A Most Unusual Book Club – Fetish

Chapter 1, Brittany is late

I could see Eunice was feeling quite agitated. Waiting once again for Brittany, the youngest member of The Book Club, irritated the shit out of Eunice. At fifty-three years of age she’s the oldest female member of our social group, officially known as the St Joseph’s Parish Book Club. Two other members, Molly and Caroline, had arrived a few minutes early for the meeting, as was their custom. The two middle aged women sat comfortably on Eunice’s sofa, holding hands and privately sharing a joke while sipping a nice cup of tea.

We’re all very excited about this evening. We don’t know what the “special group activity” for this evening will be. It was Brittany’s turn to choose the activity.

The second Sunday of the month is our book club night. But this is a most unusual book club, and the special group activity is what makes it so unique, as opposed to traditional book clubs. Oh, the members will spend some time discussing tonight’s chosen reading material, but after this official company is dispensed with, then the real excitement begins!

Eunice glanced up at the clock above her fireplace mantle. It was eight fifteen, and the meeting was supposed to begin promptly at eight o’clock. Eunice was raised in a conservative family, and she considered tardiness a serious character flaw.

“She’s fifteen minutes late! Again? Fifteen minutes!! I just don’t understand her! That girl can be so thoughtless. This younger generation is a grave disappointment to me.”

Eunice looked to her dear girlfriends, “Should we start without her? Or wait for Her Royal Highness to grace us with her presence?”

Caroline, all the time the calm one, attempted to deescalate the situation.

“I’m sure Brittany will be here any second now dear, so please don’t get yourself in a tizzy. Besides, after what happened to Brittany at our last meeting, I think she has something very unusual planned for us. I was curious about what it might be, so I asked her about it at work today.”

That caught my attention.

“Please don’t leave us in suspense, Caroline… what did Brittany say?”

Caroline wondered for a few seconds before answering me, “Well Joe, she just looked me in the eye and then gave me that wicked smile she uses to get attention. Then she said, ‘You’ll just have to wait and see, sweetie pie. But it’ll be something you will never forget!’ and then she winked at me!”

It was at that moment that the doorbell chimed and Eunice’s front door flew open. An attractive young woman with shoulder length blonde hair stormed into the room carrying two shopping bags.

“Yes, I know I’m late. I am sorry about that ladies.”

Brittany scanned the faces in the room until she spotted me, “And I’m sorry I made you wait too, Joe, but I had to stop at the grocery store on the way.”

Eunice was ready to explode, but before she could get a word out Molly interjected, “Couldn’t your grocery shopping wait til later, Brittany? You know how poor Eunice gets when you keep her waiting. I thought the poor dear was going to pee in her panties, for God’s sake.”

Brittany looked into Eunice’s eyes, “Oh dear, I am sorry dear…truly, but no…my shopping couldn’t wait. I needed to pick up a few things, um… for tonight’s special activity.”

Eunice locked eyes with her and replied in a stern tone, “What things, Brittany?”

The younger woman reached out and patted Eunice’s hand.

“Be patient Em. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Then she looked over at me and grinned. This took me by surprise. Usually the ladies in our club don’t pay me much attention.

“Joe, I think you’ll really enjoy this special activity,” and then she winked at me!

I was definitely taken by surprise that she directed this opinion to me, and not the other women in the room. I couldn’t help wondering what she had planned for tonight. Would I finally get to fully participate in the activity?

It was at that moment Eunice’s husband, James, appeared at the doorway to the kitchen. At sixty years of age he is a few years older than Eunice and a few years younger than me. He acknowledged my presence with a simple nod of his head, and then to the women in the room. He efficiently cleared our cups and saucers and retreated back into the kitchen. A few minutes later he returned with a serving tray with five wine glasses and three opened bottles of white wine on it. Again, James did not speak to us. He looked over at his wife.

“Thank you James, that will be all for now. If we need anything else I will call for you. Otherwise you should stay upstairs. We don’t want to be disturbed.”

He simply smiled at his wife as he respectfully backed out of the room.

I looked over at Eunice. She seemed lost in her thoughts, but then I noticed a subtle smile forming. I thought what she was thinking.

Chapter 2, The Book Club Begins

St Joseph’s Catholic Church is in Daly City, a suburb of San Francisco, California. Our book club has been in existence for a little over five years. When The Club first started there were about a dozen members, and the membership was evenly divided between men and women. The original members were all respected people in good standing in the parish. That number has fluctuated throughout the years, but more recently has been declining. The reason for the declining membership is because the priorities of the club have changed over time. While some members were quite happy with the changes, others were not and chose to move on to other more traditional book clubs.

When we started, the books up for discussion were classic works of literature. That suited the older club members for a while, but soon the younger members started suggesting books that were a bit more sensual, like D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The general membership seemed to enjoy this more risqué material, so the younger ladies then suggested works with even more sexual content by Anais Nin (Delta of Venus), and Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer). That was too much for two of the older gentlemen who dropped out because they weren’t comfortable discussing scenes that involved sex. But it was a blessing when they left because the remaining members chose books that contained even more sexual themes, including some very trashy romance novels that were frankly, in my comment, mildly pornographic. Once again, a few more members chose to leave. Now the remaining members only pick lesbian themed stories from Literotica to discuss at our meetings. At that point we chose to change the name to “The Book Club”. It no longer felt appropriate to have “St. Joseph” in the name of our group.

Currently the membership consists of four women and myself. At sixty-five years of age, I am the senior member and the only man in the group. The female members are all married, some happily and some not so much. I am a widower, having lost my wife and soul mate, Jane, in a tragic automobile accident two years before joining The Club. Eunice wondered our club needed some “fresh blood with new ideas”. The ladies all knew me (and my late wife) from St. Joseph’s. Jane and Eunice had known each other for many years and were very close. I knew my wife had shared some of the private details of our marriage with Eunice, and I suspect that was the principal reason I was asked to join the book club. My wife and I had some interests that many would consider unusual or even perverse. I also heard from my wife that Eunice and James’ marriage involved some “unusual” activities too.

Eunice and James have been married for over twenty-five years, most of them were happy years. They were introduced in school by mutual friends, and they got along well from the begin.

Eunice works as an office manager for her favorite aunt who owns a successful tax accounting company. Eunice is an excellent supervisor of her employees, as she is very firm, but also very fair to them. She goes out of her way to guide them to do their best.

After graduating from school, James had absolutely no clue as to what he wanted to do career wise, so he ended up accepting a job with the State of California at the Department of Motor Vehicles. He did an acceptable job and did what was expected. He kept being promoted because no one really wanted to work with him. He’s a manager but he has no staff working under him. He has a submissive personality, but occasionally he would assert himself forcefully when he felt he wasn’t being appreciated.

Molly and Caroline are best friends and have known each other since first grade. They grew up in the same neighborhood and their families both attended Sunday Mass at St. Joseph’s. They are both forty-four years old. They used to make up naughty fantasy stories and giggle for hours. One day Caroline’s mother overheard them whispering in Caroline’s bedroom and entered without warning. To her surprise, Molly had lifted Caroline’s college uniform skirt up above her waist and her hand was inside Caroline’s white cotton panties. They wondered they were in for it, but Caroline’s mother surprised them.

“Just don’t let Daddy know.”

Molly took a part time bookkeeping job while gonna school as an accounting major. Eunice was her immediate supervisor and trained her. After Molly graduated she got a better paying job, but kept in contact with Eunice. Molly respected Eunice’s opinions on many subjects. They started telling each other personal things about their marriages, and Eunice all the time gave Molly good advice. When Eunice mentioned starting a book club, Molly eagerly accepted and also asked if her friend Caroline could join too.

Molly loves shocking people, especially older men. She gets a thrill from “accidentally” showing her panties in public, especially to older gentlemen. She is married to an older man named William who also has a mischievous character, and he is nineteen years older than Molly. Her parents were delighted with the match, as he had a very good job and they knew their daughter would not have to worry about money. The age gap was not a issue at the start of their marriage, but William has started to slow down a bit and has started to experience some health problems. Molly has shared with our group that sometimes she has to “help” him. She likes to sit on a chair facing him and pull the hem of her dress six inches above her thighs to tease him.

“Do you want a cunt shot, William?”

Caroline is the opposite of Molly, who refers to her as “Miss Goody Two-Shoes”. She worries about what others think of her, and she’s mindful about her appearance. She doesn’t curse or use drugs, and only drinks occasionally. She married Brian, her high college boyfriend. She was a virgin on her wedding night, and the next day she was still a virgin. Caroline has shared with us that Brian has a very small penis and he’s terribly self-conscious about it. He is an exceptionally attractive man (Caroline says that he is “pretty”). But he is good to her and they are best friends, and they do love each other, just not in a sexual way. We think this is sad, but Caroline seems fine with the status of her marriage.

Caroline works in a well known department store and is the head of the ladies’ lingerie department. Brittany is her assistant. Caroline is reserved with the customers, but Brittany has a wild spirit and is an extrovert. Brittany is an excellent salesperson. She has a gift for selling woman’s underwear to men, because she makes them feel comfortable, like it’s perfectly ordinary for a man to buy panties for himself. If a man comes into the store expecting to buy only one item, he usually ends up with a dozen, including some matching bras.

Brittany is twelve years younger than Caroline, and is married to a Baptist minister named Peter. Molly calls him “Pious Petey” because he comes off as so holy, but Brittany has shared with us that when they are in bed, she encourages him to tell her shocking secrets that his church members have shared with him during marriage counseling, while Brittany strokes his cock.

Caroline loves Brittany and confided in her about her history with Molly. It felt very natural for Caroline to ask Brittany to join our book club.

The female members all think of themselves as bisexual, but with a definite preference for women. I tell people that I am one hundred percent heterosexual, but truth be told I’m closer to ninety-five. I’m attracted to men who care about their appearance and have big cocks that are circumcised. I also prefer men who are shaved “down there”.

I think this would be a good time to explain what happens at our meetings. The first fifteen minutes are for sipping wine and sharing any interesting news that happened since our last meeting. More often than not, this will include sharing things pertaining to their sex lives with their husbands. No subject is off limits, and frankness is strongly encouraged.

The next fifteen minutes is reserved for the discussion of the assigned reading material, and choosing the material for the next meeting. We pretend to enjoy this part of the meeting, but we can hardly wait for the next part, when the real fun begins.

The next thirty minutes is for “close inspection”, where one member is intimately inspected by the other members of the group. It’s customary for the ladies to go all out to look their best for the meeting, styling their hair, taking special care with their makeup, clothing and jewelry. The woman being inspected will purchase new panties for her inspection, and she all the time selects very feminine and pretty panties. Transparent or even crotchless panties are all the time a hit. Garters and stockings are also appreciated and will earn the woman high praise. Usually there is a lot of giggling during this part of our meeting.

I am allowed to observe, but I am not allowed to participate in the close inspection, which leaves me feeling disappointed and left out, like I’m not a fully accepted member of the group. I’ve shared my feelings with them, and I’ve even offered to shave my pubic hair and balls, and to wear pretty panties to the meeting, but they politely refuse to inspect me. But I find out; they’re just not interested in looking at a man’s genitals. But the ladies know me and what I like to see…and smell! They are not shy about spreading their labia for me so I can see all their nice “pinky bits” inside. On a very good night, Eunice will bring out her speculum to play with, so I can look at the cervix! Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to see these women quite intimately many times! Yeah…I fucking love it! After every book club meeting I race home as quickly as efficient to masturbate, but sometimes I cannot wait and do it in the car while driving home with a sticky steering wheel.

The final hour of the meeting is reserved for the “special group activity”. One member, excluding me of course, chooses the activity. Believe me when I tell you, the activity can be very unusual. For example, once Caroline decided that we should play a game called “Circus”, where each woman would take off her panties and sit on each ladies’ face, who would then have to guess her weight. All of the women took turns except me (of course). For my part, I was expected to sit off to the side and just watch, but I was allowed…and even encouraged, to pull my cock out and play with it in front of them. For some reason they wondered this was really funny, watching a sixty-five year old man masturbate. They all the time clapped for me and cheered me on.

“Cum for us Joe, cum for us Joe, cum for us Joe!!”

When my cock finally squirts it’s expected that I sort myself out and clean up my mess.

The special group activity for our last meeting was chosen by Eunice. She called it “guess Brittany’s temperature”. Each member had fifteen minutes to check Brittany’s temperature by any means.

Eunice went first. She reclined on the coffee table on her back and ordered Brittany to strip and then straddle her face. When she was in position Eunice gave Brittany an order.

“Sit on my face and spread your lips.”

Brittany seemed pleased and took her position above Eunice’s mouth, who spent the next ten minutes licking Brittany’s clit and urethra, and then tongue fucking her holes. Brittany, being the youngest member, has no issue having multiple orgasms in one evening. After her third orgasm Brittany started getting dizzy and seemed about to fall to the floor. I saw what was happening and was able to catch her in time before she was hurt. I gave Brittany a sip of my wine and after a few seconds she was feeling ordinary again.

Caroline was up next. She instructed Brittany to lie down on the coffee table and pull her knees up to her chest. Then she stuck her middle finger inside Brittany’s pussy. Caroline proceeded to vigorously finger fuck her young friend until she came, which took about five minutes. As Caroline licked the juices off her fingers she proclaimed that Brittany’s temperature was 95.5 degrees.

It was Molly’s turn next. She commanded Brittany to turn over on the coffee table so she was on her hands and knees. Molly knelt on the floor behind her. She stuck her middle finger in her mouth for lubrication and then rubbed the outside of Brittany’s asshole, making circular motions around her brown puckered anus. Brittany started to moan, signaling that she was ready to be penetrated. Molly pushed her finger forward an inch into Brittany’s bottom.

“Does it hurt?”

Clair whispered urgently, “More!”

Molly asked, “What’s that Brittany? I can’t hear you dear.”

Brittany turned her head to look back at Molly.

“I said… more! Stop teasing and fuck me, you stupid cunt!!”

We do enjoy dirty talk, but we also expect it to be respectful. We all gave Brittany a stern look.

“I’m sorry Molly, ok? You are not a cunt. Please…just…fuck…me!”

“That’s better Brittany. So buckle up, Buttercup, your asshole belongs to me now!”

“Oh fuck…oh god…that’s the spot…”

Chapter 3, Eunice starts the meeting

Sadly, tonight will be my last Book Club meeting. After many heated discussions, my oldest daughter, who turned forty this year, has badgered me into moving in with her family in Albuquerque so she can “keep an eye on me”. I love her, but she can be a pain in the ass!

We took our usual places, with Caroline, Molly and Brittany sitting on the couch, I was sitting in a straight back chair facing them, while Eunice was seated in an identical straight back chair to my left. There was a six foot long wooden coffee table between me and the couch. We each had a full glass of wine, but with the anticipation of what we all knew was coming, we all drained half of it in one gulp.

No one spoke. We just looked at Eunice, waiting for her to begin the meeting.

“Does anyone have anything interesting to share since our last meeting?”

She looked directly at Caroline.

“Sorry Eunice, but no, nothing new to report. Brian was very kind to me, as usual. We even took a shower together, and I took the opportunity to wash his privates, but he didn’t seem to enjoy it very much. He didn’t get hard, and he didn’t return the favor, which really hurt me.”

Molly offered her thoughts, “That’s so typical of Brian. He’s a prick, Caroline, but he’s your prick. You should be used to it by now.”

Molly looked back at Eunice, “Sorry Eunice, nothing new with William either. He’s sleeping a lot these days. It looks like I need to be a bit more creative with how I help him.”

Molly addressed the group, “Does anyone have any suggestions?”

No one spoke for a few awkward seconds, but thankfully Brittany broke the silence.

She smiled at Molly, “you’ll get some ideas from tonight’s special group activity.”

The whole group took note of this. I could feel our excitement intensifying.

Eunice addressed Brittany next, “How has Peter been treating you since our last meeting?”

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