A Lunch with a Korean Woman – Anal – Free Sex Story

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It never fails. Anytime I decide to take a break from online dating I have an encounter. During these breaks I’m usually in a zone where I don’t want to do much outside my circle and only want to spend time with my son or close friends.

It was Saturday around 1pm and I had gone to the gym, rested by the pool, ran a couple errands and decided to grab some lunch. Typically I would go through the drive-thru at In N Out but it was warm and went inside. When in line I saw an attractive Asian woman walk in all alone. I figured she came in because the line of cars was long outside and she would be grabbing lunch for her teenage kids–she didn’t seem like the burger type to me, especially eating here alone. She looked 35 to 39 and sexy in a very subtle way but knowing that Asian women typically looked younger figured she was ten years older.

She was in the line next to mine and we exchanged smiles when the kids in front of each us were being teenagers with their gossip and laughing. My line was much slower and she sat down in the corner. I couldn’t help but follow her walking away with her nice shape. I got lucky when the only seat available was the table two away from hers. I sat down and she said hello and started talking about how Hot it was. I made small talk back. They called our numbers at the same time and we walked up to get our food. When we came back she changed to the table next to mine and smiled. I was very surprised when she kept talking about that she actually eats here a couple times a week. She was quite the chatterbox.

“Hi. I think the burgers are getting smaller and smaller,” she said. It was obvious she wanted to talk. “I know the manager and some of the others here,” as she waved at him.

“Interesting. I didn’t place you as a In N Out groupie,” I said with a big grin and she laughed.

“My name is Nina by the way.”

“I’m Greg. Nice to meet you.”

We talked and talked. Turns out she was 44 and had a nice smile. I told her I was 61 but that didn’t seem to have any affect on her. She was divorced once and no kids. After 45 minutes it seemed like she wanted to ask me something but we kept talking. Somehow the conversation went into sports injuries and it turned out we went to the same Korean acupuncturist.

“How do you like her? She really helped my back pain.”

“She was okay. I went in for shoulder pain and all she wanted to do was try to fix everything else. Told me to stop drinking cold drinks and cold salads because it’s not good for your circulation. After five visits I stopped due to her bossiness. I had a past Korean girlfriend and they can be a bit bossy,” I said with a grin because I suspected Nina to be Korean.

“Haha. Yes we can be,” she said looking at me to see if I would retreat from my statement but I didn’t.

“I’ve actually had two Korean girlfriends so I can speak from experience a little,” I said as we both laughed.

“So you like Asian women or just Korean ones?”

“Well I guess it appears that way, doesn’t it?”

“That’s okay I prefer white men.” She was not playing hard to get. As a matter of fact she was being obvious and even turned her body towards me when sitting.

The eye contact was growing between us. I was a little surprised with the substantial age difference but I am told I look ten years younger and I keep in great shape.

I began to wrap up my lunch and Nina kept talking. So I decided to see if she was interested.

“Would you like to talk again sometime?”

“Yes. I would like that,” she said but made no move to give me a number.

“Well I need to run,” I said getting up and she quickly tossed her napkin on her half eaten fries.

“Me too. Sorry if I talked too much and took up your time,” she said.

“Not at all, it was fun.”

“I do need to run. My friend is out of town and I need to bring her mail in and water her roses so it looks like I’m doing my job,” she said laughing.

We walked outside and as it turns out she was parked next to me. We talked more and I decided not to push it further to see if she was really interested or was just being polite earlier.

“So give me your number and I’ll call you now so you have my number?” she said.

Sure enough she instantly called me.

“Got it.”

“So maybe we can meet for a drink or a walk? I’m Free tomorrow,” Nina said without an ounce of shyness.

“That sounds fun,” I said and played it cool and innocently ignored the reference about tomorrow. We got in our cars and she waved twice as she drove away.

About an hour later she texted me and said she enjoyed meeting me with a couple emojis–boy those Asian women Love emojis I wondered laughing.

The following day she texted me and we agreed to meet for a drink. At the restaurant she walked in with a completely different look. She looked like a different woman–sexy makeup, tight jeans and a skintight top that showed she was very small breasted but her nipples were showing–she looked good.

We sat and talked for over two hours and had a nice time. I cannot say I was fixated all that much but she funny and could talk about any subject. We decided to call it a night. I walked her to her car and gave her a little hug and kiss on the cheek. We had agreed to meet again but I was not 100% sure about it as I drove off.

About 30 minutes later I got a text from Nina.

“Greg I had a nice time. Was everything okay? You seemed a little indifferent. Actually I found that a little appealing though. Most men are all over you,” she said. “As a matter of fact I find that such a turn-on.”

“Hi. I didn’t mean to seem indifferent but glad that you found it appealing I guess–LOL”

“Would you like to come over now? My roommate is out tonight. I know this sounds forward but we are both adults.”

“I’m flattered with the invite. Sure that sounds nice,” I replied.

Nina gave me her address and making the 15 minute drive I was not sure what to expect and I was not gonna assume she wanted to get laid and was gonna let her drive the direction of my visit. Having two past Korean girlfriends I know they can be assertive.

Her house was nice. It had to be 3,000 sq ft and in a very nice neighborhood. When I arrived I noticed the front door was open but knocked and called her name.

“Come on in Greg. I’m in the back.”

As I walked past the entry and dining room I saw her standing in the living room looking out the very large picture window overlooking her great view.

“Hi Nina.”

She didn’t reply but just smiled. I could see she was breathing a little heavy and looked like she wanted to be taken. I walked up to her and we said nothing. I took her in my arms and we began kissing. Our tongues were aggressively working. She still didn’t say anything. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. I was surprised how much she wanted some cock.

“I need this Greg,” she said engulfing my shaft.

She worked my cock and balls. For some reason I flashed on our first meeting and decided she wanted to meet someone fast and to fuck as soon as possible–I just happen to be the man that fell into her path.

“Ahhhh, ah Nina. Mmmmm. Yes. Suck my cock. Take it all.” I began to really pump my cock into her throat. She was gagging a little but seemed to like this way.

“Mmmmm. Yes Greg. I really like your thick cock.” She kept up the movement and then started to trade off on my balls as she stroked my saliva covered rod.

“Take it you little slut. Suck that white cock.”

“Yes I’m your slut but please don’t call me whore or anything else,” she said with a look that told me there was some past history. She sucked from her knees for almost ten minutes.

“Ahhhhh, ah, ah, ah. Mmmmmmm. Nina that feels great. Suck my balls again.” She took my order and had both balls in her mouth and stroked my cock.

“Ahhhhh, ah, ah, ah.” I was getting close and she could sense it with my scrotum tightening in her mouth. She pulled away and began sucking me again.

“Yesssssss, Yesssssssss, Ahhhhh.” As I shot my Hot load into her mouth. My cum came out at the corners of her mouth and she eagerly lapped it back into her mouth. I could tell she liked cum and slowly licked me and squeezed out every drop. The last big drop she used to lubricate her hand and took her palm and began rubbing my head with pressure and was so stimulated that I ejaculated a little pee into her hands but she seemed to like it.

“I like this,” she said looking at me and then my thick cock.

I helped her up and pushed her onto the dining table and aggressively pulled her jeans off.

“Yes here,” she panted out in a lusty way.

I pulled her panties off and she moaned as I began licking her dripping slit. I was gonna eat her just long enough for me to get hard again–if she got off then lucky for her. I didn’t care really and I don’t think she did either. We both wanted my cock in her Pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes. Oh god yes. That feels great.”

She tasted great and she was dripping on the table. I was just biding time until my cock was hard enough to stuff into her waiting hole.

After five more minutes I was ready–eating Pussy at all times gets me hard. I took my cock and ran it up and down on her Pussy. She was looking at me not as a man that she was over the stars with but as a man she needed to fuck her. Nina was a complete slut and wanted a hard cock.

“Greg stop teasing me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

With that I lined my cock up and plowed into her wet walls.

“Ohhhhh, oh. Ah.” She squealed out.

“Take my cock you little slut.” As I plowed into her. The table was shaking with each thrust. She moaned in pleasure as I banged my balls into her Ass.

“Yes. Just fuck me. Harder. Harder. Bang my Pussy. Ohhhhhh, oh yes. Fuck yes.”

“Errrr, ahhhhh, errrr, ahhhh.” I had never fucked a Pussy so hard as I kept pumping into her for almost ten more mintues. “Ahhhhhhhhh, ah, ah ,ah, ah.” I began pumping my cock even harder.

“I’m Cumming. Yes, Yes, Yes.” As she got off.

I decided to flip her over and inserted my cock into her again. I also took my finger and penetrated her Ass. She had a lot of wetness that had coated her star and my finger went it in smoothly. As if too good to be true I saw some hand lotion three feet away on the kitchen counter and leaned over and grabbed it. I poured some on her Ass.

“Oh yes. Fuck my Ass too?”

I didn’t respond and only put in another finger and was stretching her Ass to take my cock. I poured more lotion on her Ass opening and now put in a third finger. After a minute she was ready. While fingering her Ass I was stroking my cock with the lotion and I inserted my head and she began breathing deeply. I worked my lubed cock inside her.

“Where is my cock you slut?”

“In my Ass. In my Ass. It feels so good,” she panted like an animal as I began building up my motion. It was obvious she liked Anal. She was relaxed and digging it as I now was banging into her. I had never gone bareback in a woman’s Ass before and the warmth and her puckering her Ass was now making my balls feel great.

For some reason I was lasting a while and then was beginning to think that I was not gonna be able to cum. I grabbed on to Nina’s hips and began fucking her faster but it seemed the more I tried I just got close and then the feeling would subside. I was just about to pull out when she said the magic words.

“Give me that white cum. I’ve never had cum in my Ass and I want it. Give it to me,” she panted. She was a slut for my cock and started to rub her clit.

Nina saying that got my balls tight as I was now a madman plowing into Ass.

“ERRRR, ERRRR. AHHHHHH, ah, ah. Take my cum in that tight Ass. Yes. Ahhhh, ahh, ah, ahhhhhhh.” I unloaded in her Ass as she milked my cock anally with her opening.

“Don’t pull out yet!” Nina was madly rubbing her Pussy and soon had a hard Orgasm. Her Ass was clamped down on my cock.

We were both breathing hard. The table had drops of sweat. I slowly pulled my cock out of her Ass. Her Ass was still open and I could see a little of my cum.

“Let’s take a Shower,” Nina said as she got off the table.

In the bath I relieved myself of a long flow, which was a good way to flush myself of anything. In the Shower it was a lot of soap. I detected that Nina was a little distant and not making much eye contact. I could tell she may be having remorse.

I began to sense an odd vibe from her. There was zero affection. It was to the point when I finished drying off I decided to get dressed and discover a way to leave.

“Well it’s getting late so I guess I should get going.” Still no affection or mention of staying.

“Yeah it is,” she said looking at the clock. “I didn’t know it was so late.”

This was the most bizarre ending. True there was no Romance, it was fucking. As I walked to the door I was even more surprised when she stopped about ten feet from the door. I took this as she just wanted a fuck and for me to leave and that was it.

“Well take care,” was all I could muster given the odd ending. She just nodded.

Driving home I was beginning to think how odd all of this was. She literally picked me up at lunch and just wanted was a fast fling as soon as feasible. We never texted or called each other again.

About three or four weeks later I was at the mall and saw Nina in the Apple store looking at phones. I walked in just to see how she would respond with seeing me. I got within twenty feet of her and she looked up at me with shock and fear. Then a very serious looking older Korean man walked up to her and called her by a different name. The combination of her fear in seeing me, this man, and the different name all led me to the fact that she was probably married. I was not gonna cause any trouble but hung around to make her feel a little uncomfortable because I would not have had anything to do with her if I had known she was married. A minute later as I walked by them in the store again she looked straight through me as if I was invisible–I wondered what a cold woman she was.

I left the mall and a few hours later because of curiosity and an odd vibe decided to drive past her house. When I was approaching the address I saw another Asian woman out front watering the roses. She looked the same age as “Nina” and I also noticed a different car in the garage.

It all dawned on me. Nina was indeed married and this was the house of the friend that she needed to run to and water the roses and bring in the mail. I began to laugh and said to myself as driving by, “I wonder how her friend would feel if she knew I Ass fucked “Nina” on her dining room table.

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