Wife’s holiday massage

This story goes back about 15 years or so when my wife and I were holidaying with some friends on an island in Asia. We’d only been married a while and didn’t have kids at that stage. We’d rented a villa and spent some time exploring, but a lot of time just hanging out and relaxing. Most days we’d walk up and down the beach enjoying early morning or late afternoon walks and avoiding the middle of the day heat. We all the time walked past a number of local bars, restaurants and massage places, but as my mate and I weren’t necessarily enormous fans of massages, our wives would often head out for one in the mid afternoon.

After one of these afternoon massages, my wife returned with that glow that comes after a good massage came to me by the pool and almost dragged me inside. I noticed that our friend was being directed to his bedroom by his wife. Outstanding!

Once in the room my wife had pulled my shorts down before even bothering to close the door to the patio by the pool and started sucking my cock. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I started playing with her tits and pulling them out of her bikini top. I love the smooth and oily feel of her skin after she’s had a massage. I asked her what got her going and she simply said ‘Later.’ She then pushed me back ripped her bikini bottom off, climbed on my cock and started riding me furiously. Her big tits (which you can see in a number of my pix) were bouncing wildLy so I started grabbing them, slapping then and pulling on her nipples. She said, ‘he kept rubbing my tits, he kept touching them then he pinched and pulled on my nipples. The massage guy played with my tits. I was worried what Deb (our friend) would say so I opened my eyes and looked over to see her masseuse furiously fingering her pussy. Her bikini bottoms were pulled to the side and her guy was jamming a few fingers in and out of her. She was getting finger fucked and my tits we’re getting a work over’ . I was fucking her hard by this stage and said that I wondered these guys were doing cheap massages so they could fuck female tourists. She nodded as I blew a enormous load inside of her.

NSFW: yes

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