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12 Labors of Hercules, caged Pt. 05 “eat my Wife‘s Pussy

§ Chapter 09 — “eat my Wife‘s Pussy

As Dicky ran back and forth (as a palindromic word) from the barbecue to the tables, naked, and with the cage dangling, Barbara felt it necessary to make a small announcement, while the girls enjoyed the meat her husband offered, along with his sausage and salami.

Blond Barbara gently tapped a fork against the glass of a bottle: “ding, ding, Miss Cathy please, girls please, and also small Dicky, please,… We have an important announcement to make… Teresa and I.”

Teresa blushed suddenly-a reaction no one had expected, for she seemed on the surface to be a very confident person, with a tough attitude, and her hair cut very short at the nape of her neck, with only a tuft standing upright on her forehead.

And the erect nipples, with piercings in the shape of double tapered tips — she looked like a warrior with her armor (tiny, but strong).

One would have expected a girl with such a masculine appearance to practice topless sunbathing. Instead, two crisp triangles of pale skin contrasted with the much darker color of her shoulders and chest. Toplessness had been banished from the two girls’ daily lives. Richard peered with his usual specialized vision at Barbara’s semi-unbuttoned white blouse and immediately recognized a large white triangle around her dark nipple.

Barbara continued her speech, “Teresa and I… I’m dying to tell you right away, even though we’ve only known each other for a short time… you see, ours is not just a passing flirtation… we… we Love each other… and we would like to get married.”

Richard’s Wife, Cathy, immediately raised a goblet to toast, “Yay! For the bride! Uh-huh, I meant to say, for the brides!”

Richard and the girls are puzzled for a moment.

“We would only be able to get married right away,” Barbara continues, “if this month of archaeological research proved fruitful for our careers.”

Inside Dicky’s body, Professor van Middenstorm’s brain shuddered.

Cathy hastened to clarify, “Don’t worry: nothing to do with Professor Richard here. Your work will be evaluated by other professors, and Richard is only there to give legal cover to your journey, but he cannot give you grades, good or bad. So, there is no risk of anyone abusing threats — or seduction — to get something on the job. You can, indeed, I urge and implore you, get so many things from him sexually.”

“Sure!” “Yay!” “Me first!”

Cathy smiled at the doctoral students’ enthusiasm but continued to explain. “He over the years has been too selfish. Too focused on his pleasure, Masturbation, and his ability to seduce women with his polite ways and his very long Greek mythologies that always explain everything.

WE, as a couple, have decided to change.

But we need your help. You must tease and deny him every spare moment. You can do anything you want, you can order him to do anything, you can handcuff him, whip him, humiliate him.”

Shrieks of delight from the girls, and a grunt from Richard.

“During the next few weeks, I will accustom him to wearing the cage day and night. And… although I am aware that I am not I am young and beautiful as you…”

“Why, no, Miss Cathy…” No way!” “Dove potrei firmare per fare cambio?”

“… ah, hush, you bunch of flatterers – I almost believed you, ha! – Although, as I said… But I know some of her weaknesses, and I hope I can tease him at least a little… I don’t want to bore you, but I’ve always preferred fluttery lingerie over tight lingerie…

I always thought the sexiest image was of Monroe when the airlifted her skirt just for a moment, much more than in her nude photos.

Anchored to that image, when I want to be seductive to him (when I am in the mood) I wear something light and short so that any visions of nipples, buttocks, and other sights are always fleeting and ephemeral.

Besides, he was always the one who taught me that Greek nymphs seduced heroes by appearing and disappearing for brief moments…”

A girl interrupted her: Skye’s stern voice. “Oh! You mean he was overdoing the Mansplaining!?”

Cathy was silent for a moment. “Oh, well… yes. Without any doubt. I asked some information about mythology very rarely… in some museum, or visiting some exhibition… mostly, of paintings and statues… but he always interpreted those rare questions, as an endless pass and safe-conduct to explain to me in detail things that only he was interested in…”

Richard’s eyes looked like those of an abandoned puppy. Remorse overwhelmed Cathy, who hastened to correct the sentence:

“Oh, my poor Love! What did I say? I didn’t mean it. Miss Skye, with her facetiousness about Manspaining, is leading me down a bad path!

No, girls, I’ll be honest with you: I fell in Love with him because he was telling me all those mythological tales. They seemed so poetic, so enlightening-it was better than a session at the psychologist’s office. I was studying economics and accounting, and everything seemed… how shall I put it? Arid… important, but dry.

Instead of the myths, the gods and goddesses, the heroes and heroines-it were magnificent.

And all the emblems, the symbols — and he, when he was young, was so devoted, and so attentive to me…

I’m grateful to him, for all the mythology I knew through him.”

Richard did not expect such loving praise. He realized at that moment that in all the years of marriage he had never realized how much Cathy listened to him, and how little he listened to her.

At the same instant, he also realized that he had never thought he would have a revelation of such magnitude, in his backyard, naked, and in front of four girls he had never met until that morning.

Persuaded that whatever words he said would be too little compared to Cathy’s speech, Richard merely nodded his head.

Cathy walked in front of him and smiled sweetly. “Can we say three things to these kind young women, honey? First, that we are still as much in Love as we were in the beginning?”

Richard returned her smile.

Cathy continued in a honey voice “And, second, that you also agree that you are neither Zeus nor Apollo and that your secret betrayals must end?”

“Yes Miss Cathy, and I hope these kind doctoral ladies understand that I will not be a nuisance to them.”

His Wife laughed merrily at those words. “Ah, no, Dicky, you will not be a nuisance to them, but if you allow it, they will be the ones who can tease you, reminding you of your status as a caged husband!

But, to conclude what I wanted to ask you (that was three things, remember?)… now that you’ve stopped running back and forth to cook with the barbecue, and after you’ve offered your meat to the girls until you’re full…

Can we say that you and I are very close?”


“Ah, no, that was a trick question! (giggle) I’m very attached to you, but you’re going to be… cuffed… wasn’t that what I asked you yesterday? If I could have shown you caged and cuffed?”

“Oh, anything you wish is the Law, my Lady…”

Miss Cathy laughed. She was not used to handling a dominant role, and her approach might have seemed unprofessional: but she was convinced of the general goodness of her plan, so she tried to set a serious tone and said, addressing the girls:

“Don’t be impressed, she never talks to me like that, we just started this chastity lifestyle recently and we are still breaking in.

It’s not that he obeys like a slave… Those are fantasies you read about in novels… we have a three-tier safeword system… then I’ll explain… but since he looks emerald green to me now – right? – we can move on…”

Cathy slipped a hand into the large wicker bag she kept next to her lawn chair.

She took out a pair of leather handcuffs that they had bought a couple of years ago as a joke and used rather rarely. They were decorated with little red hearts-perhaps they would have been more believable if they had been made of steel.

Richard noticed that Cathy had removed the snap hooks and replaced them with a metal padlock.

“Honey… if you agree… I’d like to show the girls how close we are…”

Richard turned without hesitation, putting his wrists behind his own back. Cathy reached for her left wrist, but her hands were shaking. Excitement? Fear? Richard intervened to her rescue, caressing her fingers with his other hand. Reassured, Cathy closed the first manacle and fastened the strap very tightly. Then the other wrist.

She did not tell him to turn around, but because she had fastened his wrists while her elbows were bent, he understood that he had to keep his wrists high and leave the view of her Ass unobstructed. By now, the girls had seen him naked, but the handcuffs were an unexpected thing.

If he had not worn the cage, at that point the apron would have been sent into orbit–but the cage prevented any aerospace venture.

Cathy’s nimble fingers danced down her back to reach her neck. Here the apron was closed with a single bow, which she began to pull slowly as she spoke addressed to the girls and he listened without being able to see their reactions.

Earlier, Cathy had hesitated, but Richard had encouraged her, and now Cathy felt invigorated.

“As you see, my husband has chosen to be completely harmless… you take no risk, his hands cannot touch any of you inappropriately… And the cage prevents him from trusting his cock to guide your brain. Ha, ha!

The fact that he is harmless does not prevent you from making fun of him, pranking him, and teasing him.

Only if you are in the mood: those who don’t feel like it can exempt themselves.”

Skye said, “I don’t think I’m exempting: he uses his tongue fantastically…”

Barbara added, “And his looks of desperate desire are so exciting… now, that I know he can’t bother anyone…”

Cathy was triumphant: “Precisely. I, too, am aroused by his desperation. And I confirm that his mouth is truly… epic… and that he gets very turned on in eating Pussy.

Turn to your teasers, honey…”

He turned and looked into his Wife‘s eyes, paying no attention to the young women who were behind her in the background. Richard could only see Cathy.

Her lips were half-open in a sweet bow, but mocking mischief shone in her eyes.

“Here is your Hero, girls: let begin the 12 Labors of Hercules, caged!”

“May the two of us be the first to start?” said Barbara, holding Teresa’s hand.

“Of course, you are welcome.”

Teresa grimaced, “not so welcome, because I have my period today, and I’m not in the desired mood.”


Richard opened his eyes wide and said, “Brazil! Near Uruguay. Capital Brazilia, color Yellow…”

Miss Cathy raised a hand. “Stop. Everybody stop. Just a minute… Darling, calm down, saying Brazil once will always be enough. What upset you?”

“No offense to anyone… I am willing to obey almost anything… but blood…”

“Aw, gross!”

Teresa sulked, “I didn’t want to force him to do anything TO ME, you know?”

Cathy “Okay, girls, new rule. We have only known each other for a short time and menstruation is a very strong taboo. I will not hide from you that over many years of marriage, my husband and I have had Sex even during our periods, but precisely we were in a state of extreme confidence. I am not saying that you are forbidden… but, likely, he will always oppose a Safeword.”

Then, turning to Richard, she smiled lovingly at him and asked, “Are you all right, honey, or do you want to take a break?”

Richard laughed and exclaimed, “Oh, my Ireland, land of shamrocks!”

All the girls laughed heartily.

“Oh dear, and who’s stopping him now…”

In a moment the Play had begun again.

It had not been a real safeword, but rather a misunderstanding quickly cleared up.

But it was important for everyone to know that play could be interrupted by a simple word.

Teresa got up from her recliner, took Barbara by the hand and led her in front of Dicky, and ordered him in a firm voice, “Kneel before Miss Barbara.”

Swallowing hard, Richard knelt.

Teresa giggled, then said, “Now I will remove my Barbara’s shorts Then you, without using your hands, only with your teeth, will remove her thong.”

Teresa paused to look at Cathy. She nodded. Teresa did not need to ask Barbara for confirmation, because this was a scene they had already done several times at parties.

Stretching his neck under Barbara’s partly already unbuttoned friend, Richard bit the top of the thong but found a very thin strip of natural blond hair, and risked catching it with his incisors.

“Ouch!” moans Barbara.

Teresa intervened like a kindergarten teacher against a mischievous child. “No no, Mr. Dicky, you don’t have to bite off a single hair, it took me weeks to find the right pattern…”

Richard resumed more calmly, using only his tongue to separate the tissue from the hairs. Because of the poor balance, the tension, and the girls’ stares, removing the thong was not easy, but he finally managed to bring it down to mid-thigh. It seemed sufficient to Miss Teresa, so she said to him, “Well done. From here we consider it already removed (and he lowered it with his hand) you in the meantime breathe: you will need it.”

Miss Barbara bent toward him, making her right breast appear through the wide cleavage created by the buttons already unbuttoned. Holding her tit with both hands, she pointed the very hard nipple toward Richard’s mouth and said, “Start by licking this, and let me see what you would be capable of if it were my clit.”

Emily gulped.

Richard greedily licked the nipple, then gently nibbled on it. “Ah, you’re really good, Mr. Dicky… keep licking…”

Barbara’s tit tasted delicious. Her skin exuded an intoxicating scent. She was white, with distinct costume marks: sharper than those he had already seen on Teresa. He licked and sucked that white tit as if it had been a treasure, a mountain of ice cream given to a fasting child.

Barbara squatted down and then lay on the floor with wide legs. She didn’t care how he was going to manage to reach her Pussy, starting on his knees and handcuffed.

Richard gently rested his forehead on Barbara’s thigh, then crawled like a worm until he brought his mouth close to her Pussy. Tantalean punishment

But after an initial lick of her clitoris, she withdrew, starting again on the other thigh.

Tantalean punishment… so many years spent learning Greek mythology finally served a purpose… Barbara moaned.

Teresa whispered to her, “Do you want me to hold him down, darling?”

Barbara gasped in response “no-no, let him try his tricks… if I have to hold him down, I’ll grasp him by the back of the neck, with these hands of mine…”

Richard began to suck her Pussy hard as if to do a Blowjob. Some women had told him in the past that when he did this, he looked a little strange, but his Wife liked it, and at that moment it seemed to him that Barbara and Cathy were one person, by the law of communicating vessels.

Barbara responded to the Blowjob with intense moans. She was already all wet, probably since she had seen how Skye moaned, and in no time her Pussy had become all buttery.

Richard surprised her by thrusting his tongue into her anus. All the way. Barbara moaned and arched her back, giving him a chance to continue… immediately Teresa energetically grabbed a couple of pillows from the barbecue furniture and placed them under her beloved’s Ass, then without saying a word indicated with her finger to Richard to engage a lot down there: she knew well how much Barbara liked the rimjob.

Despite the handcuffs, and the cage, Richard was giving his all in the rimjob, and Barbara kept moaning louder and louder… then he said, “The Pussy, Dicky…”

Teresa intervened in a stern voice. “Now that the wedding announcement has been made, I can finally say it out loud! I command you, obey: eat my Wife‘s Pussy!” At those words, Barbara gasped.

Richard stopped darting her anus with his tongue (by this time he had already reached the deepest point he could) and started sucking her Pussy hard again. Barbara orgasmed and abandoned her neck, tired from the strain.

The girls had seen how she contracted her perfect feet and tapered toes, and they understood that it was not a fake Orgasm: it was a real Orgasm.

Each drew a series of intellectual deductions from this information. Perhaps other people would have derived other information from instinct: but each was both a philosopher and a Greek scholar, and formulating syllogisms had been a habit since college.

Emily deduced that Barbara was much luckier than she was, both because she was able to enjoy oral intercourse (Emily did not) and because she had a girlfriend who loved her (Emily did not).

Skye deduced that this man with whom they were going to live for a month on a small island in Greece would be able to give orgasms to a scholar like Barbara, and by syllogism, since Skye was also a scholar, she would also be able to enjoy, and as well as tease him.

Teresa deduced that she felt like claiming possession over Barbara. She began to think of an excuse to be able to take her right back to their apartment, to her bed, and claim what was hers.

Barbara deduced that to survive, one must breathe. And that a heavy handcuffed man resting on your thigh will not help you breathe. But she was too distraught to signal for Teresa to lift him, so she was content to remain in that stupor, half alive and half dead, breathing heavily.

The buttons of Barbara’s blouse had opened, and her left nipple, which before was erect as a nail, was returning to its relaxed status.

The scar she had in place of the removed breast was an integral part of the tattoo. A red phoenix rose from its ashes. The scar was part of the wing feathers, tracing a diagonal line above the heart.

Barbara’s chest rose and fell in a calmer rhythm. After the storm comes the calm.

Cathy deduced that those four girls were perfect for teasing her husband.

Pleased with herself, she congratulated herself on the plan, which was proceeding beautifully. Her brain was satisfied, and her heart was swollen with happiness.

But, lower than the brain, and lower than the heart, another organ was claiming its own need.

Cathy understood that she would not last long, playing the part of the perfect Hostess Amphitryon with her lovely guests, but that she wanted Richard to satisfy her, too, and right away.

But she did not feel ready to have Sex in front of the girls, and then her leadership role might suffer.

A very small part of her soul, perhaps less than 1%, whispered an ugly truth to her, “Cat, it’s simple, you are ashamed to show your naked body to these magnificent young girls because you think you are perceived as old and ugly.” But the remaining 99 percent were enthusiastic, joyful, and full of desire, and almost convinced her to strip naked and get licked in front of the girls-Richard would have gone crazy, of course.

But as she was torn between these thoughts, Cathy saw that Teresa was not helping either Barbara to breathe or Richard to remove his own handcuffed weight… Cathy saw Teresa’s inert muscles and tense mouth, and she had an intuition of what she was thinking because after all, that was exactly what she was thinking.

“I want to claim my spouse for him to pleasure me, and Teresa wants to claim his Wife. She is muscular and strong, and I am slender, but in the soul, we are the same, and each of us is in Love with a partner who is NOT in my arms right now…”

Cathy decided to help Teresa out of her embarrassment.

“Miss Skye, Miss Emily, can you please help little Dicky to stand up? I’m afraid the handcuffs don’t make it any easier for him to assume an upright position–with his spine, I mean. Miss Teresa, would you kindly help Miss Barbara? She looks very tired to me.”

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