12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 03 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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12 Labors of Hercules, caged. Part 3.

§ Chapter 05. A simple barbecue to meet co-workers (wearing a cage).

The next morning was Saturday.

Richard’s sleep had been stirred by sudden erections caused by Cathy’s movements in bed… and blocked by the cage.

His wrists, on the other hand, had been freed: he couldn’t remember what had happened, but perhaps his Wife had woken up while he was briefly asleep.

At dawn, as soon as the sun rose, he decided to wake up and prepare breakfast. He was not an expert, but he made an effort and managed to put together enough things from the refrigerator (he did not suspect that his Wife had bought them for him).

He didn’t want to wake her up, and stood still looking at her magnificent naked body, her sweet, nipples, the trimmed tuft of hair on the Mount of Venus… she was more beautiful than any painting.

Perhaps the smell of coffee awakened her… She opened one eye and smiled at him.

With her index finger as a hook, she signaled him to come closer… he carried the breakfast tray very high, almost to his chest, to give her a wide view of his cage.

She beckoned him to place the tray on the bed… then to turn around… she took his wrists and cuffed them again, then said “lick me”, without either going to the bathroom or even combing her hair…

With her legs closed around his ears, she heard him moan and smiled.

While he ate her Pussy, she ate the croissants and coffee he had prepared, the warm bread with butter, and the orange juice.

After he had finished eating, she told him to lie down. With her hands, she stroked his cage, while she sat on his face as if riding a saddle.

His tongue alternated strokes to her Pussy and rosebud until she grabbed him by the hair forcing him to bury his tongue inside her Pussy. She came moaning… he groaned because he wasn’t coming.

With a joyful dance step, she got up and went to the bathroom, telling him to follow her, because he could not welcome guests all sweaty…

Under the cold jet of water from the Shower, she opened the cage and checked for bruises or cuts, then lathered him all over and washed him, and finally dried his cock and closed it back in the cage.

Only after locking his cock in the cage, Cathy freed his wrists from handcuffs and told him, “Put on some light clothes, it will be a very Hot day today,” and went into her Hot bath.

Even this asymmetry, so simple, had the effect of arousing Richard once again.

Richard, wearing a floral shirt and shorts (which hid the cage), prepared the barbecue, with charcoal and flammable liquid.

He hoped the university had assigned him four male Ph.D. students, with whom he would spend the holiday in Greece going to nightclubs to drink beers and harass waitresses.

With the specious justification of «finishing his book» (which he had not completed), Richard had been on sabbatical leave for a year and did not know this year’s Ph.D. students, although all the students knew him and his reputation.

Richard heard the gate bell. “Oh, great gods, send me a bearded tennis player, a beer drinker, a tall swimmer, and… I don’t know… a sportsman… oh gods of Olympus…”

Instead, the first person who rang his gate was a plump young girl, not so tall. Very wide-rimmed glasses, very voluminous curly hair, and very shy, she introduced herself as Dr. Emily Brown, a specialist in Greek mythology, listing a whole series of degrees and electives…

Richard stopped listening and thought to himself: “Dr. Emily must be very shy, as evidenced by the fact that she arrived very early, for fear of disturbing her lateness.” She mumbled something about a country in Africa, but it was obvious because she was as dark as 70% chocolate.

After a few steps in the direction of the barbecue, Emily seemed to slow down and hesitate, perhaps because there is no one in the garden, the other guests have yet to arrive. At that moment only Richard is in sight, and the shy doctor was uncomfortable.

He doesn’t know what to say (his usual stock jokes would have sounded too much like flirting) and they stand still for a few minutes, in silence.

Richard noticed she wore thick prescription glasses with photochromic lenses: the only expensive object, on a girl who only believed in book knowledge: more brains, less beauty.

But, looking for an argument to break the silence without seeming flirty, Richard noticed that her eyes were slightly squinting.

“Ah, that’s my cup of tea”, thought Richard, and started to say “the poets of ancient Greece composed hymns about Strabismus of Venus (Aphrodite of course), as one of the main features…”

“Stop, please… Professor, I am an educated person, and my field is precisely Greek mythology, can you imagine how many times I have heard that before? Venus was given in marriage to Vulcan who was the ugliest and most crippled of gods, and for once she gave a kiss to the muscular Ares (just to gift Mankind some moment of Peace), Zeus had her caught with a net and humiliated her front everyone…”

Such vehemence astonished Richard. He had never thought of Venus from this perspective.

“No way. «I’d rather be a Free spinster and paddle my own canoe», according to the wise words of Miss Alcott, and enough with Venus” Emily concluded. And then, almost muttering to herself, she added “Then everyone ends up asking me if the curtains match the carpet… the top match the bottom… the symmetries… ah, crap!”

Then Emily saw from a distance that his Wife was also in the big garden, gathering laurel leaves for the grilled meat, and then Emily let out a great sigh:

“Ah, Cathy’s there too, now I can relax…”

Richard heard her and began to wonder “how is it possible that this little stranger knows my Wife‘s nickname? She’s always named «Caterina» at her office…”

But before he could ask her for an explanation, he heard the gate bell ring again.

Richard went to open it, hoping to meet a rough, bearded fellow drunkard, but another girl appeared to him: long red hair, lots of freckles on her face and shoulders, an emerald green dress, and light hazel eyes.

Caged or not, a scanner was still active in Richard’s eyes, examining and guessing boob measurements and nipple hardness… and pubic bush shaving or maintenance.

“Slender, tall, small breasts, pointy nipples, so many freckles… I bet she never shaved… Redheads have always been a passion of mine. But today I must be stern and professional,” thought Richard, without uttering a single syllable.

With very professional gestures, he asked very politely what her specialization was… she started talking like a broken dam. He only grasped a few concepts: that her name was Skye McDuff, that she was twenty-nine years old, that she was a specialist in ancient art and especially ceramic vases… but at that point, he was no longer listening, all lost in his lucubrations.

As a leader of the scientific expedition, the presence of two girls in the team was a cause for concern, because he feared that rivalries might arise between him and the two male Ph.D. students who had not yet arrived.

§ Chapter 06. Two eyes, two dimples, one heart.

While the Scotswoman was still talking, two more girls arrived at the same time: one Latina, with very short hair and a lesbian checkered shirt, short but muscular, and one blond, curly and soft with blue eyes, the classic “femme” with little bracelets and a tiny pink purse (it turned out later that they were a couple, but appearances can be deceptive: the one all sweet and pink is a dominatrix devoted to the strapon, while the one posing as a tough guy in bed is completely submissive).

He remained open-mouthed, staring at the blonde’s absolute perfection, without glancing at the tough Latina: thinking “don’t judge a book by its cover, but I bet this is the classic 100% lesbian who behaves like a tomboy all her life, fighting against patriarchy composed first and foremost of her father and uncles… But the blonde, she seems to me of breathtaking perfection: two deep blue eyes, perfect, two dimples at the sides of her mouth, perfect, two thin shoulders barely covered by a tiny sundress, perfect… and two boobs… oh, no, one boob is missing!”, Richard thought silently.

The Latina caught the bewilderment in his gaze, evidently directed at her breasts and not at her Guest’s eyes, and gritted her teeth, with an aggressive attitude: but the blonde smiled like a jolly goose and offered him the sweetest little hand. “Oh, what an honor, allow me to introduce myself, I am Barbie Bach! Ha, ha!” she laughed like a silly person. “My family is of Austrian descent, from Wien, and, if I may answer a question that everyone asks me sooner or later, I had a breast removed three years ago, so if you want professor, you may as well roll your eyes because you won’t find it even if you keep looking for it!” chuckle

He was embarrassed but also amazed: what the heck was going on in his garden?

“You see, my family is afflicted by this hereditary disease. We get married among friends and cousins and the result is that my mother was operated on for breast cancer… too late. No, don’t be sad, I stopped mourning some time ago. The past is in the past, we live in the present. In the past I had two breasts… and I was happy and proud. Now I have only one breast, and I have a happy tattoo above the scar the surgeons left me, near to my heart: it represents a Phoenix, which, as you well know…”

Richard added “The Phoenix symbolizes the power to rise from any mournful event, according to Pliny the Elder… year 75 AD”

“Exactly! Very good professor, you deserve an A! giggle, giggle… I can’t show the tattoo, because there are so many unknown people, but sooner or later… out of scientific interest, of course, smirk!” and laughed like a ten-year-old. Next to her, the Latina girl looked increasingly nervous.

Barbie continued, “I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t wear my double-padded bra today, but it was so Hot, and your Wife had said it was a Scholars’ meeting occasion… I thought no one would mind, but…” she observed coquettishly… “I noticed you keep staring at my tit down there… while, my eyes are up here, Professor…”

“Oh,” said he as if awakened from hypnosis, “I’m so sorry Barbie, I don’t get this very often… I mean, not in everyday life…”

At the apex of embarrassment, a little corner of his brain spotted an escape route: change the subject to mythology!

Satisfied, feeling like a genius, he smiled and finally stared into her beautiful blue eyes, daring to say: “We could consider you as an Amazon from ancient mythology, which, as you may know…”

“Quotation: «Amazons used to amputate their breasts so they could shoot better with a bow»,” Barbie said, in the voice of a child repeating the poem in the theatre, “Of course, I think I’ve heard that line at least half a dozen times in the last, say, thirty-six months… had you heard it, Tracy?”

“No. Never.” Puffed the Latina, her voice bored and long-faced.

“Oh, what a funny thing, Tracy had never heard it! Ah, ah!” Barbie laughed gleefully, in contrast to the Latina’s somber face.

Barbie added to Richard “Please, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Teresa Hernandez-Sousa (too long, we call her “Tracy”), who, like me, specializes in greek archaeological excavations… we’ve been forming, like, a research team for years… her family is one-quarter Chilean, one-quarter Dominican, one-quarter Brazilian, and one-quarter Bolivian, which makes her «Chile-Domi-Bra-Bolivian… but she always says she’s from Queens!» Ah, ah…!” barbie concluded singing from some Broadway musical, like a trained little child after hundreds of rehearsals.

The professor looks at her shocked as Tracy looks even more somber.

But Barbie adds: “And the funniest thing is that the Portuguese side of the family is from Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, so paradoxically, the only real Amazon here might be her, but she still has both her tits! I guess Pliny the Elder was wrong…”

Albeit confused, Richard led the girls into the garden.

For a moment he thought: “Four girls! But how can I do that? And, luckily, I’m wearing the cage… how embarrassing, now that Cathy told me about my reputation, I saw it stamped on Emily’s shy face… she was afraid to be alone in the garden with me, I cannot go on like this…”

While he was deep in thought, he escorted the late couple to the barbecue, where his Wife was talking thickly to the “I-forgot-her-name” amazing redhead (her name: Skye McDuff).

They were talking about him, and neither lowered their voices nor interrupted: he heard the Scottish woman utter the word “pathetic”. But instead of taking offense, his mind began to wander about the Greek origin of that word, from “pathos”, meaning, among the others, passion… But his thoughts were disrupted ex abrupto by his Wife‘s voice.

When she saw the couple, his Wife flashed a huge Cheshire Cat-like grin, and then, raising a goblet for toast, Cathy said loudly, “girls, I can finally announce that our plan has succeeded perfectly: you can relax, the professor is already wearing a chastity cage!”

To Richard’s enormous astonishment, the four girls not only did not look astonished but cheered and celebrated: “yay! Brilliant minds always think alike! It’s about time!” and toasted with aperitif wine.

“What’s going on?” asked Richard.

His Wife seemed almost more satisfied at that moment than the night before.

Foreshadowing a triumph, Cathy smiled proudly at the success of her plan.

“It so happens, honey, that I contacted these smart and wonderful girls to tell them about the opportunity of the research trip to Greece.

Each of them was both excited about the wonderful opportunity and annoyed that you have this nasty reputation for making sexist comments and touching the tits and asses of your underlings.

But one of them (I won’t tell you who, smirk!) vaguely mentioned «he could wear a chastity belt» and a light bulb went on for me.

I went to an online site and bought the most expensive product on the market, with a combination lock that I can control from here.

Then I reconvened them all together and we worked out this plan.”

Richard was motionless and speechless. One of the girls had approached and was staring at his cage, in full view under his shorts.

Cathy continued, “I will stay here and monitor everything from the distance. The girls insisted on some rules that would safeguard their work commitment from your harassment, but at the same time ensure they could tease you every night, in every way, as if I were there.”

Cathy’s eyes sparkled with joy, thinking of the grandeur of the punishment: what medieval writers would have called «contrapasso», and what the ancients would have called «irony».

Her husband, who had harassed every Adult woman for years, would be harassed relentlessly by four energetic young women, while he had his cock locked in the cage of which only his Wife had the combination… fantastic.

In particular, Barbie seemed to have become a different person.

She had stopped posing as a dumb blonde bimbo, and with her hands on her hips, she stared defiantly at the cage.

Silently he thought “They say that surgeries make the survivors stronger (Friedrich Nietzsche, or was it Aristotle?); in Barbara’s case, they had given her deep blue eyes a glacial look.”

The muscular Latina at her side tenderly held her hand, smiling for the first time.

The redhead continued to look at him with contempt, with her light hazel eyes. Emily looked away but at least she had taken off her glasses.

“for introverts, lenses are like a barrier of shields erected by a battalion of hoplites, but… did Xenophon write that or Machiavelli?” Richard caught himself thinking… “but why do I get distracted all the time? Why don’t I focus? To escape what is happening in the present time?”

Cathy’s imperious voice brought him back down to Earth:

“And because I know you like decalogues, we have written a decalogue of rules for you to follow.

But, before the rules, I order that you undress, and show the girls the cage you are wearing today.

No handcuffs today, as I promised, but only because you have to grill the meat.

After you strip naked, then I will read the Decalogue to you, and you will tell me whether that Decalogue will make you fly to a certain country in South America… or you choose to reach your beloved Greece and a better future for you.”

******** To the Reader. I am writing the chapters for the month that Richard will spend on a tiny island in Greece: during the day they will work on a new interpretation of the 12 Labours of Hercules, and in the evening the girls will take turns teasing Professor Richard, under the control of his Wife Cathy by phone. There will be some gentle femdom, denial, consensual cuckolding, facesitting, and even harmless little pranks. Each girl will show her character and inclinations. Richard and Cathy will remain in Love and continue to Love each other forever, even though they will both be profoundly changed by the experience. If this series was well received, I could write about what happened the following year to the same group of scholars. Please forgive the lexical errors, English is not my mother tongue. ********

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