20 – Navel Academy – Fetish


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Amanda had a morning meeting to attend to before heading to the office. She arrived at the usual spot and walking in saw Clarissa seated near the back, by herself as usual.

“Good morning, Clarissa, anything urgent. It sounded pretty important from your tone.” Amanda asked, her usual smile never leaving her face.

“Well, it’s nothing too bad, but I really wanted to chat with you to make sure you were all right. The way we left things the last time I wasn’t sure how it would be going.” Clarissa replied.

“Well, there was one episode the other day when I saw a different side of Natalya than I had been expecting. She flew into a rage when one of our patients got out of line. In her defense, she was upset because the patient had knocked me down and she was defending me.” Amanda explained, trying to make sure she also defended Natalya’s actions so Clarissa wouldn’t be overly concerned. Amanda still wondered she had a handle on the situation and didn’t want the outside interference, even if it was from the same team.

“I see, I assume your collar may have something to do with that. Interesting accessory that you have now, is that new?” Clarissa asked, a bit of a smirk on her face as she tried to hide her feelings a bit.

“Oh, do you like it, I just got it.” Amanda stood up to show off a new navel piercing that she got, a little silver angel charm dangling there on her soft little belly.

“Ahem, yes, I meant the collar, but the piercing is nice as well. I do like that you’ve kept with the theme at least there. I assume the raven was Natalya’s choice?” Clarissa asked.

“Oh, right, you haven’t seen that yet. To be honest it already just feels like it’s a part of me and I never want to take it off.” Amanda sat back down, a little embarrassed by putting on her show, but not enough to bother her.

“So, have you committed to being her sub then, or is this just part of the act still?” Clarissa wanted to dig deeper to find out whether Amanda was in any trouble that needed immediate action on her part.

“We have committed to each other actually, a mutual thing. One of her patients suggested that we were really both switches with neither being completely dominant so I thought we should try something different. She’s really nice and I think she actually cares about me, which is why I’m always so confused by your messages and all the things I’m supposed to be watching for.” Amanda was still trying to figure all of this out and nothing made as much sense as it should.

“We had suspected she was somehow related to the Ravencrest family, so this is not a surprise, but you’re right, she isn’t really showing the signs of being like them.” Clarissa was yielding a bit more as they started talking about Natalya.

“I agree, we even spoke about it, and while she admits the relationship, she doesn’t seem to align with it as much as you would think. They are still family though, so she doesn’t directly condemn them. Maybe she is just shielding me a bit from their true selves because of her feelings. Or else, she’s a better actress than I am and she’s got me completely fooled.” Amanda was at last being reasonable about things when speaking about Natalya, open to the possibilities out there. “Oh, the one really scary thing was the flash of red in her eyes and her obvious strength, which I think she held back on while I was there. I’m not so sure she was as forgiving with Peggy, the misbehaving patient.”

“Yes, that could be. But if she still isn’t showing any other signs of violence toward you then you are probably still safe. And she has probably sworn to protect you now as well.” Clarissa’s voice was a bit more reassuring as she finished her thoughts. “Well, nothing else from the Amy and Belinda side from what we’ve seen. Any updates from your side there?”

“Nothing. I know Natalya’s friend Claudia is supposed to be helping them while Belinda is on leave, so I assume she has connections.” Amanda offered what she knew.

“Hmm, okay, we’ll keep checking. I didn’t expect Claudia to be so deeply involved, but who knows. Keep it up and hopefully we’ll have this all set when the time comes. Take care and let me know about anything else that seems odd.” Clarissa finished. As she did, she stood to give Amanda and quick kiss on the cheek and a reassuring hug. Amanda wished for a little more comfort, but her team didn’t seem to want to play that way, so she took the tiny hug and headed out.

She still managed to get to the office just before Miss Natalya, but just barely, as she rushed into the office, running late herself, as Amanda was putting her things away in her desk. She almost ran right past Amanda without saying anything, but caught herself and at least offered a quick morning greeting. Amanda pulled her in tighter when she stopped and made the greeting more appropriate for them. Natalya exhaled, and sighed contentedly as she broke from the embrace.

“Sorry, just feel so behind this morning as I lost track of time.” Miss Natalya offered.

“That’s okay, we don’t have any patients until later, so relax. I’m not used to seeing you stressed like this, is everything okay?” Amanda did her best therapist voice impersonation, but she lacked the years of practice that seemed to come naturally to Dr. N.

“You’re right. Just give me a few moments to collect my thoughts and I’ll be fine. I love the outfit, by the way, the short crop top and low-rise leggings look great on you. Seems you’re really trying to show off that belly or yours.” Natalya moved her hand down to slowly rub against Amanda’s belly, feeling its warmth. As she teased her gently, her fingers ran against something foreign she didn’t remember being there. She pulled back, with her hand holding the small charm and held it up a little to investigate.

“I see, when did you have time to get this? It looks very good on you and makes your belly even sexier. Have I mentioned how much I really love the look and feel of your toned stomach? I love running my fingers over it as I eat that wonderful pussy of yours, and kiss it while I finger you. It’s so smooth, and taut and I love feeling your muscles clench when I tickle you, or you laugh, and especially when you cum. I can feel the tension build and then spasm as you lose control.” Miss Natalya was getting herself aroused, but she couldn’t help it with Amanda next to her, especially with her outfit and that cute little charm.

“Mmm, yesterday right after work, I was inspired. And I can’t wait for later as you sound extra horny today.” Amanda sighed as she spoke.

Miss Natalya knelt before her assistant and kissed her tight little stomach, up and down and all around her navel, sucking the charm gently into her mouth as she kissed. Amanda was trying to maintain her breathing, but each kiss and tickle caused her to clench her stomach and suck in. She let out a little gasp as Natalya touched the charm again.

“Ooooh, be careful though, it’s still very sensitive. But I love it when you kiss me there and touch me all over.” Amanda let out another sigh, her breathing short and uneven. She was feeling overly aroused now with the attention she was receiving.

“Sadly, I can’t stay here all day, but must wait until later…” Miss Natalya rose and walked to her office door, blowing kisses to Amanda and directing some of them at her midsection. Amanda giggled a happy giggle and went back to her work.

As usual the time passed quickly, Amanda smiling the whole time at her desk. Soon, their first patient walked in for the day.

“Hello, you must be Nena? Did I say it right?” Amanda was pretty sure, but the spelling threw her just a little.

“Yes, that’s right, sorry I’m early.” Nena stated, seeming a little shy.

“No problem. Dr. N should be ready, but I’ll check with her. ” Amanda said as she stood to walk to the office door. As she turned back to the waiting area, Nena had already stood up to approach her.

“I love the angel charm on your piercing, do you mind?” Nena motioned to the charm as if she wanted to look a little closer.

Amanda stood there and offered her stomach for inspection. Nena kneeled down much like Natalya had to start her day. Nena looked at the charm and seemed to rub it for luck as she leaned in to kiss Amanda’s belly. Amanda sighed, and was surprised that she enjoyed it so much for someone else to be down there giving her so much attention. She felt herself warm to Nena’s caresses.

Nena inhaled Amanda’s essence and closed her eyes to take her all in. Dr. N had come out to see what the holdup was and Amanda looked over to her with a bit of a shrug not really sure what was happening.

“Ahem, Nena? I’m ready when you are. Although it appears you may have gotten there ahead of me.” Miss Natalya looked down at her patient, on her knees in front of Amanda, seemingly lost in her body.

“Sorry, but there is just something about you that is making me lose control today. Not sure what it is. Where exactly did you get that charm from, it almost seemed to call to me.” Nena was still sighing and contented as she spoke. Her voice trailing off occasionally.

“Umm, well, that’s kind of a personal thing, so I don’t think I want to share that with you. But I appreciate your attention. Thank you.” Amanda tried to make it less weird than it was, but it seemed like she was half expecting it.

Dr. N waited a moment as Nena got back to her feet and followed her into the office.

“I’m not going to ask what that was all about, unless that has something to do with why you’re here.” Dr. N started. “I’m Dr. N, by the way, I’ll skip the usual other stuff. Please have a seat.”

“Sorry, I’m not sure what came over me, but your assistant is simply enchanting.” Nena almost gushed.

“I know, she’s something special for sure. I’m lucky she’s mine.” Dr. N toyed with her collar as she spoke those words. Nena looked at her quizzically not really following what was happening. “So, what have you come her to discuss?”

“Well, sometimes I want people I can’t have, so maybe that does have something to do with what just happened. I didn’t realize she was taken, but somehow, I must have known.

“Interesting. What makes you think she is taken?” Dr. N asked, still toying with her collar.

“Well, you obviously have a fondness for her from the way you’re acting, and you did just say that you were lucky she was yours, but maybe you haven’t formalized anything yet.” Nena pointed out what she was noticing about the doctor.

“Oh that, yes, my choice of words was perhaps not the best in the moment. Do you discover that you obsess about other people in committed relationships as well. Have you sensed this about other people and then found out that they were taken, even though you didn’t know? I discover it interesting that maybe in addition to your condition, you may have a sixth sense about it.” Dr. N was enjoying dealing with a possible real case in addition to just the kinks she’s been seeing.

“Well, it’s not like I’ve had a lot of experiences like that, but when it hits it’s pretty strong.” Nena explained, toying with her hair a bit as she watched the doctor continue to play with her collar.

They discussed a few more areas related to relationship issues Nena had experienced and then finished their session with the doctor recommending another session the following week.

Nena left the office and tried to pass Amanda without stopping, but the urge was too strong. She leaned down and ran her hands along her side, then over her belly, tickling her skin and just touching the dangling charm. Amanda cooed a little at the touch.

The day continued like that with Amanda being the center of attention for some reason. She knew her piercing was cute, at least she thought so, but the extra attention seemed a little much. She was not one to pass up anything sensual that helped her keep herself on edge for her time with Miss Natalya, but the belly stuff was an odd way for people to show it, she thought.

Finally, Dr. N finished with her last patient and walked out to greet Amanda, wanting to adore her new fixture and enjoy her usual plaything as well.

“Maybe we could move to the office couch again tonight. What I have in mind might work better there, than with you in your desk chair. If it pleases you, Miss Amanda.” Miss Natalya looked at her partner and smiled a wicked smile at her as she walked toward her office door. Articles of clothing being left in her wake such that by the time she reached the couch herself she was naked. Miss Amanda had followed suit and there lay behind her an intermingling of various clothes in a trail leading to the scene of the crime.

“Where do you want me, Miss Natalya?” Amanda asked in a softer tone than usual, playing her perfect sub.

“Lie down on the couch like ordinary, and I will do the rest, Miss Amanda.” Miss Natalya instructed.

Amanda set herself down on the couch and reclined seductively, bringing her legs up one at a time, letting herself be exposed for a while longer than necessary inviting Natalya in. Natalya walked slowly over to the couch and lie down beside Amanda, then rolled on top of her with her face just above her mound. She lowered her head and kissed her gently from the glossy black patch on her mound up to her belly button and let her tongue run circles around it, then slowly suck in her new charm. Her tongue tickled along the edge of her navel and teased it, causing Amanda to suck in a quick breath and clench her muscles, much like Natalya liked to see. She continued the teasing of her belly as she ran her fingers down her sides, the tickling causing her breath and stomach to catch and clench again and again.

Amanda was nearing her limit for arousal and needed to feel something more. She gently put her hand on Natalya’s head and moved her closer to her heat. As she felt her breath and the brush of her lips against her, she moaned. Natalya kissed her gently, lightly parting her lips, just teasing her open, but not driving any deeper. Amanda arched her back and thrust her hips up wanting to feel more against her, but Natalya retreated just as she did, teasing her more.

Natalya pulled herself free and moved around to straddle Amanda’s face and lowered herself down onto her lips, feeling them kissing her as her lips we parted much more like what Amanda wanted done to her. Natalya sighed, and felt her body tense as Amanda was hitting all the right spots. She lowered her head down and slid her tongue deeply between Amanda’s wet and welcoming lips, her hips thrusting up again, but this time Natalya stayed close and started to grind against her. They were both so hot they came quickly and collapsed together, still kissing each other softly and running a tender finger or two along the ridges of their lips. Each time eliciting a slight gasp or a moan as they stayed together like that for a while, eventually rising and falling in pleasure together from the slow building tension they brought upon each other.

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