Yoga pants and ovulation…

I’ve been going back and forth with this woman on reddit for like 6 months or more. We probably have a feed that’s months long. At any rate she said she’s going to be in the cities ” late Saturday “. I was pretty much like this isn’t going to happen because there’s all the time an excuse.
At any rate she comes over it’s about 11p.
She said her girlfriend’s going to wait in the car. Now she has told me she’s married, 32, 2 kids and lives in a 2nd tier suburb. All i’ve seen so far is many pics from her.
She contacts me reddit and says that she’s in the parking lot.
Her friend is gonna wait for her?? Was thinking what sort of friend is this. I let her in the front door and we walk up the steps to my apartment. She’s wearing yoga pants.. Holy shit..!! I said ” how long do you have” She’s like” let’s do this right here”. So there’s two windows that overlook the parking lot. Tons of light. She bends over a window sill. Now there is like tons of light and anybody from the outside could see what’s going on. The hallway is lit up like the fourth of july. I pull her pants down.. And the creamiest, gooiest, girl juice pulls away from her pussy as these pants come down..” My first comment was ” did you just get fucked “? She said ” no I’m ovulating “. I immediately get down and start devouring her from behind. Like messy face completely wet…. I’m rock hard at this point. She says to me..” pick a hole” .. All this is happening while her friend is in the parking lot watching us. Well I believe she’s watching us. I cannot necessarily see her face. But I can see the car they drove in and it’s facing the window we are in. I decide to fuck her ass as my face is covered in cream, my fingers etc.
I really wanted to fuck her pussy. But this small funky side of me wondered… Maybe she wants to get pregnant. Maybe she has a fucked up marriage and she’s looking for a new daddy. I wondered i’m going to cum in her ass and that’s going to be it. I pull out my rock hard fucking dick. And use her pussy cream as lube. As I’m almost all in her, the neighbor who I’ve never met opens his door.. He’s a black guy about 30. He says ” damn” … He briefly watches. Then shuts his door and says i’m gonna let y’all be.
I briefly lost focus. Got her attention again by sweezing her nipples. Pumped her for about ten minutes or less.. Came really hard in her ass. Pulled up her pants.
She said I hope next time we can do this with my friend, kissed me and walked down the steps and out the door.

NSFW: yes

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