Wife’s confession 1


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So my wife and I were laid on the bed in our pyjamas. We’d just all had a shower after a family hot tub. The kids were now downstairs watching tv for half an hour before bedtime.

We were just chatting about crap when she looked me in the eye and said.
“So, I masterbated last night while at you were out.” I’d been to a friends housewarming party and had got home around 11.30. House in darkness, everyone in bed asleep. We had both been invited but hadn’t been able to get anyone to watch the little ones. “I did it twice actually, I thought the second one would be hard to get but it came really easily.”
I looked her in the eye and felt both jealousy and horny. “Did you, oh that’s rude,” I said. Just feeling horny now. Realising being jealous of a dildo was stupid. “How did you do it, cmon give me details.”

“Well I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and did it like that.”

“Show me what you did.” She sat up on her reading pillow and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. I quickly shuffled across the bed, I had been laid cross methods on at the foot end. I could see right between her legs. The soft folds of her vagina exposed between her pubes. She mimicked holding a vibrator on her clitoris. “Which one did you use. What were you thinking about?”

“Just the little pink one. All the others are flat. I had the image I normally think about when I do it. I was thinking about you pressing me up against a wall and fucking me against it, one of my legs hooked around your hips, pulling you in. She looked at me and must have been wondering what I was thinking. My eyes darting from hers to her pussy. She quickly pulled up her shorts. “Well you’re always telling me to do it more. So I just thought, fuck it.” I moved up the bed and pressed my lips to hers, our tongues lashing into one another’s mouths.

Fuck that’s horny,” I said out of the side of my mouth. I could feel the wet tip of my cock pressing against my pyjamas. I got my body between her legs and continued the kissing. My erection pressing against her pussy now, but separated by cloth. She gasped into my mouth as I moved down to her neck kissing and nibbling down to her collarbone.

“Mummy!” Came the shout from downstairs. Come on let’s get them in bed so we can finish this in peace.

I’m sat across the living room from her now. Watching some tele ourselves waiting for the children to go to sleep so I can have my way with her. Contemplating on wether to just go and begin kissing her again on the sofa and slip a hand into her pants. Or maybe catch her in the kitchen as we turn the lights off for bed, bending her over the kitchen counter. Or just go for the standard and have a bit of a session in bed.

NSFW: yes

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