Wife’s Big Stretch night

Wife’s Big Stretch night

My wife is a petite milf Asian 5’4″ 115lbs… super fit & tight, she is conservative and usually does not like trying to many new things.

Last night as we settled in to our den for a movie night I noticed the wife seemed particularly close. She lay her legs over me with her legs aside. It was a sign to me she wanted some fun. I pulled her flannel pants down & I snuck my hands down to feel her wetness. She lay there motionless waiting for me to pick a movie off of Netflix with my other hand on the remote.

I asked her if she would like to try something different, she nodded in agreement as she quietly moaned i started to finger her. I turned her facing the TV and tied her hands together in front with one of her silk scarves. I switched the TV to my porn collection (which I’ve never shown her before) and passed the remote her tied hands. As I knelt in front of her and spread her legs open i told her to choose as scene as I began eating her out. She was quickly getting wet and having trouble selecting a scene. She stopped at a scene where a girl was getting DVP’d. I asked, “is that want you want?”

I reached under the couch cushion (this is where I hide lube & toys). I grabbed her favourite little dual clit & g spot [monster toy]( lubed it up and slid the fat end in her pussy. I turned it on MAX! She moaned, dropped the remote and grabbed my head shoved my face in to the toy wanting me to eat her out while she the vibrator was going full tilt.

I pulled away for a breath and went back in to suck up all the leaking juices. She shortly began shaking and moaning in sync with the porn scene on TV. She said “gimme more!”

I got up and swirled my hard cock around her vibrating pussy. I was so hard I could see pre-cum leaking out. I gave her what she asked for & pushed my dick towards the entrance of her wet buzzing pussy. She let out another loud moan, before putting her hands on my chest to stop me from thrusting…. she says… “WAIT!… you’re stretching me”. I keep on pushing slowly as her whole body begins to shake with her head flung back.

She is SO TIGHT that her pussy begins to pulsate and squeeze around my dick (not sure if it was the vibrator or her pussy contracting). The vibrations of the vibrator stacked on top my dick makes me cum so hard on my very first thrust as I reach the end to her cervix.

As she fills with my cum she screams and pushes me off… her pussy squeezes so hard the vibrator comes flying out after me. She came so hard she couldn’t cum anymore.

She lasted no more than 10 mins and lasted no more than 1 mins inside her before we both came super hard. Not our best performance but we both came hard and she loved being stretched DVP.

NSFW: yes

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