Your Whole Body Belongs To Me

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NSFW: yes

(if you’re not wet by the end of this I’ll give you an imaginary money back guarantee)

I’m going to tell you to get on all fours like a dog.

My favourite position.

You know what’s coming. But you know I love teasing you so much. It makes you so wet, the anticipation, the tension, the edging. Your pussy tingles just thinking about it.

I take my firm cock and rub it on your soft ass cheeks. Slowly, round like the hands of a clock. Then I begin rubbing it between those gorgeous cheeks God gave you. Running it sooooo slowly along your butt crack.

“Head Down Baby. Ass Up. Spread Those Cheeks.” I Tell You.

“Yes daddy” you mumble.

As you obediently lean forward and your ass is opened, I get even harder and more animalistic. I grab your head with the heel my fingers and push it down to the ground.

Then I lift it and make sure there’s soemthing in your mouth. Your panties at least. Then I’ll push your head down hard. Driving it into the ground with the heel of my hand.

My veiny dick is so excited, hard and pumping, dripping wet with the warm saliva of your soft sucks.

I’m going to push my throbbing cock head into your inviting asshole. That tight ring beckoning so secretly. I’m gonna drive it in so slowly and feel that resistance as I drive forward. I can hear your breath quicken and it turns me on so much.

I take a good time sliding that thick dick head in. As soon as it’s in. I pause for a bit. Enjoy the moment.

Then I withdraw it.

And do the whole process again. This time even slower. And I repeat this a good 10 times.

I enjoy teasing you and feeling that ass ring expand as I force my hard head in.

When I’ve decided I’ve had enough, I put one hand on your lower back, just above the creases of your butt to hold you steady.

Pushing with my hips, I feel your guts opening for me as I slide my rock hard cock into your anus. But as soon as it’s 1 inch in I stop.

And pause. Just holding it there to make you crazy.

I slowly withdraw, sliding those bulging veins back outside your asshole and rubbing your tight rim. I can feel it clench each time my veins rub on it and I know it makes us both crazy.

I begin launching my hips forward again, and sliding my shaft in that gorgeous butt of yours. As soon as I’ve got 2 inches in, I stop. And pause again.

Withdrawing slowly. Teasing you. Pulling out to my head. You know I love doing this and that you’re in for a long night.

I push my dick in again, slowly sliding that shaft in to your inviting butt, this time I stop at 3 inches. Once again, I pause and withdraw slowly.

This keeps going, the cycle of inserting slowly, then pausing and pulling out for a good 10-15 minutes. Till I’m fully In.

When my heavy balls hit your soaking pussy lips and my the top of my ball sack is on your ass ring, I know I’m all in.

I savour the feeling of those pussy juices tricking slowly down your skin, onto my balls and trailing down till they fall on the floor.

Without withdrawing a single inch, I put both hands on your hips and pull you into me. Pushing my pubic bone right into your pelvis. Grinding as hard as I can. Up and down, side to side, slight circular motions with my hips. I just just stay there, all the way in, moving about for a good minute or 2.

Oh would you look at the time? It’s pounding hour!

I’m gonna withdraw my hard dick sooooo slowly, all the way till my head is just barely in your asshole.

You feel my fingers in your hair as I grab a fist full of your soft hair and hold it firmly. My other hand is fixed firmly on your hips.

With no warning, I launch my hips and propel my full hard veiny dick into your asshole. All the way in as fast as efficient. As soon as it’s hit full length, I yank your hair and snatch your head back, arching your back as I pull your head closer to mine.

I push my feet a bit and begin squatting, getting into a nice and open position to fully pound you. In and out as fast and hard as I possibly can, no holding back.

I can feel your pussy juice leaking all the way from your lips down your body and onto my dick as I know you’re cumming from my rough pounding.

I spank your ass as I keep pounding it. The sound of those gorgeous cheeks clapping is amplified by my powerful slap and as it reverberates through the room it gives my dick even more hardness, especially as I see those cheeks jiggling even more.

I can see your whole body shaking from the force of my pounding and the tension of your orgasms, I can hear your breath quickening and I take this opportunity while I’m ramming you to grab your throat and squeeze it with my other hand as I’m pulling your hair.

I can feel your asshole rim tightening and clenching when I’m fully In and I know we’re both close to climaxing.

I begin puffing my hot breath on your neck and licking your exposed skin all the way up to your ear.

I cannot help it. I whisper how much I love watching your ass jiggle and clap, knowing I’m the one ramming it. Telling you I know how much you enjoy it and I love it that you’re my slut.

As my grip on your throat tightens, I can feel the vibrations of your moans on your neck and sense their intensity driving up as you scream into your soaked dirty panties.

“Your Whole F*cking Body Belongs to Me” I Grunt In Your Ear

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