Young woman [F25] secretly cheats on her long-term partner with older man [M35] (story from the man’s perspective)

I consider myself to be a fairly normal man, not particularly good looking or charming, but not repulsive and able hold my own in a conversation. I have had a fairly unremarkable sex life although, like most people, there are a few experiences that stand out, and this is one of them. At the time of this story I was single, just entering middle-age and a middle-ranking employee in a professional services business. My job occasionally involved travel and I was visiting a city that I had never been to before a few hours’ drive from my home for what I knew would be an uninteresting and undemanding training course.

I arrived at my fairly cheap hotel the evening before the course and, after dropping my bags off in my room, went to a restaurant in the same building for something to eat. The restaurant had a nice bar – the kind of place couples go to for an evening that feels classy but isn’t too expensive. Although I am not a person who usually goes to bars alone, I enjoy people watching so decided to stay in the bar after my meal to have a quiet drink and read some of the course materials.

Although the bar was bustling with people, a young couple in around their mid-twenties sitting at a nearby table particularly attracted my attention. They seemed to have dressed up for the evening with the woman dressed in a flowery sleeveless midi dress with a modest u-shaped neckline, a slim pale brown belt around her waist, brown leather sandals and a small matching brown leather handbag. She seemed slightly taller than average with a nice slim figure, long and curly dark brown hair and pale skin. I caught a few glimpses of her face as she chatted with her partner and she seemed quite pretty with a delicate and innocent air about her. She was wearing a few small and tasteful items of jewelry including one that particularly attracted my attention – a silver chain ankle bracelet on her right ankle that was particularly obvious as she sat with her right leg crossing her left. I was aware at the time that an ankle bracelet on the right ankle is how some women discreetly indicate that they are sexually available, whether or not they are in a relationship.

I continued to people watch, paying particular attention to this young couple and occasionally admiring the woman. I could not hear their conversation but their body language seemed to become slightly cold over time and, after about half an hour, the man got up and left leaving the woman on her own. I expected her to get up and follow him but instead she stayed at her table and, after a few minutes, headed to the bar not far from where I was sitting and ordered a drink.

While she was waiting for her drink, she glanced over to me and asked me what I was reading. She seemed shy and softly spoken and her approach was slightly awkward, like someone who didn’t usually speak to strangers in bars, but we struck up a conversation and when her drink arrived she invited me over to her table to continue to talk. Her phone went off a few times during our conversation although she ignored it after glancing at the screen and eventually discreetly turned it off. Gradually the conversation became more intimate and she began some clumsy flirting, which I returned in my own clumsy way, at all times with the knowledge that I had seen her earlier with a man that was clearly her partner and that I was sure she knew that I had seen her with him as well.

As time passed, I began to expect her to make her excuses and leave, but the image of the ankle bracelet gave me the idea that she might be open to something happening. I mentioned casually that I was staying in a hotel in the same building and that I had a great view from my window (I hadn’t even checked the view). She didn’t respond straight away and changed the subject to something else, but then she shifted slightly in her seat, made firm eye contact with me and said she would love to see the view. I invited her up, we finished our drinks and left. It was just after 10 o’clock in the evening.

We entered my room and she closed the door behind us. She was clearly nervous and excited. The conversation had started to dry up on the walk to the hotel room and we were in danger of an awkward silence so I offered her a drink from the mini bar, which she accepted. She excused herself while I prepared the drinks and went into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. This was the first time I had been alone since she approached me at the bar and, as I finished pouring the drinks, I was suddenly overcome by the arousal and anticipation that had been building in me since we started talking at the bar.

I went into the bathroom and found her fixing her long curly hair into a rough bun at the back of her head. I stood behind her as she was slightly bent over in front of the mirror fixing the last few whisps of hair. I could not control myself any longer and placed my hands on her hips and pressed my hips against her so my now fully erect penis was pressed in the gap between her buttocks. As soon as she felt my erection pressed against her, it was like a switch flipped inside her. She quickly turned around, put her arms around my neck and kissed me very deeply and passionately. After about a minute, without any prompting from me, she dropped her knees, unfastened my trousers and and took my penis in her hands and started to lick and suck the tip.

She looked up at me as she sucked, clearly enjoying making eye contact with me as she started to take my penis deeper into her mouth, massaging my glans and shaft with her tongue and lips, and occasionally gagging as she took me too deep. After a few minutes, I suggested that we go back into the bedroom and after a flicker of hesitation she nodded and stood up. She took a tissue from a next to the sink and wiped the saliva from around her mouth and dabbed her slightly watering eyes as she turned and went back into the bedroom. The drinks remained on the cabinet by the minibar, completely forgotten.

I freed my trousers and underwear from around my ankles, left them on the bathroom floor, and started unbuttoning my shirt as I followed her back into the bedroom. She was facing away from me now and already in process of taking her dress off to reveal her pale and slender young body. By the time I reached her, I was completely naked and she was wearing only her underwear, a tasteful matching set of pale pink lace panties and padded lace bra. I turned her around, held her body close and kissed her deeply while caressing her back and lace-covered buttocks with my finger tips. I started to work on her bra and as soon as I unfastened it she stepped away from me to shake it from her shoulders and bent down to remove her panties. She was now completely naked and when she stood back up after freeing her panties from around her feet I stepped back a little to take in her body. The padded bra had made her breasts look very pert under her dress but they looked even better now, with small pink nipples and a faint bikini tan line. Her pussy was completely shaven and immaculate. She seemed to enjoy me appreciating her body for a moment, but then seemed to become self conscious and looked to the side with a little smile.

I approached her and took her in my arms again and we continued to kiss, our hands now exploring each other’s bodies more intimately. I suggested that I get one of the condoms that I still have in my luggage from a holiday with a previous partner but she said firmly that we did not need to use one because she was on birth control and even stepped over to her handbag, which she had left open on the cabinet, and rummaged around to take out a half completed pill packed to show me. She seemed to be ready to continue to persuade me but I grabbed one of her wrists and pulled her over to me and then pushed her down onto the bed.

She fell on her back with a big smile and a look of excitement on her face while I jumped on the bed and lay next her. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and, after stroking her thighs and breasts for a few moments, I moved my hand to her pussy. I slipped my middle finger between her labia and started gently teasing her clitoris, easing off each time I could feel her arousal building too much. After I had done this a few times, she giggled and called me a tease and then, without saying anything more, she pushed my hand away, got up on all fours facing away from me and put her face down on the bed, presenting her pussy to me. She didn’t want me to make her wait any longer.

I quickly got up and knelt behind her, caressing her buttocks and hips. I gently rubbed the tip of my penis up and down her pussy to cover it in her wetness, placed my hands on her hips and then, after taking a brief second to savour the moment, gently and slowly started push inside her. Her pussy was tight and seemed to grip my penis but her wetness allowed me to push insider her without much resistance. She was not vocal but let out a few little gasps and moans as I pushed deeper, withdrew slightly when I started to feel resistance, and then pushed further in. Once my full length was inside her I paused and bent forward to kiss her neck and whisper how good she felt in her ear. My hands still on her hips, I started to move back and forth, slowly at first, and then gradually picking up speed in response to her quiet but unmistakable encouragement. After only a few minutes, I felt my orgasm rising and then, almost out of nowhere, I exploded insider her.

I had not cum for a little while and felt generous squirts of semen erupt from penis with every contraction. She let out a long and very satisfied moan as my orgasm was coming to completion, as if relaxing into a hot bath after a long day, and then she looked back at me over her shoulder with a beaming smile. She complemented me on my prowess although I knew the sex had been far too brief. I stayed inside her for a time, leaning forward to caress her neck and gently bite her ears and shoulders. As my manhood started to soften, I slowly pulled it out of her and it flopped heavily down against my thighs with a wet slap followed by a long stream of my now runny and clear semen mixed with her copious wetness. I quickly grabbed the tissues from the bathroom and jumped back on the bed with them, passing a bundle to her to wipe between her legs and taking one for myself to wipe my penis while we lay next to each other.

We still both had plenty of energy and excitement and as soon as we had finished cleaning ourselves up, she began ticking and wrestling with me. After a few minutes I gained the upper hand and ended up on top of her, with her legs around my waist and me holding both of her arms over her head by her slender wrists. She seemed to make a show of struggling and then submitting to me, and we began kissing again. I began to get hard as I pressed my hips against hers and, as soon as I was hard enough, I managed to slip my penis back inside her without ever letting go of her wrists. It went in much more easily this time and I immediately began vigorously thrusting into her while looking into the now slightly serious and hungry expression on her face. I passed both of her wrists into one hand and with my free hand I put my first two fingers in her mouth and down her throat to make her gag, gently slapped her face and put my hand on her throat, applying no pressure but letting her feel the weight of my hand resting there. This supercharged her arousal and as her moans and shudders became stronger, I continued to thrust into her at the same rate until eventually she let out a loud gasp, arched her back so much that only her shoulders and buttocks were touching the bed, and spasmed hard seven or eight times. I had stopped thrusting at this point and, as her orgasm subsided, I looked into her flushed and smiling face and we laughed out loud at each other.

Rather than continue in this position, I withdrew from her, flipped her over and picked her up by her hips to take her doggy style again. As I starting to take her harder, I unfastened her hair from the bun and gathered it up in one hand. She didn’t say anything but I could sense her anticipation and, as I started to gently pull, she did not withstand and instead bent her head back as far as she could. I continued to gently pull on her hair with one hand as I thrust harder and faster into her and spanked her with my free hand. After a few short minutes, I made one last deep and hard thrust and held my penis deep insider her as I came again. At this point, she bent her knees so her heels were almost touching her buttocks and her toes were pointed to the ceiling, her body shuddered and she let out a long and satisfied moan.

We both collapsed exhausted on the bed and, as we both got our breath back, we began to properly talk to each other again for the first time since we were in the bar. The conversation went back and forth and eventually I asked her about her ankle bracelet. She said that she learned what it could mean from her mother years earlier but that she didn’t expect anyone to actually recognise it or take it seriously. She explained that the man I had seen her with earlier was her partner and that they had been together for almost ten years. She wondered that, as far as he was concerned, they were completely faithful to each other but, although she loved him very much and wanted to stay with him, she got very aroused by the idea of having sex with other men without him knowing. She shared with me that she had already done this twice during their relationship but only ever one night stands with people she did not expect to see again. She explained that not using a condom during these encounters was essential to her because she felt that the most intimate thing she could do with another man was take his cum insider her and what she found particularly arousing was doing this forbidden act of ultimate intimacy with another man in secret. The way she explained it, she saw her ankle bracelet as a secret symbol of her unfaithfulness – her secretly committing this most intimate of acts with other men – and she found it exciting to flaunt this to her partner every day without him realising.

After all this talk about forbidden sex I started to get hard so after some more kissing and touching I climbed on top of her, spread her legs aside with my knee and let her guide my penis into her again. This time was far more sensual. We looked into each others eyes and slowly ground our hips together, held hands with interlocked fingers and kissed hard and deep, extracting and savouring every last sensation from each others bodies for what felt like an age. I don’t know whether to be ashamed of this or not but I found this time the most arousing of all because I now knew the man I had seen her with was her long term partner. I found the idea of another man’s partner secretly offering her body to me like this and desiring my cum inside her incredibly arousing.

After some time we switched to doggy style again. I think we both sensed that this would be our last time and she said she wanted me to take her hard – as hard as I could. I was happy to oblige and used her like she was a rag doll for several minutes until I accidentally slipped out. I noticed immediately that there was fresh blood all over my penis. It was clear that she must have been in pain but when I said that I wondered we should stop she told me firmly that she wanted me to carry on taking her hard and to cum inside her again. I continued, more gently this time, and after a few more minutes and some vocal encouragement from her, I came for the last time. It was clear to both of us by now that her body could not take any more sex so we just lay together in each others arms, completely exhausted.

It was now the early hours and, apparently satisfied, she seemed to relax and come back to reality. She finally turned her phone back on and seemed genuinely alarmed about the number of messages she had received, not just from her partner but from her friends and housemates asking where she was and expressing concern. I suggested that she head back home and she agreed without hesitation. I didn’t ask for her name or number and she didn’t offer them. I just lay in bed and watched her wipe my semen from her thighs with the bathroom tissues, place another bundle of tissues in her panties, get dressed and quickly try to fix her messy hair and smeared makeup in the bathroom mirror.

Then after one last glance back at me, she went out into the night, exhausted, hair and makeup still a mess and with a sore pussy filled with my cum – a pretty young woman who secretly shared her body and some of her most intimate secrets with a stranger for a couple of hours one night. I am sure that she made up a story to explain to her friends where she had been, and avoided sex with her partner for a few days to allow any trace of me to disappear, but I’m just as sure that she continued to wear her ankle bracelet.

NSFW: yes

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  1. MrSalvastar

    Reposted due to mistake in the title – this happened around ten years ago. I have been happily married for a number of years now but still remember this encounter vividly and had a great time writing this story and reliving it.

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