A Project for Bethany Ch. 09 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

Fair warning: If you’re sensitive about fictional stories that include female-led relationships, or wander close to themes of Incest or male-on-male contact, you may want to find yourself another story. If you’ve been enjoying the story of Bethany and Matthew this far, I hope this chapter pleases you.

A Project for Bethany, Ch. 9

Matthew awakened slowly as he lay in bed looking up at the life-sized photo of Bethany on his bedroom wall. His mind wandered through a variety of erotic images before settling on the memory of being over Bethany’s lap a few days before, her hand alternately spanking and caressing his Ass as his caged cock dripped between her thighs. After the timer she left to monitor his corner time released him from that expectation, he moved to return the chair she had used to the dining area. He remembered the twinge of embarrassment he felt at seeing the very noticeable puddle of drippings his cock had produced during the maintenance spanking. It wasn’t a new experience but one, he had reflected, that had a similar effect each time.

Rolling out of bed, Matthew headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth before working out with the weights and exercise gear kept in the living room. Beside the bathroom sink was the key for his chastity cage. This ensured he could remove it to Shower and shave before replacing it for the day and returning the key to Bethany. Sitting beside the key was a heavy Anal plug shaped like a string of three heavy Anal beads accompanied by a note from Bethany. In her characteristically girlish writing style, the note read:

“Good morning Matty,

“I’m going to be busy in my room this morning and will probably slip out for part of the afternoon. There will be a few deliveries today that you should expect, I put them in the calendar. Don’t forget that Rick and Zoe, and Luke, will be coming this evening for a visit.

“Hugs, B.”

Matthew breathed deeply as he remembered Bethany explaining that with Covid restrictions relaxing, she wanted to have people over more often. This was starting with her plan to invite Rick and Zoe, and their friend Luke for a little gathering. Matthew knew both Rick and Zoe quite well now. Rick was a frequent visitor and an Adult performer in Bethany’s erotic videos. He was often described by Bethany as her favorite stunt cock. Zoe, Rick’s partner, was quite happy to have Bethany burn off some of Rick’s libidinous energy, especially since Bethany loved having his big cock in all her holes. Zoe also had her own role in Bethany’s business concerns as a tech advisor and installer for her computer and camera systems.

Luke was a new player. A fairly new friend of Rick and Zoe, he had not been in the apartment before. Bethany said that he was coming along to be Zoe’s “date” while she took Rick for the evening. Matthew’s role, she explained, was to serve wine, snacks, and anything else Bethany desired. Matthew had few doubts that his services might include his obedient tongue getting a workout.

Rereading the note, Matthew noted that Bethany had not included mention of his Sister. Janie knew about his submission to Bethany, she’d even been there when Bethany placed her collar around his neck. Matthew stroked the narrow leather collar as he thought about that moment and also felt a tinge of relief that he might not have to tolerate Janie’s teasing and torments which seemed to be the way of younger sisters.

Janie and Bethany had been best friends in high school and college. They’d roomed together, experienced their sluttiest moments as a pair with men and women, and eventually discovered themselves through mutual exploration and evolution of personal kinks. Bethany came out of college a defined dominant, not surrendering to anyone and capably seducing those she identified as willing submissives. Janie was described by Bethany as a committed switch, she liked to fill both domme and submissive roles, depending on her partner. For Bethany, Janie usually slipped into a submissive orientation, but that was always attended by a bratty streak.

Matthew silently hoped that Janie was otherwise occupied. He still wasn’t certain how he would feel if she was present and they were both serving Bethany as her obedient sluts. Matthew also knew that if it was Bethany’s plan, he’d accept it. After all, he didn’t really have any secrets left to keep from Janie, or the rest of his family that he knew of.

Placing the note back on the vanity beside the Anal plug, Matthew ran his fingertips over the plug’s bold profile. Almost nine inches long, the upper portion was three solid balls that increased in size with slightly more flexible sections of shaft between them, The lower part of the plug was an inch-wide shaft about four inches long before the flared base. A devilish design, Matthew knew from experience that once inserted, its weight would cause it to slide downward. Then, the exposed part of the shaft ensured that the plug would be driven deep inside each time he sat down, or whenever Bethany’s teasing hands discovered it and used the plug to fuck his bottom. Matthew inhaled slowly as he imagined how it was going to feel. His caged cock throbbed softly with his pulse as he turned toward the bathroom door and headed to the living room for his workout.

Walking down the hallway to the living room, Matthew smiled slightly as he passed Bethany’s bedroom doors wearing only his collar and chastity cage. The discovery that Bethany had chosen an Anal toy for him to wear after his workout and Shower and a note waiting for him always enhanced his awareness of his submission to her. That submission included the expectation that he would always be naked in the apartment unless she directed otherwise. In case they were needed, a set of the thin white shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt she had selected for him were kept close to the apartment door. They were all he wore to accept deliveries or greet visitors, although a select few who might arrive at the door were known to Bethany and she had started to deny Matthew the option of slipping into the shorts and t-shirt when they appeared. Increasingly, with people she worked with in her bedroom and video studio, he no longer dressed. Bethany wanted him to be more comfortable being naked all the time around her kinky friends and co-workers and the habit was well along the way of developing a sense of normalcy.

The aroma of fresh coffee hit Matthew’s senses as he rounded the corner into the living room. That and a few out-of-place dumbbells informed him that Bethany was already up, had completed her own workout, prepared the coffee, and was now in her room. Most likely, she was editing the videos she had recorded over the past few days. Matthew smiled as he thought about the three hour-long sessions he had spent in her bedroom as a subject of her latest erotic teasing and denial video series. Perhaps today, he thought, Bethany would unlock his cock and milk him to completion.

Picking up one of the tablets from the coffee table, Matthew opened the schedule for his daily workout. Following the established routine, he noted that Bethany’s tweaking of the exercises had subtly shifted the focus to his chest and arms, and his butt on leg days. He guessed that she was happy with the recently visible definition of his six-pack abdomen for now and that area had settled into maintenance. Matthew was laying flat on the low bench in the center of the living room when Bethany made an appearance.

Wearing well-worn yoga pants that fit like a second skin and an oversized and faded t-shirt, Bethany approached Matthew as he laid his current set of dumbbells on the mat he had placed under the bench. Straddling his thighs, her crotch just touching Matthew’s caged cock, Bethany teased Matthew’s nipple with one fingertip as she spoke.

“Good morning Matty, I was going to surprise you with another teasing session this afternoon, but will have to postpone it. To get ready for tonight, Zoe wants to get a mani-pedi and she convinced me to join her.”

Matthew bit his lip to defeat a rising sigh of disappointment.

“I understand, Miss Bethany,” he said softly.

“Good boy,” Bethany said cheerily as she leaned down and kissed Matthew lightly on the lips, “I’m going to get ready for that and you should hit the Shower soon, Mrs. Rubek should be delivering the hors d’oeuvres for tonight around lunchtime.”

The Rubeks, their first names anglicized to Donna and Charlie, were Eastern European immigrants who had run the old-world delicatessen and butcher shop across the street for over a decade. A contrasting couple in their early fifties, Mrs. Rubek was tall, thin, and willowy with skin as fine as porcelain. She always dressed elegantly and ran the front of the business with impeccable attention to detail. Mr. Rubek was shorter than his Wife and even more so when she wore the stilettos that graced her feet every day. He was stocky, swarthy and bald, and usually dressed for his role at the delicatessen’s meat counter and the storage rooms.

Bethany liked to joke that the Rubeks had run away from an Olympic team, the power lifter and the volleyball star escaping to live in the New World. She had known the couple for years through their activities in the local kink community. Both with dominant tendencies, the Rubeks enjoyed finding a companion in the community who was in their final year of university or graduate school. When they made their selection, a woman or a man, they traded room and board and a part-time job for their live-in playmate with the one requirement that studies were never neglected.

At least once per week, Matthew had opened the apartment door to accept a delivery from one of the Rubeks. They considered Bethany a special customer and almost always made the trip personally. Each of the Rubeks had their own delivery ritual with Matthew.

Mrs. Rubek would expect him to take the box from her hand. She would then walk beside Matthew to the kitchen, her hand lightly resting against his lower back as they traversed the apartment. Once in the kitchen she would give him final directions for the preparation of the meals as he put them away and occasionally her hands would stroke or touch Matthew’s nude body as she stood close to him.

Mr. Rubek always insisted on carrying the box to the kitchen. He would follow Matthew, rarely missing the opportunity to comment on Matthew’s fitness and increasing muscular definition. He also liked to suggest that he and his Wife would soon talk to Bethany about borrowing Matthew for an evening, or a weekend. When Matthew would mention these offers to Bethany, she would laugh them off and tell him not to worry, the Rubeks had plenty of play partners without taking her collared submissive.

Matthew was back in the kitchen, shaved and showered, and collared and caged, when the apartment intercom beeped to identify a visitor in the lobby. Answering Mrs. Rubek’s call, Matthew promised to be waiting at the apartment door when she got to their floor. A wide-angle camera view of the hallway was displayed on the panel beside the door and, confirmed by the view through the peephole in the door, assured Matthew that there were no unexpected persons in the hallway. As Mrs. Rubek approached the door, he swung it open to admit her and kept his naked body inside and mostly sheltered by the door.

Standing with her toes just outside the threshold, Mrs. Rubek paused. It was her expectation that Matthew take the box at the door. His shyness at possible exposure to a neighbor was not her concern. Matthew sighed inwardly as he stepped forward to take the box. Obediently, he stepped to one side and pivoted. Mrs. Rubek stepped forward and placed her hand on Matthew’s lower back. They were both vividly aware that while she was dressed in a fine tan tweed skirt and jacket with a light blue silk blouse and five-inch stiletto-heeled pumps, Matthew was naked except for his collar and chastity cage.

As they stepped forward, Mrs. Rubek used her Free hand to casually swing the apartment door closed with just enough force to ensure it latched. The clicking of her heels on the wooden floors of the apartment set a rhythm that Matthew matched with his own steps.

His posture fixed by the box between his hands, Mrs. Rubek’s hand on his lower back, and the expectation to match her stride, Matthew stayed close to the tall woman’s hip as if he were bound there by her expectations and his own sense of obedience, Matthew felt himself being subtly controlled by her presence and her touch. He considered that it was similar to the way he felt under Bethany’s gentle control. Not exactly the same, Matthew thought, but in the same way he reacted by slipping into an obedient state and performing the tasks expected of him.

In the kitchen, Matthew stopped in front of the counter facing the living room. He placed the box on the counter-top and started removing the butcher’s paper that covered the contents and kept the paper close by to make notes of any instructions he would need to remember.

Mrs. Rubek’s hand stroked his back as he lifted out a series of trays. As each tray appeared and they could see what was in the packaging through the clear plastic lids, she gave him instructions for their final preparation. All were to be refrigerated. Some would need to be heated and plated before serving, others simply arranged on small trays before being offered to Bethany and her guests.

Two trays remained in the box when Mrs. Rubek indicated that Matthew should stack the unboxed trays in the fridge. He did so and returned to reach into the box for the last two items. As he lifted them out of the box, Mrs. Rubek’s Free hand slid the box out of the way to allow him to place them on the counter.

Matthew paused, waiting for Mrs’ Rubek’s usual explanation of the contents and any instructions.

Mrs. Rubek’s hand slid from the small of Matthew’s back downward to cup one Ass cheek.

Matthew inhaled slowly as he knew what she would do next.

Exploring fingers discovered the Anal plug. It wasn’t the first time Mrs. Rubek had been in this position and she had always enjoyed the reactions she would get from Matthew when she pressed on the base of a plug between his exposed Ass cheeks. She was, however, pleasantly surprised to find that the heavy plug had slipped downwards and was ready for her to press it slowly inwards.

Matthew placed his hands flat on the counter and a soft moan slipped from his lips as Mrs’ Rubek slid the plug back to its full depth in his Ass. His body quivered at the feelings the plug created and felt it start to slide back out by ts own weight as soon as Mrs. Rubek stopped pressing on the base.

Mrs. Rubek smiled. She slowly pressed the plug inwards over and over at a very slow and regular pace as she spoke.

“On the left Matthew, is lunch for Miss Bethany. Spinach, with feta, and a raspberry vinaigrette accompanied by a few strips of grilled chicken. You will need to stir the vinaigrette and top the salad before you serve it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Matthew said, barely suppressing moan.

“On the right, you may open that one to see.”

Matthew obeyed as the plug in his bottom became more insistent at Mrs. Rubek’s fingertips. His eyes widened as the symbolism of the lunch meal he revealed was revealed. Laying on a bed of rice was a thick, curving sausage. At one end of the sausage were two small meat balls while at the other end, and drizzled over the rice, was a creamy white sauce.

“For you, Matthew. A spicy pork sausage with meat balls of wild boar on a bed of wild rice. Bethany told me you very much enjoy creamy sauces so I ensured that there is plenty for you to taste.”

“Uh… thank you, Mrs. Rubek,” Matthew moaned as the plug plunged deep in his Ass again.

The sound of Bethany’s heels on the floor as she exited the hallway into the living room caught the attention of Matthew and Mrs. Rubek. Matthew kept his hands flat on the counter as Mr’s Rubek held the plug still at full depth in his Ass.

Bethany smiled brightly to see Mrs. Rubek standing beside Matthew. Dressed to go out, Bethany wore tailored pale yellow capris of raw silk and a loose matching top. Her outfit was accented by a broad blue belt that cinched her waist and matching blue earrings. Glimpses of her bra through the open neck of the blouse showed an attentive watcher flashes of the same deep blue. On her feet were a pair of wedge sandals with wide straps that buckled around each ankle. The inch-think platform soles of the sandal and the rise of the heels easily added five inches to her height.

As she approached the kitchen counter, it didn’t take long for Bethany to figure out the situation from Matthew’s flushed face and Mrs. Rubek’s grin.

“Hello Donna,” she said to Mrs. Rubek, “is Matty behaving himself?”

“Perfectly,” came the reply as Mrs. Rubek stepped away from Matthew and turned to the sink to wash her hands.

Bethany raised an eyebrow towards Matthew in query.

“Yes, ma’am,” gasped Matthew as the plug slipped downward to its resting position again, “Mrs. Rubek brought us lunches in addition to the dinner order.”

Bethany leaned over the high counter on the living room side and glanced at the two lunch meals.

“Thank you, Donna, that was very nice of you. Mine will have to wait,” Bethany said with a growing smile, “but I have no doubt Matty will enjoy each mouthful of meat and sauce. I’m certain he will lick up every drop.”

“You will not have yours?” Mrs. Rubek asked.

“Not right away,” Bethany reassured her, “I’m on my way out for a manicure, let me walk you out. I fear if I leave you here with Matthew much longer, he’ll be following you home like a lost puppy.”

“He would have a good home with me,” Mrs. Rubek retorted gently with a smile as she rounded the counter to join Bethany.

“Oh, I know that,” Bethany laughed, “with a strict obedience training program and regular fillings of meat and cream.”

“As a good boy deserves,” came the reply as the women reached the apartment door and Bethany swung it wide.

Laughing between themselves, the two women were halfway to the elevator by the time Matthew reached the door and eased it closed.

Matthew sighed as he leaned his head against the closed door. The subtle throbbing of his cock in the cage and the stimulating presence of the heavy plug in his Ass ensured that his mind revolved constantly around his submission to Bethany and its presentation to her friends. Matthew knew that some other men might revolt and fight against the situation he was in, turning it into a test of wills. He found that each time he considered their shared situation, how it had developed, and how it was going, he confirmed to himself that he was happy in his role and his living situation with Bethany. He had admitted to himself more times than he could remember, that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Increasingly, he found comfort in being Bethany’s submissive and even being kept naked around her guests and acquaintances that knew their background no longer seemed like an awkward expectation.

After one more slow deep inhalation and exhalation, Matthew smiled to himself and turned away from the door. A manicure with Zoe, he knew, could keep Bethany out for a couple hours. It was a chance to catch up on minor chores and to relax for a while before she returned.

Matthew headed into the kitchen where he reviewed the instructions Mrs. Rubek had shared. Making a few notes on a pad from the junk drawer, Matthew ensured he had the main details of preparation saved for later. After wiping down the kitchen, he popped his own lunch into the microwave to heat and used the few minutes it took to straighten up and wipe down the living room exercise equipment.

The microwave announced that lunch was ready. Matthew got himself a glass of ice water and a knife and fork before opening the appliance to get his meal. Sitting at the dining table, he inhaled deeply as his weight pushed the plug deep in his Ass as he sat down. With that reminder of his submission and of Mrs. Rubek’s teasing hands, he looked down at the sausage, meatballs, and rice.

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