A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 52 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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[You can read this story without having read the previous chapters, although you might read Ch. 44, which contains a recap of earlier parts of this saga. After you’ve read it, you might wish to return to read earlier chapters as you will then have greater understanding of the characters. This story features severe disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use one of her characters.]

Greyson was interrogated by SFCs Cynthia and Nicole. The serial Sex abuser was held in the Disciplinary & Retraining Unit of the Women’s Republic’s Corrections Service. The two sergeants were themselves still being retrained after they had been referred to the unit by their commandants for various misdeeds. However, 1SG Wendy decided that they had some useful capabilities which she needed to take advantage of, so she assigned them to oversee this rare male prisoner.

The unit dealt with female Corrections Service officers who were given one last chance to reform being they were thrown out. There were precious few male officers in the Service, but all the reeducation camps and retraining centers were staffed by female officers who were responsible for retraining and disciplining men who had been sent to the camps or centers by their wives, the responsible woman in their family, or by an official referral, such as from a court.

Greyson was regarded as too serious an offender to be sent to a camp or center, even one with a reputation for severity, such as Hergolia, located in a remote part of the Republic. SFC Nicole had been sent to the unit from that camp, where she was well known for her severity in dealing with the males sent there for correction.

Nicole had gotten into trouble by blowing off in a meeting with the unit commander, MAJ Kate, and Cynthia had been sent to the unit by her commander for goofing off and not appearing at scheduled assignments. Wendy had suggested they get a chance to redeem themselves by disciplining Greyson so MAJ Kate, who was quite young, had risen quickly in the Service, and had been proving her competence, agreed to give them a chance and promoted them temporarily to be Sergeants First Class, so they would be regarded as senior enough to manage this assignment.

Both knew they could be demoted back to PFC, the rank to which all officers sent to the unit were administratively reduced, or to their old rank of buck sergeant. They had performed well in explaining to Greyson that it was to his benefit to be caned publicly in front of the entire unit and Nicole had conducted the session.

Now they needed to deal with his abuse record. They questioned him about how he had come to assault the several women who had filed charges against him. They also explained that he would be serving time for quite a while now that the ultimate punishment of castration had been abolished, either chemical or physical.

“You won’t believe me,” he told them, “but my mother and Sister mistreated me. My mother delegated disciplinary responsibilities in our family to my Sister, who was quite attractive and a few years younger than me. She took advantage and made me wear her clothes, suitably altered to fit me. I was able to wear male attire on my job but had panties on underneath. She also spanked and caned me, which was why I was able to endure your severe caning, SFC Nicole.”

“Have you had a girlfriend or girlfriends?” Cynthia asked him. “Put plainly, Greyson, have you been able to have Sex with a woman without assaulting her?”

“Most women did not want to have much to do with me,” he replied. “I was regarded as too macho for most. This also led to my frustration.”

“The Women’s Republic was founded because women had been abused by men for too long,” Nicole observed. “You apparently have never reconciled yourself to this change even though you were a small child when the revolution occurred.”

“I know,” he answered. “My father left the family then and my mother and Sister decided to feminize me in every way except to order a Sex-change operation, which they had the power to do, and still do. They made my life miserable, ladies.”

“We do believe that you could be reformed to behave in a normal, noncriminal manner,” Nicole told him. “We have an unconventional approach: do you find us attractive?”

“Absolutely, you two are gorgeous,” Greyson said enthusiastically. “I wish I had met you before I started misbehaving.”

“We are going to take you to our room here,” Nicole told him. “We are not wild about romantic relationships with men, but we like Sex. Can we trust you to behave yourself? If you get aggressive in any way, we are equipped to deal with you as we have received law enforcement training. But if you behave yourself, you might enjoy yourself and make progress toward being paroled or put on supervised probation.”

“Sergeants,” Greyson answered, “I would be delighted to be given this chance. As you know, I had a respectable job as an executive until I got into trouble. I’d like a chance to show I’ve returned to the world of the present and behave like a man who knows his place in it.”

“You’re very articulate, Greyson,” Cynthia commented, “so we have to take what you say with many grains of salt. Nevertheless, we’re willing to give you a chance. After dinner tonight–when I would suggest you dine sparingly and don’t drink–you will be brought to our room.”

Some hours later Greyson was marched to the room the two sergeants shared. When he was admitted, he was wearing a Corrections Service inmate uniform. Nicole unbuttoned his uniform, both top and bottom, and slipped it off as she directed him to pull his arms or legs out of the top or the pants.

Now he was standing in front of them in the black vinyl panties that inmates were required to wear, usually as an introduction to the unit. They were locked into the panties, and only released to use the toilet, which was supervised by a duty officer. They also were fitted with a rectal dork, which was a constant intrusion in the bottom of the inmates. Women inmates in the unit also had a vaginal dork, so they actually were treated more harshly. A man, however, did have his cock slipped into a sleeve within the panties.

Nicole unlocked the panties and slid them off Greyson’s torso, as she heard a characteristic pop when the Anal dork exited his bottom.

“Do you have to defecate, Greyson?” she asked. “Many find they do when that dork is removed.”

“Yes, I do,” he answered. They then took him to their bathroom and allowed him to sit on the toilet by himself and do his business. This was a gesture because normally he would have been supervised and his defecation results recorded. He was also told to Shower before he finished his ablutions in the bathroom.

Outside in their room, Nicole and Cynthia discussed the likelihood of Greyson’s performing to their positive expectations.

“He’s obviously bright and probably took a lot of crap from the women in his household,” Nicole suggested. “I’ve seen a lot of men like him at my camp. They’ve misbehaved but they haven’t assaulted women like he has.”

“I agree that he’s bright and maybe have possibilities of making a change because of that,” Cynthia agreed.

Greyson reappeared with a towel around his waist. He had bothered both to dry off and dry his hair, which looked sandy and attractive.

By this time, Nicole and Cynthia had shed their clothing and were wearing warm robes. Nicole smiled at Greyson and helped him to lie on his back on her bed. She wanted him to be comfortable.

“You’ll have to accept, Bill,” she said calmly, “that I’m not all that fond right now of Sex with men but in your case, I’m extending myself. Don’t try to tell me what to do, though. After you and I try to enjoy ourselves, Cynthia will take over. If you’ve done well, she’ll entertain you. If you haven’t, she’ll cane the hell out of you.”

“I hope that helps you get a hard-on,” Cynthia laughed. “We’re not creating an especially romantic mood here, but we also know that you must have the hots for us, or at least for my friend here.”

“Ladies,” Greyson said smoothly, “you two are simply outstanding. I consider myself privileged to be in the position I’m in.”

“Nicely put,” Nicole said. She reached under her uniform skirt and slipped off her panties. Then she climbed over him to sit over him in the cowgirl position. She carefully lowered herself onto his erect cock, which was long enough to interest her. She had not had a lot of Sex with men, preferring women, but she now had his cock inside her, and the feeling of being filled made her feel warm and happy. She also thought of all the men she had disciplined, especially when at the Hergolia camp, and how they would have competed to enjoy what Greyson was getting.

She began to move up and down on his cock. He responded by pushing up and down in rhythm with her. This was good, Nicole thought. Why was this man different from the run of male misfits she had had to whip into shape?

The question now was whether she could hold off Cumming until he spurted deep inside her. She did go on savoring this interlude in her work for as long as she could. Finally, she felt the rhythm picking up in tempo and intensity and she went off into a grand Orgasm. Bill must have felt it coming because he managed to get off while Nicole was still in ecstatic motion.

She managed then to lift herself off his wilting member. The lithe Nicole moved up on his body so that the combined cum he had spurted into her, and her own vaginal juices flowed out of her onto his face. He smelled and licked it up with pleasure. He knew not to lick her because it would be over the line.

Nicole went off into her bathroom and cleaned herself. She felt this had been worth it because it confirmed in her mind that he might well be able to be trusted if they recommended his supervised release. She returned and motioned to Cynthia to step out with her. She knew Bill would not try to bolt even if she did not immediately praise him and tell him he was proceeding toward release.

Cynthia conferred with Nicole and told her she would go ahead with Greyson if Nicole agreed that he had earned this further test cum treat. Nicole told her to go ahead and sat herself in a far corner of their room. Cynthia had removed her panties and walked over to check on whether Bill was up to another round.

Her touch on his cock brought an immediate response in increasing size and firmness. Cynthia had a lot of hair down in her crotch and she sat over him and guided his cock into her quim. She was also tighter than Nicole and pressed her inner muscles to provide a distinct experience.

She was not as partial to being with women as her colleague was. Cynthia was happy that women were now in charge in the Republic but was not a female chauvinist, either. She basically loved to fuck. In the Service, of course, this meant she had to be discreet. In some quarters, intercourse with a man was not something that aided your career prospects.

Her experience with Greyson was like Nicole’s although it was quite different for him. He loved her tightness and her allowing him to finger her clit and her bottom-hole while they were entwined. For her part, Cynthia hadn’t had such a good time in bed for ages.

They both hugged him and gave him loving kisses as they prepared to take him back to his sparely-furnished cell. Cynthia decided this was a suitable time to see what they could find out from him.

“Bill,” she said softly, “you just showed Nicole and me a fun time. What made you assault all those women you did when it’s clear that you know how to treat a woman in bed and how to win her affections?”

“I had some bad experiences at work,” Greyson replied. “Two women with whom I worked had it in for me, for reasons I still don’t understand. They complained about me. Top management believed them. I was cut loose and found that I couldn’t refer to any of the places I had been because they poisoned the well.”

“My mind was going in very unpleasant directions,” he continued. “I looked for women who were about my age but still single. I chatted them up at respectable cocktail lounges and usually I was invited to go home with them. They weren’t ready, but I forced myself on them. Some didn’t resist. Others burst into tears. I can’t say all that much of it was at all consensual, but it wasn’t forcible rape either.”

“We’re likely to see what your prospects for probation or parole are,” Cynthia told him. “You should understand that this is not something we do very often. Nicole reeducates men who have misbehaved and is usually located at a remote camp where the inmates are treated very severely.”

Nicole smiled at him.

“But you will be a hard case, yet an unusual one,” Cynthia went on. “Because you did assault these women, your name is truly radioactive. You saw how the audience was delighted at the heavy-duty punishment Nicole gave you last week. Bill, you’re lucky that they didn’t pass special legislation allowing you to be castrated. So, this will have to be managed very carefully.”

That evening, Nicole drafted their report to 1SG Wendy, and concluded that after he behaved well for another two weeks, they suggested that he be placed on semi-supervised release.

“This male will respond to good supervision,” she wrote. “His acting out was extreme because he saw his future in the Republic as hopeless. We observed him expanding his horizons in terms of surveying alternative futures.”

When Wendy received the draft report, she initialed it and sent it on to CPT Elaine, the deputy chief, for transmittal to MAJ Kate. Kate called Wendy in and questioned her about the entire treatment plan that had been followed. Wendy said that she was using this to rehabilitate Nicole and Cynthia as well as Greyson, for whom she did not care for but saw his successful release as a useful source of credit for the unit.

Kate agreed that his successful release would benefit the unit. However, she added, if he messed up, there would be hell to pay, and all their positions might be in jeopardy. In the end, she said, she would approve the semi-supervised release with Nicole and Cynthia his probation officers.

“I’m also reserving decision on their return to ranks or retaining their current ones until they are ready to graduate with their class,” she declared.

“I’ll carry that out, boss,” Wendy replied, “and I mean that I agree with what you’re approving, not that it’s my position to do that in any formal way. I think they have decided this guy is worth our taking a chance on, and that is good. If it doesn’t work, we do have a downside of bad publicity, but it’s worth it to try this out.”

In another month, Greyson was processed and informed that he would be on semi-supervised release indefinitely. He realized that they had to retain a string on him for their own self-protection from the outside world. He had arranged a place to live and one of his old jobs seriously wanted him back.

“For the first month, Bill,” Nicole informed him, “we don’t want you dating. We want you to return to your working life and your friends. You can meet women who want to meet you, but no more until the month is out. Can you live with that? I want this to be clear: no chatting up women at bars, no going home with them, no fucking.”

Greyson responded that he was intent on making a success of his life so he could well stand not having conjugal Sex or any Sex with a woman until they lifted the restriction. Soon, he was given his civilian clothes in which he had originally reported. He dressed and departed, with an appointment set for him, either with Nicole or Cynthia, every day for the first week and gradually less frequently thereafter.

His first reporting visit was quite standard. He came to the unit’s office and Nicole met with him in a training room. She thought the punishment implements in racks and on hooks in the wall would create a productive atmosphere to reinforce in him the need to behave. He was still in the first fresh breaths of freedom. She told him that she wanted to see how he reacted to his release, so she scheduled his next appointment for two days later.

This time upon arrival at the unit, he was taken to Nicole’s and Cynthia’s room. Nicole opened the door, in uniform, and thanked the courier who had brought him to their room.

“This won’t make you happy, Bill,” Nicole began, “but we need to reinforce the need for you to behave by giving you a glimpse of what will await you if we have to bring you back here to stay. Take down your trousers and underpants.”

Greyson was baffled by this turn of events, but he decided that these women had treated him well, so he had better do whatever they wanted from him. He unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants and his underpants. He was pleased he had managed not to have an erection.

This was difficult, because he found both women wildly attractive: Nicole, with blonde hair and a perfect figure, as well as a great smile; Cynthia, a dark-haired beauty with more curves and a come-hither look to boot. He knew they both were expert disciplinarians, and each had a touch of sadism in their makeup. On the other hand, he obviously held some appeal for them sexually, so he figured he might as well make the most of it. He also realized that he had a Fetish for women in uniform, especially for women who looked as good in their tight uniforms as thee=se two did.

Cynthia, who hadn’t said anything until now, stood up and told him quietly to bend over the bed. She had him spread his legs so that when he bent over, his scrotum and the tip of his cock were visible through his legs. She picked up a small martinet and began applying it to his bottom. Gradually, she hit harder with the tails. It stung and he knew it would hurt more than a spanking. Soon she was aiming lower and some of the tails would occasionally go between his legs and sting his scrotum. Somehow, he didn’t give in and scream.

Finally, it was over. “You took that well, Bill,” Cynthis smiled at him. “We will recognize that with a present. She proceeded to strip off her uniform and then unhook her bra, releasing her nicely-sized breasts. Then, she slowly took her lacy white panties down and moved to lie on her back in the bed, giving him a come-hither look.

Nicole told him he could get undressed, which he promptly proceeded to do. He climbed into the large bed and mounted the waiting Cynthia, who smiled at him. This time he was going to be allowed to fuck her like a man, he thought, not have her over him controlling his movements in that reverse cowgirl position where he was staring at her Ass. Yes, it was a nice Ass, but this was something else entirely.

Cynthia was wet, because she liked to fuck but didn’t get the chance nearly often enough for her desires. She liked him over her, especially since he rested his weight on his arms, not her torso. She sensed his cock slowly pressing into her and it felt heavenly.

Nicole had enjoyed her Sex with him but was not as needy in that department as her colleague. She kept an eye on their intercourse, which she found weird, because she did not tend to be a voyeur but did like Cynthia a lot. While they were reaching their climax, she sat at her desk and completed the forms required to document his scheduled visit. There was no place on the form to enter that he fucked one of his supervising officers and brought her to Orgasm.

Cynthia realized that they had to finish, so she whispered to Greyson that he needed to bring her off and cum himself. No sooner requested than done. She had a strong cum with her lifting her torso off the bed as he exploded into her. They spent a few moments in each other’s arms and then Cynthia pushed him into the bathroom with her.

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