Wild time in Vegas and first time my wife has a female join in the fun… now she’s hooked. – Short Sex Story

I have a fantastic relation and sex life with my amazing wife. She mentioned a few years ago about her fantasy with another woman joining us in bed. Being that you can not simple walk up and ask some hot woman to sleep with the two of us, we planned a trip to Vegas to explore the options.

We started by browsing the websites for “erotic couples massage” and found several very promising ones. Got a hotel room for a week and spent the first several days fucking each other’s brains out. We had a fantastic view of the strip as well as the hotel across the way.

I found out she likes to look out the window to see if others are having sex. No such luck so we decided to chip in. Having her stand naked in the open window with just enough light for someone to see was a HUGE turn on for us both. She had never had an orgasm standing up and had multiple (two of which were perfectly timed to the Bellagio fountains. After moving to the bed she finished the night with enough orgasms to leave her completely drained.

I had arranged the next day to have to masseuse come that evening. She walked around the strip for a bit with a black dress and no underwear to show her massive natural breasts off. When our ‘guest’ arrived, we greeted her in the casino of the hotel, went to our room and we all got naked and she started giving a very simple massage to both of us at the same time (kneeling in the middle). It took VERY little time before we had rolled over and the fun began.

The intensity of the orgasms she had and the moaning coming out of her was so different than I had ever heard before. She was SO ready for this. Lots of oil and rubbing of bodies. Breast sucking, ass squeezing (our friend complemented her on her amazing breasts and ass) She took to our new friend’s gorgeous breasts so quickly. She sucked and licked them so much and received the same in turn. Seeing how passionately she buried her face in her breasts as she came even more, I knew this would not be her first time. Lots of finger fucking and toy play continued.

Sharing my cock, sucking while our friend jerked on me was super hot for her. She looked up many times while I was sucking our friend’s breasts and stared in amazement. After cumming in her mouth with our friend rubbing their nipples together pushed her over the edge.

After our friend left (we had a 2 hour session), we fucked for probably another hour and a half and she continued or orgasmic streak just thinking about what we had experienced.

Needless to say, she want’s to discover a friend near where we live so we can experience even more and regularly. I’ve started going the usual routes to discover one and hoping, given enough time and effort we are successful.

No fucking clue what I did to deserve this woman, but this experience has drawn us even closer (which I didn’t think was feasible) and put her libido on high.

NSFW: yes

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