Wind in March

It was mid spring, the wind barely blowing in march. We were set underneath the tree in a corner tucked away in that park. I still remember how you were holding me- the smell in the air, how your skin felt pressed against me, the way you felt so warm but yet so soft- causing a release of the pheromones around us that would soon lead to an unbreakable bond. 

It only had been two weeks. It was early, but I knew that I wanted you, and I hoped you wanted me just as badly. 

As we waited for the sun to set, there was already friction built between us that no one could deny. In the late evening when everyone was returning home, with the sun setting while I lay underneath a blanket. We started to kiss but it wasn’t like the one before. This was more passionate, filled with bliss and a hint of the ecstasy awaiting later. I felt each kiss leave your lips with an additional whisper of me, wanting more that I never had to say but we’ve both heard it somehow. 

Without the words even needing to leave my body. The heat that I held captive between my thighs felt like its own fever, and I knew that I wanted you so bad it became a need. A need to feel you. Not just on a surface level i need to feel your body seize with every passing moment i need to feel your breath trail on my skin i need to feel your hands trace my skin making me yours to keep. I would have been so selfish as to take each whispering breath to take and hold it as my own from you. The word melted away; it wasn’t there; it was us devine silhouettes even though they knew how much I wanted to embrace you. As i laid down flustered and nervous in my head trying to keep my composure you were on your knees off to the side slowly taking off your jeans and belt being the most cautious i have ever seen you been with a blanket covering you up halfway i remember looking at you and hearing the very song that keeps me alive more rhythmic and fast tempoed i was on my back almost could be mistaken for a crunch at the first glance but you knew better then that, you were at the end of my feet looking at me and you asked me if i really wanted to i bit my bottom lip and nodded with a soft yes you started to move closer and i felt my heart rate drastically increase as if it was life or death for me. I spread my legs aside for you to come into like it was your rightful place you belonged welcoming you home. You moved closer, adjusting yourself on top of me. Trying to discover the right spot i presumed and i remember the initial feeling i was nervous but trying to relax and at least i felt you entering my body a bit at a time like it was a tease the way i felt you so close made me get even wetter i gasped for air as if it was taken from me in the moment of realisation of how this bliss moment of feeling you just a little bit throbbing inside of me. Soon enough to follow I felt you completely there. I never felt such a greater pleasure than that feeling of you firstly welcoming yourself into me. The pressure create between my hips as you started to trace your self out of me i never wanted it to end i tried my best to keep quietly of the ecstatic state i was in i never felt something as sur real it was so gentle but so raw that i knew once couldn’t be enough for me i knew you would become a drug to me my body was at your command. You gracefully kept thrusting into me. I couldn’t help but leave my marks on you marking each time you filled me with bliss. Letting the world know I was there and you were mine and nothing was gonna change that. I gripped you tightly as if I never wanted you to leave me. I wanted you to stay there as if it was your own home and you’re the only one with a key to it. Each time the remembrance of you left my body it was a feeling left behind the since of you lingering on me, i knew in a matter of moments i would be finished by you the first time..yes you have read that correctly the first time i ever had met the euphoric feeling was with you. It was as if I went out of my body and combined with you I could have laid there for hours on end looking into your eyes once more. 

NSFW: yes

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