Working From Home Almost Gets Us Caught [M28/F26] [Cheating] [First Time][Co-Workers] – Short Sex Story

[This is a follow up to a previous story, but you can read it independently as well. Feel free to let me know what you think.]

I keep kissing her neck as her breathing slows down. It’s not easy to recover after a days worth of pent up sexual frustration leaves your body in a gorgeous climax, but it’s the least I can do to missing your sexual flirtation. I can tell your starting to come back off the euphoria of your climax and are now looking me hungrily in your eyes. “Mmm… I want you to fuck me. I want to feel what your cock feels like.”

This is all way to exciting. I’ve at all times dreamt of fucking you in the office, but now I’m really gonna get the chance to finally slide my cock inside you. You begin to hurriedly pull off my shirt and work on unbuttoning my pants. I can tell you want me cock in your just as much as I do.

I help you with getting myself out of my clothes so we’re both laying naked together. You spit in your hand and reach down to my cock and begin stroking it. Feeling how hard I am. How big you make me. Making sure it’s ready to slide into you.

Once everything is well lubed up I slowly ease my cock into your pussy. The warm soft feeling engulfs my cock and I’m so excited to finally get a chance to do this. I savor each thrust into you making sure to go slow and steady so I can first feel how wet and warm you are. As my passion builds my thrusts become more intense and begin to quicken. This moment feels great and you reach up to my face and we begin to kiss as I keep fucking your tight pussy. The passion we both have for each other on display as our kiss is very intense. I can feel my cum swell. This is getting me so close.

Before I quicken my pace though, we hear the front door open and both immediately stop fucking. “Shit, my wife’s home. In the closet, now!” You grab your pile of clothes and bolt to the closet. I, unfortunately, have clothes scattered on the floor and don’t have the time to get them back on. I decide to lay in bed naked under the covers. I can pretend I was napping and too warm for any clothes. I’ve done that before and hopefully she won’t think much of it.

You can see from the closet when she enters the room. The closet door are the type with angled slats. You can see out through the crack, but she cannot really look in. You watch as we greet each other and I do my best to feign just waking up. She sits next to me on the bed and takes notice that I’m shirtless. She pulls down the covers and sees I’m actually fully nude. I get nervous, but she’s not questioning my nudity. Instead she looks at my cock which is still partially hard and back at me. “Mmm, babe. It looks like you were dreaming about me. Let me help you with that.”

She leans over and runs her tongue up my shaft. Your mind goes from trying to discover a way out to the shock on seeing her lick my cock. You’re realizing that your pussy juices are still coating my cock and now my wife is licking all of them up without knowing. While you keep peek, you barely notice your hand moving over your body. “This is hot..” you think.

NSFW: yes

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