Wife went to work soaked and reeking of juices

As my wife emerged from the shower this morning I honestly couldnt help myself, she’s got a mombod, curvy in all the places I like and the light hit her in a way where I couldn’t withstand.

I gripped her hips and yanked her fat ass into me, as I started muzzling her neck she came out with the classic “I’ve just gotten out the shower! I’ve got to get ready for work!” but honestly there’s no way I could’ve stopped.

As my left hand squeezed and teased, my right hand slid down to her pussy, where she had already started getting wet.
She still protested a little
“You’ll make me late for work!”
“Good.” I simply answered “I like the idea of you turning up, her all rustled, everyone knowing why you were late.”
At this point I grabbed a fistful of hair and gave it a slight tug, which is her thing, drives her mild and makes her melt, with that she started moaning softly and shallow breathing, I had her, and she knew it.

Seemed like seconds later I had her bent over the bed, pounding her like my life depended on it, her beautiful gigantic tits swinging like church bells, god now that’s a sight that drives me crazy, she was holding her front up by arms until I grabbed her wrists and held them in one hand behind her back while I spanked her fat ass a beautiful shade of pink, doing that means she falls onto her front so while sadly, that does mean the tits stop swinging, seeing that big ass recoil even more all the time brings me close and before long I’m telling her I’m going to cum.

She jerks forward enough so I fall out, she flips around so she’s on her back, spreads her legs, grabs my cock and pulls me in close, jerking it fast she begs me to cum all over her tits, with how fast she was jerking me all she had to do was aim, I let my head fall back, grunted and groaned while she milked the biggest load out of me in a good long while.

When I was done I looked down and saw her boobs covered, completely, drenched.
She looked at me with the fire in her eyes and said, “rub it into me”.
“What?” I said.
She said “rub every last fucking drop into me, I want to smell like you all fucking day long.”

I massaged my juices all over her tits and belly until she was positively gleaming from my juices, after a couple minutes I ordered her to finish rubbing it in herself.
“show me how badly you want it”
Dutifully she rubbed every last trace of it into her skin, without ever breaking eye contact.

Now I’m almost completely anosmic but even I could tell she stank of me, after she was done I watched her get dressed.

Just before she was ready to leave, she game a lingering kiss.
Something came over me, and as she turned away after kissing me goodbye I grabbed another fistful of hair earning another desperate moan from me, I plunged my hand into her panties and worked away at her until she was soaked, at which point she was almost begging me to take her again.

Instead I gave her fat round ass a big slap with my hand and told her to “get going to work you fucking slut, you can earn another pounding when you get home.”
She moaned like I’d just taken away her favourite toy, and told me she’d be back at lunch if she could.

And she trotted off to work, reeking of my cum wearing her soaked panties.

God that woman turns me into a fucking animal and I love it.

NSFW: yes

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