Wife shared part 3

A couple of days later we were on the couch again, and I was really working hard to convince her to have sex. I had rubbed her shoulders and feet and kept rubbing up her legs. She finally responded by spreading her legs for me. She was laying down with her legs across my lap. By the time I got to her pussy she was wet and it didn’t take long for her to get into it. I slid my shorts off and moved closer to rub my cock against her. I worked up my nerve to ask what if he walked in now? Same response as before, “I don’t know.” I pushed a little with something like “but really what would you do?“. She took time to respond with “at this point probably keep going if I wasn’t too embarrassed. “. I could tell she was getting more excited. We were fucking now and going faster. “What do you think he would do?” I asked. “JD? He’d probably pull it out and play with himself, or maybe try to touch me.” She was laughing as she said it. “Would you like it?” I asked. She responded with “ I don’t know. Maybe…I guess it might be exciting. I’ve never done that.” Then she surprised me by asking me if I would like it. I told her I wondered I would. She asked me why and I told her I wasn’t sure except that watching her be slutty would be a hot thing. She said “ I’m being slutty right now.” I told her I liked it and we finished. After she didn’t want to discuss it. I could tell she had mixed feelings but was into the idea.
The next day at work I found JD and asked if he was really interested. My heart beat fast as I told him my plan. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t happen if I just told her we need to do it or he just came over for dinner. He had to catch us naked with her excited.
On Sunday we did our typical thing. Church, fast food take out, then spread blankets and pillows in front of the tv to “watch the game.” We had a lot of sex on Sunday afternoons. We had the blankets spread and she told me she needed to go pee. I was hoping she would. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed JDs number. When he answered I just said “15”. After she came back we were naked and making out, touching each other. She was wet and inviting. I was laying on her left side, heads propped on pillows. Her legs were spread and I was fingering her and gently rubbing her clit. She reached down with her right hand and was stroking my cock. After about 15 minutes we heard a car pull up. As we heard someone walking up the steps she asked if I locked the door. I told her no and she didn’t respond. We heard the screen door open and the doorknob turn. I kissed her and she was moving against my hand, legs spread wide, breathing hard. When JD opened the door and walked in she made a shocked sound but didn’t stop and didn’t try to cover up. He stood there for a minute watching. Nobody had said anything until she said “this is embarrassing.” JD told her she was gorgeous as he undid his shorts and slid his semi hard cock out. He stood there touching himself for a minute then walked over and knelt down in the other side of her. I could tell she was nervous but very excited. My heart was beating hard. He reached down and touched her tits. She didn’t stop him. He worked his left hand down, then joined me touching her pussy. She would look at me, then at him, then close her eyes. He took her left hand and put it around his cock. She stated at it as she stroked it and smiled up at him when he told her how good it felt. I hadn’t said anything, but finally asked if she liked having our attention. She reached back down with her right hand and stroked me. “Yes” was all she said. After a couple of minutes JD moved down between her legs. He took over with her pussy and told her how sexy she was, how he had at all times wanted to see her like this, how pretty her pussy was. She was looking at him shen he leaned in and started licking her clit. She closed her eyes for a moment then looked at me and I kissed her and played with her nipples. She whispered “that feels so good” as she started to cum.

NSFW: yes

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