Working in Real Estate part 7 [M35/F34/F32/F30] [oral] [penetration] [fiction]

The next month blew by. My offer on the house was accepted, the inspection and appraisal went smoothly, and I was settling into my new job with ease, becoming a behind the scenes coordinator for Kayli, Jennifer, and Tara. Right around the time I was to move into my new house, Kayli said that there was a real estate conference happening, in St. George, the southern part of Utah, and she had signed everybody up to attend. Although I wasn’t a real estate agent like the girls were, she still wanted me there to learn.

We decided to make the five hour drive down in Jennifer’s SUV, as it was big enough for all of us, plus luggage. The morning we needed to leave, Jennifer swung pass my house first to pick me up, and she greeted me with a hug and a kiss as she helped load my luggage on top of hers. As we drove to Kayli’s house, Jennifer said, “you excited for this?”

I replied back, “what? A five day getaway, with my three favorite women? Nah, not excited at all.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “you forgot to mention that two of those women want you to take full advantage of them at any time, while the third is so obsessed with sex, she gave you a job just to fuck you more.”

I smiled and said, “yeah, not excited at all.”

Pulling up to Kayli’s house, I hopped out to help Kayli, being greeted with a hug and a kiss. I was hoping for the same at Tara’s house, but her husband was there. As he helped load her luggage, he asked, “so, three girls, one guy, what’s the sleeping arrangement?” Kayli quickly answered him, “all four of us in separate rooms.” He seemed satisfied with the answer, giving Tara a kiss goodbye as we got in the car and started the drive, me and Kayli on the backseat, Jennifer and Tara up front.

Turning in her seat, Tara said, “did you really book four rooms?” Kayli laughed and said, “hell no. Three rooms. Each girl will have their own, and Danny will be in a different room every night.”

Jennifer spoke up, “so, how are we going to decide who gets him on what night? Should have stayed for two more nights, so we each could take two turns with him.”

This caused the girls to laugh, and Kayli said, “I’m sure we will all be satisfied by the time we come home, right, Danny?”

I told them I would do my best as we started talking about other subjects.

An hour into the drive, as Tara and Jennifer carried on a conversation, Kayli reached over, placing her hand on my groin and slowly begun rubbing me. Looking over at her, she held a finger up to her lips, telling me to stay quiet. Sitting in the middle seat of the SUV, Kayli’s hands were hidden from Tara and Jennifer as she pulled my basketball shorts down just enough to fish my semi-hard cock out of my boxers, wrapping her hand around it and rubbing up and down until I was fully hard.

With Jennifer focused on the road and Tara looking something up on her phone, Kayli leaned down, sucking me into her mouth, quickly bobbing her head up and down the full six inches of my cock, her tongue sliding up and down my shaft. Tara asked me a question that I quickly answered, then asked Kayli the same. When Kayli didn’t answer, Tara turned around in her chair, saw my cock filling her mouth, and said, “oh hell, I should have known that’s why you wanted to sit next to him.” Jennifer asked what, trying to see us in the rear view mirror, and Tara answered, “she’s giving him a blowjob already.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “told you she was obsessed. I was wondering why Kayli was sitting in the middle. I should have known.” Tara, still watching Kayli blowing me, said, “I’m kinda jealous I didn’t think about it.” Kayli finally took my cock out of her mouth, her hand taking its place, and said, “we can have Danny scoot over and you can join us.”

Before Tara could respond, Jennifer said, “what about me? You want me to drive while you two get to have fun?” Kayli laughed and said, “you drive while me and Tara blow him, and you can have Danny tonight.” Jennifer answered back, “I want him as soon as we get to the hotel and get checked in.”

Kayli said deal and Jennifer pulled off the road, allowing me and Kayli to scoot over as Tara joined us in the back. My cock still out, Tara and Kayli both went to wrap their hand around it at the same time, bumping their knuckles together. They laughed as Jennifer got back on the road, Kayli taking the top half of my shaft while Tara got the bottom half. Leaning down again, Kayli removed her hand from me, replacing it with her mouth. After bobbing her head a few times, she pulled off me again, looking at Tara and said, “your turn.” Tara quickly leaned down, licking my tip with her tongue before engulfing me with her mouth. She bobbed up and down, as Kayli watched and started to push down on Tara’s head. I leaned over towards Kayli, our lips meeting as we kissed above Tara. Breaking the kiss and looking up at Jennifer, Kayli said, “you watching us or the road more?” Jennifer said, “as hard as it is to keep my eyes off Danny’s cock, I’m paying attention to the road.”

Tara still deep throating me, I said, “so, what you’re saying, is that I shouldn’t take Kayli’s shirt off and distract you more?” Jennifer shook her head no, but I saw her looking in the rear view mirror as I pulled Kayli’s shirt up, exposing the black bra she was wearing to contain her enormous double D breasts. I then reached behind Kayli, unhooked her bra, and watched as she pulled it out from her shirt, leaving the shirt around her shoulders, just in case.

As I played with and fondle Kayli’s nipples, Tara took all of me in, holding herself in place for a few seconds before pulling her mouth off me, sitting back up in her seat. She reached her arm over me, taking Kayli’s right breast in it, while I had her left breast in mine, squeezing it and pinching the nipple, “if you want it, you better get on his cock before I take it back in again.”
Kayli quickly pushed our hands away, leaning back down, taking my cock in her mouth again.

Her mouth and hand working in tandem to blow and jack me off, I wrapped arm around Kayli, taking her breast back in my hand, cupping it, squeezing it, rolling her nipple in my fingers. Tara was watching all this, running her fingers through Kayli’s hair, sharing little kisses with me, when she said, “I can’t take this any more.” She grabbed my free hand, placing it on her groin, where I could feel the warmth coming through her purple leggings. I started to rub her pussy through her leggings, Tara leaning in to kiss me when Jennifer said, “fuck, y’all are driving me crazy back there.”

I slide my fingers into Tara’s leggings, under her panties, and starting rubbing her pussy lips, before slipping a finger inside her. I saw Kayli glancing up, watching me finger Tara, when she started to go faster on my cock, taking my full six inches in, making slurping sounds, moaning around my cock, trying to get me to cum. I told her it was working, I was getting close, when she pulled off me, and said, “do you want to finish him, Tara?” Tara, my finger still inside her, said, “I just want one more taste, then you can.” I removed my hand from Tara’s leggings as she leaned over, bobbing her head up and down my shaft, as my orgasm begun to built. I told her I was almost there and she jumped off, leaving her hand on my shaft as Kayli’s mouth took over.

With Kayli’s mouth on me and Tara’s hand rubbing my shaft, I pushed my hips up, placing my hand on the back of Kayli’s head, as I came, cum squirting out of my cock, filling Kayli’s mouth. When I was done, Kayli sat up, but leaned over me, grabbing Tara by the neck and pulling her down until their lips making, furiously making out in front of me. At the same time, I snuck my hand back into Tara’s leggings, rubbing her wet clit until she moaned into Kayli’s mouth, and her juices flowed out, soaking her panties and covering my hand.

Breaking their kiss, Tara said, “fuck, I haven’t had an orgasm in a car since high school. Jennifer, I might need you to stop soon so I can change. I’m soaked.”

Arriving at the hotel a few hours later, we all got out of the car to go check in. After Kayli gave us our room keys, Jennifer grabbed onto my arm and started to walk towards the elevator. Kayli said, “hey, are you two going to grab your bags first?” Jennifer turned around and said, “nope, I’ve been horny for the last two hours. I need a dick in me.” I heard Kayli laugh as me and Jennifer got on the elevator and she pressed the button for our floor.

As soon as the elevator door shut, Jennifer threw her body on me, wrapping her legs around me as I pressed her up against the elevator wall, our lips meeting to kiss, my hands grabbing her ass, pressing my groin into her. Unfortunately, I need to put her down when the elevator stopped and opened. Jennifer grabbed my arm again, fast walking us towards our room. As soon as she had the door opened, she pushed me inside, jumping back on me as I tried to maneuver us towards the bed. I gently laid her down on the bed, starting to strip her clothes off when she said, “get naked and fuck me now.”

I stood up off the bed, pulling my shirt off, along with my basketball shorts and boxers. I watched as Jennifer quickly discarded her tank top, jean shorts, and panties. I climbed back on top of her as she wrapped her legs and arms around me, pulling me down for a kiss as our bodies started to rock together, her wet pussy rubbing against my cock, causing me to grow to my full hardness.

I reached down between, angling my cock up to her entrance, pushing in when I felt her pussy opening up. Breaking our kiss, I started to thrust in and out of her, her moans encouraging me as I pounded harder and harder, going faster and faster. “Yes! Yes! Fuck! I’m coming!” Jennifer moaned out, her body shaking as she came.

I rolled off the pixie cut blonde haired, Jennifer, her tiny body laying next to mine as she said, “God, I needed that. Watching you three in the car turned me on so much.” I smiled, pulling her in for a hug and said, “well, I guess I’m yours all night.” Jennifer reached out, her hand gripping around my still hard cock and said, “we can worry about tonight when it’s actually night time. Let’s get you taken care of now.”

She rolled on top of me, standing my cock straight up as she lowered herself down on it. I reached out for her hips, but grabbed my phone that had fallen on the bed, instead. Checking my messages, I said, “Kayli sent a text saying that we are loud and your orgasm turned her on. She says that her and Tara are going to the pool if we want to join them.”

Jennifer, bouncing up and down on my thick cock, said, “take a video, tell her we’ll be there when we’re done.”

I quickly shot a video on my phone, Jennifer moaning, her eyes closed, head tilted back, her B cup breasts swaying as she rode my cock. I said the video to Kayli, telling her we will be there soon. Kayli sent a message back a few minutes later that said, “fuck, I’m jealous. Might be to retake leaving you with Jennifer all night. Or maybe I’ll join you two.”

I told Jennifer what she said and she replied back, “nope, you’re all mine tonight.”

Setting my phone down, I grabbed onto Jennifer’s breasts, squeezing them in my hands, rolling and pinching her nipples with my fingers, and started to thrust upwards with my hips, pushing deep into her as she impaled herself over and over. Grabbing onto her hips, I pulled her down hard as I pushed up, exploding inside her. As I came, she continued to ride me, milking my cock with her puasy. As I finished, she jumped off me, leaning down, her hand on my semi-hard cock, and slowly licked up my shaft, cleaning up our mixed together cum.

After Jennifer was done cleaning my cock, she said, “so…do you want to go get our bags while I take a quick shower? Then we can join Kayli and Tara?” I rolled over, giving her a quick kiss before saying, “of course.”

NSFW: yes

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