A Magical Night Ch. 02 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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When Jamie stepped out into the hallway, she was amazed at all the people who were left. It was as if no one had left yet. That was impossible, she reasoned. No one stuck around college on a Friday. She had to have been in the bathroom for close to forty minutes now by her own reckoning, a full thirty minutes since the dismissal bell should have rung.

Jamie’s pondering was brought to an abrupt end as Sarah pulled her through the hall. She had to keep up with her. She tried her best to dodge the traffic of students. Afterall, Jamie didn’t know if Sarah’s spell would stop them from feeling her exposed skin, or worse, the shameful disposable diaper taped around her waist. The playful swats at her butt from the senior boys were the exact last thing she needed today.

“Hurry up. I’m not going to wait on you forever,” Sarah said. Thankfully, Sarah was at least leading her back to Mr. Adams’ math class. Jamie would be able to collect her books and probably get reamed out by Mr. Adams in the process.

They made it to the classroom only to discover it empty except for Mr. Adams who was waiting at his desk with a look of annoyance that boldly announced, ‘I’ve been counting the seconds I’ve had to wait on you.’

“So nice of you girls to finally come back. Mr. Adams said, his words heavily dripping in sarcasm. He was heavily annoyed, there was no doubt about that from his tone of voice.

“Jamie isn’t feeling very well, we’re just here to collect our things and we will be going,” Sarah said.

“I think not,” Mr. Adams said. “We have to have a chat about both of your performance in this class.”

“Aren’t you not allowed to discuss our grades in front of other students?” Jamie asked. Her inner fire had been rekindled by her severe dislike of Mr. Adams. She was ready to start a fight again, and there was no way that Mr. Adams would push her around, even if she was openly wearing a diaper.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re both failing this course splendidly,” Mr. Adams said. “I don’t know what you girls are planning on doing once you finish college. But I can tell you without this grade you won’t be making it into school.”

“So, just what are you trying to say?” Sarah asked.

“If you girls were interested, I think we can come to an ‘arrangement’, “Mr. Adams said, putting air quotes on arrangement, for an added effect.

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” Jamie said. The disgust she felt evident with every word. The fact that she was standing in the classroom almost half naked, although hidden by an illusion, didn’t stop her blood from rising in temperature. Anger was never her strong point, she usually just boiled over and started to swing fists and lash out as best she could.

“Perhaps. If you two would like to come sit on my desk, I’m sure we can work things out,” Mr. Adams said.

“So, the rumors about you are true,” Sarah said. “I cannot say that I’m shocked. You definitely fit the bill for someone who tries to take benefit of young women.”

“Aww, don’t be like that. It’ll be fun,” Mr. Adams said.

“Nope. I’ve got a better plan,” Sarah said. She flicked her wrist at Mr. Adams the same way she had done many times before at Jamie. Mr. Adam’s eyes bulged out. Jamie could tell that he was in some sort of pain.

Mr. Adams slouched forwards inadvertently pushing his office chair backwards. He toppled onto the floor and curled up into a ball. A growing wet spot formed on his trousers, and soon a yellow puddle formed around his midsection on the floor.

“Come on Jamie, let’s get our stuff. He won’t be able to bother us anymore,” Sarah said.

“What did you do to him?” Jamie asked as she collected her books.

“Well, the big stud over there won’t be having any sexual relations with anyone more than five years younger than himself,” Sarah said. “If he even thinks about it, his balls get hit with a force equivalent to how hard a football kicker punts a football. And a five-minute bout of temporary urinary incontinence for good measure.”

Sarah walked over to the crumpled heap that Mr. Adams had been reduced to. She pushed his thighs open and put her foot down on his balls.

“Now, I believe we were talking about arrangements,” Sarah said. “I’ve got one for you. You will be giving Jamie and I an A+’s for this course. In return, I’ll allow you the pleasure of licking my shoes before I put them up your Ass. And if you ask real nicely, I might even relax this curse I just put on you. Now, how does that sound?” Sarah twisted her foot back and forth to accentuate her point.

“Good,” Mr. Adams said weakly.

“Excellent. Now just to make sure you don’t back out I’m gonna take a little leverage before we go,” Sarah said. “Stand up, Mr. Adams.”

Mr. Adams, who at this point was a complete and total basket case, propelled by Sarah’s otherworldly magic, was now rising to his feet. Sarah took out her phone and snapped a couple of pictures of Mr. Adams and his piss stained pants.

“Drop your pants.” Sarah commanded.

Mr. Adams pulled at his belt and released it. Undoing the button and zipper of his pants, they freefell into a wet crumpled heap around his ankles. Underneath were a pair of simple white underwear, now stained yellow clinging to his junk. Sarah snapped a few more pictures.

“And now your undies, big boy,” Sarah said. “Drop them.”

Mr. Adams without any hesitation tugged his ruined undies right off his butt. There on display for the girls to see was his cock and balls in all their glory. Glory was perhaps too strong of a word for it. His cock was standing at attention, and it couldn’t have been any longer than four inches.

“Aww, that’s pretty cute. You’ve got a little pecker,” Sarah said. “And here I wondered they were supposed to get bigger than that.”

Sarah took a whole bunch of photos, making sure to capture it at every angle. There would be no doubt that the small penis belonged to Mr. Adams, that’s for sure.

“You’ve been such a help, Mr. Adams,” Sarah said. “Thanks for offering us some extra credit.” Sarah put her phone back in her pocket and walked away from Mr. Adams. She collected Jamie taking her by the hand and marched out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Jamie’s mouth was still hanging open from the whole affair she had just witnessed. Truly, she thought, Sarah can do whatever she wants. And that scared her. But there was still that small part of her that was secretly turned on by all of this. She was dripping wet again. Her diaper was more than happy to soak up all her excitement.

“Jamie, I want you walk in front of me. I need to get the mental image of that losers cock out of my mind,” Sarah said. “So, your cute little diaper bum is gonna have to do the trick.”

Sarah let go of Jamie’s hand and gave her butt a nice firm slap that echoes in the now nearly empty hallway. It hit with enough force that a red handprint was beginning to form on the exposed portion of Jamie’s bottom.

Jamie let out a whelp and took a quick two-step lead on Sarah. She made sure to overdo it and put on a show. It was best to keep Sarah entertained, then for her to make her own, Jamie thought. Jamie’s Ass jiggled back and forth. When she looked back, she saw a smile on Sarah’s face. At least she knew she was doing something right.

Jamie led them back to her locker where she picked up the books that she would need over the weekend. She shifted a spare hoodie over and found that Sarah had placed an unopened package of pink princess pullup diapers in the locker. Jamie looked back at Sarah for an explanation. Sarah just shrugged off the question and made a quick gesture, telling Jamie to hurry up.

Jamie grabbed her jacket and closed her locker. She turned back to Sarah and waited for what was next to come.

“Did you drive to college today?” Sarah asked.

“Yes. You’ve seen the car my parents gave to me for my birthday? It’s not like I’m gonna take the bus to college when I have access to it,” Jamie said.

“That’s fair, let’s go,” Sarah said. “Are your parents expecting you home before the party?”

“My mother is. I’m not sure how to explain your presence though. She knows that you and I aren’t on the best of terms,’ Jamie said.

“Just leave that to me. I can assure you that there won’t be any problems,” Sarah said.

The girls made it to the student parking lot. It wasn’t hard to discover Jamie’s car now that there were only a few left. They made their way over and Sarah lagged behind by half a step. Jamie knew that Sarah was still admiring her Ass, that smile was not an accident from earlier.

Jamie’s car wasn’t a sports car or new by any means, but it was a dependable secondhand car that had many years left in it. Jamie unlocked the car with her keyfob and got into the driver’s seat with Sarah taking the passenger seat.

With the doors closed, and the windows rolled down, they were on their way to Jamie’s house. Jamie remained silent, waiting on Sarah to take the lead.

“You’re oddly quiet,” Sarah said. “I’ve never known you to be one to keep things bottled up.”

“Well, it’s just that I can’t do anything to win against you. I’m not in control and I’m just not used to it, that’s all,” Jamie said. “I’m sure I’ll get more talkative later. I just have to adjust first.”

“Oh, yeah,” Sarah said. “I guess that’s a good reason. I’ll tell you what. We will play a game of questions. We will take turns asking and answering questions until one of us can’t. The loser has to eat the winner to an Orgasm. You can begin.”

“Okay, hmm. That’s a little extreme, but I guess I have no choice. Why are you doing this to me?” Jamie asked.

“Because embarrassing you excites me greatly,” Sarah said. “You’ve been my nemesis ever since we started school together. You can’t say you wouldn’t do the same thing if the tables were turned.”

“I guess that’s true. I’m not sure I’d have taken it as far, but, okay, that’s an answer,” Jamie said.

“Is your diaper wet? If I check it, am I going to find an excited little girl?” Sarah asked.

“I… Wha… I,” Jamie stumbled, trying to discover the words to explain the state of her diaper without embarrassing herself any further. Her attempts at language were cut short when Sarah plunged her hand down the front of Jamie’s diaper. There Sarah felt the damp padding and ran a finger through the lengths of Jamie’s delicate folds. Sarah withdrew her hand after a brief teasing of Jamie’s clit. Sarah brought her wet fingers up to Jamie’s nose.

“Smell that,” Sarah commanded. “Does that smell like a Horny girl?”

“Yes, Miss Sarah,” Jamie replied.

“And who’s the Horny girl?” Sarah asked.

“I am, Miss Sarah,” Jamie replied, her cheeks went crimson.

“Good girl. Now clean my fingers and it’s your turn,” Sarah said. Jamie took Sarah’s offered fingers into her mouth and suck them clean, running her tongue along every fold of skin. With a popping sound, Sarah withdrew her fingers, now glistening with saliva.

“So, how did you learn magic?” Jamie asked without skipping a beat. She moved her tongue around her mouth, savoring the taste of her own Pussy.

“I was born into it. My mom’s a witch and she conceived me during a full moon, so I inherited my powers when I turned 18. Which was last weekend, if you were keeping track,” Sarah said.

“That’s pretty cool, I guess. I’m sure you’re going to be living a very interesting life from now on,” Jamie said.

“Somewhat. I still have to remain mostly under the radar, for now. Witches self-police themselves,” Sarah said. “And now it’s my turn again. Would you look at that. Tell me the truth, have you ever thought about having a romantic relationship with a girl?” Jamie’s cheeks reignited into a fiery red color; she wasn’t expecting this question at all.

“Yes,” Jamie said meekly. She had never told anyone, but she had wanted to try having a lesbian relationship. All of her partners up until now had been boys.

“Anyone in particular?” Sarah asked.

“Hey! That’s not fair. That’s two questions,” Jamie said. “It’s my turn now. What about you, have you thought about having a relationship with a girl?”

“I am openly bi, so yes, absolutely,” Sarah said. A Cheshire cat like smile spread across her face. Now she could ask her previous question.

“So, I’ll ask again. Are you crushing on any girl in particular?” Sarah asked.

“That’s, ah, too personal for me to answer.” Jamie said. A look of defeat crossed her face. She now knew what was in front of her. She often wondered about what it would feel like to eat someone out. Having been on the receiving end before she certainly knew how pleasurable it could be. And she knew she liked the taste of her own juices, so hopefully that meant that she would enjoy.

“Looks like I win,” Sarah said. “Fair and square too. I hope you keep your end of the bargain. If I have to order you to do it, it’ll be much worse.

Jamie nodded her head, too embarrassed to try and vocalize a response. The remaining car ride to Jamie’s house passed quickly, only having a few blocks to go at the end of the game. Jamie pulled into the driveway and turned the engine off. Usually she would rush into the house to continue her day. But today, she waited for Sarah to take the lead. She hadn’t even begun to think of what she would say to her mom to try and explain the arrival of her nemesis.

“I’m so excited to meet your mother, Jamie,” Sarah said. She got out of the car and made her way over to the driver’s side before Jamie moved to get out. Sarah opened the door, ushering Jamie out. She took Jamie’s reluctant hand and pulled her up the driveway to the front door.

Jamie fumbled with her purse, searching for her housekeys. Unlike most people, Jamie preferred to keep her car keys separate from her other keys. She couldn’t handle the sound of them jingling while driving.

Jamie’s finally found her keys and opened the front door. They walked in and kicked their shoes off, throwing them into the loosely organized pile in the open closest.

“Mom, I’m home,” Jamie shouted. “I’ve brought a friend over.”

“Which friend, do I know them?” a voice that belonging to Jamie’s mom called out from the second floor of the house.

“No, you haven’t met her,” Jamie yelled back. There was a hurried shuffling sound from upstairs, followed by a brief pause of silence. Jamie’s mom appeared on the stairs, seeming a bit flustered.

“Hey there, I’m Miranda, Jamie’s mother,” Miranda said as she descended the stairs. Miranda and Jamie looked very similar. Miranda was twenty-odd years older and carried a bit more weight, but no one would be surprised that the two of them were mother and daughter. Miranda had passed on her hair styling preferences to Jamie, wearing her long blond hair loose and straight down her back.

“Hello Miranda, I’m Sarah. I believe Jamie has told you a lot about me,” Sarah said. Miranda stopped on the stairs, three steps up from the first floor.

“Aren’t you the one that has been tormenting my little Jamie all these years?” Miranda said.

“I guess that would be me. But to be fair, for everything I did to her, she got me back for. So, it’s not as unfair as I think you have been led to believe,” Sarah said. Miranda put her hands on her hips and tried to seem as intimidating as possible.

“Then what are you doing here. I doubt Jamie brought you over willingly,” Miranda said.

“Your daughter has some unfinished company to attend to while were here,” Sarah said. Sarah flicked her wrist at Miranda, eliciting a shiver from her.

“I don’t like your attitude. Get out of our house,” Miranda said. She descended the remaining stairs in a hurry.

“I want you to stay right there,” Sarah commanded. Miranda stopped on the spot. A look of shock and confusion crossed her face.

“How, what? No, this cannot be feasible. My feet feel like they’re stuck to the floor,” Miranda said. “Whatever you’ve done, undo it. You’re not welcome here.”

“What a lack of manners. I can see where little Jamie picked them up from,” Sarah said. Sarah turned to Jamie who had been staying quiet the whole time, hoping this whole situation wasn’t real and would all blow over before anything could happen. “Isn’t that right, Jamie?”

“Yes, Miss Sarah,” Jamie said dutifully. She knew this was a test, and she didn’t want to fail in front of her own mother who was now trapped in the same web.

“That’s a good girl,” Sarah said. “Now, I believe you have some unfinished company to attend to.” Sarah began to loosen her pants and beckoned Jamie over. “Kneel right here in front of me, Jamie.”

Jamie got on her knees, thankful that the carpet in the entranceway was separating her knees from the cold hard tile underneath.

“You remember our agreement in the car?” Sarah said.

“Yes, Miss Sarah,” Jamie said.

“It’s time to fulfill it,” Sarah said. Jamie pulled down on Sarah’s pants, tugging them to the floor. Sarah gracefully stepped out of them before Jamie could get her thumbs into Sarah’s panties.

“Oh my gosh, what are you doing Jamie. You cannot be doing that here. Stop, please stop this before you regret it,” Miranda stammered. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There was no way her daughter would willingly be doing this. She was raised better than this. There was no way she would be eating out her school rival right in front of her own mother, let alone right in the entranceway of the house.

“Silence. You will only speak when spoken to,” Sarah said to Miranda. “Continue Jamie, we don’t have all day.” Jamie pulled down Sarah’s panties bringing them down to her ankles. Staring her straight in the eyes was Sarah’s meticulously shaven slit. This was it, the moment that Jamie was dreading. She leaned in got closer, hesitating before closing the final few inches.

Sarah grabbed the back of Jamie’s head using both arms and pushed her face into her snatch. Jamie struggled for a moment before remembering the repercussions if she failed to uphold her end of the deal. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to probe Sarah’s delicate folds, finding her clit. Latching onto it with her lips she gently sucked on it, engorging it. She began exploring with her tongue making sure that each journey ended by teasing Sarah’s clit.

Sarah let out a gentle moan each time her clit was teased by Jamie’s tongue. She was a natural. Sarah knew that she wouldn’t need have to threaten her nearly as much in the future to get her way. Sarah awoke from his blissful state by the arm flailing that Miranda had undertaken. That was just about the only action she could take in the state she was left in.

“Miranda, settle yourself. You’ll be joining her soon enough,” Sarah said. Sarah snapped her fingers letting the illusion that had hidden Jamie’s true state fall. Miranda’s eye bulged, seeing her daughter clad in only a shirt and a pullup diaper. She couldn’t believe it.

“Now Miranda, we should really get to know one another better,” Sarah said. Sarah flicked her wrist at Miranda once more, letting out a small smile. “Miranda, when was the last time you pleasured yourself?”

“I was playing with myself when you two walked in if you must know,” Miranda said, her cheeks burned a fiery red.

“That’s what I wondered you were up to, you seemed to be very flustered and, in a rush,” Sarah said. “But, what kind of person plays with themselves when they know their daughter is due home at any moment, does the wondered of getting caught excite you?”

“Mmm, maybe a little,” Miranda said meekly. She held back as much information as she could. As far as she could tell, as long as she satisfied the question being asked, she didn’t have to give any more details.

“And if I go upstairs right now, am I gonna discover any Fetish items in your room?” Sarah asked. Sarah was now panting slightly. Jamie was doing her job very well, despite what she was hearing coming from her mom’s mouth.

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