A mother, her son and her own mother – Free Sex Story

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“Shut the fuck up mother!” Lucy yelled.

It was bad enough listening to her teen son in back
complaining the whole trip but now her mother was
bitching as well. She knew she was lost but they
weren’t helping matters.

“Well that’s no way to talk to you mother.” Marge
replied irritated. “I told you that was the wrong

Lucy ignored her. They had been driving for over three
now and haven’t seen anything for miles. It was
supposed to be a nice weekend at a mountain resort but
she must have taken the wrong turn or the map was

Lucy was 39 and divorce while her mother Marge was
going on 60. Brad her only son was listening to music
in back was in his upper teens now and didn’t want to
go from the start. She had hope this trip would get
everyone together and give her from rest from work. So
much for that idea.

Lucy heard the car engine die and tried to turn the key
back on with no luck.

Damn it. She thought. Out in the middle of nowhere.
Damn car.

She pulled to the side of the narrow road.

“Don’t say a damn thing mom.” She yelled pissed as

She tried several times to turn the key without any
noise and then lean back in the seat helpless. Marge
and Brad had gotten out to stretch, as her temper was
starting to really boil over as she heard a vehicle
approaching down the road. She quickly got out to try
to flag it down. It was an old pickup truck and Lucy
could make out an old man in his fifties sitting inside
as it pulled up.

“Looks like you had some bad luck young lady.” The old
man asked. Lucy noticed he had an old ragged shirt and
coveralls on.

“Yea the car won’t start.” She replied. “Can you take a
look at it?”

“Don’t know anything about those new found things.” The
man replied looking her over. “It’s going to be a long
walk back and I think it might rain later tonight.”

Lucy look at the guy irritated.

“How about a ride back to town then?” She asked.
“Surely you can do that old man.”

“Nah, ain’t going that way either.” He replied to her

Marge and Brad had returned to her side as Lucy was
turning red with anger. This was going to be a hell of
a day.

“Well just give us a ride to your house so I can use
the phone.” She shouted. “Surely you can do that can’t
you old man.”

Lucy’s temper was beyond any level she had ever had.

“Yep, I might can do that but only if you and your
sweet momma agree to ride in back without any clothes.
Don’t want bitches messing up my truck you know
especially with that kind of attitude. The boy can ride
inside like a real man.” He smiled.

Lucy couldn’t believe what the bastard had said.

“Go to hell you old pervert.” She shouted.

“Suit yourself. Might be another car in a week or so.”
The man replied turning back to the wheel and starting
to ease forward.

“Wait, wait.” Marge was yelling.

Lucy couldn’t believe her mother was calling the old
bastard back.

“Mom.” She yelled.

“Hush up Lucy.” Marge yelled at her. “I have no
intentions of walking back at my age. If he wants to
see an old lady naked then hell with it. I doubt if he
can even get it hard at his age. You can stay if you

The truck had stopped again as Lucy watched Marge
quickly removing her clothes. The old man was telling
her to leave them in the car and she could pick them up
later. Brad was watching with amusement as Marge
finally unhooked her bra and her large boobs flopped
out in front of him. His eyes were shining as she
lowered her undies and started picking up her clothes
to put them in the car.

“What about you bitch.” The old man replied.

Lucy couldn’t believe her own mother was now totally
naked with her hands over her boobs and down between
her legs covering up her privates. She was walking to
the back of the truck to get in the bed.

“Guess the walk will teach you a lesson.” The old man

“No wait.” Lucy yelled confused and anger. “I’ll do

Brad was smiling all over as she started unbuttoning
her blouse. Damn him. He’ll wish he never seen this
when she gets through with him later.

She removed her pants and then her bra and panties
picking them up and throwing them in the back seat.
Covering her parts the best she could, she climbed up
in the bed of the truck and took a seat on the side
like her mother was already doing. It was a relief to
see Brad disappear inside the truck door but then she
noticed him smiling looking out the back glass at them.

The truck started rolling down the backward road as
Lucy felt every bump they hit. She knew he must be
doing it on purpose but there was nothing she could do
about it. She couldn’t even cover her privates as the
bumps were knocking both of them around in back where
they had to grab something to try to stay upright.
Brad’s face in the back window smiling wasn’t helping
matters either. Neither she nor Marge would even look
at each other.

It felt like hours on the road as Lucy’s whole body was
wrecked with pain as they finally pulled in to a large
old home nearly falling down. She didn’t care how it
looked as long as she could get to the phone soon and
call for help.

The truck came to a stop near the front door as the old
man finally got out.

“Ya bitches stay put and I’ll let you use the phone
soon.” He told them as Brad joined by his side still
smiling at them.

The little bastard, Lucy thought, he’ll pay dearly for
that later.

Marge was trying to stand up to stretch.

“Mom you slut.” Lucy yelled. “Get your big Ass down
before Brad gets back. “Its bad enough he had to see it

Lucy could see Marge was irritated at her as well.

“So what. I’m sure he’s seen plenty at his age
already.” Marge replied back ignoring her. “And your
Ass not so small either tight Ass.”

Lucy wanted to get up and slap her mother when she
heard noises coming out the door of the house. She
turned around getting low in the bed of the truck and
looked around. The old man was walking out with two
boys in their early twenties following behind smiling.
She felt Marge jumping down beside her in surprise.

“There they are boys.” The old man was saying. “Take
your pick of the filly and have fun. Don’t wear them
out to much. Got a hankin myself for that smart Ass
younger one later. Going to teach her a lesson on mouth
control. Be sure to tie them up good so they won’t get
away and don’t beat them to bad.”

Lucy watched in horror as the boys started to gather
some rope on the porch. She knew they were going to
r**e them. Quickly she tried to get out the bed of the
truck and make a run for it as she heard Marge trying
to do the same. She got down on the ground and started
running as fast as she could hearing footsteps coming
quickly behind her. She glanced back to see one of the
boys running her way and catching up fast as she made
the woods still running panting for air. She didn’t
know about Marge or Brad or didn’t even care at present
as she kept running as fast as she could.

Suddenly, she felt something grab her hair in back and
her body being jerked back landing on the ground with a
hard thump almost knocking her out with the impact.
Before she could even think straight, the boy was
grabbing her arms above her and wrapping the rope
quickly around her wrists.

She gained her composure and tried to fight him off but
the weight of his large jean pants were now on her neck
and head pinning her down as she felt him reaching down
grabbing her legs up. She bit as hard as she could on
his pants clad butt as he yelped but started wrapping
another rope around her ankles. He got off as she
caught her breath from the quick onslaught.

“Bite my Ass will you bitch.” The boy spat walking up
to a tree and breaking a small branch off the end.
“I’ll teach your fat Ass.”

Lucy had caught her breath and started to get up as he
approached to her horror holding the switch in his
hand. Her wrists and ankles were both wrapped together
and tied by a small cord to each other. She tried to
move but could only take small steps as the switch came
down across her buttocks in back as she yelled in pain

“When I get through with your big white Ass you won’t
bite anything again.” The boy yelled bringing the
switch down again and again on her poor Ass.

Lucy was cursing and yelling as she tried away from the
k*d. If she tried to turn, she felt the switch on her
upper thigh and immediately turned back around in pain
howling. Finally, she fell to the ground in desperation
and started crying.

The switch finally stopped as she looked up crying to
see the boy was now removing his pants and undies. She
knew what was going to come next but didn’t have the
will anymore to fight him. She tried to scoot on the
ground to get away till she felt her ankles being
grabbed and then being turned over on her back. She
watched as he raised her legs up in the air by the rope
and then his cock at the entrance of her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She yelled out in pain as his cock
plowed into her cunt with one quick push. She had been
fuck many times in the past by boy friends and her ex
but this boy really had a large cock on him. She panted
for air as it plowed in and out her cunt. Despite her
horror at being raped her cunt was dripping wet as she
was being turned on like she never had been before.

His cock was a monster and it had been so long as she
started to buck forward to meet his thrusts and
enjoying the feeling. She felt totally humiliated and
degraded as his pounding continued and she longed for
more and more of it. She was near Cumming as she felt
him withdraw it laughing down at her as she tried to
tighten her cunt around it to keep it in.

She felt him grab her ankles again and turned her over
on her stomach before falling down on her back. She
knew what he had in mind and fought wildly to buck him
off. She had been fucked only once in the Ass and even
though it wasn’t that bad, she didn’t enjoy it nearly
as much. She felt his cock at the entrance to her
asshole as she screamed and pleaded with him to fuck
her cunt again. He was too big.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She yelled.

The pain ripped all through her body as his cock plowed
inside her tight opening. The fire in her Ass was
unbearable as she screamed and screamed as his cock
kept going deeper and deeper inside. She tried to relax
her asshole to ease it as his cock was now fully
implanted in her butt and was working in and out at
small intervals at a time. The pain was started to
lessen as her cunt was moistening again as he grabbed
her hair keeping her head pinned back while he fucked
her Ass.

Soon the pain was totally gone, as Lucy started
rotating her Ass on his cock in back grinding her cunt
on the ground below trying to get off. She felt his cum
shoot up her asshole as she begged him to continue his
onslaught of her Ass. When he withdrew his cock, she
laid on the ground still grinding her cunt trying to
cum without any luck.

She felt his hands around her neck and then a rope
being tied around it as she continued her humiliation
on the ground.

“Get up slut. Time to take you back to the house and
show pa how I tamed your big Ass.” The boy spat down at

Lucy tried to stay down as the boy jerked up on the
rope pulling her back up on her feet to her dismay and
humiliation. She felt the tug and then him leading her
behind by it. She could only take small steps at a time
and she felt his cum dripping out her asshole and her
own cunt juices running down her thighs as she tried to
keep up.

She had never been so humiliated in all her life as her
head hung down red and embarrassed as they made their
way out the woods towards the house. She glanced up and
made out the form of Marge and the other boy on the
ground still near the truck and she knew Marge didn’t
make it very far.

Marge was on her knees sucking the boy’s cock who was
naked sitting there stretched out on the ground. Her
large Ass was pointing out towards them as they
approached and Lucy could see cum dripping out her
stretched asshole as well. The boy had a firm grip on
her hair above. Her ankles and wrists were tied fairly
the same as Lucy.

“Listen to this pig oink.” The boy exclaimed as they
got within a few feet of them. “Oink for more cock

“Oink, oink, oink.”

Lucy could hear Marge oinking and sucking at the same
time on the boy’s cock. He wasn’t as big as his older
brother who had raped Lucy but big enough as Lucy could
now make out the size of his cock going in and out
Marge’s mouth.

“You agreed to let me have the filly later.” The boy
laughed still pushing Marge’s face up and down on his
cock. This old pig was too easy. I think she enjoyed
the whole thing. Didn’t you piggy.”

“Oink, oink.”

Lucy would have laugh herself if she wasn’t so
humiliated. Despite herself, her cunt was dripping

“How the rest doing.” The boy holding Lucy’s leash

Dad said mom was really enjoying sucking the boy cock
clean and made him cum twice already. Big sis is
getting Dad really for the filly.” The boy replied now
rocking Marge’s head faster and faster on his cock. “He
wanted to know what was taking you so long.”

“The bitch nearly ran me a mile in the woods.” Her
capture explained. “And then she had the stupidity to
bite my Ass. Taught her Ass a thing or two. Wait till
you shove your cock up this tight Ass. So tight, I
came way too soon. Wasn’t used to it with mom and sis
loose asses you know.”

Lucy couldn’t believe the boys were talking that way.
They were fucking their own mom and Sister. And her own
son Brad was getting initiated into their madness. Her
mind was racing with perverted thoughts as she tried to
fight the feelings but her cunt was getting moister and
moister with the mad images. She felt her neck rope
being pulled forward as she fought only for a moment to
keep from following.

“Better get inside. Pa been waiting long enough.” The
boy laughed dragging her along. “I’ll be back in a
moment to try out that fat pig between your legs.”

Lucy could hear Marge trying to say something and then
a quick oink, oink sound only. The closer they came to
the door, the more she fought to get Free only to have
the rope tighten harder on her neck as she was being
dragged inside. The thought of her son seeing her this
way was going to be too much to bear as she pleaded
with her young capturer to suck his cock again outside.
He only ignored her dragging her on through the open

Everything went dark as they entered the room as Lucy’s
eyes tried to adjust to the new darkness. She could
hear a gasp and knew it must be Brad from the voice.
She adjusted to the light change and turned toward the
sound to see an older lady in her fifties down on her
knees with face to the floor and Brad kneeling behind
her fucking her large Ass in back. He was rocking back
and forth as the woman was bucking back on his cock
enjoying the pounding in her rear. He was slapping her
large Ass in back as he rode her calling her a fat
whore. He glanced up at her and smiled.

Lucy was disgusted her own son was enjoying himself
while she had been raped and beaten. She wasn’t even
aware of how she must have looked till she heard a
voice behind her.

“Come here you fat mouth bitch and suck a man’s cock.”

Lucy turned around in surprise and saw the old man
sitting on a rocking chair. A young girl in her early
thirties was kneeling before him lapping his large
balls hanging down.

“Been saving my cum for your big mouth bitch.” The man
said again. “Come here and let daughter“>Daddy fill you up.”

“No way.” Lucy yelled. “You promise a phone and this
boy just r**e me. Wait till I call the cops…”

Lucy felt her head being f****d down forcefully by the
rope attached. It was so tight, she couldn’t even talk.

“Bitch, you are going to do as pa requests or I’ll go
get that switch and use it on your fat Ass again.” The
boy yelled down at her. “Do you understand bitch.”

Lucy was trying to talk but the rope was too tight. She
was c*****g.

“Shake your foot if you understand bitch.” The boy
yelled again.

Lucy started shaking her foot in back fanatically. She
was gasping for air as the boy loosened the rope around
her neck.

“Disobey again or talk without permission and I’ll take
your fat Ass out to the woodshed and throw you in the
pig sty. I’m sure the pigs will enjoy you fat butt.”
The boy warned her.

Lucy’s eyes were budging out in fear. She knew they
would do it too. She nodded her head in agreement and

The boy led her over to the old man as the young girl
finally got off her knees and smiled at her as she
dropped down. He gave the end of the rope to the old

“Tell me to shove my big cock in your fat mouth bitch.”
The old man told her glancing down at her grinning.

Lucy could hear Brad laughing across the room as tears
formed in her eyes.

“Please shove your big cock in my fat mouth.” She
replied looking down in shame.

The old man grabbed the back of her head as she opened
her mouth. His cock was hard and large but not nearly
as large as his older son. She gagged as it filled her
mouth in one quick push and he grabbed her hair forcing
her head up and down on it.

“I knew this mouth was going to be good for something
the first time I met her.” The old man was telling his
son. “How’s her Ass.”

“Nice and tight pa.” The boy replied. “Came almost
immediately and the whore was trying to get off on the
grass she was so disappointed. Told Jake, I wanted to
try the fat pig next so I’ll be back in a while.”

Lucy wanted to protest the boy leaving her with the old
man but her mouth was completely full and being stuffed
in and out by his cock. Despite the humiliation, she
was starting to get wet again and totally disgusted at

“Sissy get my belt and swipe her big Ass a few times.”
The old man said. “I think she’s being lazy and not
putting much effort in it.”

Lucy started blobbing on his cock faster as she heard
the young girl walking beside her getting something.

Whap. Whap.

Lucy yelled out in pain as the cock muffle red her
yells. The girl was hitting her Ass with the belt and
it hurt like hell.

Whap, whap.

Lucy was now rocking as fast as she could on the big
cock in her mouth.

“That’s enough for now Sissy,” the old man laughed. “I
knew the bitch was holding back. If she slows down, hit
that fat Ass again.”

Lucy didn’t want anymore of the belt as she was
swallowing his cock as fast as she could. She felt his
cum shoot down her throat as she almost gagged from it.
He kept her head pinned down on his shaft as she
swallowed every drop.

“That’s it bitch.” The old man said patting her head.
“Around here we don’t waste good cum do we Sissy.”

“No Pa.” The girl said from behind. “We’ll suck it up
no matter which hole you shoot it in. That’s what us
women are good for.”

“Too bad I shot my load in your mouth bitch before I
had a shot at your big Ass. Guess that have to wait for
awhile. Martha are you done with the young man yet.”
the old man called out.

“Yea for now.” The fat woman Brad was fucking in the
Ass called back. “He’s got a nice cock pa. Gotta try it
again later. My Ass full of his cum.”

“Well bring your fat Ass over here and let my bitch
clean it out.” The old man called back. “Let Sissy have
a turn at him.”

“Thanks Pa.” The young girl yelled out.

Lucy couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He
couldn’t believe she was going to clean her own son’s
cum out of that fat old bitch asshole. She tried to
crawl away as the old woman approached as the rope
tightened again around her neck cutting off her air

“Look here.” The old man started laughing. “The bitch
got so excited she almost choked herself. I’m sure she
is just dying to suck all that cum out your Ass Ma.
Aren’t you bitch?”

Lucy’s eyes were budging in pain and fear. She couldn’t
breathe. She started shaking her foot in the air in

“See ma.” The old man laughed. “I told you her mouth
was going to be good for a lot of things. Now turn
around and spread that nice big Ass of yours and feed
my bitch.”

Lucy felt the rope being jerked turning her around
facing the older woman. Her large hairy Ass was spread
wide open and Brad’s cum was dripping out. She would
have gagged if the rope wasn’t cutting off her air

“Start licking bitch and I’ll loosen the rope.” The old
man laughed.

Lucy buried her face in the smelly Ass in front of her
and started tonguing the woman’s stretched asshole. She
could taste Brad’s cum as she finally could breathe
again as the rope loosen. It wasn’t as horrible as she
had imagined as she pushed her tongue deeper in the
woman’s butt hole slurping his cum out into her mouth.

“That’s it honey. Clean my nasty hole.” The old woman
was telling her as her tongue plowed in and out the
loosen brown hole. “Maybe I’ll get to clean yours when
he fucks you.”

The thought of being fucked by her own son in her Ass
was annoying but turning her own despite herself. She
slurped and slurped at the puckered opening till it was
finally dry again and the old woman was panting in
excitement. Lucy’s own Pussy was dripping also as she
wished the old man would shove his cock in her cunt or
She could hear pounding on the far side of the room and
knew by the sound Brad was now fucking the young girl.
Her Pussy was convulsing at the thought.

“Why don’t you take the bitch outside and let the boys
play with her for awhile. I need a Hot bath.” The old
man said. “She dripping all over the floor.”

The old woman grabbed Lucy rope to her disappointment
and started dragging her back outside. She needed a
fucking and didn’t even try to resist. The thought of
one of the boys shoving their cocks in her holes was
just what she needed at this moment. As they made their
way out, she could still hear Marge oinking and looking
up saw that she was trading off licking the boy’s asses
and oinking in between.

“Pa said to enjoy this bitch for while he takes a
bath.” The old lady yelled out. “I want to play with
the piggy too.”

“Sure ma.” The younger boy yelled out. “She’s totally
trained already. Can’t get enough of our cocks and
asses. Bout time to train the fat mouth one anyway.”

The young boy came over as Lucy stared at his hard cock
swinging as he walked. He wasn’t as large as his older
brother but larger than the old man. Her mouth watered
at the sight of it and where it might be going. The old
woman had dropped the rope by her side but she didn’t
even try to get away as that cock started approaching.
She needed it.

“Sueeeweee.” The old woman was yelling out. “Come to
momma and get you some of this nice Pussy.”

Lucy glanced to see Marge crawling over on the dirty

Oink, oink, she was yelling as she crawled and Lucy
could tell she had had the fuck of her life with the
boys. She had no shame left as she crawl and oink
burying her face in the old woman’s hairy cunt and
licking it all over.

Her stare was returned to the young man as he picked
the rope on the ground back up.

“Time for my piggy ride.” The boy smiled at her. “Be a
good little swine and oink for me pig.”

Lucy felt the boy jump down on her back before she had
time to think. She couldn’t believe he was actually
going to ride her as his weight on her back was bad
enough as it was.

Whap, whap.


“Crawl Pig.” He yelled slapping her large Ass in back
with his open palm.

Lucy started trying to crawl forward. Her Ass stung
like hell.

Whap, what.

“Oink for this big cock I’m going to shove up your
tight Ass pig.” The boy shouted.

Whap, whap.

Oink, oink, oink.

Lucy couldn’t believe it was coming out her mouth as
she continued trying to crawl and oinking at the same
time. Her Ass hurt like hell. Her knees and palms were
sore and stinging. Her cunt was dripping with the
thought of his cock plunging up her tight shit hole.

She crawled faster around the yard. She glimpse on the
porch to see Brad had taken a seat on one of the
rockers there while the girl was between his legs
servicing his cock. She didn’t care. She kept crawling
and oinking till the boy finally tired of the game and
dismounted her back. He pushed her face to the ground
and spreading her large Ass drove his cock deep inside.
Her asshole was so loose, he had no trouble getting it
all in, in the first push. She kept oinking and
thrusting her Ass back to get more of it inside.

Her whole body was shaking in excitement and lust as he
pounding in and out her butt hole. When he came in her
asshole, she came herself shaking uncontrollably on the
ground below. She didn’t even feel his cock pull out as
she just laid there in her gleam enjoying the feeling.
She glanced to the side to see Marge on her knees
getting Ass fucked by Brad himself as her Pussy tingled
at the sight. She had just had the best Orgasm of her
life and knew she would never be the same again.

She felt something at her Pussy opening behind and then
plowing up her cunt as it offered no resistance at all.
She knew by the size, it must be the older brother
again as she started oinking to edge him on. She came
again as his cock plowed in and out her Pussy and then
again as he came inside her. She could no longer
control herself as the only thing she wanted at the
moment was more and more cock.

She laid there panting for air not daring to move for
the fear of losing the feeling. It was the most
peaceful feeling she had ever enjoyed.

Suddenly, she felt another cock at her asshole and then
the push inside.

“Take this mom. You big Ass bitch. Take my cock in your
fat Ass.”

Lucy knew by the voice it was Brad’s cock now in her
asshole as she pushed her Ass back to get it all

“Oink, oink.” She spat out in lust as he pounded it in
and out her loose wet opening.

“That it boy. Make her scream like the fat pig she is.”
Lucy heard the old man’s voice saying from behind.
“Once we get them trained properly, you can take them
back with you to the city and enjoy having a couple of
swine for the rest of your life.”

Lucy didn’t care what the old man was saying.

Oink, oink, oink, oink.

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