Would you want this to happen to you?

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NSFW: yes

When we (M44) (F50) got in the truck….you started it and I reached over and started rubbing you thigh…. going up and down squeezing and rubbing against your crotch…..then I moved to you crotch and started squeezing your balls and rubbing against your cock…..you were making little moaning sounds. I lean over and kiss you and ask if I can play with your cock…..you smile, my hand goes down your pants and I rub on him and wrap my hand around him……I pull him out and begin stroking him with one hand and squeezing your balls with the other…..as I’m stroking him you are moaning and holding the wheel…..I continue stroking him and with my other hand I get out some warming lube and squeeze some on your cock….then I rub it all around you cock and balls as I blow on him….you moaned a little louder and I was stroking quicker while squeezing both your cock and balls…..then you said you were gonna cum so I wrapped my mouth around him and sucked until you were done .

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