Wild Night with A Friends Mom

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NSFW: yes

This happened when i went home to South Carolina for summer break with my school roommate and ran into to a friends mom at the boardwalk.

Showing my roommate around the boardwalk of my hometown while also doing a little bar hoping we ran into my friends mom….we will call her Mindy (name has been changed)…and did the usually hello, how’s school, how long are you home for, what’s your major and so on. I said see you around and said goodbye.

Now Mindy at the time was in her mid-40’s, 5’4 with an athletic create. She has at all times been a gym rat. Blonde hair, blue eyes with a nice tan. Oh yeah and fake boobs.

Later that afternoon my roommate and i went to happy hour at the Ocean Club since we can put everything on my parents tab. And we ran into Mindy again there. She was in a hot pink bikini which took our breath away.

Fast forward 2 hours and we have been doing shots chasing them with beers. I said i was ready to go since we were a little drunk and we were suppose to meet up with my older brother and his girl friend. But instead Mindy said, “why don’t y’all come back to my house. I have a pool and hot tub.” My roommate and i get a ride back and jump into her pool. We are doin flips off the diving board trying to see who had the best dive.

We hear the door close hear Mindy call to us, “boys let’s get in the hot tub.” So we look up and we see she had a bottle of whiskey and was completely naked.

As the three of us are in the hot tub drinking whiskey Mindy said, “i have always want to go to Paris.” I didn’t miss a beat, but my roommate beat me to the punch and said, “we can show you the Eiffel tower.”

We walk inside to her room and she starts to suck our dicks. Going from one to another. Mindy gave a very sloppy blow job. After 5 minutes we tell her to get on the bed doggy style. My roommate got behind her and entered her and starting pounding away. Slapping her ass leaving red marks.

Me on the other hand i was a little hesitant. This is my friends mom who i have know for years. And i think Mindy saw i was double thinking this. In between moans she said,”sweetie, my husband isn’t home. A horny housewife is willingly letting you and your roommate fuck me. So get over here and put your dick in your mouth.”

So i did. I was getting my dick sucked while my roommate was plowing Mindy. Then he said let’s switch. So we did. I slid right into her cheating housewife pussy. She was dripping wet from already being used. After a minute or so my roommate blows his load in her mouth. And Mindy swallows every drop and doesn’t stop sucking until my roommate falls on the bed. He then gets up and walks out of the room leaving just me and Mindy.

Watching all that happen in front of me made me ready to cum and i think she could tell. She told me to lay down so she could ride me. She gets ontop of me and starts riding me. I yell I’m about to cum and she started going faster and faster. Next thing i know Mindy is yelling, “cum in my cheating pussy!” And i instantly blew my load deep into her. She got off and laid in bed next to me. I reached my hand down between her legs and felt my creampie running out of her. Mindy said “i need to clean up. You boys can see your way out.”

We were shocked at what just happened and wondered it was a dream as we walked out of the house.

I saw Mindy later that summer…but that’s another story. Let me know if y’all want to hear it


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