Wild Skiing Mishap: Part 1 – Steamy House Visit by Mom | Sensual Storytime

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My mother lives just 20 miles away from me, conveniently close. Sometimes, it can be a little too close for comfort, especially when she constantly dropped by after I first moved. She was feeling bored and having empty nest syndrome, so she sought solace by visiting me often.

During the winter, I was enjoying a skiing trip when disaster struck. I had a gnarly wipeout that resulted in a spiral fracture, leaving me with a cast that extended from my ankle all the way up to the middle of my thigh. The doctor informed me that I would have to endure this cast for an entire month.

Given my unfortunate predicament, I had to keep my door unlocked for convenience, although my building was secured with a key code entry. My mother had the current key code because I had asked her to take care of the six house plants she had given me. Little did I know, those plants were just a ploy for her to set up what would happen next.

My days consisted of lounging on the couch or in bed, watching TV, and accepting that this would be my lifestyle for the next month. The weather was dreadful, relentless rain with no sign of sun, making it easier to stay indoors. Unfortunately, there were no NFL games or anything else substantial to keep me entertained, leaving me to rely heavily on Netflix and other streaming services.

As the days passed, my mother’s presence became a regular occurrence. I jokingly suggested that she should move in with me, but she seemed to take it more seriously than intended. I quickly reassured her that I was just kidding, trying to diffuse any potential awkwardness that might arise.

Mom would often come over, bringing food, helping with cleaning, and watching TV with me before eventually leaving. On this particular day, she took her assistance to another level. Not only was she doing more cleaning and watching TV, but she even announced that she would be making supper. Naturally, it’s hard to say no when someone is doing you a favor. On top of that, she had been insisting that I needed a shower because I stunk. Showering was a challenge with the cast, and so, my mom, being a homecare worker by profession, offered to help. Initially, I declined, not wanting my mom to help me shower. But she persisted, suggesting a sponge bath. I firmly declined once more and suggested that she simply assist me in getting to the shower and getting my shorts off, assuring her that I could manage the rest.

Reluctantly, I allowed her to help me to the shower, and she removed my shorts for me before supporting me while I showered. When she pulled my shorts off, I couldn’t help but notice that I was semi-erect. It caught her attention too, causing her to avert her gaze momentarily, although her eyes kept returning to me. She half-heartedly soaped my back, but it was clear that her focus was elsewhere. Then, unexpectedly, she took the portable showerhead and washed my hair while I took care of my armpits and ass crack. As I lathered up, she began to use a facecloth to wash my groin. This took me by surprise, and I told her that I wasn’t some elderly client in need of such attention. Yet, she continued, ignoring my protests and proceeding to soap up my balls. By now, she must have noticed my clenched stomach and ass, indicating my arousal. Still, she persisted, no longer washing me but rather pleasuring me. It was as if she knew I was helpless to withstand, as any guy would when faced with the first twinge of an impending orgasm. We don’t want it to stop because it feels good, and we crave that release. In that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to care that it was my mom. To be honest, I hadn’t been able to climax since the accident. Somehow, my mom seemed aware of this, and she knew I was close.

Suddenly, the shower curtains were dramatically pulled back, revealing my mom in the act of pleasuring herself with her top open and her bra pushed apart, baring her exquisite tits. I’ve all the time been a lover of breasts, and my mom’s were no exception. It was the first time I could recall seeing them. The sight only heightened my arousal. I could sense that my mom was reaching her climax too, as she moaned and murmured phrases typically reserved for the throes of passionate lovemaking. It was as if she had transcended the act of pleasuring me and was channeling it into an imaginary intercourse in her mind. She pulled her pants down, revealing soaked panties, and her knees became weak as she experienced her own pleasure. Despite all this, she continued to wash me, her actions indicating a strong desire for both of us to discover release. I couldn’t withstand any longer; I closed my eyes and focused solely on reaching my own climax. She knew I was on the edge, and her touches became more intense, using both hands to bring me closer and closer. With one hand stroking my cock and the other gently squeezing my balls, she guided my member to her waiting lips, and at that moment, I climaxed, releasing into her mouth. It seemed that my orgasm triggered her own once again. She swallowed it all, promptly helping me out of the shower and drying me off before leaving.

Days passed, and there were no sightings of my mother, no phone calls, and no texts. It wasn’t until a week later that she finally showed up, admitting that she didn’t know what had possessed her and confessing her deep embarrassment. I reassured her, acknowledging that what had occurred was shocking and taboo, but I couldn’t deny that it was incredibly intense. Her eyes widened in surprise as I expressed my unexpected satisfaction. I let her know that I chose to keep this encounter between us, never mentioning it to anyone else. As I spoke, she began unbuttoning her shirt, gradually revealing more and more of herself. She asked if I was genuinely okay now, and I nodded in response. She discarded her shirt entirely, exposing her naked torso to my willing eyes. Each piece of clothing she took off, she would ask if I was still okay, and my answer remained affirmative. Finally, she stood completely naked before me.

She swiftly removed my board shorts, and with the cast only remaining from my knee down, my cock stood at attention, hard as a rock. Straddling me, she guided my throbbing member into her, seeking validation once more. Just to ensure that I was still okay, she asked, and without hesitation, I assured her that I was more than okay. With a deliberate slowness, she began to move, fucking me gently. Her gaze locked onto mine, and she whispered, “I like it nice and slow for the first few minutes. I enjoy savoring every moment and getting my partner as hard as possible. When I take my time like this, I can feel men growing larger, and it excites me beyond measure.”

My mom, an average-looking woman who oozed normal motherly features, surprised me with her prowess in the bedroom. She may have described herself as slightly overweight, with ample breasts that hung naturally and a plump ass, but she possessed an undeniable charm. Standing at just 5’5″, she was undeniably cute. And when it came to lovemaking, god, could that woman fulfill every desire. She was a true master at extracting pleasure, and I was about to experience it firsthand.

To be continued…

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