trying to remember a dream once you wake up.

“You do,” the woman says in a strange manner. Her tone is a bit strange as it is flirty, but it also the sort that shows she isn’t one to mess with. Like she’s ready for any challenge that may come her way. The expression she gives him seems to echo this tone.

“Thanks for that,” Sam tells her, leaving out the question of why she sent it. Now that he is up close with her, Sam can feel what she wants. And that’s to seduce him. She even opened her jacket when she turned, making sure that her large bust can be seen as it stretched over her white top.

“I’m Sam,” Sam introduces himself. The woman doesn’t respond to this by giving her name. Instead she turns to face the bar. She takes holds of a shot glass that was in front of her and shoots whatever it contains.

“Eva,” she says after taking the shot. She still doesn’t look at Sam, but ahead of her as she signals for another shot from the bartender. The bartender shoots her a finger gun to show he will.

A long pause occurs as Sam lets out a confused chuckle as he doesn’t know what to say. He looks at her, then forward at the bartender working. His mind whirls with the best thing to say next, but nothing he thinks up seems to be good enough.

“Sam, I can see you need help with this,” Eva says in a frank, no-nonsense manner. She then turns to look at him again. Only this time she has a slightly annoyed expression.

“I’m only in town for the night, and maybe not even the full night as I’m heading to the coast,” she reveals, her eyes seeming to sparkle as she looks at him. Her eyes look at Sam’s eyes and then at his lips.

“I want to get laid. To get my Pussy pounded, hard. And out of the piss-poor crowd of bikers and losers, you are the best option. I was going to choose the guy who is with you, but he looks a bit too cocky, like he needs to have Sex in front of a mirror,” she tells Sam in that same blunt manner.

Sam didn’t know what to expect, but this wasn’t it. In fact, in a way, he would be happier if she attacked him and produced vampire fangs. Of late he has been in soldier mode, so the possibility of this is very foreign to him.

“I’m sorry?” Sam asks, thinking that maybe he might have misheard her. But when these words come out, he shakes his head as he knows how stupid it sounds. It’s been a long time since he’s truly felt dorky, but this does it.

“Sorry, just not used to women being that direct,” Sam says as he apologizes. The woman doesn’t say anything to this, but looks at him as if wanting an answer. Sam opens his mouth to say more but pauses as he considers what he is about to say is stupid.

He then points at Dean, wanting to say how he’s in town with his brother for a few days, but decides this too would be a stupid thing to say. Then he points at the bartender as he thinks of suggesting they have a few more drinks, but again, no words come out. He then turns to look at her, opening his mouth again to ask if they have met before, but yet again, no words come out.

Eva sees this comical reaction and smirks. She then breaks the spell by reaching up and grabbing the back of Sam’s head, grabbing a handful of hair in a rather sexy manner. She then pulls his head down to hers while lifting her face upward. She does this until the pair meet, their lips touching.

The woman passionately kisses Sam. She presses her lips hard against him, revealing how badly she wants him. It only takes Sam about two seconds before he returns the kiss. Only he doesn’t become as passionate as she is. Instead, he returns the kiss in a polite manner, showing he likes it while she damn near swallows him as passionate as she is.

The woman lets go of his hair and keeps looking up at him with a demanding look. Sam, who appears to be dazed by what just happened, looks at her, still unsure what to say. Neither of them say anything, but both hear the slow clap in the background as Dean claps at what he sees. He has watched the entire scene unfold, cringing most of the time.

Eva turns and takes the new shot that is in front of her. This gives Sam an idea. He hasn’t let go of the idea that this is a trap. That she is some sort of monster here to attack him or Dean.

“How about we take a shot together?” Sam suggests. Eva gives him a sideway glance and shrugs as if saying she’s not opposed to the thought. It’s clear that she just wants to leave and get down. But Sam motions to the bartender.

“Hey man, can we get two of whatever she is having, only you mind if we use these?” Sam asks, grabbing two metal looking shot glasses that were on the bartender’s side of the bar. The bartender looks a bit confused by this because those metal glasses are meant to measure the amount of booze they give customers.

Sam asks this strange request because he says the small writing on the side of the measuring shot glasses. Most places use just plain, cheap metal for such glasses. But this bar, for whatever reason, use ones made of silver. Sam considers it is probably just silver plated, but it doesn’t matter. If she is a monster, she should react to the silver.

The bartender looks like he may say something, but when he sees the fifty that Sam holds out, he gladly pours the shots. Then he places each in front of the pair and tells them to shoot for their health.

“To a hopefully fun night,” Sam says taking his silver shot glass. Eva grabs hers and knocks it against his in a roughly manner. Something about the way she does this seems to imply she’s getting annoyed that they aren’t having Sex yet.

Again Sam is a bit disappointed as she doesn’t react to the silver. That she’s looking more and more like she is human. That she isn’t something here to kill them. He doesn’t fully understand why he’s disappointed as he should be thrilled. But he waves this off as being around Dean for too long.

The two shoot the shot with no issue. Then she takes her previous shot and shoots it with no issue as well. Showing how well she holds her liquor, she just looks forward after, motioning for yet another. As she does this, she doesn’t see Sam pulling out the flask from his jacket. Nor does she see him uncapping it.

Eva then proceeds to pull out her lipstick from her jacket. She applies the red color, making her look even more appealing to Sam with dark red lips. It’s at this Sam decides he has to do this one last test before he goes through with it.

After picking up a napkin, Eva kisses it to get rid of the excess lipstick. She then puts it on the bar and writes something on it using the bartender’s pen. Once she is done, she turns to face Sam.

“Oh damn, I’m sorry,” Sam apologizes as he splashes a good amount of holy water from the flask on her shirt. When he does this, there’s no smoke or pain. There’s nothing but a now damp shirt. It proves that she’s not a demon.

Eva looks down at her lightly damp top. She then reaches over and grabs the beer of the man next to them. For a fraction of a second Sam considers she might try to hit him with it. Instead, she begins to pour the drink over her chest. She empties the beer, making her entire top wet so it clings to her. In fact, her entire front is drenched.

When she puts the now empty beer back, the shape of her large chest can clearly be seen with her wet shirt. Not just that, but her nipples stick out on the wet shirt, making nearly every man in the place turn to look at her. Sam clearly sees the full shape of both her breasts, leaving little to the imagination.

Sam watches all of this, his mouth open. Out of everyone he’s ever been with, none have been this forward. Normally Sam wouldn’t like a girl like this, but for some reason this flies out the window. In fact, he can’t remember his manhood being so stiff upon looking at her wet chest.

The woman grabs the napkin with her lipstick kiss and smacks it against Sam’s chest as she begins to walk away. She walks off and out of the back of the bar while Sam holds the napkin. For a moment, all he can do is watch her leave, noting how she does have a very nice Ass too.

Sam then looks at the napkin to see what she wrote. When he does, he feels a strange tingle move over him. It starts from his stomach and moves outward, going down each of his limbs. What she wrote surprises him to the point his eyes open wider than normal.

There’s a perfect kiss on the napkin made from her lipstick. She then wrote under it with handwriting that looks very sexy as well, “If you want to see what this lipstick looks like on your cock, come see me behind the bar.”

Feeling even more tingly, Sam looks to see Dean smiling and clapping, clearly enjoying the show. The way Dean looks is like a teenage boy who got to see some PG-13 nudity for the first time ever. In a way it is sweet as Dean looks very happy that his brother is about to have some fun.

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