Wife has been insatiable since I gave her a pass

I’ve had a long time fantasy of sharing my wife. She regularly tells me how her coworkers flirt with her and come on to her at work. On a recent work trip one of her coworkers out right told her he wanted to fuck her and showed her his cock(apparently he is gigantic.) She declined the advance as she is married and though she knew of this fantasy of mine wasn’t exactly sure how much of it was just talk.

A few months after this happened while we were having sex she asked me what my fantasy was. I told her you already know, I want to see you with another guy. I said what is yours. She blurted out that she wants to fuck her coworker. I have suspected this to be true for awhile and I fully encourage her to do so while we were having sex.

A few days later she calls me and ask me how much of that was just dirty talk. Obviously I told her none of it, I legit would love to see you with another guy. She then told me exactly how badly she wants to fuck this guy. The whole weekend after that was filled with sex. She brings the topic up more and more over the weekend. It starts pretty mild like do I want to pick out her outfit, and escalated very quickly to should I suck his cock and play with his balls, how do you want me to fuck him? Do you think he will like the way I do this etc.

The topic which started out as a “it will never happen” in the matter of a few months has quickly progressed to “when this happens.” I honestly think I’m more excited about it than either of them are. Not that they aren’t but I’m surprised at how much I want this.

Will update if anyone is interested

NSFW: yes

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