Wife’s family pt2


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What a crazy night.

I woke in the morning and I was on my own. My wife must have gotten up already. I reached for my phone and I had a message saying she had gone shopping with her parents. She would be back after lunch.

I decided to have a shower, in the shower I wondered about the crazy night and before I knew it I was hard as a nail again. I tugged a little and it felt good. I decided to go back to my room and finish off a little while it was fresh in my mind. I got out and walked across to my room, hand on my erect cock the entire time. To my shock my sister in law walked out as I past her room. I didn’t realize anyone was in still.

Our eyes locked and she had a enormous smile on her face.

I quicky let go and darted into my room. I heard the shower going again and relaxed a little. The moment had gone. I was no longer erect. I lay on the bed and closed my eyes trying to recal the events if the night. Nothing.

Suddenly a knock at the door and it opens. No waiting for me to reply. In walks my wife’s sister. Just a towel around her. I am spread out on the bed. Clearly obvious what I had been either doing or trying to do.

She walked in closed the door and over to the end f the bed. Her robe dropped to the ground. Let’s see if we can get that thing going again she said. Stood there in all her glory. Her breasts firm and pert, her cleanly shaven vagina. She spread her legs a little. One hand moved to between her legs and the other on to her breasts. My cock started to stir.

She looked me in the eyes and started to rub herself. Her other hand squeezed her breasts and she bit her lip. My cock was fully erect. I can not recall the last time it was so hard.

I went to reach for my now throbbing cock. She told me not to touch it. That was was all hers. She continued to rub herself. All I could do was lay there watching.

She must have been rubbing and squeezing for a few mins when her eyes would begin to close, her legs tremble. She was gonna explode. This made my cock throb wildly, it began to ooze. It felt like it too would erupt all on its own. I bit my lip and moaned. That was all she needed.

Her eyes transfixed in my cock and her fingers were doing a marathon around her clit. She leant forward to steady herself and her other hand now pinched her nipple just enough. 1, 2, 3 and that was it she shuddered all over almost collapsing on the bed. Her eyes closing for a brief time with joy. Her hand slowing down and her grip of her nipple loosened.

My cock oozed more and more I wondered I would cum there and then. I reached for it to help it on its way. She shook her head, clambered onto the bed and moved up towards me. She told me to leave my hands behind my head as she took hold of my cock and guided it into her wet dripping vagina. It slipped right it.

Omg I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from erupting there and then. She leant back a little held on to her breasts again and wow she rode me like a pro. Her hips did all the moving and I just lay there. She knew how to fuck a man and how to do it softly yet so perfectly. Back and forth back and forth, she even somehow managed to girate round and round.

She moaned again. Her eyes caught mine and that was it for me. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t withstand it anymore. It was like a volcano. It felt like it almost doubled in size and I erupted deep sonde her. It took her off guard a little and she too started to tighten and moan more and more. Her movements continued steady and strong. I kept on throbbing and blasting her insides. It was amazing. Both of us in unison with each other. After what felt like an age of her slowly ramping down, my cock slowly oozing less and throbing not as hard she collapsed onto me.

We lay there for a while not a word said or a body part moved.

She released my cock and slipped to lay in front of me on her side. I turned over and pulled her in close. Somehow this felt familiar and comfortable. My hand took hold of one her amazing breasts.

We both fell asleep.

Tap tap tap on my shoulder. I started to come to. I instantly realised who it was, I didn’t move aside from my head. There was my wife looking down at me.

I let go of her sisters breasts. I turned to face her full of dread. To my suprise she was smiling. She was wearing some new one piece silk lingerie that she had clearly just purchased. She also had in her hand a medium sized vibrator. She lay down next to me and turned the other way. I turned over and spoon her instead.

Her leg raised and crossed over mine. I pulled her close and felt my way under her top to her breasts. I had both of them in my hand. She pulled the bottom half to one side revealing a nicely clean shaven vagina. This was new also. She took hold of the vibrator and set it on pulse. She the. Worked it down to her clit. This was surreal.

Am I as good as her and mum! Jesus she knew about me and her mum. I whispered back even better. Hold my breasts like you do theirs. I gripped firmly. She continued to play with her vibe. Did you cum hard for my sister, I whispered harder than ever. She moaned. Did you hold my mum as tight as you are holding me, tighter I said. She moaned more and her body started to squirm a little. Are you thinking of them now, yes I said, their wet vaginas gripping me as I came. She went into overdrive.

Her sister stired and turned towards me. She pulled herself tight onto my back.

Can you feel her naked body against you, it’s feels great I said. Her sister was clearly awake now and her hands were moving forwards. I let go of my wife’s breasts and reached back for her ass. I gripped it tight. Does that ass feel tight my wife asked. So good I said, firm and soft.

Her sister took hold of her breast. We were intertwined with each other. Want us both at the same time, can you handle that. I would die trying I said, I need you in my face and your sister on my cock and with that her leg went firm and she looked back at us all tangled and came hard. She didn’t even try and hide it. She kept swapping her gaze from me to her sister. Her sister hand on her breast. Mine in the other one and my hand also on her sister’s ass.

If I hadn’t had sex 3 times in less than 12 hours I think I would have gone again.

It all calmed down and we just lay there. Occasionally I would kiss them both one at a time and our hands just explored each others bodies.

Wow that was got telling that. I need to relax a little now.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did telling it and as at all times feel free to let me know if you liked it and also how you liked it 🤪

There is one more part but that will have to wait for another day, I don’t think I can handle writting it at the moment, I have other issues to ease right now.

NSFW: yes

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