A Teen Asked To Worship My Feet – Fetish


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I was once requested by a teen asking for my allowance to worship my feet. His mother was my colleague and like my elder sister and also a good friend. We were charming friends, she used to come and visit my home after work. She lived three doors next mine. It is her son I am talking about. His name is Oliver. He was a cute guy with handsome create. He was maybe 20 then.

Whenever Eloise and I had different shifts, she used to leave her son at my home, Oliver was also very obedient and fun loving. He was very frank with me.

However, Oliver was really a helping hand around my household activities. We used talk about his college, his friends, his performance in wrestling and many other things. In the afternoon we used to watch movies in TV, sitting on couch. He often used to offer me foot massage. As a young lady I used to take a good care of my feet. He liked my feet very much as I often used to catch him staring at them. He used caress my feet by taking it in his lap. Sometimes he used to take my feet on his chest for messaging my arch while he was lying. I could feel his warm and smooth skin under my feet. Whenever we were resting or chilling on couch or bed he used to discover a comfy place near my feet anyway. Initially I used to feel bad to keep my feet on his bare chest as he is almost six years younger than me. But then his magic hands used to make me forget about everything. I used feel very relaxed and sleepy and I never wanted him to stop.

But I could say, this session was also very intriguing for him, as he used to get a strong erection while massaging my feet. First I discovered that when he was massaging my feet on couch. While moving, my feet accidentally touched his erection over his pants and he trembled. I was shocked then, but gradually I got used to that and to be frank I used to feel pretty flattered. I became so obsessed to his hands that whenever we used to lie on bed, sometimes without his permission I used to shamelessly raise one of my feet on his chest, and the other on his belly, craving for a massage. He never denied. While he used to rub my one foot, I used to use my other foot to move on his tummy as a sign of returning the favour and part of my toe sometimes used get inside the elastic band of his pants and used to get bruised against the head of his hard on. It was really no big deal to me, if he was enjoying his time while giving me a relaxing foot rub, I am not at all bothered and moreover at that point we were beyond the formalities to say sorry. Sometimes when I accidentally put one of my feet on his hard shaft over the thin cotton fabric and I could feel his dick throbbing under my foot against his belly facing his face. Sometimes I never cared to move my foot off his member. As my eyes were closed he used to think I was sleeping. Then sometimes he used to lift my foot carefully with one hand then he lowered his pants down to knees and gently put my foot on his hard shaft. Initially it was embarrassing for me as I couldn’t understand how to react, but gradually it started feel charming having my feet on his warm engorged manhood throbbing with his heart beat. I used to pretend to be asleep, when I needed to move or change my posture I just used give him indication by moving haphazardly. Then he used to hurry to put his member inside the fabric. I never wanted him to catch off guard, or more acutely never wanted him to stop my foot rub.

Gradually this massage and caressing upgraded to sniffing, licking and sucking my toes. As I had never experienced that before, it was quite awkward for me, but it used to give my body a heavenly vibration. Sometimes I really could not hold myself from moaning. Trust me though I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop him. He used to treat me like queen.

Anyways one day something happened something drastic, by crossing the line. It was a family gathering on the event of Oliver’s Birthday. My newly married husband and Eloise’s were down in the hall and there were some other close office colleagues having their fun time. I was making some arrangements for the evening upstairs. Suddenly Oliver came up there. He looked so charming, dressed up in suit and pant, shinning like a new penny on his 18th birthday.

After some typical conversation suddenly he asked me to dance with him. He was sounding very different. We danced for 2–3 minutes, with Blues music. Then we sat on couch while enjoying Champagne. I congratulated him to his adolescents and he said, ‘ Thank You, my queen ‘. He was staring at my eyes. Then he lifted my feet on his lap and took off my sandals and kissed my toes, nails were painted red. Then he started to give small bites and licks. It was driving me crazy.

Then he raised his face and told me, ” I always wanted to worship these feet Cress, your feet are gorgeous ” I was really flattered by his genuine admiration. I couldn’t help smiling.

” From the day we met first, I always liked your feet “, he said

“That I knew Oliver, anybody can say that from the way you used to stare at my feet”, I said with a smile.

Then he sat on floor taking my feet on his thigh. ” “

“Today, on my birthday I want something special from you Cress, will you grant me?”. He asked. “I have always dreamt of something about these gorgeous feet that I never told you”

I was glued to his attitude and approach. I also was curious and nervous about his next move.

I asked, ” What do you want Oliver?”

” I want to give my queen’s feet a creamy organic bath with my Daddy Sauce” he replied maintaining eye contact.

I was stunned and surprised at his confidence, like he owns me.

“I never ever dream to embarrass you, that’s why I never told you that”, but “This is what I want Cressenda, I want you to worship with all my manliness”, “Henceforth I beg your permission to serve you my queen”

I was really melted at this point. Though I knew it could ruin my relation with him or with his mother but how could I deny that cute guy!!

I tried my best to gather myself and said, ” You have my permission Oliver, if this is what you want on your birthday, I will give you that but it must be kept secret”. On that he agreed.

“Before that close the door ” With this I noticed his eyes filled with joy.

He closed the door, then came back and sat on the floor and aggressively started kissing my feet my calf everywhere. I got startled with this rapid begin, but the sensations were too much for me. I threw my head back and closed my eyes to make a balance. He was going upwards by kissing from toe towards thigh. He was literally sucking every part of both of my legs. I was feeling extremely horny, my crotch got wet. I could smell the tingy aroma in the air of my vaginal discharge. He lifted my gown over my thighs and was sucking on my knees. Then my thighs. I am pretty sure he noticed my soaked undies, but I couldn’t help. As he continued to go upwards I fisted his hair and looked down. He was looking like a hungry lion having feast on me. I didn’t even noticed when he took off his suit, I could see his toned chest surrounded by broad shoulder and then I noticed there was a enormous bulge on his white boxers. I could easily contour the shape of the giant, locked up there. I felt a jolt and shiver through all over my body. Then I said him, ” please Oli, Don’t go upwards anymore “

Without uttering a word, he obeyed me. I had no control over my body. Then suddenly I felt something under my left foot. I looked down and noticed his hard shaft was being swayed by my feet. It was the first time I was seeing him naked. I felt thunder running up my spine. He was desperately sucking both of my arches lubing it with his saliva. Then he wrapped both of my lubed feet around his shaft and started jerking with my feet.

I could sense that the sensation of my feet on his cock had maddened him and truthfully I didn’t want him to finish that fast. So I calmed him down and asked him to take it slow and easy and decided to take the leash in my hand. I asked him to lie down and relax. As he did, then I noticed his beautiful dick lying on his belly. It was thick and long shining with saliva and that red bulbous head was craving for some attention. The balls those were hanging down, were literally of the size of duck egg. Then I brought a body lotion and positioned myself properly on the couch while he was lying on the floor exposing a strong and magnificent erection. Then I lubed my arches with my body lotion and also poured some on his hard on. Then wrapped my feet around his dick head and started moving up and down. He closed his eyes in pleasure. His shaft was warm and swollen. I really liked the feel of his swelled shaft between my feet. It had been two to three minutes then I noticed his balls rose up and stuck to the base of the shaft and he started breathing heavily. Then I stopped and started caressing his belly and thighs with my feet. He looked at me as I denied his orgasms. When I felt it got subsided I started the to and fro motion again. This time I was giving him tight stroke with little pause by holding the base of the shaft, by disrupting the blood flow. Every time I was doing it, he was moaning in pleasure. Within 10 to 12 minutes he was again at the verge of cumming and again I teased him with denial.

I looked at his eye and sensed pain. As significant amount of precum was dripping from his dick, it was working as lube.

As his breathing got typical I poured some more lotion on his shaft and on my feet. His shaft was like red hot iron bar. Veins were protruding though his shaft. Then I started to move my feet up and down slowly but with strong stroke. I was in no rush, was gently teasing the shaft. His eyes were closed, he was simply enjoying the massage. I was varying the speed of my stroking just to deny him to reach the climax. This time with each stroke I was tightly clenching the tip with both my toes.

Gradually I increased my pace, and after 15 minutes of slow teasing and pumping in numerous speed he started breathing heavily as I sensed his dick throbbing I stopped stroking and strongly holding both of my feet around the base of his shaft. As I did that, the shaft kept lurching between my feet with discharging crazy amount of precum. His dick head was red as hell, glossing nicely. As I was smearing the precum all over his mushroom head with my first finger, I looked at him and noticed he was looking at me in utter disbelief. I saw in his eyes, he was begging for release. I was simply enjoying my dominance over him. Then he said, ” I have been saving my fluid for 45 days for this day. I can’t take it anymore Cressenda, please. It seems my balls are gonna burst”. As I was fondling his balls with my right foot, I could say he wasn’t lying. They seemed to look so full. But here again I was stunned by his loyalty and patience.

Then I started to stroke him with my feet. With each stroke precum was oozing like crazy. Gradually I increased the pace and started to give him long and hard stroke with my feet. Within 3 to 4 minutes, I sensed his breathing got harder and his balls drew up and stuck to the base of his shaft. As I sensed he was nearing the climax, I changed the rhythm to short hard stroke around the TIP.

His dick was aching now from all the stimulation and the jerking was almost painful, but not enough that he was gonna complain. My jerking was giving him hard time, I was clearly working hard on his cock, my feet grip was firm and the speed of my movements were fast. He simply relaxed and allowed me to do my job, he had come to realize that once I had my feet around his cock I was in control and had all the power.

Gradually his bruised aching cock was being brought closer and closer to orgasm by my vigorous pumping, my delicate feet were beating his big brutal piece of meat into submission. I felt his orgasm slowly beginning to rise as I stroked him furiously. I could feel my feet were getting tired at this point but surely I brought his orgasm closer and closer until he groaned “Oh god, Cressenda I’m cumming!” and his cum flew from his cock, as I continued to jerk his swollen glans with my feet. His cock was so sensitive by now that as he came my jerking was too much and he shuddered and spasmed in the throws of his orgasm, I could easily figure out that he could take no more but I pretended not to look at him, or not to care and continued to stroke him as hard as feasible with my feet, until his body convulsed under the touch of my feet, before slowing and then finally releasing him. He was lying there mesmerised, choked and totally drained. He couldn’t even speak or move. Then I kept my left foot on his chest rubbing the cum off his chest and my right foot which was covered by his thick white fluid was still on his shaft gently massaging the cum on his shaft. Really this was greatest gift he gave me on that day. I was really surprised and flattered by the amount of his ejaculation. He indeed came a lot completely covering both of my feet and his chest and thighs. From the amount of his ejaculation I could say he was really saving it for this day.

Later on that day, in the evening we celebrated his birthday. With cake and wine.

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