You can take the girl out of Japan, but you cannot take Japan out of Momo

Momo was one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever hooked up with. It happened a few days ago and I’m still riding that high. She’s Japanese, about 165cm tall, and super skinny. She’s basically built like u/LttlNymph but with an even smaller chest. In person she feels tiny since I stand at least a head above her and weigh twice as much. Her round face contrasts with her elongated frame, like she came out of Mii Maker.

She’s so warm and comforting to spend time with; smiles, giggles and hugs abound in her business. When she smiles, she does so with her whole face, her big cheeks, her tiny lips, her sharp eyes, all of it, and it’s so disarming.

Also disarming was her childlike openness. I asked how she was and she told me her everything: her triumphs, her anxieties, all of it unfiltered. She’s from Tokyo (but had been in Australia for a few years) so maybe it’s the culture difference? Whatever it was, I listened patiently and offered my opinions and advice when I could, and every time I did, she gave me a wide smile and a big hug.

We were sitting on her bed chatting for almost an hour before we’d realised. “Eh? We were talking so long!” Momo hopped off the bed and efficiently removed her lace dress, black bra and panties, and neatly set them apart. I stripped too, and embraced her slender frame while sitting on the edge of the bed. She leaned down to nuzzle my cheek as I gently stroked her slim waist and cupped her little ass cheeks. “You’re so nice” she said as she kissed me with a few broaching pecks on the lips.

Soon my tongue was exploring her mouth to soft moans. Her hands were running through my hair, and mine pulling her soft, smooth mons into my hardened cock. She lay me down and engulfed my shaft with her pussy lips and ground into me. She whimpered softly with each thrust through our passionate kisses.

I rolled Momo onto her back and kissed down from her neck to her chest. I engulfed her prominent nipples as Momo sighed in quiet approval. I shifted across her toned stomach and down to her mons. I pecked lightly at her clit to probe her reaction which was quite subdued. In fact while she had a lot to say while the clothes where on, she was very quiet once they came off!

I licked up and down her clit til I started to feel her cream on my chin. I wasn’t getting much verbal feedback, but at least I could tell she was enjoying this. I slowly prodded at her entrance with a finger, being careful not force my way in. Her body responded well so in went a second. I hooked on her G spot, pressed my lips down around her clit and flicked at it with increasing intensity.

I love eating pussy and I was determined to make her cum. I was hitting the right spots as I could feel her squeeze down on my fingers. I looked up at Momo who was quietly staring at the ceiling, her chest heaving through her deep breaths. I wondered by this point her thighs would be death gripping my head, but my tongue was burning, fingers were aching and I was getting disheartened. I pulled myself off her clit in defeat, telling myself I’d make it up to her.

“Wow, I came many times” she whispered in exasperation, her hands shielding her face in embarrassment. “How did you do that??” giggled Momo , suppressing her heavy panting as she came down from her high, her pelvic muscles still contracting around my fingers.

>”Wait, you came?”

I slowly withdrew my fingers from her pussy, being careful not to overstimulate her. I crawled up to meet her face and she pulled me in for a deep sensual kiss. “Thank you”.

I kissed across her cheek, down her toned neck and back up to her ear.

>”I want you to do me a favour OK?”
>”OK?” she giggled.
>”If you’re going to cum, I want you to tell me.”
>”OK …”

I kissed her deeply as I fumbled for a condom. She broke the kiss, took the rubber from my hands and ushered me to the edge of the bed. Momo applied it dutifully with her mouth, and engulfed most of my thick 6 inches in warmth. Her tongue lapped gently on the underside of my cock, her lips wrapped tightly making great suction. Her mouth felt heavenly on my cock.

Sometimes you get so worked up that sex becomes a wild flurry of flesh and fluids, but I didn’t want that for Momo. She was one of the most adorable girls I’d ever met, and I wanted to spoil her, to give her all the pleasure she deserved.

I laid her down, positioned myself at her entrance, and as I slowly breached I met her lips with mine. I made shallow strokes to begin but she pulled me deeper with her legs. She moaned through our kiss as I buried the head of my cock into her cervix.

>”Does that feel good?”
>”Yes!” she whispered.

Happy that I’d gotten her to open up just a little, I interlocked her knees with my elbows and pounded deep and slow. I gradually picked up the pace and Momo was having trouble holding back. She got increasingly flustered with each thrust, yelping quietly each time my balls slapped her ass. “I’m cummiiing!” she hissed, trying so hard to suppress her moans as if her parents were sleeping in the next room. I kept pace and felt her insides contract, this time around my cock. I collapsed into another kiss and told her how sexy she was.

Wanting to keep her pleasure rolling, I took the pillow she was laying on and placed it under her butt. I entered her again this time making shallow strokes, the head of my cock grinding into her Gspot. Momo groaned almost in frustration. I pulled her legs upright and pinned them to my chest to tighten her grip on my cock. Again she hissed “I’m cumming!”. I picked up the pace and fucked her right through another orgasm, which very quickly built up to another. “I’m cumming!”

I leaned over and thrust hard and deep. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her into another sensual kiss. Momo pulled away and buried her head into my neck to suppress a long whispered groan as she came. She embraced me tightly with her arms and legs as her vaginal walls twitched. I didn’t have time to let her recover as my own orgasm was building. I kept pounding hard and deep, my balls slapping against her ass. As I peaked she hugged me tightly and met me for a wet passionate kiss.

I lay there and continued kissing her gently through laboured breath and took in the sight of this beautiful woman beneath me. Her rosey cheeks and heaving chest betraying the heights of passion we’d achieved together. Momo brought both hands to my face, stroked my cheek and smiled that heavenly smile.

>”You’re so nice..”

NSFW: yes

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