A Lesson from Mom

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Story Summary

The story revolves around a young woman’s unexpected and unconventional sexual experiences, initiated when her mother discovers her in a compromising situation. Instead of reacting with anger or disappointment, her mother decides to use this as a teaching moment, leading to a series of sexual explorations involving quizzes, discussions, and eventually, participation in a highly sexualized environment. The narrative delves into themes of sexual discovery, the blurring of traditional boundaries, and the complex dynamics between consent, pleasure, and experimentation.


Chapter 1

What could be worse than to be 19 and have your mother catch you
fucking your boyfriend? Nothing, right?
Wrong. Mom came home early one afternoon, earlier than I’d
expected. She caught us, alright, but she caught my cousin, Ann, too.
We were in bed together, with my boyfriend. Ann was kneeling, ass
curved high over drawn up knees, face buried in my thrusting crotch.
My naked thighs covered her ears.
Jim had just come in Ann’s sweet pussy when Mom walked into the
room. The writhing of my hips ceased abruptly as I froze in shock and
fear. Ann took the sudden clenching as sign of my orgasm and continued
to lick my cunt and suck my clit for another few seconds before she
realized that, as she later put it, “the jig was up.”
Jim was 20, Ann and I were 19, and Mom was pretty cool. But she did
send Jim away, and told us to dress and meet her in the living room.

My parents had divorced when I was eight, and Mom had tried hard to
raise me well. She’d been only 18 when I was born, and she didn’t want
me to retrace her steps. We’d talked about love and sex from the
beginning, and she put me on “the pill” when I turned 16. Not that she
condoned sex at such an age, but she knew only too well the urges that
would soon be stirring within me.
And now she’d seen me hold Ann’s face against my pussy. I feared
that her `cool’ might not stand this particular heat.

She began by saying that we had acted recklessly: we were old
enough to know how to avoid being “discovered” like that. She went on
about having “unprotected” sex, even though she knew Ann was on the
pill, too. Her cool was gone. She wasn’t really angry, just concerned,
and a little bit irritated, and she sent us to our rooms. Ann went to
the guest room and I plopped onto my own bed. Mom had said something
about deciding on the proper `punishment’ to `teach us a lesson.’ The
dishwasher under the kitchen counter precluded a sentence to `dishpan
hands,’ but the idea of spending my summer dragging around a vacuum
cleaner and washing windows didn’t appeal to me either.
I heard Mom make a few phone calls and then go into her study. The
clicking of her computer keyboard could be heard, and then the
printer’s buzzing. Not long afterwards Mom called us into the hall,
and handed us a couple of forms and ballpoint pens.
“Answer these question honestly. You have thirty minutes.”
The way she emphasized `honestly’ made me curious. Ann and I left,
each to her own room, to answer the questions.
The form was a sex-quiz, and I wondered that she was trying to see
how much we knew. The first few were easy. “Have you ever had
intercourse? If so, how many times? (approx).” Then, “Do you
masturbate? If so, how often?”. As I went down the list, answering
somewhat honestly (yes, more than 10, yes, twice a week, and so on), I
stopped at the next few questions.
“Have you ever put anything in your rectum? What?”
“Have you ever had anal sex? How many times? Did you like it?”
“Have you ever had oral sex? Give or receive? Did you like it?
“What is your favorite position? Why?”
“What is your favorite sexual fantasy? (briefly)”
“Have you ever had sex with another woman? Did you like it?”
“Have you ever had sex with more than one or two people at a time?”
You get the idea. There were almost thirty five questions, and with
just thirty minutes, you had either to answer truthfully, or else deny
everything just to get through on time.
Mom had lied: we got forty minutes. She collected the forms and
told us to wait in our rooms. After ten minutes she called Ann into
her bedroom and talked to her for nearly a quarter of an hour. Ann
returned to her room, looking sheepish. Then it was my turn.
“Darling,” Mom began, “I’m glad you enjoy sex, but you need to know
how to treat it. It’s not the most essential thing in the world.”
I nodded. She told me that while sex was fun, sex and love were two
different things; and that sex WITH love was the best. I nodded again.
Then she handed me one of the forms and told me to read it. I did, and
quickly noticed Ann’s left-handed script.
Ann had answered honestly, as far as I could tell, saying that
she’d had sex and masturbated almost daily. She had done both oral and
anal sex, and liked it “doggy style”. Yes, she had been to bed with
women (me included), and had tried group sex. But what got me was her
fantasy. “To have Julie eat my pussy while three guys take turns
pleasing me – in front of a group of other people.”
I’m Julie.
Mom’s eyebrow raised quizzically when I looked up at her. I knew
what I’d written as my fantasy (my second favorite, actually), and
that was to make love with two guys outdoors in the warm sunshine
where anyone could see us.
“Ann’s got a crush on you,” Mom said. “How do you feel about that?”
“I’m glad.” I said, truthfully. Mom only smiled and told me to
return to my room.
I loved Ann, and we’d pleased each other several times since she’d
come out from back east for the summer. But I suspected that Mom had
shown my answers to Ann, and that she, realizing that I’d likewise
seen hers, might be a little embarrassed at what I’d learned.
Mom was talking on the phone again, and I thought who she was
calling. More to the point, I thought if she were telling someone
about all this. Before I had a chance to eavesdrop, she was off the
phone and calling us into the hall.
Mom told us to shower and shave our legs, and then to dress in the
clothes that she would lay out. We had to hurry because we’d be
leaving at half past six, forty-five minutes from now. Ann and I went
into the bathroom, stripped and jumped in the shower. With time
against us, we didn’t play around (well, not much), but we thought
why Mom was rushing us.
Toweled mostly dry, we returned to our rooms to dress. While we
were in the shower, Mom had laid out a light cotton halter dress on my
bed. Under the dress was a deep blue garter belt and a pair of sheer
nylons. A little bird told me that no matter Mom had planned, I’d
probably enjoy it.

Chapter 2

I opened my dresser to get a pair of panties, and reached into the
drawer. It was empty except for a brief message written in blue ink on
a yellow post-it. “Julie:” Mom had written, “Don’t wear anything
except what is on your bed. Lone, Mom.” She had even put out a pair of
her high-heeled pumps.
I dressed, fumbling with the unfamiliar clasps of the garter belt.
The halter dress was light and airy, and ended three inches above my
knees. I have nice, big tits and the dress felt a little snug. It held
my breasts firmly enough, although they did tend to sag a little
without a bra. I’d worn heels only a few times before and was a little
unsteady at the new altitude. But they did nice things to my calves
and the mirror said that I looked sexy as hell.
Now dressed, and with five minutes to spare, I tried to dry my
hair. Both Ann and I have long blonde hair, which seems to drive guys
crazy. Mine is down to mid-back, and her’s ends just below the
shoulders. Ann’s hair dryer was whining from the guest room.
I put on a little makeup and met Mom and Ann in the front room. Ann
was gorgeous in a short denim skirt, dark stockings, and a peach
colored midriff top that showed off her flat, tanned tummy and sexy
navel. Her hair was still damp, mine was wet. The best part of living
in Las Vegas is that your hair dries quickly, especially in the
Mom wore one of her sensible dresses and carried the nylon gym bag
that I assumed held her exercise stuff. She went to the spa every
Tuesday and Thursday evening, and this was Thursday. She herded us
into the car and left the driveway, ignoring Ann’s questions about
where we were going. Just outside of town she stopped.
“I’m taking you girls to a very special place,” she said. “And,
right now, I want you to trust me completely.” This seemed a little
melodramatic, but we nodded our agreement. She handed us each a black
mask of the sort that some people use to help them sleep during the
day. Mom used to work as a dealer in some of the casinos, sleeping
while I went to college, and I’d seen her use these masks. We them on.
After she checked them, started the car.
“This place is very special, but I don’t want you to know where it
is. Not just yet anyway.” She said. “Otherwise, I might never get you
out of it.”
I began to wonder if there was a brothel nearby, or perhaps one of
the nudist camps people talked about. All sorts of other possibilities
went through my mind. We drove for another twenty more minutes before
the car stopped. Mom told us to keep our masks on, and led us up three
steps and into a building.
A woman’s voice greet Mom as an old friend, and then we were led to
another room where Mom removed our masks. We were standing in a locker
room. (Thinking it was her gym, I thought what sort of spa Mom had
joined that required such secrecy.) She led us to one of the lockers,
opened it for us and told us to take off our dresses and shoes. She
disappeared around the corner and we heard a locker open and then the
`Ssshhh’ of a woman undressing.
We shrugged at each other, took off our dresses and put them in the
locker with our shoes. Ann didn’t have a garter-belt, but pantyhose –
without the panty part. They looked great on her lush hips. She eyed
my garter-belt, ran a finger along the strap and brushed her fingers
idly over my bush. I grabbed her hand and held it against my pussy.
Leaning back, I hit the open locker door and it slammed shut.
A voice came from around the corner. “Oh, good.” said Mom, “It
sounds like you’re all undressed. Now put your masks back on and I’ll
collect you in a moment.”
By this time Ann’s finger was in my slit and my tongue was circling
her nipples. We separated reluctantly, and sat down to put on our
masks and wait.
“You two look good enough to eat.” (Easy enough to speak of looking
when you don’t have to wear a mask!) There was a throatiness I’d not
heard before. The slight catch in Mom’s voice somehow added to the
lingering arousal Ann’s fingers had stirred in my pussy.
She took our hands and led us to another room. The soft carpeting
felt good under our naked feet.
Others were in the room, and I flushed, embarrassed and excited, as
their voices stilled. A woman greeted Mom.
“Are they read?”
“Yes, indeed they are. They’ve been very cooperative.”
I sensed a presence in front of me; warm, radiant, and sensual. The
woman’s voice was soft and husky.
“Welcome,” she said. “Imagine yourselves on a vacation cruise.
You’ll find pleasures of which you’ve never dreamed. And you may
leave the ship at any time. Just say `Choirboy’ and depart. No one
will stop you.”
(The image of an airline stewardess intoning the pre-takeoff safety
briefing flashed before my eyes.)
“We won’t force you to do anything.” Gentle, and competent, and
very sure of herself. “If you say `Orchid,’ we’ll stop what we’re
doing and go on to something else. Are there any questions? Do you
figure out?” The soft voice was irresistible. I could almost feel
sweet warm breath in my ear, a hand cupping my….
Recovering, I shook my head `No’ to the first question and nodded
affirmatively to the second. But that was not enough. Even though it
seemed silly to us, Ann and I had to repeat and explain the meanings
of both words.
Then another question: “You’ve enjoyed sex together, yes?”
We told her that we had.
“Then kiss each other.”
Still blindfolded, we embraced. It was incredibly erotic – nearly
naked, breast to breast before people we couldn’t see, kissing, Ann’s
thigh moving between my legs. Her cupped hands kneaded my buttocks and
I ground my pussy against her outhrust hip. Somewhere, I was sure, my
Mom was watching.
“How lovely they are,” the woman breathed to herself. And then,
more crisply, to us, “But that’s enough for now.” I wasn’t so sure.
Another woman came up to lead Ann away. “This way, Ann.” The new
voice was higher, and very pretty. I thought if the owner were as
pretty as her voice.

Chapter 3

I’d already decided that the husky-voiced woman was about my height
(five foot six), nicely shaped, with long dark hair, and a wide,
sensual mouth. She led me across the room and helped me identify a
table, chair and sofa. (I was a little nervous without Ann nearby – I
felt somehow alone in the crowded room.) She had me step back a little
and told me to spread my legs. I did, stopping when she was satisfied.
“Now keep your arms straight against your sides,” she cautioned.
And then hands were at my breasts, tenderly mapping their contours
and lingering on the sensitive underside. The hands slid down my hips
and lips closed softly around my right nipple. I was sure it was a
woman by the touch, probably Ms Sexyvoice. Wrong: for the familiar
voice began telling me that I was to receive pleasure, but need not
give unless I wanted to. The mouth on my nipple switched breasts, and
continued to lick and suck. I sure did want to GIVE as well as
receive! I would see and kiss Ms Sexyvoice before I ate her pussy!
The lips left my breasts as she told me that someone waited below
to lick my pussy. I knelt gingerly, guided by unseen hands. Warm flesh
caressed my thighs and someone began to lick me slowly, even lovingly.
It felt great, and I relished the sensation.
Things began to move faster; someone to my left began fondling my
breast. I touched the arm; a man’s arm, strong, and hairy. My hand
explored and found his swollen cock. It wasn’t massive, but it was nice.
He was stroking himself while playing with my breast. A different hand
on my right breast, and I searched out another cock. The two men gave
me pleasure slowly, calmly.
The man on my right pressed his penis to my lips and I let him
enter, tasting his rubbery cock and catching his musky scent. He moved
in and out of my mouth, slowly, letting me tongue the head and shaft.
My pussy was soaking, and whoever was eating me seemed to enjoy it. I
was getting really hot. The guys that were near me switched, and the
other man gave me his cock to suck. It was a nice cock – not too big,
not too small. It filled my mouth well. I had to stretch a little bit,
but not at all uncomfortably. They went back and forth, changing off.
It excited me to think of them both coming.
The girl sucking my pussy (I’m sure it was a girl), reached up and
squeezed my tits. Her thumbs swept the inside of my breasts and
circled the nipples ’til I cried aloud.
I heard Ann moaning, her sweet voice pleading that someone not stop
whatever it was they were doing.
Now a man’s voice, near and in front of me, said “Ready guys?” I
thought what he meant. As if on cue the girl began sucking my clit
hard and fingers slid into my dripping pussy. I was ready to come, and
she kept me there, her tongue withdrawing at just the right/wrong
moment. I rocked my hips, trying to come, but she kept me on the verge
without letting me go over. The cocks were out of my mouth, which was
fine; I was breathing hard and concentrating on my own orgasm. I
reached for my clit, only to have strong feminine hands pull my arms
behind me and hold them there.
“Let me come!” I moaned, only to hear Ms Sexyvoice tell me that I
would come soon. I was trying to make the girl suck my clit, working
my hips around on her face, but couldn’t make the contact I needed.
There was a deep groan from one of the guys, and then a gush of semen
landed on my tits. It felt warm, and it ran down to my nipple as more
spurted onto me. I moaned, wanting to come right then. Then another
spurt, this one from the right, landed on my cheek. I felt his cum
running down my neck and he kept on spurting until the side of my
face, and my lips were warm and wet with his cream. It tasted pretty
good, and I remembered that I was being watched, not only by
strangers, but by my own mother as well! The man in front of me came
as though from a firehose. I opened my mouth and he spurt onto my
tongue, my neck and my chin. It all felt good. Warm, wet, salty, and
slick. I swallowed what was on my tongue.
Suddenly, my clit was being sucked. I was getting really close, and
the sperm dribbling down my chest made me exquisitely hot. I moaned
loudly, shaking as I felt the first twinges. And then she stopped!
“Make me come, damn it!” I moaned, only to feel hands lifting me to
my feet.
Ms Sexyvoice spoke firmly. “You will have your turn to come, dear,
and soon,” she said. “But we want to give you a night to remember.”
They’d already done that. She took my hand and led me across the
room. The come on my breasts ran down onto my belly, and some even
reached my thighs. We stopped and Ms Sexyvoice told me to get down on
all fours, and to keep my hands on the ground. I did, and a man slid
his cock into my pussy. God, it felt great! Then a cock pressed
against my lips, and I sucked it. These guys worked like it was one,
long cock, the one in my mouth pulling out as the guy behind me pushed
it. The one in my pussy was big enough that he stretched me a little,
making me quiver with a need to come. I felt a mouth on my right tit,
licking the cum off my nipple. This went on for a while, until without
much warning the guy in my pussy came, flooding me with warm semen. I
wanted badly to reach back and get myself. I kept trying to milk his
cock back into my pussy, hoping he would keep fucking until I came,
but he pulled out. Just as I felt his creamy sperm leaking out of me,
I got a mouthful from the other guy. I swallowed quickly, trying to
keep up. He pulled out and a woman’s mouth covered mine, kissing me
and licking my tongue and lips, and face. I stuck my tongue out and
tasted sperm on her face. too. I was incredibly excited by that. I
could hear Ann, closer to me now, moaning as though she were about to
come, and that made me moan too.

Chapter 4

Ms Sexyvoice returned, escorting me to what felt like a weight
bench, was narrow and firmly padded. They lay me down on my back with
my legs on either side. I felt lips against my neck, and a tongue
licked, then another on my left nipple. Hands roamed my breasts and
stomach, rubbing the come into my skin. Two, perhaps three, girls were
ministering to my twisting body. Soft hands slid over my hips and
spread my pussy. They dipped into my sopping cunt and massaged the
juices into my thighs. Moaning and trying to get them to touch me
where I wanted, I just couldn’t stay still. I was floating and they
were making me so horny that I wondered I’d go crazy. I reached out and
each hand found a breast, warm, full, and soft. I began playing with
them too, enjoying their soft skin.
A cock pressed against my pussy, but then I realized it was the
third girl (there were three!) sliding a dildo into me. I tilted my
hips, letting it fill me while her hair brushed my thighs. The dildo
was long and thick and she worked it slowly at first. Then faster,
each stroke deeper, a growing avalanche that would soon overwhelm me.
I was close to coming when I felt her press a dildo to my ass, and
I got nervous. Her remedy was to tease my clit and tongue my anus
until it relaxed enough for her to slide it into me. I stretched to
take it. I began to shake, so very close, yet so far away. Nothing
existed except me, the girls, and the dildos.
My cries were muffled by the pussy now descending to my face. Cunt
hair brushed against my lips and nose, and I licked at it. Eagerly, in
fact, savoring the mingled pussy juice and sperm. I found the opening
and licked up the thick creams. Then the clit. It was unusually large
and hard, and I sucked it like a little cock, flicking it with my
tongue. A moan and suddenly my face was soaked as the cunt contracted
violently. Hips rocked over me, and I stuck my tongue into the pussy,
spasming muscles grabbbing at my tongue.
The spent pussy was replaced by another, shaved bare and fresh. Its
taste was incredibly sweet; musky and aromatic. No sperm here. Unseen
fingers pulled the labia aside and the pussy rode my mouth, rocking
wildly back and forth. I moaned into the naked cunt, lapping the sweet
juices and letting them lave my face. My own hips were churning under
the goad of dildos in my ass and cunt, getting closer, getting ready.
The girl was pumping them fast, alternating the strokes.
And again it stopped before I could come. I was in agony, so horny
that I’d have done anything to come. Days later I learned that this
was the intent.
Ms Sexyvoice led me again to another part of the room, and made me
sit down, legs outspread and leaning back on my hands. Hands snaked
around from behind to cup my breasts, and then guys were coming on me.
The girl cupping my tits just held them, letting the thick sperm ooze
over her fingers and my tits. I don’t know how many guys came on me,
but when I was led back to the bench, I felt drenched. My face was
wet, come ran down my neck and breasts, even down into my pubic hair.
They set my feet on either side of the bench and told me to lower
myself slowly. As I descended, hands spread my ass cheeks and a cock,
a real, live, warm cock pressed against my butt. It wasn’t very big
and slipped in easily. Feminine hands lifted my legs, and my arms went
’round their shoulders. It felt awfully sexy and really nasty when my
legs were lifted off the floor. My own weight forced me fully onto the
cock and my buttocks felt the coarse pubic hair. They began
alternately to lift and lower me, holding my legs wide open. The guy
below lay still for a while, then the girls held me up to letting him
fuck me. When he came, he shot what seemed a quart into my ass. I was
ready for anything now, and I wanted to come so bad that I would have
fought demons for the chance to finger my pussy.
Ms Sexyvoice intervened once more. She took me to the middle of the
floor and set me down, legs again spread wide, weight this tim on
elbows and forearms. Then another voice telling someone to kneel down.
Warm, damp skin brushed my inner thighs and I knew that it was Ann.
Surely she would make me come!
“We’ll take your masks off, now,” Ms Sexyvoice said, “and you’ll
have three minutes together. Do whatever you wish.”
My heart jumped. We can make each other come! The mask was removed
and I blinked. The lighting was soft, almost dark. Ann was kneeling in
front of me, and she was as covered with sperm and pussy juices as I.
Her hair was matted in places, and there were still thick streams of
sperm near her mouth.
We kissed each other quickly, and then she stood up, pushing her
cunt into my face. “Suck me bitch! Make me cum!” She spat. I sucked
her clit, and shoved three fingers into her slippery cunt, fucking her
madly with hand and tongue. Ann began to moan and shake, pulling my
head against her and rubbing her pussy against my face. I stopped and
looked up at her.
“You eat me, too. Let me come with you!” I pleaded with her.
“Don’t stop, you fucking slut!” Ann hissed back, shoving my face to
her pussy. “Make me come all over your face!”
Ann was obviously in much worse shape than I, so I jerked free and
pulled her down by me. No longer fighting, Ann turned around and lay
her slick body down on mine. She spread my legs wide and sucked my
cunt crazily. Her own pussy pressed against my mouth and I began
sucking her, too.
We finger fucked each other and sucked clits, ’til at last, at long
fucking last, my orgasm began. And Ann’s too. Her pussy grabbed my
fingers. Just another few seconds.
Someone pulled her off of me, and hands pushed me down, pinning my
arms to the floor. “No. Oh no. No damn it, let me come!” I screamed.
Ann was screaming the same way.
My mother appeared and and loomed over us in thigh high leather
boots. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She wore a leather harness with
large rings around her nipples and chains that ran between her legs.
Fingerless leather gloves covered her arms to well above her elbows.
She stood with her hands on her hips, looking down at us.
“Let the little sluts suck themselves off,” she commanded.
Relaying the order, Ms Sexyvoice told us that we now might make
each other come. I turned and looked at her for the first time. She
was a lovely woman of 28 or so, with large full tits, dark hair, and a
very sensual mouth. Her pussy was shaved bare, as was that of another,
younger girl who fingered Ms Sexyvoice’s cunt.
Ann moved over and we resumed our sixty-nine, knowing now that we
could come. We kissed and licked and fingered and sucked each other.
My pussy began to tighten, getting ready. There’d be no stopping now.
Ann’s pussy was doing the same, and we were about to go over the edge
together. Ann came first, and she rocked her hips wildly. Then I came,
with a gut-wrenching, moaning, thrashing climax that sent me reeling.
Ann collapsed had collapsed after her orgasme, pinning my poor
shuddering body to the carpet. When we finally finished, Ann stayed on
top of me, and I kissed her soft, wet pussy gently. She returned it,
her hand stroking my thigh.

Chapter 5

After a minute’s recuperation, Ann rolled off. Holding each other,
we looked around. It was furnished like a large living room, with
chairs and sofas, the bench, several foot stools and a coffee table.
Looking down, I realized that Ann was naked, and so was I. Someone had
stripped our hips and legs – but neither of us could remember how or
when. No matter. The other people in the room were either naked or
dressed in strange, sexy clothes.
I saw a blonde with a shaved pussy straddling a massive cock, and a
man with a small prick fucking a thirtyish woman’s asshole.
Ms Sexyvoice lay back on the sofa with her legs draped over the
shoulders of a pretty girl about our age. The girl’s face was hidden
between her thighs, eating the shaved pussy. A man stood next to her,
jerking off. Ann and I watched him shoot his come across ou mentor’s
full tits. The girl stopped sucking and began to lick the man’s cock.
She then turned and began licking the come from Ms Sexyvoice’s tits.
Ann pointed and I saw a woman hunched over a footstool with a nice
sized cock in her pussy and her face buried between another woman’s
legs. This was an all out orgy!
I looked for Mom, and finally saw her. I blinked, then looked
again. Three guys were shooting their cum over her face and tits,
while she rode another woman’s face. Mom was greedily licking their
cocks off when a redheaded woman came over and began rubbing the sperm
all over her face.
Ann and I looked at each other, and she wiped some cum from her
chest onto my face. It felt sexy and very nasty. My own tits were
soaked. I pulled her to me and she licked them clean. A guy knelt
down, holding his big dick near my tits and jacking himself off.
“Shoot your jism on her face.” I told him, and a few seconds later
he did; some of it splashed against my tits. Ann licked his cock
clean. When we kissed, she still had a glob of his cum in her mouth.
We chased it around and then she swallowed it, kissing me even harder.
The man watched, smiling.
Something probed my pussy. I looked back and saw a woman with a
strap on dildo kneeling behind me, spreading my thighs. She knew how
to use that dildo, too. After a few moments, she was pumping me and I
was thrusting back, riding to another orgasm.
Ann slid out from under me, and I saw her get up on all fours for a
man who looked about fifty. He had a trim body and a short, thick cock
which went right up Ann’s ass. I watched this until I began climaxing.
The woman fucking me leaned over and thanked me, kissing my ear before
she wandered off to discover another girl. Ann was getting her butt fucked
nicely and I rolled over, half under and half beside, kissing her. I
felt a cock in me and let it fuck me. I just wanted to kiss Ann and
pinch her nipples so she would come again, too. I felt cum shoot into
me and the guy’s cock was replaced by a woman’s mouth. She licked my
sperm-drenched pussy so expertly that I knew I would come quickly. I
wanted to see who she was.
I looked down and saw long, straight, red hair. The woman lifted
her head and said “I always suspected you’d have a delicious pussy.”
and then went back to licking me. I knew her!
“Miss Palmer??” I said, shocked to see my english teacher naked,
sucking my cunt with abandon. She sat up, her small breasts tipped by
large, rosy nipples, and her face glistening wetly. She smiled and
said that she’d at all times wanted to suck my pussy. Then she slid three
fingers inside me and used her thumb on my clit while she sucked and
licked my breasts.
The man came in Ann’s ass, and he held her for a while, both of
them watching Miss Palmer lick my tits and finger me to climax. She
then offered her red-haired pussy to Ann, who sucked and licked,
making her moan. I got up and sucked her small, pointy breasts.
“You girls are so hot,” she said. “Such naughty little sluts. I
love it!”
She came, the, with a long, low moan. We kissed her, letting her
finger us both, until she got up and left. Around us, there were more
people than I remembered, and sure enough, I saw that some faces
(okay, bodies) were new, and some, like Miss Palmer and Ms Sexyvoice
had gone. Mom lay on her back, getting fucked hard and eating out a
girl about 25.
A man of about thirty asked us if we wanted a drink and led us out
to a bar. We had some orange juice, and the man told us we were the
“hottest two gals” he’d ever seen. We thanked him and returned to the
orgy. Mom was now sitting in a chair, getting her pussy licked. I went
over to her.
“How much longer are we were going to stay?”
“Hours to go,” she said, “But if you want to go home, the car keys
are in my locker. It’s number 358.” The girl eating her pussy began to
finger mine. “I can get a ride from someone here. But you’re welcome
to stay as long as I do.”

Chapter 6

I told her we were gonna go home. Both Ann and I were completely
blown away. Mom said she’d be home later, and that we might now do
anything we wanted now, including fucking our boyfriends in the house.
Ann and I asked our way to the locker room and got the keys from
Mom’s locker. We tried to clean up a little at the sink, but that was
a thoroughly lost cause. (It wasn’t ’til the next visit that we
learned of the showers behind the last row of lockers.)
We threw our pretty clothes over sweaty, sticky bodies and started
to leave. But which way was town? We ment back and asked a man about
the road to Las Vegas.
“Follow the signs,” he grunted. He was preocupied in fucking a pair
of very large tits. The girl pressed her breasts together around his
cock and kissed it at the end of each stroke.
We walked out into the warm night air, found the car and drove
away. The man had been right. It was easy to follow the signs until we
found a familiar road. Ann finally spoke.
“I can’t believe what’s just happened!” she said. “Do you realize
that we were absolute sluts in front of all those people?!”
“And my mother, too,” I reminded her.
“Yeah! And your Mom’s into kinky shit too!”
That had me a little worried, but I was sure she knew more than I
“Did you see how your Mom loved having those guys come on her?” Ann
asked me.
“You liked it too, didn’t you?” I said.
“Well, yeah, but…”
“Well, then. So did I. And you were soaked with it when our masks
came off.” I reminded her.
“Me!?” she cried. “Shit girl! You had sperm dripping off every part
of you!”
“And you loved it.” I shot back.
“Just like you did.” Ann said sharply. All this talk was reminding
me of the sticky feeling I had on my tits, and stomach and everywhere
else. My rear felt sticky and my pussy was still sopping wet. I drove
carefully, not wanting to get a ticket. That would be embarrassing!
“And what was that bit of calling me a bitch and a slut?” I asked.
“I’m sorry for that, Julie, but I needed to come so much! And you
stopped sucking my clit just as I was ready. Boy, was I pissed!”
“Listen, you greedy little slut, if you’d done a sixty-nine with me
in the first place…” I was getting mad, because Ann wasn’t thinking
of how horny I had been.
“Slut? Greedy slut?!” Ann said. “You wait until we get home, and
I’ll show you greedy slut!”
We paused, and then began to laugh.
We ran inside when we got back to the house, and took off our
clothes. We kissed each other right in the kitchen, where we’d never
dared before. Ann’s hand went between my legs.
“Wait a minute.” I said. “I need a shower. I feel dirty and
“Hmm, yes. Me too. I feel like a sticky, sperm covered slut who
wants to suck your cunt until you beg me to let you come.”
“And you’re my favorite little slut. Let’s get it on in the
We went to the bathroom and I turned the faucets. Ann didn’t give
me a chance, kneeling and sucking my pussy while the water came up to
body temperature. She had me soaking wet again, and her fingers shoved
up my cunt when the steam began to curl.
“C’mon greedy.” I said, opening the shower door. “You can eat me in
the shower, too.”
Ann didn’t move, just kept licking my clit, making me increasingly
hot and lusty. Her lips and tongue were getting me clos. I decided to
let the shower wait until later, after I’d come. She got me within an
inch, then stopped.
“Okay, let’s get in the shower.” She said, standing up.
“You fucking slut!” I said to her. “Don’t stop now!”
“Oh. Are you ready to come?” Ann asked coyly.
“Eat me you bitch, suck that clit!” I said, forcing her back down.
Ann began to tease me, and it felt awfully good.
“I bet you’d love to eat out of my pussy right now.” she said.
I moaned, pulling her back between my legs.
“Or maybe, you’d like a mouthful of spurting cock?”
I moaned again. “Shut up and make me come, you fucking slut!”
Ann laughed and resumed tounging my clit. I came with a racking,
mind numbing orgasm, and held Ann’s head to keep from falling.
A few moments later I lifted her up and rubbed the length of my
body against hers. Pulling her into the shower, I knelt and sucked her
pussy until she came, and then we sluiced ourselves clean.
Afterwards, Ann crawled into my bed. She did a lot of kissing,
touching and holding, and then we sixty-nined for a delightful while.
Finally she straddled my chest and brought herself off by rubbing her
clit against my impossibly hard nipple. There must be a special nerve
linking my nipples and pussy, for I came with no stimulation of either
clit or cunt.
We were naked, curled up and fast asleep when Mom came home. She
woke us by turning on the bedroom light. It was warm, and we’d only
had the sheet drawn up half way. I’d been sleeping with my arm over
Ann, cupping her breast. Mom smiled and asked if we’d had a good time.
Responding to a sleepy “Yes” and “Yes,” she came over to the bed.
“Here,” Mom said, “I bought each of you something on the way home.”
She handed us each a gift wrapped box. We opened them, finding
vibrators inside. They were large and real looking, and batteries were
“Neat!” Ann said. “Thank you!” I echoed. Mom kissed us goodnight
and went to bed. Ann and I stayed up for a while to play with our new
toys. We discovered why they never went out of style — they’re fun!
The next morning, Mom got up before we did and called us only when
breakfast was nearly ready. We were sleeping like spoons in a drawer.
Ann cuddled behind me with her right arm draped over me, cupping one
breast. My vibrator was quiet now, but still in my pussy.
A quick shower together, a bathrobe each, and we were ready to eat.
Mom set breakfast before us and then left to get ready for work. For
as long as it took four bacon waffles and a quart of orange juice to
disappear, we discussed feasible uses for our new toys.
“Goodbye, girls. I’m off to work,” Mom called cheerily from the
We leapt up to hug and kiss her. I squirmed my breasts against hers
and whispered “Thanks, Mom.” The hand on my hugging arm drifted down
over her buttocks and squeezed. Ann’s hug was more reatrained, but she
delivered the goodbye kiss with an open mouth. Mom was lightly flushed
and smiling as she turned to leave.
As the sound of her departing car came through the open window, Ann
and I stepped towards each other and grinned. Play time!

This was gonna be a long, happy summer.

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