Wife Cheats with Boss for 6 Years – Part 1

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So I was contacted yesterday by a fellow Redditor and told an extremely hot true story about he and his wife. I will not reveal his account name, but this is how it went down…



*Good stuff man. Hey wanted to throw an idea to you. I like your work…*

*I found out my wife had a 6 year affair with her boss!!!. I found out two years after it ended. I’d become friends with him. He was married. Some brutal details. (Made her tell me everything or I’d leave). Was thinking I give you all the juice and you can use them for a story. Some of the worst details. All legit and it’s a doozy. Let me know if you’re interested.*

NSFWhappyjack253 7:11 AM

*Hell yes I am interested. That sounds like a whole story I could write standalone. Do you want me to? That is hot AF. And sorry, I know you probably have mixed feelings on the matter.*


*Yeah totally. Back then I was enraged. During the middle of it…. so it’s hard. Ok. You ready? LoL*

NSFWhappyjack253 7:13 AM

*Spill it.*


So that is how our exchange began. He told me the whole story and I have taken innovative license here to rewrite the details from his wife’s prospective.

He was reciting the things that she told him happened and there was proof to back it up. He showed me a little of the “proof.”

Do not ask, I will not discuss or provide any more info to protect this gentleman who was kind enough to offer up this story.

Enjoy, this is some sexy shit.


Okay Honey,

I explained that I had an affair and you want to know every last detail, or you will leave, so I am gonna write it down for you. It is just to hard to say these things to your face.

So you know he started at the business about a year before it happened. We quickly became good work friends. I mean we worked closely together, day in and day out. He was my boss, but we got close. I don’t know how to describe it. He just understood me.

I know you at all times though he was sort of a pussy. But there was another side to him. He was very charismatic and kind.

So you know that rough patch we hit about two years into our marriage? Well I think that is where things started with he and I.

I’m sorry but I used to complain about you around the office a little. You know how you did not help with the horse work, laundry, stuff like that.

He overheard and sort of brought me to the side one day and almost lectured me on it. He told me that he and his wife distribute in the housework, and that you should be more considerate. I mean it was a serious fucking talk about something as trivial as who is gonna fold the clothes?

It sounds stupid but I felt like he understood what I was going through. That was the first time I felt a connection to him.

A few months after that he and I went to lunch together. We walked down to a little deli we all liked to go to for lunch. It was about two blocks from the office. And as we are walking his hand grazed against mine, and before I knew it, he was holding my hand as we walked. As if we were a couple. I was shocked.

When we got our lunch and sat down, I tried to stop it from happening. I told him we are both married and it was out of the question. He looked sort of hurt and I felt bad for him. I had no idea that he felt that way about me.

But I have to admit that the next day I was so worked up. I kept thinking about how he had just grabbed my hand as we walked, with so much confidence. He made me feel good about myself. To know that someone found me sexy and desirable. Our marriage was in such a bad place at that time.

So the very next day he walks into my office and asks me to go to lunch again. I was floored. We walked down to the same deli. He walked along as if the previous day had not happened. Not a care in the world. Not sure what came over me, or what made me do it. But this time I grabbed his hand as we walked.

It was like we were on a date. A lunch date I guess. When we walked back to the office, he held my hand again. Right before we got back to the office, he pulled me close to him, and he whispered in my ear.

“Tomorrow we are going to have a working lunch, and we will stay at the office.”

What the fuck did that mean? I had no fucking clue, but it was clear he had something in mind.

He sent me a calendar invite for the working lunch and I did not know what to think. I was mad with anticipation as to what was gonna happen between us.

When I was getting ready to go to work the next day I was trembling as I got dressed. I put on a very nice bra and panty set, black, something I would never wear to work usually.

I sat a my desk in my office all morning all wound up. I was so nervous. I knew something was gonna happen.

You know it was just the four of us working in that office. As soon as it was lunch time, the other two asked if we wanted to go with them. He told them no, that it was gonna be a working lunch between he and I and that we would see them later. He told them to take their time.

Not five minutes after they left I went into his office. It all happened so fast. No create up, no romance. He sits in his big boss chair and leans back, and unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.

I know you wondered he was an effeminate pussy, as you called him before. But he is hung like a horse. I bet you never knew that about him.

I was fucking shaking. A complete wreck. I mean I was very attracted to him and here he has pulled out his cock without warning.

I walked over and had to put my hand on it. Had to stroke it a little. He was so thick and heavy, never had seen a more impressive cock. Still havent, until this very day. My panties soaked just touching it.

I leaned down and kissed him and his hand ran up my skirt. He felt how wet I was.

It was so fucking sexy feeling him groping my pussy through my silky panties, drenched. We knew our time was short.

He told me to bend over his desk and pull down my panties. He said he wanted to watch. He leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the view I gave him. I was so fucking horny I could smell my own cunt. His whole office smelled like sex. I was a sticky mess.

At that very second I had a moment of guilt and fear of what would happen. What if our coworkers found out? What if you found out?

That day gonna the office I knew he was gonna fuck me. There was no question in my mind. Why else would I have picked out that bra and panty set? But I had not wondered to bring a condom. It never crossed my mind.

He got on his knees and said.

“I need to know what this sweet pussy of yours tastes like.”

He licked and and lapped at me. Sucking my whole pussy. I was in bliss.

He was ready to fuck me and he pushed into me bare. Never even discussed it. I was so worried for a second about catching something from him. But as he started to plow me over the desk, I wondered about how he had married his high college sweetheart and was surely clean.

As he started to fuck me harder I felt so guilty. So dirty.

I mean he was really fucking me hard, using me over his desk. I was holding on for dear life and we hear a ping. My phone was on his desk and you had texted me right at the moment he was fucking me.

“Hey baby, how is your day going?”

“Go ahead and tell him your day is going well, that you are busy in a lunch meeting, and you’ll text him back when you are done.”

I felt him throb as he told me to text you. Then he pushed in a little deeper as I did what he had told me to. Trying to text you as he continued to plow my cunt.

That is the first time he wondered to ask. The only time he ever wondered to ask.

“Are you on the pill?”

I turned around and looked at him, his cock still buried inside of me.

“No.” I replied.

He smiled at me.

He pulled out suddenly and shot wads of cum all over my ass. It dripped down my crack and on my pussy lips.

“Pull your panties up right away, hurry.”

I did as he asked.

I knew he wanted to send me home that way, with cum stains allover my black panties, our fluids mixed and smeared all over the ass and crotch. He wanted me to have to work and walk around the rest of the day like this.

I went in the bathroom and my panties were such a sloppy sticky mess. You could see clear differentiating stains, outlined against the black fabric. His with mine. Overlapping, intermingled.

When I went home that day, you greeted me as I came home. You said hello and I gave you a quick kiss. But all I could think about was getting rid of the evidence. I went straight to the bedroom and took off my panties. They were such a dried up crusty mess.

I buried them deep at the bottom of the clothes hamper. Somewhere I knew that you would not discover them. I walked back to you and we went out to dinner that night, a mid-week date night. I went out and had dinner with you bare, with my well fucked pussy hanging in the breeze under my skirt.

That was the first time Honey. You asked for the dirty details, and well, you got them. I really hope you can handle all of this.

I will tell you the rest another time.

Your Loving Wife

NSFW: yes


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