Wife (37) came while watching my (47) student meeting

My wife recently told me she wanted to watch me fuck one of my students in my office. She started putting ideas into my head as how to get one of these innocent school girls bent over my desk with her dress pushed up over her ass.

Since she told me this, she’s proceeded to buy a web cam that I have set up in my office now, it sits on a shelf facing my desk, over the shoulder of any troubled students who might come into my office.

Last night, she watched the video of one of a sophomore who came in for a meeting. While nothing happened in the video, my wife sat there rubbing her pussy, telling me how she wanted me to fuck this girl, describing how she wanted to watch the girl get bent over my desk in her yellow cardigan, with her jeans pulled down and fucked from behind until I cum on her ass.

I never knew how filthy my wife is and the idea of cumming on that girls ass has me stroking my cock in my office right now.

NSFW: yes

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