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Thanks for sharing this post. I read it and saw comments as well. I need a suggestion from you. You can message me back if you want to, or else ignore it. Thanks in advance for this help. I really appreciate it. Let me get into the background and question.

My wife and I are in mid-thirties and my mother in law (MIL) is in mid-fifties. I love my wife, married for 10 years and have no issues with her. We are very active. We are from India and living in USA from a decade. My MIL is in good shape, and I like her big boobs a lot. She comes here sometimes and stays for a few weeks. My wife told me in past that her mom never had sex from a long time and was never satisfied with her husband. Slowly I started liking my MIL, and the reason for this is she had shown interest in me multiple times in past, but neither made any moves as we both love and respect my wife a lot. If I make a move, she will be okay with that. One example, my MIL was in the kitchen, while calling my wife’s name and pretending her like my wife, I held my MIL from the back and pressed her boobs. She was in shock and didn’t withstand at all. I continued for a few minutes and left it after thinking about my wife. I slowly seduced her more and more day by day. I hug her and talk naughty. I often press her boobs. One day my wife my going out and called her mom as well. My MIL told her to go alone and stayed back. Soon my wife left, we kissed a lot, i pressed her boobs, undressed her. I licked her pussy, lot of foreplay. She sucked my cock. She sucked my nipples which really turns me on. I like licking pussy, sucking boobs, biting boobs and talking dirty language while sex. We had a great sex that day. We had many indirect moments and chances and enjoyed a lot. We both wanted to do threesome with my wife. My wife is very conservative, and she is totally against any concepts like this. She never had a boyfriend before marriage. She is very possessive with me and will never think of any other man than me, and also, she will never let me think of any other woman.

So my question to you is how to convince my wife, do you have any suggestions or tips, etc. Please reply here or message me separately. Thanks.

NSFW: yes

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