10) Dominant Desires: A Thrilling Obsession

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As a dominant, I have all the time been drawn to women with submissive tendencies. It’s like an obsession that consumes me entirely. I crave control, and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a woman submit willingly to my commands. It’s why I was immediately drawn to Samantha, who exuded a quiet submission that I found irresistible.

Our relationship began innocently enough, with small hints of submission on her end that I eagerly latched onto. Gradually, I began to push her limits, commanding her to do things that she never wondered she could. The more she succumbed to my dominant desires, the more I craved. It was an intense addiction that I couldn’t ignore, and neither could she.

One particular night, I had Samantha dressed in a sexy little outfit that I had selected especially for her. She was blindfolded and bound, waiting for my touch. The anticipation of what I would do to her made her breathing ragged and her heart race.

I began by stroking her skin, trailing my fingers over her curves and eliciting soft moans from her lips. I whispered in her ear, telling her what I was gonna do to her, and how she was gonna submit to me entirely. She trembled with excitement, craving the pleasure I could give her.

With one swift movement, I ripped off her blindfold, my eyes locked on hers. Her gaze was intense, filled with lust and excitement. I could see the fire in her eyes, and it only made my own desire burn hotter.

I commanded her to strip, slowly and sensuously, letting her body sway to the music that I had selected. She moved with such grace and sensuality that my own body was almost shaking with desire.

Once she was naked, I approached her from behind, running my hands over her body and pressing against her until she was pinned against me. I could feel her heart pound against my chest, and it ignites the flames inside.

I whispered commands into her ear, telling her every move I wanted her to make. She was like a puppet on strings, moving in methods she never wondered efficient.

I made her pleasure me in methods that I rarely let anyone, but all the time amazed by Samantha. She took pride in being able to please me, to submit entirely to my desires.

It was a thrilling obsession – one that consumed us both entirely – and it was something that I would never let go. I was addicted to her submission, and she was addicted to pleasing me. It was a relationship that we both craved deeply, and it was just the beginning of a thrilling journey that we embarked on together.

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