Wife Cheats With Boss For Six Years – Part 2


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Alright Honey,

It’s time for the rest of it. Just like my last letter. You want me to tell everything, every dirty detail you said, so I am gonna give you what you want. All the dirt, just like you said. Six years of it. Just remember you asked to hear it.

The first two weeks after that first time, we fucked every single day. In my office, in his office, in the car. All kinds of lies to you and everyone else. I was working late, had to run an errand, out with my girlfriends etc. etc. We couldn’t wait to fuck each other any chance we could. We found a way every weekday and even snuck off on the weekend days.

One time that sticks out early on, he’s fucking me from behind. I’m bent over my own desk. You happened to call while we were in the middle of the act. I told you I would be working late and you were calling to check on me. He and I had the office to ourselves.

Phone is buzzing going off with this loud ringtone. Right as we are getting close to finishing. Annoyed he asks.

“Who the fuck is it?”

I turned back and looked at him as he continued to fuck me from behind.

“It’s my husband.”

“Pick it up. I’ll slow down. He wont hear anything.”

And I did. I answered, and you and I spoke for a few minutes while he was fucking me. I felt so guilty but also turned on. I was struggling to hold it in when he pinched my ass. My face was flushed.

He whispered.

“Turn around and look me in the eyes while you talk to him. I want you to look into these eyes.”

I turned around and looked at him fucking me quietly while I was struggling to talk to you.

“Tell him you love him, look me in the eyes while you tell him you love him.”

Just as I said those words to you, while looking into his eyes, I felt him explode into my pussy. I came so fucking hard right at that second, my eyes rolling into the back of my head, as he filled me. You on the other end of the line clueless. We did this countless times over the years. One of his favorite games to play. He called it the phone game.

I was so afraid he was gonna get me pregnant at first.

Anytime he came inside me he at all times told me to pull up my panties and not to spill a drop out. He told me not to clean myself. He told me that I was to go home to you like that, with his cum leaking out of me.

So we were on repeat, same thing every time. Fucking, guilt, cum filled panties, hiding them deep in the hamper when I got home. Just like the first time. Over and over like a merry-go-round.

But after months of this. You being oblivious to everything going on. It got easier. I lost the guilt. That is when things really took a turn for he and I.

I don’t know how you did not know. How you did not smell it on me? Or discover my evidence? Not once. How you could not tell the dozens of times that I was getting fucked while talking to you on the phone.

Pretty soon the other two ladies in the office knew what was going on. They knew we were fucking each other. It was so obvious. Anyone that was around he and I figured it out. Everyone knew. Everyone but you. You had no idea.

I was starting to get off on it. The fact that you were so in the dark about everything. And if you think I got off on it, boy did he ever.

I remember one night I tested you. I came home full of cum as usual and I left my panties right on top of the hamper. I knew you would see them, knowing what a panty freak you are. Massive cum stains in them, there was no way you would not notice. I was daring you to catch me.

You walked by, noticed them and immediately picked them up, examining them.

“My goodness babe!”

“I know.” I answered with a smile. “I don’t know why, but I was so turned on all day at work. I came home and I took them off and that is what I found.”

I almost giggled when you brought the crotch close to your nose, inhaling, you had no idea you were smelling his dried up cum, mixed with my own.

Everything changed after that. I realized you were never gonna figure out. I could do whatever I wanted. I had giftwrapped a reason for you to be suspicious and you did not put the clues together.

He made me do all kinds of depraved things after that. He took joy in defiling our union, our matrimony. Our marriage did not mean a damn thing to him and he made sure that I knew it.

You remember the panties I wore on our wedding night? The little white ones, with pink letters that say “the bride.” on the front? I told him about those, and sure enough within days he told me to wear them to work. I remember having to sneak that morning getting dressed, so that you would not see me. I had to hide in the closet when I put them on.

When he was finished with me that day he wiped his cock clean with my silky wedding panties and had me wear them home. In fact he told me I had to wear them the rest of the week. Every day that week he shot is load on the crotch and made me wear them dirty.

At the end of the week they were filthy with his stains. He told me those panties are retired, never wash them, never wear them again. But he also said to keep them as a reminder, that I was married to you, but I belonged to him. I still have them, dirty and soiled, tucked away.

One weekend when you were away, he came over and spent the entire weekend at our house. Fucking me in our bed. He asked which pillow was yours and when I told him he would wipe his cock with your pillow case to clean himself off. One of the times that weekend he shot his load on the pillowcase and flipped it over. Knowing at some point you would come home and rest your face on it, drifting off to sleep on something he had marked.

He fucked me in my wedding dress that weekend and put a stain on the front of it when he pulled out and unloaded his cock. Hard to see against the white material but when I look close it is there, still. He told me never to have it cleaned, so I hung it back up in the closet just as it was.

He used to make me take off my wedding ring. He would hold it while we fucked. Sometimes he bit down on it. Holding it in his teeth as he plowed me.

When he would be fucking me missionary, he liked to place the ring right above my clit, on my pubic bone. He would rest it there when he was close. He would pull out of me and cum all over our ring, all over our symbol, then he would slide it back on my finger, slick with his semen.

Another time when he was close he pulled his cock out. He told me to hold the ring up against his tip. Right up against his pee hole. I held the ring in place as he shot his cum through it. Shooting his cum though the symbol of our love.

He wanted it to be known that he owned me, he owned us, and all the symbols of our marriage.

Every one of our wedding anniversaries, or your birthday, any day that was special to you. He made sure to own me that day. He would fuck me over and over until I went home sore, and he at all times told me I was not allowed to fuck you on those nights. Some times you would complain. But I had to keep my promise to him.

I eventually told him I loved him. And he told me the same. We went deeper and deeper as time went on.

When you and I tried for a baby, he was all involved. He and I never used protection and we discussed what we would have done if he had gotten me pregnant. We were not gonna say a word about it, and let you raise the child as your own. That was our plan.

But luckily that never happened. When I did get pregnant, it was yours thank god.

He fucked me for eight of the nine months I was pregnant. All the way up until the very end when It got uncomfortable. I worry how that makes you feel. Knowing that he was inside me as our child grew inside my womb.

Our affair rolled on for years and years. Behind your back. Lies upon lies. Through all our ups and downs he was at all times there, in the background.

I can’t tell you how many nights he would fill me and tell me to go home and let you fuck my already marked pussy, lubed up with his semen.

He fucked my mind and my soul in every way imaginable. I was his property. Countless times he came in every hole, on every body part, in my hair, on my clothes, on my face, my mouth, in my ass.

My mouth, pussy and ass were his. I was his three-hole wonder. He owned me. No hole unfucked. No hole unfilled. I was his piece of married meat at all times ready for him. Ready to serve his every need no matter how depraved.

But it ended so sudden. After six long years.

It ended when he lost his job. Seems our secret got out and our corporate office found about about our affair. An anonymous phone call. They came down one day, took him into his office and closed the door, and then he was gone. Fired that very day. Marched out of the office with all his belongings. He looked at me as they walked him out. He didn’t say a word. He looked scared and weak in that moment.

They never said anything to me about it, never asked me any questions. I kept my job. I assume they were worried about a harassment lawsuit, being that I was his subordinate.

After that day I called him and we spoke a few times but it was over. I figured in the end he had used me because I was there, and I was eager. A convenience for him.

For six long years filling his needs. Without the ordinary day to day, we soon lost touch with one another. And it was probably time.

So that is the whole story honey. You wanted to know every dirty detail as you said it. It is impossible that I could ever remember everything. There was so much. For six years how could I possibly remember it all?

But we are past all that now. I am so faithful to you now, I promise. I would never think of anyone else. I would never do these things again. I hope you can forgive me.

Thank you for being such a kind, sweet, and decent husband. I love you with all my heart.

Your Loving Wife

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