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t was so hard that I screamed but he didn’t let himself be disturbed, he continued sucking and stuck his finger into my holes with one finger in each. It was heaven. After I was back from the realm of the senses, I approached him. He laid on his back and handed me his long cock as he supported himself with his elbows so that he also could see everything I would do with him.

I knelt down next to him and caressed his hard cock, slowly jerking him up and down while he closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Then I sucked his massive dick deep into my throat and started to give him a real blow job, he moaned like someone who would have his biggest dream come true and his abdomen pushed violently into my mouth. I got horny again, I was totally turned on by the scene, I still wanted to feel him inside me and so I let him fidget, sucked him until just before he came, then I stopped, just rubbed a little over the shaft until I put my lips over it again and horned him up until he held my head and pushed his dick into my mouth like a savage.

I had almost surrendered to my fate and was getting ready for him to give me his juice when he stopped and turned me so that I was suddenly on top of him and he pushed his cock into my cunt to ride him. Nothing better could have happened, I was so horny anyway and took his prick in all the way and rode it until I came again… Subscribe to read further 🤫

NSFW: yes

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