Working in Real Estate part 5 [M35/F30/F34] [penetration] [fiction] [oral]

I was a few days away from the end of my two week notice at my current job and joining Kayli’s real estate team. My current job had actually tried to get me to stay, but I decided that leaving a blue collar warehouse job for a job in real estate was a much better choice for the future health of my body. The promised sex advantages helped as well.

I was technically a manager, in that I ran my own little area, had an office, was responsible for making sure things get done, but I was the only one in my area, so had to do all the work as well. Luckily, my area was off from everybody else, so I was mainly alone most of the days. Kayli had texted me this particular day, said she was in the area, and asked if she could pay me a quick visit. I said yes and when she arrived a few minutes later, I quickly usherd her into my little office. After a quick hug, I asked her what was up and she said, “nothing, really. Just finished a showing, had some time to kill before my next one, and figured I’d see what I’m taking you away from.”

“I see. And how did the showing go?” I asked her. Kayli replied back, “it was good. They’re thinking of putting in an offer.” “That’s good. I’m sure that dress you’re wearing helped.” I replied back.

Kayli had her black hair pulled up in a ponytail, a blue and white sundress on her thin body, her enormous breasts looking to pop out of it. The dress barely went past her groin, which she showed me when she spun around, bending over, and giving me a brief glimpse of the red thong she had on.

“Yeah, the guy failed to mention his girlfriend was coming today. It had mainly been him. I don’t think she was too happy, but he didn’t seem to mind.” Kayli said laughing. I told her, “I don’t mind at all,” as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in close to me, my lips gonna her neck as my hands slide down to her butt. “So, what’s the chances somebody comes to find you?” She asked me. I said, “almost none. Great thing is, if I turn off the lights, nobody can see in here. And I can lock the door, so they would just think I left early. What are they going to do? Fire me?”

I quickly turned off the lights and locked the door as Kayli said, “good, I was hoping you would say that.” She sat down on my office chair, scooting it close to me as she reached into the basketball shorts I was wearing, and pulled out my cock. It started to grow in hands as she wrapped around my shaft, slowly jacking me off, her tongue flicking against the tip of my cock. She started to take me into her mouth, a little at a time, as I grew harder and harder.

I reached down when she begun to bob her head up and down my full six inch length, rubbing her exposed cleavage before reaching into her dress, and pinching her nipples. I pulled her breasts out of her dress, amazed that she was wearing a bra, and continued to play with them as she sucked my cock.

I pulled Kayli up from the chair, my cock popping out of her mouth. I leaned down to suck her nipples into my mouth, one by one, while I reached under her dress. I pulled her thong down from her pussy, and used my fingers to rub her pussy lips, feeling her get wet as I touched her. When she was wet enough for me to slip a finger in, she arched her back, leaning back against my desk. I fingered her for a few seconds before grabbing at her thong and pulling it down to her knees.

I spun Kayli around, she put her hands on my ask, pointing her ass up in the air for me. I pushed her dress up until I could see her clean shaven pussy, her asshole puckering at me. I took my hard cock in my hand, teased the entrance to her butt with my tip before lowering down, and pushed inside her wet pussy. I grabbed onto her hips as I begun to thrust back and forth with my hips, giving her the full length of my cock.

The fit real estate pushed herself up off my desk, her breasts bouncing under her, my cock pulling and pushing in and out of her over and over, harder and harder, as my balls slapped against her ass. She turned back to look at me and said, “fuck, I can’t wait to be able to do this whenever I want to.” I replied back, “yeah? You just gonna use and abuse me?” Kayli moaned out, “yes I will and I know you will enjoy it.”

I responded by saying, “damn right, just like I’m going to enjoy this.” I pushed deep inside her, cum exploding out of my cock, filling her pussy as I used her pussy to massage everything out of my cock. “Oh God! Fuck!” Kayli screamed, collapsing on my desk with her own orgasm.

After we caught our breath, I helped Kayli pull her thong back up, then watched as she pulled her dress back over her breasts. We shared a couple kisses as we hugged, then I unlocked my office and walked her to her car. As one of my co-workers pulled up on his forklift next to me, Kayli said, “I wish you could join me this afternoon,” before she got in her car and drive away. My co-worker asked who that was, and I told him it was my new boss. He said, “damn. She still hiring?”

That next Monday, I had officially left my job and started with Kayli’s real estate team. After a morning full of signing paperwork, a team meeting with Kayli, Tara, and Jennifer, and some one-on-one training with Tara about my new job duties, me and Tara took a break to eat some lunch when she asked me, “so, I’m sure its not really my business to ask, but I am curious. As far as the side benefits, what kind of deal did you and Kayli strike?” I asked her what exactly she meant and the blonde girl, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, a gray sweater with the companies logo on it, and black leggings, blushed before saying, “as far as sex goes. Is there an expectation for when, where, and how much? Kayli said that you and her had an understanding, and so did you and Jennifer, but neither one really elaborate on what it is.”

I laughed and said, “as far as an understanding goes, it’s just that any of us can end it at any time, with nothing happening to my job. Kayli did promise me at least one nude picture a week, as long as I’m available when she wants to have sex. For Jennifer, she actually wants me to take advantage of her as much as possible.”

“Oh,” Jennifer responded as she sat back in her chair, “when Kayli told me about it, she kinda made it seem like you guys had all agreed on some other kind of deal and me and you had to work out something that we agreed on. I’ve actually had ideas running through my head all last week.”

I laughed and said, “really? Like what? I’m down for whatever.”

She responded back, “honestly, it was going to depend on what you agreed to with the other girls. I just didn’t want to be left out if you had agreed to sleep with them like once a week or something.”

“Nope, nothing like that, but I would be OK with it if it was.” I said.

Tara took a bite of her food and said, “well, just so you know, I’m not very good at starting stuff like that, but whenever me and you are alone, I’ll never turn you down.”

I told her that was good to know as we finished our lunch and got back to work.

A few hours later, we had shifted to Tara’s home office, so she could show me how she had everything set up for when I got my own home office up and running. I was standing behind Tara as she sat in her office chair, leaning down enough to see what she was showing me on her computer. I kept getting closer and closer to her neck, until my lips came in contact with her soft skin, and I started to gently suck on it. Tara kept trying to explain things to me but soon stop, and melted into me kissing her neck. In between kisses, I asked, “when will your husband be home?” Tara told me in an hour.

I moved up and started to kiss her lips, her mouth opening up to allow our tongues to wrestle together. I snaked my hands around her body, squeezing her breasts through the sweater she had on. Tara spun the chair part way around so that we could continue to make out, my hands finding their way up her sweater, past her toned stomach, and to her bra. I gently put down on the bra to access her nipples, pinching and squeezing them with my fingers.

Tara was moving her hips in the chair and I pulled one hand out of her sweater, moved it down to her groin, feeling the warmth coming from her, and begun rubbing the outside of her leggings. Tara, one hand on my face as we kiss, the other on my back, broke our kiss suddenly, lust filling her eyes, and said, “let’s go to my room. Now.” I said, “after you,” helping her up from the chair.

Walking into her room, we immediately wrapped our arms around each other and resumed kissing. My hands went down to her ass, squeezing her cheeks as I pulled her closer to me, letting her feel my hard cock through my jeans. I went back to kissing her neck, as Tara pulled my shirt up and over my head, she said, “I’ve been waiting for this all day.” In between kisses, I said, “I was kinda hoping you would have greeted me naked and gave me a blowjob like you said you wanted to last time.”

I returned the favor, pulling Tara’s sweater and bra over before she started unbuttoning my jeans when she replied, “I would have if we were here. Maybe tomorrow.”

Tara dropped to her knees, pulling my jeans and boxers down with her, my hard cock springing free. She took it in her hand, jacking me off as she kissed my tip, before taking me in her mouth and down her throat. Bobbing her head, making eye contact with me, I grabbed onto Tara’s ponytail, helping to control her pace.

Tara popped me out of her mouth, her hand continuing to jack me off, and said, “I need you in me now.” I told her to get on the bed and watched as she stood up, pulled off her leggings and thong, and climbed onto her bed, staying on her hands and knees, shaking her ass at me.

I climbed up on the bed behind her, grabbing onto her hips as I pushed my cock inside her. She was still tight, her moans of pleasure feeling the room as my thickness stretched her insides. I slowly started to pull back out to my tip, pushing back in, Tara moaning as I did so. I worked up to a steady rhythm, Tara encouraging me to go deeper and harder, to spank her ass. I grabbed onto her ponytail, pulling back on it as I pounded into her over and over.

I pushed Tara’s head down to the mattress, her face turning on her pillow, and grabbed her hips again. Holding myself still, I started to move Tara’s body, sliding her pussy on my cock, controlling her every motion, pulling her on as deep as I could, then teasing her slowly as I pulled her off. After slamming into her a few more times, I pulled out of her with a pop, and laid down on the bed next to her, pulling Tara on top of me as I did so. She leaned down, our lips kissing as her groin grinded on mine.

I started to push my hips up, attempting to slide my cock back into her pussy. When Tara broke our kiss, she reached down with her hand, helping me into her, and starting to roll her hips back and forth, slowly riding me as she got used to my cock in a different position. She sat up a bit more on me as I reached out, playing with her nipples. I pinched and pulled on Tara’s nipples as the blonde, fit woman rode my cock, her eyes closed, a look of pure pleasure on her face. I started to thrust my hips up to meet her as she came down, causing Tara to open her eyes, gasping, “fuck, that feels amazing! Don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” Tara’s body shook on top of me, collapsing down as her lips came in contact with mine, furiously making out with me, her orgasm causing her pussy to clinch around my cock, triggering my own orgasm.

I pushed up inside her, shooting rope after rope of my cum deep into her pussy. Tara breaking our kiss, moaning in my ear as her body took it all in. When I was done thrusting into her, Tara gave me another kiss, before rolling off me, my limp cock falling out of her pussy, a mix of our juices leaving a trail between us. She told me to stay where I was as she left the room.

She reentered the room a few minutes later, with our phones in her hand, saying, “Kayli texted us both to ask how the first day is going.” I replied back, “too bad we didn’t see it a few minutes ago. Could have sent her a video.”

Tara laid down on the bed next to me, holding her phone up and said, “how about a picture instead?” She cuddled up next to me, trying to get as much of our naked bodies in the picture as feasible, snapped the picture and sent it to Kayli. I grabbed my phone, taking a picture of just Tara, and sent it to Kayli. Tara asked what I texted her and I said, “Best. First day. Ever.”

NSFW: yes

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