A Surprise and a Present (Dad & Daughter Hot Sex)

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For my thirty-eighth birthday, my wife surprised me with the gift of two tickets
on a champagne flight to Hawaii. She had planned it as a sort of second
honeymoon, knowing that I had vacation time coming and that I had already
cleared it with my office. Without prior warning, she picked me up at work and
we drove straight to the airport and spent a very enjoyable week on the island
of Maui. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take our lovely twenty-year-old daughter
Rachel, who had to spend a week with her older sister, who was living on her

When we returned, I could tell by the cool reception that Rachel was very
disappointed, particularly bitter with her mother who had planned the whole
thing. My wife and I offered to send Rachel and her older sister to Hawaii over
the Spring break holiday, but she turned us down. It seemed that Rachel was not
angry over missing out on the trip, but rather she was very disconsolate because
she didn’t get to participate in my birthday celebration. She openly blamed her
mother for ruining her relationship with her ‘Daddy‘. I have to admit that I was
touched by my daughter’s genuine sentiments towards me. Even then, I loved
Rachel with all my heart. However, I was also troubled by the apparent jealousy
over my free time that threatened to divide our house.


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