A Relative Interest (MF, in-law, Incest)

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Story Synopsis

“A Relative Interest” is a story that delves into the complexities of forbidden desires within a family. The narrative primarily revolves around the protagonist’s unexpected and morally challenging attraction to a close family member. As the story progresses, the protagonist grapples with the intensity of these feelings, leading to a series of events that test the boundaries of family relationships and societal norms.

The story is layered with themes of secrecy, moral conflict, and the exploration of taboo subjects. The protagonist’s journey is fraught with internal struggles, revealing deep emotional and psychological dimensions. This summary provides a glimpse into the story’s intricate dynamics without revealing key plot twists.

Full Story

I’ve been reading these stories for a while; and finally decided to distribute an experience I had with my sister-in-law. I should say, the first such experience; because it’s a relationship that’s still going on.

My wife’s sister, Katie, got married to Rob about 5 years ago and she’s now 25 years old. My wife Carrie (their parents liked rhyming names) and I were married 3 1/2 years ago. She’s 27 and I’m 28. We haven’t had any children yet; but Katie has a 4 year old daughter, Megan, and a 1 year old son, Tyler.

So now that you have the family history, here’s what happened: Rob works as a computer systems manager for a big corporation that has offices across the US. Sometimes he gets called to offices in other states to help with computer installations or upgrades. His boss was nice to him and had not sent him away since his wife had their second child. But compassion can only last so long and now he was across the country for a week. Carrie invited Katie to stay with us during that time so she would have help with the kids.

Katie came to our house Sunday after dropping Rob off at the airport. I carried in the pile of luggage (babies and little kids require an awful lot of it) and got them settled in our guest room with a portable crib in the corner. Katie and Megan were gonna sleep in the king-size bed.

Megan was soon settled in front of the TV with a kid’s video. Tyler was fussing; so Katie pulled up her T-shirt, unsnapped her nursing bra, and plugged him into a nipple. She had done this many times in front of Carrie and me; so it was no big deal. We sat in the living room talking while Tyler drank his fill. I was somewhat excited by Katie’s firm breasts and incredibly long nipples. A nursing woman’s nipples are so long and fat!

At bedtime Carrie fell asleep quickly while I was reading. I heard Katie and Megan giggling in the guest room so I slipped on a pair of boxers and went to see what they were up to. Their bedroom door was open.

“What’s up guys?” I asked, as I stepped in to the doorway.

“Just girl stuff,” Katie replied and Megan started giggling again.

But the reason for their laughter was no longer of interest to me as I took in the scene before me. Katie was lying on her side, nude, with Tyler snuggled up to her chest nursing. Megan was also nude and was sitting on her mom’s hip like it was a saddle. She was moving her tiny pelvis back and forth mimicking the motions of a galloping horse, or… No, a little girl wouldn’t know about that, I wondered.

I felt my cock starting to expand so I wondered I’d better make a swift retreat. “OK, good night,” I said and backed toward the door.

“Wait!” Katie said. “We’re not sleepy, yet. Stay and talk a while.”

I quickly slid to the floor with my back against the dresser; and sat with my knees raised to my chest to hide my erection. We talked about Rob’s job and Katie’s plans to go back to her job as assistant coach of the girl’s volleyball and track teams at the local high college. After a while, Tyler dropped off to sleep.

“Let me get up and put him in his crib,” Katie said to Megan.

Megan slid off her mom’s hip and sprawled on the bed; leaning back on her elbows, legs spread wide, giving me a great view of her smooth, puffy mound, glowing pink from its friction on her mother’s hip, with its tightly closed slit.

I had never wondered of little girls as sexual objects before, but now I could feel the pre-cum begin to ooze out of my cock. I glanced over at Carrie as she was leaning over the crib putting Tyler down. From this angle her firm, athletic body was a duplicate of Carrie’s. She had worked hard to regain her athletic figure after each birth. When she had gotten up from the bed I noticed that she shaved her pussy to leave just a small, trim strip of hair above her slit. As she bent over, there was no hair hiding the glistening, pink slit. Glistening? It was moist?

Katie walked back to the bed and sat down, entirely at ease with me seeing her delectable body; actually quite like Carrie’s except for her swollen breasts.

Megan sat up and asked, “Mommy, can I have some, too?” putting her little hand under one of Katie’s breasts and pulling it toward herself.

“Ty didn’t leave much, but you can try,” Katie said, putting her arm around Megan and pulling her onto her lap.

As Megan took the nipple into her mouth and started sucking, Katie looked at me and smiled. “Megan and I enjoy snuggling like this. I think there’s a little left in this side,” she said, cupping her other breast with her free hand. “Rob likes to finish what Ty doesn’t get; but since he’s not here, maybe you’d like to try.”

I crawled on my hands and knees like a baby to the side of the bed where Katie was sitting. As I leaned forward to take the long, engorged nursing nipple in my mouth, the bare skin of my chest and stomach touched both Megan and Katie’s warm, soft skin.

Katie continued to hold her breast up so I could suck. Megan put one arm around my neck as her other hand continued to support the breast she was nursing on. I wrapped my arms around both mother and daughter as I knelt, sucking gently on the nipple that was at least three times the size of Carrie’s. I felt a warm, thin liquid trickle into my mouth. My cock was pressing against Katie’s shin, and my hips automatically began rubbing it up and down. My sucking became more urgent and I started massaging the enormous nipple with my tongue.

“Mmmm,” Katie sighed. “That feels good.”

Megan’s legs had been pressing against my stomach as I rubbed my cock against Katie’s leg. Now I felt her body slide off Katie’s lap. She ended up standing on the floor between Katie’s legs; her soft body pressed against me. My hip movements were quite obvious to her.

“Mommy are you and Uncle Terry going to have sex?”

“Why, honey?” Katie asked without a trace of surprise.

“Cause that’s what you and Daddy do after he drinks your milk.”

I pulled back from Katie’s breast and looked into her eyes. The look of smoldering passion there reminded me again of how much she resembled Carrie. Then I looked at Megan, and saw her mother in miniature. Suddenly, I realized why mother and daughter were so open with their nudity.

“Do you like watching Mommy and Daddy?”

“Yeah, but I don’t just watch,” the little girl replied.

“Now Megan, let’s not tell Uncle Terry all our secrets yet,” Katie said with a mischievous smile. “Let’s surprise him.”

“OK” Megan said, and held a hand to her mouth to hide her giggles.

I had a suspicion about what they had been giggling over before I came into the bedroom.

My cock had deflated while this exchange was going on. Katie pushed me back and stood up. Her carefully trimmed pussy was at the right level for me to plant a kiss directly on the strip of hair.

“That’s a start,” she said as she held my head in her hands and pulled it toward her. She spread her legs and my tongue slid into the crack of her pussy. She tilted her hips forward to give me a clear shot at it. As I slid my tongue back and forth over the slit her pussy lips became swollen and her slit opened to give me access to her hole, which was dripping juices.

I felt Megan’s small, soft body press against my back and her face was beside my right arm, closely watching what I was doing to her mother. Katie’s hips had begun their familiar movements when she suddenly reached down and pulled me up by the arms. We embraced and my cloth covered cock slid between her legs.

“I think it’s time to get rid of these,” she said. She knelt and pulled the boxers down to my ankles. My 7 inch erection stood straight out. “So that’s what you’ve been hiding,” she said.

Megan giggled again; and sat on the edge of the bed, watching.

Grasping the base of my cock, Katie licked the pre-cum off the end of it. “Oh, I love that taste,” she said, smiling up at me.

“Let me taste,” Megan said, sliding off the bed. Katie milked my cock so another bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip. Megan’s small mouth enveloped the whole tip and I felt her tiny tongue licking it. I almost shot off right then.

Katie recognized from my groans that I couldn’t take much of that and said, “That’s enough for now, honey. Your uncle and I want to have some more fun first.”

Realizing that a blowjob would push me over the edge in no time, Katie stood again and pulled me onto the bed with her. We embraced and kissed for a while to give my cock a chance to cool off.

With my eyes closed I swore I was making love to my wife. Megan finally got bored of watching and jumped on top of us, and we became a squirming, giggling pile. I ran my hands over Megan’s smooth, soft body; finding numerous places to tickle. Then my hand landed on her smooth pubic mound. Rather than remove it, I applied pressure and was rewarded by the child spreading her legs so that my fingers slid along her slit, then clamping her legs shut to press my hand against her young pussy.

Katie saw what her daughter had done and smiled. “Well, it’s about time you gave her some real attention.” She leaned over me and gave me a long, passionate, open-mouth kiss.

Meanwhile, the middle finger of the hand clamped between Megan’s legs was beginning to worm its way into the girl’s slit.

Megan was squirming. “Rub me there, Uncle Terry” she said. “I like it.”

I realized that her immature body wasn’t gonna produce the lubricant I needed to rub her without making her sore. I broke from her mother’s kiss and said to Megan, “I’ve got a surprise for you, now.” Lifting her tiny body I pulled her bottom toward my head.

She giggled and released her grip on my hand; spreading her legs wide, as if she knew what was coming. I laid her on my chest, her pussy against my mouth and her legs now squeezing my head. My tongue slid along the smooth (no hair stubble!), rubbery skin of her pussy and opened her slit. With the sensitive tip of my tongue I felt the tiny bump that would become her clitoris, and the tiny hole that would someday admit a (Her father’s? Her brother’s? My?) cock. I suspected that day would not be too far in the future, especially if it would be her brother’s tiny erection that got the first shot.

My hands lightly caressed the smooth, baby soft skin of her back, butt and legs as I licked her.

“Mmmmm… I like that Uncle Terry,” the little girl said with a sigh. “Mommy, can you suck Uncle Terry so I can watch?” she asked.

“OK, but not too long,” Katie replied. “You want to watch us fucking, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes,” the 4 year old said.

I felt Katie once again grasp the base of my cock to steady it; but this time, instead of licking the tip, I felt her lips encircle my cock and then slowly travel down its length until her nose hit my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe it. There the comparison with her sister ended. Carrie could never deep throat my 7 inches; but Katie took it all without gagging.

“Oh yes!” I moaned.

She slowly pulled her head back; pressing the underside of my cock with her tongue as she did so. When she got to the sensitive spot under the head her tongue swirled and danced across it, causing my hips to bounce.

“Wheee! Uncle Terry’s giving me a ride,” Megan laughed, as her body bounced in rhythm with my hips. It was a little disappointing to know that she was too young to have an orgasm; but my tongue slid back and forth between her immature clit and puckered little hole, just as if I was driving her toward a climax.

She was moving her hips in a very mature way; and she later told me that she got real good feelings from being licked or rubbed, and she was hoping for the day when she would have an orgasm like her mommy did. Sometimes she would straddle her daddy’s cock and rub her pussy along the length of it. She showed me how another night… but that’s another story.

Katie pulled her head back, straddled my hips with her legs and I felt her put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Looking over Megan’s tiny ass I met Katie’s eyes. She smiled.

Megan stopped squirming on my tongue and I sensed she was absorbed in the action taking place inches from her face. Katie began moving her hips back and forth, just like her daughter had been doing when I first walked into the room. My cock slowly entered her. Her eyes never left mine, but her lids slowly lowered and her face took on a more passionate look as she felt me enter her pussy. Her saliva on my cock, and the generous lubrication that her own excitement had produced, let her sink fully onto my rod without a hitch. She putting her hands back on the bed beside my knees, she leaned back to expose the joining of our bodies to Megan’s eyes.

“Oh wow!” was all the little girl said. She scooted her body forward, pulling her succulent, little pussy from my mouth.

I raised my head and saw her face pressed against her mother’s groin. Her lower jaw was pressing down against mine. Then I felt her little tongue lick the small portion of my cock that was still outside her mother’s pussy. Judging from Katie’s sigh and the way her inner muscles grasped my cock, the little girl’s tongue must have continued up across her mother’s clit.

“Yesss, Megan. Do that for Mommy.” I felt Megan’s head raise up a bit and she said “And for Uncle Terry.” Katie smiled at me. “And for Uncle Terry,” she repeated. Her eyes no longer focused on mine. It was as if she was looking inward as the sensations built. Her hips gently moved back and forth to massage the inside of her pussy with my cock, but never so hard as to dislodge Megan. I felt the pressure growing in my cock as my body demanded release.

Katie had her eyes closed and was moaning softly with each breath. Then she started saying, “Oh yes… oh yes… lick it baby… I’m going to cum… oh yessss… AAAHHH!!” Her hips bucked and this time Megan was pushed away. Katie pounded her pussy down on my cock, her hips and legs jerked, and I felt her well-developed muscles squeezing me inside her.

That did it. I exploded with a loud “YESSS!!… Oh… OH… FUCK!!!” My cum spouted into Katie’s pussy… so much of it that I soon felt it running out and over my balls, cooling them. I felt Megan wrap her arms and legs around my body to “go along for the ride” as I bucked upwards; shooting more cum into my sister-in-law.

Katie’s bouncing slowed, then I felt the muscles of her buttocks and legs flex and knew from my love making with Carrie that it wasn’t over yet.

“Oh yesss!” she exclaimed again as another orgasm shook her body and she ground her pussy onto my cock. This happened a couple more times, each time with lessening fury, until she just lay on top of me, her hips twitching, her thighs alternately squeezing my hips and then relaxing, the muscles inside her pussy squeezing my cock.

Megan had slid off me and was now lying on top of her mother’s back, feeling the last spasms of her mother’s passionate orgasm.

“Damn, Carrie was right… you ARE good.” Katie softly said in my ear.

“What??” was all I could say in my surprise.

“Carrie and I don’t hold anything back from each other. I’m surprised you haven’t learned that by now. In fact, I’m surprised it took 3 1/2 years after you joined our family to get around to fucking me.”

“You anticipated this?” I asked.

“Sure. After all, Rob’s been getting a quickie or a blowjob from Carrie about every other month since we’ve been married.”

I didn’t know how to take that.

In the silence, Megan said, “I’m ready to sleep, Mommy.” She slid off Katie’s back, crawled across the gigantic bed, under the covers on the other side and promptly dropped off to sleep.

“I’ve been flirting with you for years,” Katie said, raising up to look into my eyes. “Rob caught on to Carrie’s desires within a few months of marrying me.”

“I thought you were just playing around,” I replied.

“Now you know different,” she said with a smile, and kissed me with an open mouth, probing with her tongue.

I felt my cock stir… amazing, after the ball-busting orgasm I just had. When she broke the kiss I asked, “Was this night planned?”

“Yep. Rob didn’t have to take that trip… His boss gave him a choice. But we figured it was time you were initiated into our family sex play.”

As she said “family” I glanced over at Katie. “She’s great, isn’t she? Carrie and I decided that our children wouldn’t be as sexually oblivious as we were, going into our teen years. We started masturbating when I was around 13. Carries discovered how to make herself climax first, and showed me how. We watched each other do it for about six months, then one day I suddenly seemed to notice how sexy her little breasts looked even though we’d seen each other nude every day of our lives. She was older, and a little more developed than I was. I guess she just looked sexier because we were sitting at opposite ends of our living room sofa while our parents were away one evening, we were nude had our legs spread and were watching each other rubbing our clits. Anyway, I leaned over and stroked her breast and nipple. She shuddered and said it felt great. We started stroking each other’s body all over and it was never the same, dull masturbation scene again. And as we got older we decided we wouldn’t deprive our children of sexual pleasure as long as we had been deprived of it.”

“We make love whenever the mood strikes, whether Megan is around or not. At first, it was no more interesting to her than watching us brush our teeth, but in the past six months or so she has enjoyed participating like she did tonight.”

“So do you and Carrie still do it now that you’re married?” I asked.

She said, “If you had fallen asleep first, Carrie would have been in here with Megan and me tonight.”

The image of the sister’s and Megan pleasuring each other popped into my mind, and went straight to my cock which now rose it its full length.

“Now, let’s have a nightcap and then you need to get to bed,” Katie said. She rolled off me and got on her knees. “Carrie said you’re especially fond of this position. Something about watching your cock slide in and out of her pussy really turns you on.”

I got into position behind her and placed my cock at the opening to her pussy. I slowly pressed it forward and watched it disappear inside her.

Katie dropped her head to the bed and tilted her hips up so I got a good view of her pussy lips being pulled inside with my cock, then being stretched out and I slid my rod almost all the way out of her. I increased the pace of my stroke. I reached forward to grasp her swollen breasts and those magnificent nipples that had started this all.

“Don’t,” she warned. “They’re filling up and it would be like milking a cow if you played with them now. Except there’s no bucket under them,” she laughed. “This is just for you. You gave me a great orgasm before an I don’t need another one now.”

I didn’t give her an argument. I just grasped her hips and went to town, plunging in and out of her pussy with abandon. My hips driving my cock into her, and her responding, adjusting to rhythm. My breathing grew ragged and I started moaning. Then… “Oh shit… here it comes… OH Yessss… OH FUCK!!” I slammed my hips against her firm butt and poured another load of cum into her. The excitement of the whole evening seemed to open up reservoirs of cum and it was soon dripping from her pussy. After my cock stopped twitching, I pulled out and grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the nightstand to mop up the bed, her pussy and my cock.

“Next time we fuck it will have to be earlier so Megan doesn’t fall asleep on us.” Katie said as we cleaned up.


“Because she likes to lick us clean.”

My cock almost twitched at the wondered, but it was dead tired by now. “Do you think Carrie might want to join us, too?”

“I’d say she’s looking forward to it.” Katie replied. We kissed goodnight, and I silently walked back into the master bedroom. I slipped into bed and settled down.

Carrie turned over and reached out a hand to touch me. “Mmmm, back?” she said sleepily.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Was it good?” she murmured.

I slid across the bed and embraced her.

“Almost as good as you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmm …,” she murmured; kissed me lightly on the cheek, then drifted back to sleep in my arms.

What happened the rest of the week?

That’s another story.

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