Work trip with my coworker gets spicyyy 🔥

Since late last year, I’ve had to take a few overnight trips for work. They all the time send several of us on each trip, and for all of mine, I got to travel with my favorite coworker. If you’ve read some of my other stories, you know who he is 😋 This story is about our first trip.

Several hours away from home and away from my husband, I was sitting in my hotel room. I was trying to relax after a long day of travel and work. My coworker texted me and asked if I wanted to get a drink. We got a bottle of wine and went to my room to hang out.

Immediately the sexual tension was high. We started drinking and chatting and drinking some more. I was getting pretty tipsy which all the time makes me a little slutty haha. Our conversation was getting sexual when he finally just walked over to me, laid me down, and started making out with me and grinding against me. We both skid our pants off so we could reallyyy feel each other 😍 He flipped me over so I was on top of him and started grabbing my ass while I grinded my pussy against his dick and continued kissing him.

He lifts up my shirt and starts squeezing my titties and sucking on my nipples so i reach in his pants and begin jerking his cock. He starts rubbing my clit and sliding inside me. I’m so fucking wet at this point and finally I’m just like fuck this and i pull my underwear to the side, rub the head of his dick on my clit, look right into his eyes, and sink his cock all the way into my pussy.

I’m so wet and so excited and worked up from being such a slut! We’re finally on an overnight trip, finally no significant others anywhere near, and I finally have his cock inside me!!! He must have been feeling the same because after just a minute or so, hes moaning about how tight I am and then he picks me up off his dick and cums in his hand. Sad hahaha. He’s like “I’m so sorry just give me a minute” 😅

He goes and cleans up a bit, and then comes back and starts finger fucking me so gooddd. He’s going so hard and fast and I cum on his fingers and begin twitching. We just laid there chatting for a bit and then he’s like “okay, round two!” Fuck yes!

He starts rubbing my clit and fingering me again and I reach for his dick but he moves away before I can grab it. He drags me to the edge of the bed, throws my legs on his shoulders, and starts fucking me hard. He’s so aggressive and slamming his dick in me so hard and fast. He’s so hot and I’m fucking losing it. He starts switching between hard and fast and then slow and teasing just the tip. He puts my legs to the side, starts fucking my pussy hard, and wraps his fingers around my neck. I can feel his dick so deep inside me, it feels like it’s in my stomach. I can barely moan with his grip tight on my neck and my eyes are rolling back and my body is shaking as I cum so hard on his dick. He pulls out and covers my stomach in his cum. We both clean up, hang out for a little longer, and then he goes back to his room and we go to bed for the night.

NSFW: yes

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