28 – Playing Doctor – Fetish

“Good morning again, my dear.” Miss Natalya greeted her partner as cheerfully as was typical now. There was just something about every day that seemed to get better and better. At least as long as Natalya didn’t think too far into the future. She wanted to enjoy every day with Amanda for right now.

“Hello, Miss Natalya. I have a surprise for you today, but I always share, so it’s for both of us.” Amanda said, her usual sly little grin bigger than ever. She was excited about what the day would bring and very proud of herself for what she brought to the day. In fact, she was so excited she didn’t even care if Miss Natalya noticed her extra sexy outfit she planned for the day.

“Oh? What is it that you have for us then?” Miss Natalya was indeed willing to learn about what innovative plan Amanda had concocted.

“Tada!” Amanda shouted out as if she has just performed the best birthday party magic trick ever. She moved to the side to show the large box sitting on her desk. It was just the brown shipping box and Miss Natalya still had no clue. Amanda hadn’t wondered that part through, but that certainly took a little away from her Tada! moment. “Oh, right, come and see what’s in the box, duh. Sorry, just so excited.”

Miss Natalya moved over and opened the flaps and saw a game box. “Kinky Lesbian Operation(TM). Not familiar with that one I don’t think. How does this work exactly and where would one find this game anyway?”

“Oh, you can find anything on those home shopping channels on cable, and I mean anything. So, go ahead and open it. It has two body suits that we wear and then we try to remove the pieces from the sick patient.”

“And what happens when we fail? At least I assume there’s a way to fail in this game.” Miss Natalya looked at Amanda awaiting some enthusiastic response that would then reveal why she was so excited about this game.

“Yes, there is. So, we wear the two sexy body suits, which have sensors that are driven by the game. If you get the piece out it’s fine, and when you drop it onto your tray it buzzes your opponent’s suit. When you fail and touch the edges it buzzes your suit.” Amanda explained, still all smiles. “To be honest, I was sick and tired of you always bringing in the fun stuff and I saw this and I couldn’t pass it up.”

“Oh, Amanda, I’m sorry if you have felt a bit used by my experiments. I do so love tormenting you, as we both seem to enjoy the results in the end.” Miss Natalya stated plainly. “But if you want to play some more, I’m more than happy to oblige and I appreciate your taking the initiative this time and giving us some new challenge.”

“Thanks. So, I figured since you seem to like me in my red and black, I would take the red suit and you could have the blue. Unless you know of some reason why we should switch?” Amanda seemed pretty confident about her choice, but some doubt creeped in at the end as she asked for confirmation.

“That sounds lovely, Miss Amanda, dear. So, let me change into this and then put some clothes back over it so as to not frighten the patients too much.” Miss Natalya suggested to Amanda as she grabbed her suit and went to her office to change.

Amanda just shrugged and didn’t see why she had to leave and just started to change into hers as well. Except that for Amanda it seemed like she was putting on more clothes than what she had on to begin with. She slipped off her as usual barely there nicer outfit, realizing once again it didn’t even rate a generic opinion, and tossed it unceremoniously at her desk. She’d save it for some other time maybe, although she wasn’t sure exactly when that might be.

She took the sheer body suit, with the red lace accents and shimmied into it, pulling it up over her shoulders and tucking the girls into their tight lacy nest. Miss Natalya would probably have issues containing the crowds in hers, but that wasn’t Amanda’s issue right now. She adjusted the elastic around her legs and tried to line up the seams and everything front to back so that the rest of her fit into it perfectly. Unlike the sets Miss Natalya brought in she could already feel the slight bulge of the vibrator in the front, rubbing gently against her lips and clit as she adjusted the suit. Luckily, she wasn’t already overly aroused or she may have had her first orgasm of the day just getting dressed.

Finally, after some basic adjustments, she liked the way it felt, and almost liked the way it looked. A bit conservative for her tastes, but it was for the game, not to tease Miss Natalya over the edge.

Miss Natalya walked out with her blouse unbuttoned enough for Amanda to see her bust shoved up high and caught in the tight lacy cups of her suit. She was just pulling up her skirt, also showing her glistening lips rubbing against her suit’s vibe as well. Amanda could never get enough of Miss Natalya’s legs and was enjoying the view before she fully zipped up and let down the hem of her skirt. She would see them more later she knew and much closer than she had just now. The wondered sent a tiny trickle of moisture down across her lips.

“So, did you want to try these out to make sure everything is working okay?” Miss Natalya asked, almost as eagerly as Amanda was thinking it.

“Yes, so here’s the game board, it has fun little pieces like the tongue, fingers, aching nipples, pussy lips, it even has a pair of scissors as a joke.” Amanda said half laughing at the game setup. “And when you fail, not only does your suit buzz, but her clit lights up.”

Miss Natalya almost couldn’t withstand the urge to break out laughing uncontrollably. “Oh, that is a darling little game someone thought up. I can’t wait to play it with you.”

“Me too, and there are rumors out on the internet that you can play other games with it as well, so we’ll have to see whether we want to experiment.” Amanda was busy setting all the pieces in place and checking things out as she finished with the little extra tidbit.

“Oh, yes, let’s try some of the crazy things people think about online. Those things always seem too unbelievable, so I want to see whether this has any secret game modes. For science obviously.” Miss Natalya grew even more willing now that she knew there might be something better in store after.

“Okay, so I’ll go first. I’ll try to remove the nose ring.” Amanda carefully lowered the tweezers into the nose and slowly lifted them out with the nose ring. She carried it over and dropped it in her piece tray. As she did, the game recognized it as a piece and then sent a small buzz over to Miss Natalya’s suit. She gasped when the buzzing started and let out a low moan as she felt it all over.

“Oh, that was good. Maybe I’ll try to lose this game instead.” Miss Natalya moaned out. She was already hot today it seemed and was very willing to play some more. “Sadly, we need to get ready for our first patient. And I’m sorry you didn’t get to keep that sexy outfit on for very long. The blue looked very nice on your skin and the light reflecting in your hair had that blue sheen to it as well today. Must be my eyes or something as I don’t believe anything has changed with the horrible artificial lighting in here.”

“Oh good, you did notice, you just didn’t want to stroke my ego too much this early I guess.” Amanda said almost jumping to embrace Miss Natalya, the biggest smile on her face as she did.

“Miss Amanda, my dear, I can’t help but notice you whenever I see you. You make it hard not to given your choice of outfits, but even if you were dressed so simply as to try to blend into a crowd, I could never miss those eyes and that angelic face of yours.” Miss Natalya did much more than simply try to stroke her ego. Amanda was nearly moved to tears and felt how deeply Miss Natalya cared for her. She had never experienced anything like that in her entire life.

“We better get this place cleaned up a bit before our patients arrive today. Is it two today?” Amanda asked as she was putting the packaging from the game away and then setting the board somewhere out of sight for the time being. No need for any extra questions from the patients apart from the usual looks she got for her outfits.

Miss Natalya returned to her office to get ready for whatever was happening today. The two patients were not very specific about their issues, so she had no idea what to expect. Before too long, Amanda ushered in the first patient who stared at her as she walked away wondering who dresses for work like that.

“Hello, you must be Victoria, I’m Dr. Natalya, or Dr. N if you prefer, please take a seat and we can get started.” Dr. N began the session per her usual, trying to calm her voice to her usual cadence. At least she didn’t have to worry too much about any cat and mouse games today, but she figured Amanda could still have messed with the new game in some way, so she was still a bit guarded.

“Hi, yes I’m Victoria, but I usually go by Vic, if you don’t mind.” Victoria said seeming a bit reluctant to be there. “I’m sorry if I seem a little anxious, but I’ve never done this before, and talking about things in my bedroom isn’t normal for me. Just like seeing your assistant dressed like she is for work.”

“Oh, yes, Amanda has an interesting fashion sense, but I do so enjoy it, so I actually encourage her.” Dr. N started, trying to deflect some of the blame from Amanda herself as it seemed Victoria was bothered by her outfit. “In fact, I think it may even help some people who may be new to visiting a sex therapist like yourself, but I admit it probably isn’t for everybody.”

“Perhaps, but yes, it’s not my thing. Like what I’m here to speak with you about.” Victoria wanted to get back on track, as she was probably ready to talk about her issues and feared losing what little confidence she may have had. “My husband is into some odd things sexually and I really need help getting him to respect my boundaries or at least hard limits.”

“Oh, I see, so what exactly is it that he does or wants that bothers you?” Dr. N asked in her soothing therapist voice.

“So, a while back he wanted to play doctor. Not just play, exactly, but more like mess around with some doctor stuff.” Victoria began, but paused briefly before she could continue as her face already reflected her level of disgust. “You see, he bought some basic medical instruments to start and would give me a full physical before, during and after sex. The basics I didn’t mind so much, as his breast exams were really just him rubbing my tits, and that I enjoy. I even got used to him listening for my heart and breathing around my back and chest while we fucked. No big deal really.”

“Okay, so I guess he started experimenting with even more things then after a while, needing more stimulation to achieve orgasm?” Dr. N prodded a bit, trying to figure out where the issues lie.

“Maybe? I really can’t answer exactly why he tends to escalate the play, but I would assume so. You would have to ask him that question, I’m working on my own over here.” Victoria was quite clear she wanted to fix her problems and really had little interest in fixing her husbands at this point.

“Maybe you should suggest he come in for a visit then, but you are correct, let’s focus on you today.” Dr. N agreed, and wanted to move on.

“Thank you. The eye and ear exams were getting weird and the tongue depressors never really did anything for me. I’d rather have him use his dick for a tongue depressor and just throat fuck me instead of any of these other things.” Victoria’s voice broke a little somewhere in her slight outburst as she addressed some of the issues plaguing her with her husband’s games.

“Have you told him that directly? I mean, maybe he’d like to hear that from you, especially if you talk dirty to him as well. That might help get past the other kinks and just have him use you as a little slut.” Dr. N was in the habit of mincing few words and continued that with Victoria.

“You would think, wouldn’t you? But no. I even put up with is silly sperm bank game where he actually brought home a milking table for me to stroke him off for his donation.” Victoria was shaking her head wondering just how weird all of this had to be sounding. “But last week we were at the pharmacy and he was looking at syringes and some large bandages and I had no idea what he was thinking. I had already poo-pooed the idea of anything weird like enema bags and urine samples, etc. I am not into that shit at all.”

Dr. N was trying hard to stifle her giggle, but was failing after Victoria’s choice of words. “I’m sorry, I… Never mind, go on.”

“Well, just the other day I hit my limit and I really need to know whether anything I tell him is going to get through to him. He was shopping online for some more play items and he had the nerve to ask me what size speculum her should get for me?” Victoria’s voice was up and her face was growing red from anger. “Can you believe the nerve? And it’s not like I could threaten him with anything much because he’d probably enjoy it too much. Doctor, please help me. How can I explain to him that I’ve had enough of these games. He’s probably just going to ask to play something else weird later, so I really need something to help redirect him. “

“Yes, well it depends. I would try to explain to him that most of this doesn’t excite you and that you’d prefer not to have sex like this. Maybe you could research a few things online, there are numerous sites and resources for couple’s kinks that could work better for you.” Dr. N offered some help, but little reassurance that anything would change. “However, as you stated if we won’t listen, he won’t likely change and that this seems more like an issue he needs to resolve. Unless the two of you can figure out what it is that this is possibly replacing for him somewhere you may need professional help. He may not be willing to accept that help though and you may just be back where you started.”

“That’s really what I fear the most. My perfect everything may be ruined now by some random quirk that I would have never suspected. but that has now risen up. I can’t help but think this has something to do with me. Something that is lacking somewhere. I guess at least he’s not having an affair.” Victoria seemed to be clinging to the wrong silver lining in her ominous relationship cloud. She really needed to confront her husband and then decide whether to move on herself or not. Never an easy decision to make and one she had hoped to avoid by gonna therapy. “Thank you doctor, but I guess I need to figure some things out myself first and then possibly schedule another visit.”

“Sadly, most therapy results in us needing to make decisions for ourselves and it’s just the act of talking it out that helps us understand what the issues are that we’re avoiding dealing with.” Dr. N delivered her dose of reality in the nicest voice she could offered hoping to soften the news a bit. “If your husband would be willing though, go ahead and schedule a session for him and see whether you can get him to open up more.”

“We’ll see, but again, thanks for listening and I guess I have some more thinking to do on this.” Victoria said as she rose from her chair turning to leave the office.

Victoria and Dr. N both walked out to the waiting area together, Victoria looking over at Amanda, simply shaking her head some more as she made her way to the exit.

“Amanda, you have apparently found another person to intimidate with your sexy outfits as our last patient seemed to be quite flustered by you. But then, she seems a little bit tightly wound so maybe that’s why her husband is acting out like he is with his crazy fantasies. Miss Natalya shared her unflattering opinion of Victoria. “Victoria seems to fit her better than Vic, much more stuck up and repressed sexually than she thinks. And I see you haven’t figured out a way yet to torture me with the game while I’m in with patients.”

“To be honest, the wondered really hadn’t crossed my mind. In all my excitement about it I completely forgot about that potential. Oh well, you still have one more patient to go, so there’s still hope.” Amanda said wistfully. “But in my continued honesty, I doubt I’ll do anything too mean to you. I am a bit distracted by the internet hacks possibilities so that we’re ready for later.”

Their second patient of the day came and went without much of anything happening. Rather boring case of a loveless marriage and people who have just stopped bothering.

When sex wasn’t interesting anymore, you might as well just crawl in a hole and die. At least that’s how Miss Natalya approached it. And as far as she could tell she was not in any danger of that happening, not when there were still people like Amanda in the world. She finished cobbling together some disjointed notes from the patient’s ramblings and headed for the waiting area.

Miss Natalya thought she heard some soft moans or whimpers coming from there and could only wonder what trouble Amanda had made for herself this time. Miss Natalya stopped and stared, there wasn’t much else to do with the scene in front of her.

Amanda was still seated at the desk with her face down flat on it in a puddle of drool. Her eyes were half closed and there were the murmurs of slight moans still escaping her open mouth.

“Oh my. What happened out here?” Miss Natalya said with a smile, walking over to Amanda and rubbing her back gently as she lay there, body slightly heaving as she sat.

“I was…just…trying to remove…the scissors.” Amanda says, her face still on the desk. “And just kept trying…again and again.”

“Oh come on, Amanda, you of all people should know that the scissors all the time requires two people.” Miss Natalya joked with her and Amanda tried to find the energy to laugh after buzzing herself to bliss one too many times. “Do you need a little time before we try some of the Internet hacks you were talking about? I’m willing to play after those sessions I just had. Not into all of that earlier medical stuff, but I like a good game of doctor now and then. And if you’re gonna play doctor why not make some of it real? But after the last patient I also want to appreciate what I have while it’s still here.”

“Ooooh, I forgot about that part, got a bit distracted if you couldn’t tell. Just give me a moment or two while I go back and look at the hacks pages and see if we can get our wires crossed enough and our buttons and knobs all set the right way. Maybe we can come up with some intriguing new diagnoses for a raging case of horniosis.” Amanda was trying to quip, but she may have buzzed out her brain a bit while playing solo earlier.

“For you, Amanda, I can wait as long as it takes. And if nothing else, I’d be happy to give you a full body exam later once you’ve recovered. You probably have a few sore spots or knots that need to be rubbed out after your hard day at work masturbating with your own game.” Miss Natalya had summoned her husky voice again and Amanda’s horny levels were rapidly charging back up to full.

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