Wife Helps Out a Friend

The other night, my wife Sara and I invited my best friend Jake over for dinner. He has had a rough couple months since his last break up, so we have him over occasionally to check in on him and make sure he doesn’t just sit home miserable.

Jake showed up a little before dinner and the three of us had a couple beers while watching a football game and waiting for pizza delivery (never said it was a fancy dinner).

While watching the game, and chatting, a dating site commercial came on and Sara sort of urged Jake to give it a try. He just laughed and said maybe, but he was sure he’d just end the night like he normally does, dick in one hand clicking through internet port with the other. I laughed and told him I’d be in the same situation tonight since it’s “that time of the month” for Sara, but I don’t need the porn, Sara helps out.

After eating dinner and having a couple more beers, Jake brought it up again, and asked how Sara helps. I told him that she will usually take off her top so I can look at or play with her amazing 34C boobs, and will sometimes run her fingers along my inner thighs, or play with my balls, but if I’m lucky, instead of her finds, she will use her tongue.

Jake’s eyes were gigantic as I shared this and he had to shift a bit as he looked at Sara and asked if that was true. She sort of shrugged and said “yeah, just because I can’t get off doesn’t mean he shouldn’t”.

After a few quiet minutes, Jake very shyly asked if there was anyway that we would ever let Sara help him. He said she wouldn’t have to touch his dick or balls, or be completely topless, likely justvwatching would be enough of a thrill.

Sara was already a bit tipsy and surprisingly, didn’t say no right away like I wondered she would. She looked at hime for what seemed like forever and said she would, if I could be there too to be safe and ensure that I could stop it at any point. He ecstatically said yes.

We moved to our spare bedroom and Jake laid on his back wearing just his boxers. Sara sat next to him wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a t-shirt covering her sports bra. As Jake reached for his boxers, Sara stopped him, and looked him in the eyes as she pulled off her shirt, Leaving her in yoga pants and a sports bra. She then reached down, and slowly pulled Jake’s boxers off revealing a rock hard, very thick, 8″ dick, about 2 inches longer than mine and a good bit thicker.

As Jake slowly started stroking, Sara lightly ran her fingers along his thighs and up his stomach and chest. I could tell though with the way she was staring, she wanted to get her hands on that dick.

After a few minutes, Jake said he was having a little trouble cumming, as he has never actually been watched like this before. Sara, without ever asking, reached down, hooked the lower band of her sports bra and pulled it straight up over her head, revealing her amazing breasts and rock hard nipples. She then pulled Jake’s hand off his cock and bent over.

Sara started kissing Jake’s thighs and moved up to his chest. I could see the lust on Jake’s face as Sara let her bare boobs rub lightly on Jake’s dick as she continued kissing his abs and chest. She grabbed his left hand and pulled it up to her right breast that was hanging free as I sat, watching, seemingly tied to my chair, stunned.

Jake took no time at all to begin massaging Sara’s breast and pulling at her hard nipple. She then ran her hand up his thigh and finally took hold of that cock she had been eyeing this whole time. She slowly stroked him while her breast lightly rubbed the tip of his dick, making it glisten with his pre-cum.

After a couple minutes of this, Jake took back control of his dick as he looked ready to explode. It couldn’t have been more than three or four pumps and he unloaded all over my wife’s boobs, with a little reaching all the way to her chin. She sat straight up for both of us to see her cum cover tits. She smiled down at Jake and asked if that helped. Jake just burst out laughing and said like you wouldn’t believe. She said good as she grabbed her towel and headed in to the bathroom for a shower.

Jake checked with me to make sure we were still ok after that and I told him that I think it was as hot for me as it was for him. We both said that it needed to happen again soon!

NSFW: yes

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