A Love Story of Two Sisters Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Hallie Parker and Annie James were now in a relationship with each other. Despite being sisters, they were in Love with each other.

During one night, they had spent the entire night 69ing, sucking and slurping silently on each other’s cocks.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They would purposely get in trouble, and get sent to the isolation cabin just to have Sex with each other. At first, Hallie would be fucking Annie, but soon they both were fucking each other.

They would alternate who was fucking whom each session. First, Hallie would be fucking Annie, but then in the next session; Annie would be fucking Hallie.

One day, after a passionate sexual intercourse session, the two girls were snuggling up against each other, Annie’s head on Hallie’s chest. “I still can’t believe it,” Annie said. “We’re twin sisters.”

Hallie smiled and kissed her Sister‘s head and began to stroke her Sister‘s head. “I know,” she said. “Having intercourse with you has been the best thing ever.”

Annie smiled. She sat up. “I wish our parents knew how much we loved each other,” she said. “Maybe they could tag team us side by side.”

Hallie smiled as well. She sat up. “Annie,” she said. “Can you tell me about our mother? Your mother?”

Annie smiled and nodded. “Well, there’s not much to say,” she said. “I live in London with my mother Susan. I would have female servants that I would fuck or get fucked by every single moment.”

Hallie smiled. She wrapped her hand around Annie’s cock and began to stroke it slowly. “Did your mom ever fuck you every morning?” Hallie asked.

Annie smiled and nodded. She pulled down her shorts, allowing her twin Sister to start sucking her off. Annie began to hump her Sister‘s face. “Every single morning,” Annie said.

Annie then came hard, spurting her futa spunk deep inside Hallie’s mouth. Annie moaned as Hallie sucked her dry.

Annie’s full name was Brianna Noelle “Annie” James. She also went by Ann and Slut.

Hallie then explained her own life. Hallie Parker lived in California with her mother Sophia. Her full name was Hallie Sabrina Parker. She also went by Hal and Squirt.

Hallie smiled and kissed her Sister‘s lips. Annie moaned as she tasted herself on Hallie’s lips and tongue. Hallie then pulled away. “I have an idea,” she said. “What if we switch places? You live with my mom, and I go live with your mom. We could explore each other’s mothers and become more intimate with them even to the point where we might even consider getting impregnated by our mothers. We’ll keep in touch with each other and talk about our days.”

Annie sighed deeply. Annie was a red-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian female of average height with freckles and pale white skin. She had long red hair that reached her mid-back. She usually pulled half of it back either into a ponytail or braid.

Like Hallie, she wore a locket with her initials (“A”) on it, which she had since she was born. She dressed in more formal attire than Hallie. Many of her outfits also consisted of skirts and were generally white. She spoke with a British accent.

Hallie smiled. Hallie was a red-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian female of average height with freckles and pale white skin. She had short hair that reached her shoulders and side-swept bangs that reached below her cheek. She usually tied her hair into her signature half ponytail, pulled it all into a bun, wore a headband, or clipped her bangs away. She also had pierced ears and painted nails, traits that set her apart from Annie.

Like Annie, she also wore a locket with her initials (“H”) on it, which she had since she was born. She dressed in more casual, colorful, tomboyish clothes in comparison to Annie, often wearing coats, t-shirts, and pants. She spoke with a California accent.

Annie shook her head. “It won’t work,” she said. “We don’t look like each other at all.”

Hallie smiled. “Not yet,” she said. Annie looked at her Sister, wondering what she had planned. “Listen, if we are going to pull this off without being caught, we need to understand what the other one is like; physically, emotionally and sexually.” Annie grunted in response. Hallie smiled. “We’re also going to have to change your appearance. My mom will know it’s not me.”

Annie smiled and nodded. “That makes sense to me,” she said. She squealed in excitement. “Having a nice incestuous lesbian futanari foursome with our mothers and each other is making me feel so Horny.”

Hallie smiled. She felt the same way. Her Pussy was already soaking wet with excitement and anticipation. She wanted Annie to enter her. “Annie, I can’t take it anymore,” Hallie said. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast.”

Annie smiled and nodded. They then proceeded to strip each other naked. Annie then rolled Hallie over onto her back and kissed her lips.

As they kissed each other, Hallie’s hands travelled down to Annie’s dick. It was rock hard and erect. Hallie whimpered in pleasure. She wanted her Sister to fuck her now. “Please Annie,” she said. “I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me now.”

Annie smiled and nodded. Without any hesitation or warnings, she plunged her entire cock deep inside Hallie’s cunt. The heat between their respective bodies caused the two girls to moan. Annie then proceeded to drill Hallie’s cunt with slow and deep thrusts. The warm sensation of Hallie’s cunt wrapped around Annie’s dick felt so good. Annie knew that she wasn’t going to last a long time. She wanted to make Hallie cum first.

Annie smiled. She lifted Hallie’s legs up, with toes facing towards Hallie’s head. Annie then leaned on Hallie, resting her own palms around Hallie’s waist.

Annie now got into the position and started piercing harder, deeper and faster than before.

Annie continued to fuck Hallie’s cunt until Hallie’s climax was reached with out of the world ecstasy. Hallie whimpered in pleasure as she wrapped her arms and legs around Annie’s body.

Hallie then came, squirting her juices all over Annie’s cock. She experienced ten orgasms in a row. With sweat dripping from her face, Hallie smiled at her Sister. “You made me cum so hard,” she panted. “But you didn’t cum.”

Annie smiled. “Then let’s fix that,” she said. She rolled Hallie over onto her belly. Hallie was now lying on her stomach, there resting her palms on the bed. Annie overlapped her twin Sister and also rested her palms on the bed. Now the up and down movement did it all and Hallie and Annie both moaned with extreme pleasure. Annie then delivered a hard spank to Hallie’s buttcheek, causing the young teen to yelp in pain. “Yes Annie, fuck me,” Hallie said. “Fuck your Sister. Fuck me hard.” Hallie then proceeded to moan in short gasps. “Oh god. I’m gonna come soon.”

Annie moaned. “Me too, baby,” she said.

Both girls were now close to their respective orgasms. Hallie then came, squirting her juices all over the bed and Annie’s dick. With a final thrust, Annie came hard, spurting her futa spunk deep inside Hallie’s cunt.

The intense pleasure became too much for the twins. With a muffled whimper, they collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

At 3:30 am….

Annie woke up and stretched her arms. She looked around and saw Hallie sleeping next to her. Annie’s cum was leaking from Hallie’s cunt.

That morning….

The two girls got dressed in each other’s clothes. Annie was currently wearing a white sweater with a black collar and white pants. Hallie was currently wearing a purple t-shirt, black hoodie sweater, and a pair of red and black plaid pants. They then stripped naked and swapped clothes.

Annie sighed. Now they had to change their appearance. Hallie cut Annie’s hair shoulder length and side-swept the bangs that reached below her cheek. After that, she tied half of it back into a ponytail (Hallie’s signature hairstyle), tied it into short pigtail braids, wore a headband, or pulled it all back into either a ponytail or with a hairclip. Annie also had her nails painted like Hallie’s. This was so they could switch places. She also got her ears pierced by Hallie because it would look strange if she, posing as Hallie, would go back without them.

Hallie stepped back and admired her Sister‘s new look. “Now,” she said. “You need to speak like an American.”

Annie nodded. She practiced until she was able to imitate an American accent as well.

For Hallie, she was able to imitate a British accent.

The two girls then spent the rest of the summer camp learning more about each other’s personalities.

Annie and Hallie were very similar in personality. They were both mischievous and intelligent. They also shared similar interests, such as their Love for poker, fencing and Oreos with peanut butter. They were both equally good at fencing and poker but Annie was slightly better at fencing than Hallie, and vice versa. They also were both allergic to strawberries.

However, Annie still had distinct differences from Hallie. She was more proper and mature than the latter. She also used more formal and proper vocabulary compared to Hallie. Annie was also not as talkative and seemed to be quieter than Hallie. She was bilingual or multilingual, as she spoke French. She was patient and a very polite, anxious person and tended to worry more than Hallie. Annie was also more serious and can be very intelligent and shrewd. She was not shy as well as she didn’t seem embarrassed about skinny dipping into a lake naked, even after Hallie stole her clothes. Annie also had a smaller appetite compared to Hallie, as she only had a bite of toast for breakfast.

However, Hallie still had distinct differences from Annie. She was less mature, as shown during their first meeting where Annie had bested her in fencing and she accidentally fell into a water holder. She was vindicated and immediately pulled Annie down in retaliation (despite Annie attempting to apologize and help her up), instigating the animosity between them. She also stole Annie’s clothes after the latter, who lost in a game of poker, was forced to skinny dip in the nearby lake, prompting the prank wars that began between them. Hallie was slightly childish, as she still carried a stuffed animal named Cuppy who has been with her since she was young. She also had a bad habit of biting her nails where Sophia says she had “been biting them since she could chew”. Hallie was also impatient and did not listen, as she quickly hung up on Annie when she was trying to explain that Sophia was remarrying, with Hallie brushing her off by saying it would not happen and that she wanted to spend more time with Susan. She spoke in a less formal manner than Annie and showed an interest in wine, which stemmed from living in a vineyard with Sophia. Hallie also had a much bigger appetite than Annie where the latter reprimands her to ‘stop thinking about your stomach at a time like this’.

Annie smiled. “You look so sexy and Hot,” she said.

Hallie gasped, and leaped to her feet, running for the door. Annie was too fast, though, and lunged at her Sister‘s ankles, causing her to fall hard over the trunk that still blocked the exit. The air rushed out of Hallie’s lungs when she fell, the edge of the chest jamming hard into her stomach.

While she was stunned, Annie clawed at her Sister‘s pants, ripping them down Hallie’s legs in one quick, strong motion.

“NO!!” Hallie screeched. “Not like this! Not with you! I’m your Sister!!”

Annie wasn’t listening, though. Her eyes were glued to her Sister‘s Pussy, and she salivated at the sight. She pinned Hallie roughly to the trunk, and dove forward, swiping her tongue greedily through the older girl’s tender folds from behind.

Hallie gave a shudder, disgusted and terrified. She was surprised by Annie’s strength, however, and couldn’t seem to pull herself away. Her pants were wrapped around her ankles, preventing her from even trying to kick herself Free.

Annie was gorging herself on her Sister‘s cunt, now, her tongue burrowed deep inside Hallie, and her nose pressing hard between Hallie’s naked butt cheeks. She moaned as she savoured the sweet flavour of Pussy, the only flavour she would ever want to taste again…

Hallie struggled to resist her Sister‘s lashing tongue, but she could feel her body betraying her. She was beginning to feel Hot, and her Pussy was beginning to get wet.No… she thought, weakly. Her thighs spread wider, and Annie mewled happily.

Annie raked her tongue through Hallie’s Pussy, dragging it up to Hallie’s sphincter and stabbing it through the tight opening. Hallie grunted as she felt her anus being pushed open. At the same time, Annie plunged three fingers into her big Sister‘s cunt. It was already wet enough to take them easily.

Hallie’s breath rasped as she hung helplessly over the heavy trunk, her hair hanging over her reddening face. Her breasts mashed against the hard surface through her t-shirt. Annie’s fingers sloshed as they pumped relentlessly in her flowing cunt.

God… I can’t stop myself… Hallie thought, as she pushed herself back harder against her little Sister‘s face. She could already feel the desire of her own Sister taking over. “Ooooo… Annie!” she groaned aloud. “D-d-don’t stop! Fuck my Pussy!”

Annie grunted in response, and eased a fourth finger into Hallie’s dripping gash. She bunched them together, twisting them with every thrust so she could scrape her nails against her Sister‘s inner walls.

By now Hallie had given herself completely over to her Sister, all will power leaving her undulating body. She struggled clumsily to kick herself Free of her pants, which were still bunched and twisted around her feet.

With one smooth gesture, Annie helped yank them the rest of the way off, then flipped Hallie over easily so she was laying on her back. Annie’s fingers continued to pummel into her Sister‘s Pussy, and she took Hallie’s clit between her teeth, biting hard and twisting the swollen nub.

Hallie screamed, but it was a scream of pleasure. Her body grew sweaty, and she fumbled with her sweater, struggling to pull it off. In her desperation to get naked, the material tore, and she peeled the fabric away, until it hung open loosely from her shoulders.

Annie looked up at her Sister‘s naked chest, and her eyes shone with arousal. She lifted her face from Hallie’s Pussy and leaned forward, sucking a bright pink nipple into her mouth. At the same time, she pressed the four fingers in Hallie’s Pussy together, and began to work her thumb in beside them.

Hallie shivered as she felt her box being stretched around her little Sister‘s hand. Somewhere in her mind, she was screaming in horror at what was happening. A shrinking part of herself still objected to what the two of them were doing…

Hallie ignored the fading objections easily, though, and welcomed Annie’s fist into her drooling gash. The younger girl had balled her fingers together, and was buried inside her Sister to the wrist. Her arm pistoned violently, and Pussy juice spattered it with every thrust.

“Fuck, Annie!! Fuck me!! FUCK YOUR DIRTY FUCKING Sister!!” Hallie wailed. Her body shone with perspiration. Annie’s eyes gazed up into her contorted face from her chest, where she continued to slurp on her swollen nipple.

Hallie’s fingernails scraped against the trunk’s lid as she gripped it tightly. Her Ass undulated as she pressed herself down harder on her Sister‘s arm.

In one swift motion, she reached for Annie, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her face up from her chest. Their mouths collided in a wanton kiss, the two sisters groaning as their tongues stabbed between one another’s lips.

The girls made out ferociously, saliva running over their chins as their tongues duelled. Hallie still held Annie’s hair bunched tightly in one fist, and used her other hand to start tearing at the younger girl’s clothing.

It wasn’t long before Annie’s v-neck collar was stretched down over her chest, her small breasts bunched together and sticking out from the slowly tearing opening. Hallie’s fingers groped and kneaded the soft flesh, and pulled and twisted her aching nipples.

Annie’s fist still sloshed in her big Sister‘s Pussy, even when Hallie pushed herself up from the trunk and both sisters fell back onto the dusty floor. They rolled around frantically, pawing at each other as bits of clothing were ripped from their sweaty bodies.

Hallie finally ended up on top of her little Sister, stuffing her spit covered tits into the girl’s face as she churned her hips desperately. Her cunt swallowed Annie’s hand greedily, and Pussy cream dripped down the inside of her thigh.

“Fist me, you fucking bitch!” the older girl wailed, pulling Annie’s face harder against her chest. She tossed her head back, her body convulsing as an Orgasm erupted from her torn open snatch.

“FUCKING FUCK!! YEEEEESSSSS!!” she screeched, as she pounded her body violently on top of her Sister.

For her part, Annie held Hallie tightly, the fingers of one hand digging into the older girl’s Ass flesh even as the other pounded relentlessly into the back of her Sister‘s womb.

Hallie smothered Annie with her breasts, her face contorted in ecstasy. Even when Annie started to nip at her swollen nipples, she still held her firmly in place. Only when her pleasure finally began to subside did she loosen her grip on Annie’s tangled hair.

The younger girl gasped for breath when she was finally able to pull herself Free. Her face was covered in saliva and glowing bright pink from the heat.

Annie slowly pulled her hand from Hallie’s battered Pussy, until her fingers slid Free with a wet sloshing noise. She pulled her gooey digits up to her face, where both sisters immediately began to lick them clean.

They moaned and grunted as they slurped up Hallie’s cum, their noses bumping as they fought for more of the intoxicating flavour. When they’d lapped up all they could, Annie pulled her fingers away, and the two sisters kissed sloppily, their tongues drilling into each other’s mouths.

After several minutes of deep kissing, Hallie began to move down her younger Sister‘s body. Annie’s breasts were bare, the tatters of what remained of her shirt strewn about the attic floor. Hallie attacked them savagely, sucking the warm flesh into her mouth and biting the sensitive nipples.

“Fuuuuck…” Annie whimpered. “I need it Sis! Make me cum, p-p-please!!”

Hallie looked up into her baby Sister‘s eyes and groaned. Saliva dripped from her chin, landing on Annie’s bite mark covered flesh.

She slid between her legs, easily tearing away the flimsy shorts her Sister wore. She pushed Annie’s thighs up until her knees were tucked against her chest. The younger girl’s wet Pussy poked out from between her thighs, her wetness glistening on her hairless cunt lips. Beneath it, her tight, pink asshole pulsed, and seemed to beg for Hallie’s touch.

The older girl was all too happy to oblige, running her wet tongue slowly over the puckered orifice and moaning at it’s pungent flavour. She let her spit build up in her mouth, running down her tongue to coat her Sister‘s crack as she used her hands to spread Annie’s firm cheeks wide.

“Ooooooh, shiiiiiiiit!!” Annie whimpered. She reached under her knees, holding her legs firmly under her chin to allow her Sister greater access.

Hallie slurped and licked at Annie’s sphincter, getting it good and wet. Once she was satisfied with the amount of spit she’d coated it with, she moved her lips higher, giving her Sister‘s cunt a slobbery kiss. Two of her fingers pressed into the younger girl’s Ass, forcing their way into the tight, dark channel.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Annie’s face was bright red and her eyes bulged as her anus stretched around Hallie’s fingers. The spit allowed them to plunge deep easily, and the sensation was overpowering.

At the same time, Hallie had begun to eat Annie’s Pussy in earnest, lavishing it hungrily with the flat of her pink, flicking tongue.

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