Winter vacation with my sister (part 4) – Short Sex Story

I open the door and am greeted by the sight of my sister completely naked, fingering and feeling herself. She notices me entering and signals for me to hush. I softly close the door behind me and make my way over to my lust filled sister. I get in bed with her and we begin making out. We explore each other’s bodies as I rub her tits and she pulls out my already hard cock. I move my hand down to her pussy and start to rub it. I play around with her clit, I can hear her holding back moans so our parents don’t awake. I decide to put 2 fingers in and as I insert them my sister grabs a pillow to hold on to, as she’s trying her best to not make too much noise. I start to finger her pushing back and forth my fingers. I can tell my sister was enjoying it as she would whisper a few things like “more” “oh fuck” “mmm”. I pick up the pace with my fingering and as I do my sister puts the pillow she was using over her face to let out a moan. She begins to begin shaking as I feel her juices running down my hand. I had made my sister cum by fingering her.

I waited a while as my sister was trying to regain her strength. “Oh fuck that was good” she whispers. “You can go ahead and lie down, it’s my turn.” She says with a smirk. I lie down on my back and my sister instantly gets to sucking. Now it was I who was trying their best to hold back the noise. As she takes all of my dick, I let out a massive sigh. Her mouth feels so good. I rest my hand on her head, and decide to push her head down my dick and she follows through with it. God did I want to cum so badly. She lets go of my dick and scoots a little more closer. It’s then when I feel a pair of amazing tits squeezing my dick. She began giving me a boob job and god did it feel like heaven. She moaned a slight bit while doing it which turned me on even more. It didn’t take long till I felt my climax coming. “Sis, I’m about cum” I whisper out. She goes a bit faster with her tit job and I start to unload. As strings of cum fly, I feel my sis’ mouth grip onto my dick, taking all of the cum. Holy shit did it feel so good. I pushed her down even more on my dick and she still took all of it down her throat. It stayed like that for a few seconds till I let go and she let out a big gasp. I lie down catching my breath from such a heavenly bust. “I swallowed all of it again,” she whispers. “You’re good at doing that huh,” I responded. “Well it’s my brother’s cum, of course I have to swallow it.” She responds.

I feel my energy coming back to me and I see my sister getting into doggystyle position. I get up and walk up behind her. She’s still soaking wet. I slide my dick in and she lets out a moan into her pillow. I start to slowly fuck her as she continues holding back moans. Her pussy started tightening up and I could start to feel all sorts of pleasure. Fucking her while trying to be quiet felt really hot. It felt like I was beginning to like this. I could hear her moaning into her pillow. “Fuck it feels good” I start to pick up the pace and begin fucking her a bit more faster. I can hear the shift in moans as she’s practically given up on holding back. Luckily the pillow can muffle enough of her moans. I started feeling my dick more wet as I realized she had came again. I waited a little to proceed and when I did I went all out. It was my turn to cum. I started fucking much faster and my sister moaning more and more into her pillow. “Oh shit, oh fuck, cum inside me please” I didn’t need to mention I was about to cum. I continued fucking until I busted another load. This time deep inside my sister’s pussy. I let out a sigh of pleasure and collapsed next to my sister.

“God did that feel good,” I whisper. “Yeah, you really made me happy there” she hugs me tightly. We stayed like that for a moment until I had to speak. “Well I should probably go back to my room, I don’t want our parents to see us like this in the morning.” “True I guess. We’ll see ya then, careful to not make a loud noise.” She responded. “Yeah, unlike you” I joke. “Hey, at least the pillow muffled some of it.” She responds. “Yeah true.” I pull her in for a kiss before I make my way back to my room. Hopefully I can continue to have these nights with my sister.

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NSFW: yes

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