A Stay in the Country Pt. 04 – Erotic Horror

Chapter 7 — Escaping the Cottage

Veronika looked around at her friends, now standing in the main room of the cottage. All four of them were still naked and dripping in the slime from the slug nest. The floor of the cottage had a layer of the goo all over it, slowly seeping into the cracks of the tiles and corners of the room. As Veronika had been the slug-girl last she guessed most of it had run off her, though plenty had built up on all of them over the many days of their latest bizarre transformation. So much so that as they’d made their way to the cottage, out of the jungle-like garden, they’d each left a trail of the slime behind them as it slowly dribbled off their bodies, almost like an actual slug.

“Should we maybe clean up?” She asked, as more of the goo dribbled off them onto the floor of the cottage.

“What’s the point? It’s not like the owners mind the mess.” Lara said with a smile. They all giggled, though Veronika knew it was just an excuse as she was sure they all felt like she did — being naked and slimy felt right now. And even if she was to wash and dress, it would only be to wrap herself in leather and latex. She knew she’d never dress normally again.

“Right. And anyway things are only bound to transform into a slimy cave or something sooner or later.” Juliet added.

Veronika agreed with that point too. For now, the inside of the cottage looked as much as it at all times had done and so far hadn’t been changed like the garden, but she guessed that might not last for long.

“So what do we do?” Katherine asked. “As kind of fun, and weird, as it’s all been, I think it’s enough. We really need to find a way out.”

“I don’t know if there is one though!” Juliet replied, sounding frustrated.

“Do you even want to get home?” Katherine blurted back.

Juliet paused before replying. “Yes…yes…of course.”

Veronika could tell her younger sister was just as torn as she was. She knew it was wrong but did she really want to give up the incredible pleasure they’d been enjoying? After a moment’s wondered, she’d decided they should at least try, even if it was gonna be ultimately futile. She figured four horny girls weren’t gonna be able to do much to stop powerful demon magic but it was better than just waiting for whatever fate the monsters had decided for them.

“Well there’s no point trying to leave the house.” She said as Katherine looked at Juliet suspiciously. “It’s just like Maratrix said, we just spread the magic about. Half the area is transformed already.”

“Maybe if we just got in the car and drove as fast as we could, maybe there is a limit?” Katherine asked.

“I think that would be a really bad idea.” Veronika replied. “Even if we did get home, I think there is a very real chance we take the magic with us. I hate to think what might happen back in the city. We need to stop the magic first somehow then run away.”

The others all nodded in agreement.

“So what can we do here?” Lara asked. “We tried looking around before.”

“We know more now.” Veronika said. “It might help us find the right clue or information. I’m just sure there must be something we can do.”

“Okay then. It’s a start at least.” Katherine said. “We focus on that, try to avoid any sexy thoughts and find a way home.”

They all nodded to that too, though less sure than before.

“Maybe we should at least clean up then? Even if we don’t bother dressing.” Lara said. “Clear our heads a bit.”

“Sure, a quick shower at least. If it’s still working anyway.” Veronika agreed.

She then led the way to the cottage’s small bathroom, the others following, a small trail of slime still left behind them. However, when she opened the door she found the bathroom was no longer so small.

“Okay….well seems the demons want us clean.” She said, standing apart to let the others see.

“Or maybe just take a shower together?” Lara said as she peered in.

The once small bathroom, simple in style, was now a gigantic and ornate room with pristine white porcelain and black metal fittings, all styled in the same gothic, occult way as everything else touched by the demon magic. The taps were shaped like tentacles, other fixtures like the bodies of demonic women, and the white tiles that lined the walls were decorated with paintings of more demons and witches coupling.

The centrepiece of the room was a gigantic shower area with four tentacle-shaped shower heads and enough space for all four girls to wash together. The invitation to them was clear.

“Maybe we don’t bother with a wash after all.” Katherine said, taking a step back from the door.

“Don’t be silly.” Lara replied. “Being naked and covered in slime and cum is just as bad as washing together. I’m sure we can resist anything too naughty.”

She then walked forward, stepping into the shower, and as she did so the water started pouring out of all four shower heads.

“Ummm….feels lovely.” She said. “Just the right temperature.”

Rather fed up with feeling sticky and gross Veronika quickly decided to follow her, as did Juliet a moment later, before even Katherine gave in and joined them.

Veronika found Lara was right, the water was perfect. Warm and relaxing, but not too hot. It poured over her body, washing the slime from her as she rubbed her hands through her long, dark brown hair to clean it.

For a couple of minutes all four of them concentrated on getting clean, they were all so covered in slime that it wasn’t an easy task to wash it all off. Inevitably though, Veronika’s gaze began to wander around the steamy room, looking over the beautiful naked bodies of her sister and friends, all glistening in the warm water and looking better than ever.

Her eyes met with the others as they started looking about too and without even a word, she found herself taking a couple of steps towards Juliet and wrapping her body in her arms. They kissed as she pulled her body against her own, the water still pouring over them. A moment later she felt Lara and Katherine slide up to them, and they both extended their arms, pulling into a four-way embrace which became a messy four-way kiss.

What would have been so strange and unexpected a few days before now just felt ordinary and just so right — being with her sister and friends, hands and mouths ranging over each others’ bodies was all Veronika now wanted in the world. Quickly tongues and fingers were sliding into pussies and arseholes as full, firm breasts were caressed and squeezed. The sound of the water gushing out of the showers was almost drowned out but the moans and cries as they again found sexual ecstasy with each other.

There was no special demonic magic at work this time, at least none that Veronika could sense, but even their ordinary human lust for each other was extreme and she was soon cumming as she kissed Juliet, Lara’s tongue in her pussy and Katherine’s in her arse.

“Ohhh! Fuck! Uhhhhhhhh!” Veronika screamed, breaking the kiss with her sister and trying to drive her pussy onto Lara’s face and her butt onto Katherine’s at the same time, doing everything to increase the pleasure.

Even as she came, her friends were desperate for their own desires to be fulfilled and her two friends pulled away from her wet body to begin kissing each other, hands sliding between their legs. This left her alone with Juliet and she grabbed her younger sister, kissing her again and pushing her still orgasm body against Juliet’s lithe curves.

The sisters fell to the floor, making out as they stretched out on the wet tiles, water still gushing over their glistening skin. Veronika played with her sister’s perfect breasts as they kissed, moving to rub her pussy against her thigh and eke out the very last of her climax.

“I thought we weren’t going to get distracted?” Juliet asked as Veronika’s mouth moved from her lips to join her hands on Juliet’s breasts.

“I think we can spare a little time, an hour maybe.” Veronika replied between licks at Juliet’s nipples.

“Ummm….Yeah I think so, just enough to fuck a few times.” Juliet moaned in reply.

Veronika then slid further down Juliet’s body and licked at her pussy before thrusting her tongue into her dripping hole.

“YES!” Juliet cried, her body tensing in pleasure. “Make me cum sis!”

Veronika smiled at that wonderful request, pushing her tongue in deeper as her own fingers enter her needy pussy, as keen to cum as Juliet was. She knew it was gonna be a fun hour.


It turned out to be more like three hours as they fucked again and again, in pairs, threesomes and all together. It was a long parade of sexual perversion and pure ecstasy, perhaps more human and less intense than some of their experiences as demons, but no less wonderful in its own way.

As they lay there, panting and getting their breath back after the last of their incredible orgasms, the water stopped pouring out of the showers, as if someone or something knew they were done. Veronika again thought if staying to enjoy everything the demons could do for them was really such a bad idea?

Still, after a moment Katherine was encouraging them to get moving and begin the search for clues to an escape.

“Come on! We just wasted a load of time!” She said standing away from the shower, by the bathroom door.

“That wasn’t a waste of time! That was an amazing lesbian foursome.” Lara said with a giggle, she lay on the floor of the shower where she was still wrapped in a pile with Veronika and Juliet.

“Fine! But we got tempted again and we shouldn’t have. Not now.” Katherine said, sounding a bit annoyed. “So that’s it. Now we find a way home!”

Shaking her head a little, now sure it was probably even more futile than she had wondered before, Veronika nonetheless untangled herself from her sister and Lara, and slowly stood up.

“Come on.” She said. “Katherine’s right. We should give it one more try. If we can’t find anything, we can just start fucking again then, at least until the demons reveal whatever they have planned for us next.”

Juliet and Lara made slightly reluctant noises of agreement, and the four girls grabbed towels to quickly dry themselves before leaving the bathroom. They then split up to start searching the main room and the bedrooms. They first checked none of them had changed like the bathroom had but found them as they had at all times looked. Juliet and Katherine then took the main room, whilst Lara and Veronika went to the bedrooms, undertaking a deeper search.

Veronika went to her own room first, as Lara went to hers, but found nothing of use. Just the gigantic bed, the sexy demon art and a wardrobe filled with just as kinky clothes. She found herself drawn to the wardrobe again and briefly spent a few minutes trying on a few of the leather and latex outfits, relishing the feel of the taboo material against her freshly cleaned skin and the way they constricted and accentuated the sexuality of her body.

Eventually, though she decided clothes were unnecessary and continued her search naked, making her way to Juliet’s bedroom next door. She’d barely made it through the door when she heard Katherine shout from the main room.

“We’ve found something!”

Veronika dashed back to the room, Lara just behind her, to discover Katherine and Juliet looking over an old book they had placed on the table. It was large, perhaps ten inches high and almost as wide, with a brown leather cover and old, slightly yellowed pages.

“What is it?” She asked as she joined them leaning over the book.

“Not sure but looks important. Katherine found it behind a loose floorboard.” Juliet explained.

“It had definitely been hidden there.” Katherine added. “By the demon sisters I’d bet. So must have something of use in it.”

Juliet started turning the pages of the old book and it quickly became clear it was a diary, one dated from the early 1800s and written by Maratrix herself, who they found out had been called Mary before she became a demon. It charted her and her sisters’ early experiments in the occult, turning from the local church and becoming witches in service to a demon goddess called Lilith. Realising this was just what they’d been looking for, the four of them settled down on soft chairs in the living room as Juliet read out key passages from the book.

“The 21st of September, 1816. We conducted another ritual last night, the fourth from the book we had found and the last needed to fully give our souls over to Lilith. It was extraordinary, we could actually see the magic flowing into us this time, not just feel it. I know we can become great witches and mistresses of darkness. It was not just that either, we touched ourselves at the start, just as we had done before. The thrill of such illicit behaviour in front of my sisters again causing such heat through my body that I quickly found my peak, as did they. This time though, it did not nearly seem enough of an offering to the goddess and I found myself kissing them, enjoying their beautiful bodies much as I had my own. My memory is blurred now but I know we acted in a way no women should with each other, and certainly no sisters. Yet is was bliss. The uptight fools at church would have been sick if they’d seen what we did, but I adored every moment.”

“I can understand that!” Veronika interjected with a giggle before Juliet continued.

“There are a whole bunch more entries for the next couple of months. Seems they did a lot more rituals and had a lot more sex, increasingly just fucking each other even when they weren’t doing magic.”

“I can understand that too!” Veronika said, laughing again.

“Right.” Juliet replied. “But anyway things get different a bit later on, here we go….10th December 1816…..As planned we conducted the ritual we had been preparing for last night and it worked! An actual, real demon appeared before us. She was beautiful in the most unholy way with skin of the deepest red and the most perfect features. She said she was a succubus, a prized and most loyal follower of Lilith. We spent the night committing the most foul acts of devilry with her. I have never felt such pleasure.”

“Seems they then started summoning a few more demons over the next couple of years.” Juliet explained as she flicked through the book. “The entries become less regular, seems she only bothered to record the most important rituals. Looks like they were fucking pretty much everything they summoned though. But can’t see much of use….hang on….this might be it.”

“What is it?” Katherine asked, perking up.

“13th March 1819. The villagers are starting to get suspicious about us. It has become increasingly hard to hide everything we are doing. They have no real idea but rumours continue to spread that we might be witches. We talked about limiting our magic, slow down on the rituals and summonings, but we can not. We are just too close. A few more steps and we can do it, we can steal the goddess’s power.”

“What the fuck!” Veronika said, not fully understanding. “I thought they worshipped her?”

“Umm…it’s not clear…let me look at a few more entries.” Juliet was quiet as she skimmed a few more pages, before finally speaking after a couple of minutes. “Okay I think I get it. They got really hungry for power, seems magic rituals and communing with demons wasn’t enough.”

“When you say ‘communing with demons’ do you mean sex?” Katherine asked, despite everything a tiny hint of her naivety still there.

“Yes.” Juliet replied. “Absolutely fucking their brains out!”

They all laughed before Juliet continued.

“Anyway, they wanted more and conspired in some plan to attempt to steal power from Lilith, this demon goddess they worshipped. There are no details, guess they kept that secret but seems it was rather risky whatever it was. But they never got to try it out, not properly anyway. It was then that the villagers found out about them, here’s one final entry….3rd August 1819…They are coming. Dozens of them, led by that ridiculous priest, they have torches, pitchforks and dogs. They intend to burn us out. It will not be the end of us though! Our plan is not quite ready but we have done enough, the death of our human bodies will be sacrifice enough to steal some of the goddess’s power and turn us into succubi. As long as she doesn’t notice we shall be demons and free to roam the Earth. We will still win!

“What happened then? They became demons alright but seem to be trapped here.” Veronika asked, a little confused.

“Not sure. There’s no more entries but maybe Lilith did find their trickery and imprisoned them here as punishment.” Juliet said.

“Right…until we were dumb and horny enough to release them.” Lara sighed.

“Yes.” Veronika nodded. “The first book we found must have been some sort of trap or escape plan. Just there to tempt people and begin to free them. But they’re not totally free yet, they still seem to be trapped right? Even if the corruption is spreading, I don’t think we’ve totally freed them.”

“There was something else in the diary, earlier on.” Juliet said, suddenly a big grin on her face. “It makes sense now! It was about using sex as a form of dominance in magical rituals. I didn’t get all the details but basically it said if you can out-fuck someone you are trying to use or control, then in the right magical circumstances, you can use it to power spells or even take their souls.”

“And that’s what they are trying to do to us!” Veronika interrupted her sister. “Everything so far has just been to soften us up. But eventually they intend to break us so they can be free!”

“Right!” Juliet continued. “And if we can out-fuck them instead, then we can escape them and make sure they stay locked up here.”

“Wow! It’s a plan I guess.” Lara said, sounding unsure. “We just need be kinkier and sexier than a trio of hot demons.”

“Well if anyone can do it then I think it’s us!” Juliet replied with a giggle.

Veronika took a moment to think it over, it sort of made sense, at least with what they knew but she had no idea how realistic it was? They’d been pretty much toys for the demons to use as they wished so far. Somehow taking control seemed rather challenging.

“Well, well, well. Smart little girls aren’t you?” A soft, sexy, predatory voice suddenly said, breaking Veronika’s train of thought.

Veronika spun around to see Maratrix and both her sisters standing on the other side of the room.

“You! We’ve had enough of your games. We’re gonna get out of her!” Veronika shouted at the beautiful succubus, her eyes scanning her gorgeous red body and enjoying every curve even as her words screamed defiance.

“I don’t think so.” As she spoke the demon clicked her fingers and in a flash, the cottage was gone and Veronika found there were now standing in some kind of dungeon or castle.

Black, stone walls towered above them, made from huge slabs of almost shiny rock, and the arched ceiling, high above, was almost lost in shadow. Torches with blue flames lined the walls and in between them were alcoves in which stood statues of various beautiful female demons. Several dark passages led from the large room but Veronika had no idea where any of them might go. Clearly wherever they were was very different to the cottage,

Maratrix was no longer standing but lounging on a large ornate throne. It was carved with images of yet more demons, set to one side of the room, dominating it and leaving no doubt that the demon sitting in it was in charge. Maratrix clearly knew it too and was sprawled across the throne with one leg over the arm and the other on the ground, her legs stretched so wide that Veronika could see deep into her very inviting pussy. She clearly had no concerns about their half-baked plan.

“Welcome to our home girls. It’s where we’ve spent the last couple of centuries, biding our time and fucking each other to fill in the long years. But that is now at an end, it is now time for you to take our place and for us to be free.”

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